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Soap Opera Star Sex Fantasy Story
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Kinky Fantasy – Soap Opera Star BDSM Story

I am a glamorous TV star, yes. Beautiful, young, and wildly popular. I’m on one of those evening soap opera stars. Yeah, and my character is vicious and naughty, always teasing the men and getting away with murder. Everyone wants me, both on the show and in real life. When I go to the supermarket my face is on all the tabloids with rumors of me dating my 18-year-old co-star.

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Fantasy Series

Thomas has a Bondage Fantasy – Story

The woman is a dream. Her body is perfect, with the lips, eyes, and breasts of a goddess. She stands before and looks at me. I am bound in the shape of an X, arms stretched wide over my head, ankles fastened to the floor. I am naked and ashamed. She is too good for me, far above my class. Why is she here? Does she desire me or is she just tormenting me? I do not know. I almost hate her because she is so beautiful, so far away from me. I want to whip her, punish her for her beauty, but I am the one bound. She approaches.

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