The canyon grew brilliant colours of yellow and oranges even before the sun crested the horizon.  Shades from the hoodoos  speckled the canyon walls and a left over night breeze rustled past the large firs.  The nights in the canyon were still just above freezing however, during the day when the sun was high it warmed up delightfully.

The Zuni Native American Tribe of Southern Utah’s camp was a buzz with activity.  The providers were on the return trip after a 2-week fruitful hunting and fishing expedition.  A scout, a young brave of 14 rode into the camp to tell the women, children and others that the trip had been successful and that the providers would be back in camp before the evening sun. This moving home of this Zuni tribe had traveled to this location during the early spring.  Red Rock canyon was home to over 300 Indians set in one large area.  Civil to friends and wary of  outsiders.  They made clay baskets, attended to the herds of different variety of animals and made fabulous jewelry of  turquoise, amethyst and clear quartz. 

Community fires had been built; everyone had a task to accomplish and went about it with gusto.  Everyone except Greenbird, she couldn’t get her mind to the task of getting water from the stream.  How many buckets had she carried in the last few weeks?  Her arms were past aching and she noticed that her body had become stronger and had filled out since the last snow.  Her deerskin barely fitted her new curves and her bosom overflowed the top, making her spill completely out when she bent over.   The sound of the other water carries; Fast Water, Brown Earth and Deer One awoke Greenbird from her trance.  Brown Earth was giggling and pointing to Greenbird’s legs.  Her deerskin had ridden up to the tops of her thighs and her dark hair and womanhood was exposed.  All the girls were between the ages of 18-21 as were a dozen others.  They proceeded about their task and whispered ideas as to what it was going to be like at the party tonight.  The four of them and the other girls in the same age brackets were to be a part of the mating ritual.  Twenty young men of similar ages would also be the guests of honor.  They  giggled some more as the talk between them turned to sex.  All the girls agreed that Red Fox had the thickest penis and that Eagle Eye had the longest. Pink Bud was on her second trip to the stream when she crested the hill and saw the other girls laughing.  She affirmed to herself one day that she would escape and not be caught.  A so-called friend of the family had sold Bud to the tribe a year and one-half ago.  No one had ever touched her sexually, however a minimal amount of torture she had survived.  Deciding to ignore the others, she flicked her blond mane of fine hair back, stuck up her nose and walked down stream of the clan.  The other girls commented about her attitude and taunted her that she would be offered by the Chief himself that night.  Bud couldn’t stand it any longer and ran towards Greenbird who was the closest.  She gave a hoot as her legs sprang forward, propelling her into the torso of her now foe. Pink Bud grabbed her hair and pulled side to side as Greenbird kicked and squirmed under her appointment, finally she clawed at Pink Buds dress and pulled it down to her waist.  Out popped very large milky white breasts with areola’s as big as the white man’s silver dollar.  With a startle of uncontrollable laughter, Pink Bud let go of the black, stiff hair to cover her now naked breasts.  The other girls were on her like a lightning flash.  They really only wanted to see them up close, Pink Bud never showed anyone her body and always took baths when everyone had gone to bed.  The Chief had allowed this so it was law.  Two of them held her arms down as Greenbird lowered her head to examine the white mounds of flesh, tipped with bullets of pink nipples.  The others fondled them as the third flicked her tongue across them, creating the blood to fill her nipples out.  They we all panting from the struggle, lightly sweating, getting a good breath in when Pink Bud kicked up her legs throwing Greenbird into the spring.  The girls tightened their grip on her arm, flipped her upon her stomach and she knew she was going to be punished then and there.  The rope from a nearby bucket lay at the feet of Greenbird , who’s  wet deerskin clung to her copper skin.  Her breasts jutted out the top obscenely.   Spittle was falling from her lips as she groped the rope, and thrashed Pink Bud’s bottom in one stroke.  She arched her body as the first sensation welted her butt, but the others held her down harder.  After several lashes later the assault stopped. With all the girls were out of breath,  She was let go.

The providers arrived in camp before last light, campfires glowed as darkness fell.  The sound of unshod horses, rumbled up the canyon walls as the hunters joyfully returned.  With a moment of affection, the work began all over again.  All during the night the labor  never ceased.  It was an assembly line of human survival.  Pink Bud stayed away from the other girls, her bottom a little sore with two welts from the first two strikes. The next day similar activities filled the camp.  A short break was declared by the Chief in order to prepare for the celebration that night.  The first full moon in spring is a holy day for the Zuni, plus this night fell in accordance to the night of the falling stars.  With these two occurrences happening the Zuni’s tradition is to initiate mating rituals for the mature ones- it happens once every 4 years. There were to be 16 females and 20 males taking part of the ceremony. 

The Celebration

Brilliant hue’s of purple and red cast the evening sky beyond the next canyon.  The dinner festivities had ended and the tribe was getting a little restless before Chief Hard Stick rose and commanded their attention.  Chief Hard Stick was a giant of a man. His hands long and lean, broad brown shoulders, sinew muscles rippled his body and repeated in his legs and thighs.  His manhood hidden beneath his loincloth as he was still pliant and had not yet been properly aroused for the evening.  Soft Doe had manipulated him with a  tremendous blowjob before the party and he was quite content to enjoy the entertainment. As a new center fire was lit for the virgins, the men got out the pipe and a special blend of smoke.  The girls went with the women to be prepared.  The Medicine Man; Big Horse distributed the weed when the pipe needed to be lit.  He danced, chanted and smoked a little more.  Others began the mating dance ritual as the feeling struck them as well.  While the men were dancing and smoking the older Indian women took the girls in a large teepee to be dressed for the night.  All the women had bathed that day, their hair braided and special dresses adorned with beads and stones awaited them.

Pink Bud fingered the silver bracelet, inlaid with amethyst and mother of pearl and thought of what Eagle Eye had told her when he had given her the present.  He had whispered that she would be his forever and guided her hands down between his hard thighs to his growing cock.  With his hands over hers she felt the swelling skin pulsate as he took a quick breath.  He shackled the bracelet to her wrist and kissed her deeply.  In the next moment, her hand was empty, her lips stung with the lingering kiss and he disappeared.

The parade of Indian girls through the camp, initiated hoops and hollers of  males, horny from their time away and from the anticipation of the mating rituals.  Each participant walked around the virgin fire and picked up a cloth-covered ornament they were to wear for the rest of their lives and the hereafter.  Pink Bud opened her package and found a beautiful dream catcher made from a grapevine, adorned with colourful beads and stones.  The three eagle feathers hung from the bottom, clasped by red and white beads.  The Medicine Man placed the leather cord around her neck and grazed her massive tits as he did so.  He chuckled to himself and went on to bless the next.

Greenbird and her friends were down the line when the liquid was passed around.  Pink Bud was very thirsty and took several gulps of the heated fluid.  She could hear them snicker more and decided to take a few more mouthfuls.  The others only sipped at the potent potion.  After a few minutes the ground started to spin for Pink Bud and when she awoke she was laid out on a multi-coloured blanket.  Her wrists were bound behind her and her legs tied apart, as she lay on her back she could feel the binds being wrapped around her immense tits.   As she tried to scream a wet cloth was tucked between her teeth, it had some kind of leaves rubbed on it and the aftertaste was quiet strong.  Her struggles subsided but she didn’t pass out again but wished she had.  When she opened her eyes once again, all she saw was cock.  Six – seven – eight sizes of Zuni dick.  As she rolled her head around she witnessed Fast Water running through the camp naked, being chased by several warriors that carried a leather whip, a large wooden paddle, and a branding iron. Deer One and Brown Earth also were naked and at the present time on their hands and knees giving blowjobs to several men in a line. Deer One’s little mouth was sore from some of the big cocks that the men stroked before pushing it into her mouth.  She was glad when one of the old men put his shriveled thing in and she could actually take a breath.  Brown Earth was experienced in giving head; her father, uncles and brothers had all had a piece of her since she was very young.  Sucking cock was just something you did in her mind. She was humming on their dicks and fondling the hanging sacks between them.  Being very turned on she snatched two more long cocks and pushed on their meat as she deep throated the fat dick in her  hot petite mouth.  Her tits swung beneath her,  two young braves were pushed under and begin to suckle on the swelling nipples.  She felt a set of hands push open her thighs but couldn’t turn around to see who it was.  Big Horse knew that she wasn’t a virgin and should be taken like the slut she was.  He diddled a moment at her clit…dipped in two fingers which he proceeded to coat his massive cock head with before he jammed the first 4 inches of his mighty tool.  The sheer sensation of being unlocked up like that made Brown Earth’s mouth expand and a howl erupt from her throat.  But the owner to the fat cock had other plans and held her head stead fast on his stiff cock.  Big Horse continued to dip and extract his cock in that saturated pussy. He loved to watch it come out glistening and then jam in it in a bit more…hold it and swirl his hips around before pulling out.  He knew in time she wouldn’t even have to be told to beg. Deer One on the other hand had never witnessed such lewd acts and not eager to learn this.  She closed her eyes and felt all kinds of hands attack her skin.  They felt her up and down her tall thin body, lingering to pull on a nipple here and tug on her clit down there.  Still she refused to open her eyes.  Another cock pressed against her lips and she drew him  into her mouth as she cried.  

Greenbird’s generous tits were being put in a vice of three men  next to Pink Buds.  The men commented on how big of titties each one had but continued to play with those luscious tips.  Chief Hard Stick was giving orders as he milked his cockhead between his finger.  Pink Bud couldn’t  take her eyes off his cock and unwillingly licked her lips in a sexual response to the spectacle.

The Mating Ritual

The Chief’s cock had seven silver studs pierced in the shaft and one on the edge of its head.  Every Chief after him would add another to his own cock and the tradition would continue.  Pink Bud had seen some of the male’s penis when they were soft and a couple of times when she feigned sleep in the teepee.  She compared the old cock in the teepee humping the big Indian woman to the hunk of meat protruding in front of her.  All the other men parted when Hard Stick  walked up to her face and hit her cheeks with his long rigid cock.

On the other side of the fire was Greenbird on her hands and knees, her voluminous tits bond in leather cord and her legs tied to stakes behind her.  Several of the boys participating where imitating what they saw the Chief do and a few of the young warriors spurt their sizzling white fluids all over her face and neck.  One brave instructed her to open her mouth and take his Indian cock, to lick and suck on it to make him solid.  The heat from the fire dried the cum on her face quickly. Two more found that nursing on her nipples would make her quiver and squirm.  Her 38D tits were bound in cow leather cord, not quite cutting off the circulation but enough to make her nipples full and extremely extended.  The boys being immature, pumped her like a cow giving milk and then sucked on her nipples unrelenting, pulling and yanking  until she scream out in pain.  Being on her hands and knees left her backside open for all to see, touch and grope.  A few more of the newbees did just that.  All were stripped naked by now, some participating in the sex scene and a few others who had just ejaculated were cheering the others on.

A drop of pre-cum fell off the end of Big Sticks cock on directly onto Pink Bud’s lips.  She tasted his salty fluids and flinched.  The Big Chief chortled and crushed the head to her petal pink lips. Those soft lips parted for the giant member ready to invade the warmth of her inner cheeks.  He didn’t waste any time in trying to push the massive cock in further, pumping lightly – letting her get used to its girth and also to help lubricate his dry skin.  Once he had a good rythm and Pink Bud relaxed a bit he forced more in. It startled her as she felt the head pushing at the curve in her throat.  She had never sucked cock before and it wasn’t all that bad considering what else was going on in camp and decided that she would endure this and someday escape this hell hole.  He positioned himself so he was straddling her belly, this way he had access to pulling on those pink buds exposed at the top of the leather bonds.  He loved hearing her gag on his dick when he tweaked the blood filled areola’s he contorted and twisted as he pumped his cock in and out of her orifice. He would pull out and cuff her face a few times before offering it to her mouth again.  By now she was getting excited and couldn’t ignore the dampness between her out widespread legs.  Red Fox and Eagle Eye were both sons of the Chief, born by two different woman that the Chief had gotten pregnant on the night of his first mating ritual.  Eagle Eye had been born one day before his other son, Red Fox.  Both boys followed their fathers lead and had Pink Bud suck on their manly cocks too.  Big Stick dismounted her torso and strode over to see the progress of Greenbird. Greenbird’s ass was shoulder level, two braves were under her teasing her clit and fingering her wet hole.  A large laugh erupted from the Chief as one of the boys inserted one and then two fingers in Greenbird’s puckered hole and she lurched forward and deep throated the stud she was servicing.  With his mammoth cock swaying between his legs and his ball sac still in time with it, the Chief walked over to his next subject and began slapping her face with his enormous member.  She licked the head as it crossed her face and felt the cold studs running down the shaft, it excited her and made her start to plead to suck it.  He refused her request and had Red Fox come over and take his place with the wench.  By the time his son came to that side of the fire the father was in position between her legs.  He held her belly with his right hand and placed his left palm on the small of her back, raising her ass just a tad higher.  His cock was bouncing up and down, clubbing at her wetness before he seized it and started to run the head and all the silver studs across her clit, grazing her wet pussy lips and up the crack of her ass. Greenbird was very hot  by now and knew that she needed another cock in her mouth and it was going to be Red Fox, the young warrior with the massive cock in camp.

Screams where heard where Brown Earth and Deer One were captive.  Big Horse had decided that Brown Earth needed to be ass fucked and had started the process in a rough mood.  Deer One would not open her eyes and continued to service all the cocks that invaded her body.  Thankfully no one wanted to stick his old nasty cock in her butt. Several of the less aggressive braves had taken her long body and deposited their fluids in her mouth or pussy.  However as the screams increased, Deer One opened one eye and peeked at the scene unfolding next to her.  Big Horse had his cock at the entrance of her butt and had three fingers taunting the inside.  More braves gathered in front of the act, two getting under her tweaking and pinching on her enlarged tits.  Big Horse told the boys not to put their cocks in her mouth because she would bite it off when he mounted her.  Instead they all stood there with the Medicine man to take a virgin ass, all the cocks displayed before her face.  With a quick scoop of her moisture he smeared it over her crack and the top of his mushroomed head, elevated up on his knees and pushed the head in.  The echo of her scream, rang out through the canyon and could be heard for miles around on this clear night.  He waited for her breath to return and then started to pound that tight little tunnel with his horse cock.  With no mercy he punished the ass with his big member and then started to flog her rounded cheeks until they had a bright red glow.

The first meteor  shot across the star studded ebony sky as the mating ritual was at its height.  Fast Water was taken off to a sacred site to be branded with her new husbands’ mark.  Deer One closed her eyes again and vowed not to open them until it was light, had the cock of her brother’s best friend throbbing in her dripping wet pussy.  Brown Earth was shrieking, as her tits were assaulted as well as the Medicine man’s large cock in her butt.  Greenbird was on the verge of cumming on the Chief hardness so she sucked harder and faster on Red Fox’s solid dick.  The hand that held her belly dropped to the v in her legs as he guided the bulbous head to the entrance of her womanhood.  He could feel the barrier of her skin inside and teased it with his prick, casually stretching it before pulling himself out to tease her again.  She was very busy sucking on the dark brave in front of her, the father notice and started to place force on her ass to make her go forward, taking more of his son’s cock.  He held her shoulders down so she had to open her throat for the circumference of his son’s thick cock.  When she began to choke he released her, sending her on top of his head and a few inches of this thick stick.  With her barrier broken, the skin ripping from its warm home, Greenbird cried out, this got Red Fox ready to rupture, he jerked his cock out of her mouth and spurted his hot goo all over her face and hair.  The chief undid the restraints to her breasts and she almost passed out when released. However her little pussy was now feeling pretty good and off came the arm restraints and herlegs were now free, she began to buck back onto the Indian stud fucking her wet hole.  Red Fox presented his half hard cock to be cleaned while the Chief reached under her and tormented her tits by squeezing and tugging on them. The studs were an incredible feeling on her clit and in her little pussy, the more they vibrated the wetter she became until her body started to convulse, her pussy tighten on the hot cock and she came violently.  She came three more times in the minutes to follow, the Chief had excellent stamina and loved when the woman has several pleasures before he detonates.

Eagle Eye unbound Pink Buds breasts and fondled them in delight of the soft white skin.  She moaned in relief and then in passion, with all the goings on she had become highly aroused.  His hand glided down her belly to the yellow hair covering her womanhood. He played with the fine fuzzy hair before sticking his indexfinger into her wetness.  He wet his other finger and flicked her left nipple until it as elongated and hard.  His fingers were soaked with her juices.  He lifted one up and made her lick it off his finger.  With the speed of a mountain lion he leapt between her legs and dove his tongue into her sweetness.  The left over effect from the potent liquid left her immobile to stop his advances, however  what he was doing was making her crazy.  He bite and pulled, sucked and suckled her pussy, then attacking her clit in the same method.

When his hands squeezed her gigantic tits, he pulled her onto his face, taking the opportunity to wiggle his tongue deeper.  A crowd had gathered for the final event and most lovers were fondling each other, a few took seats for a up and personal view.  Two girls who virginity were taken this same star filled night were told to manipulation of the white girls’ cunt.  With Eagle Eye being his first born he had his choice over the females in camp.  If he took this white girl for his wife he would give up being Chief of the tribe. Chief Hard Stick spoke in his native tongue to the first born son.  Eagle Eye raised his head and said to his father that this white girl would be his wife.  And with that he buried his head between her white creamy thighs again and began to slurp up her sweetness.It didn’t take long for Pink Bud to explode over her new lovers face, her hands now digging at his ears and pulling his hair.  After she caught her breath from her intense orgasm, Eagle Eye moved the two non virgins to the side and slapped one tit and then the other.  He picked up the beat and they began to swell.  His cock had been toying with her pussy running between her lips and then flicking across her clit.  He pushed the mounds of flesh together and made her hard nipples touch, as he bent down to use them he stuck his long hard cock inside of that sweet wet pussy.

He wasted no time in breaking her maidenhood, as she screamed out in discomfort, he bit the top of her nipples.  Rage surged through her body and he fought to be released, he only laughed at her meager attempts. He pressed his ass cheeks together and started to pump the virgin pussy that he had desired for a long time.  Eagle Eye bruised her lips with his passionate kisses, he sucked on her tongue until it swelled and throbbed.  Her neck, shoulders and perimeter of her tits where sucked and bit upon, leaving purple and blue marks afterward each attack.  His cock swelled to over 9 inches in length, he himself had never been so long before and the head ballooned out so thick.  With each thrust of his swollen member, he found another place to bite and leave his mark.  She began to fight him again, so he raised up on his knees, took a hold of her ankles, throwing them over his shoulder blades as he pumped the balance of 3 inches home. She cried out in pain, hot tears flowed down from the side of her face, as he kept up his pace. He chanted that he wanted to fuck the little white girl with the big titties the way a good slut should be fucked.  In one motion her flipped her over, his cock making a popping noise as he disengaged himself and then another slurping sound as he reinserted in that hot wetness.  Pink Bud opened her eyes to see all the tribe adults involved in sex acts or just gawking at her virginity party.  Not being able to contain her horniness she bucked back on her new stud and received a few slaps on the ass as a reward.  The more she bucked on his shaft, sliding her wet pussy along that big cock, the quicker his pace on her spanking.  At one point in time he rotated slapping the right and then the left cheek in time with his cock sliding in or out. His cock was covered with her white sticky juices and glistened in the fire light.  At the next moment he grabbed her hips and pulled her down the length of him, his balls slapping, he held her on him and began to grind his cock deep inside her belly.  He could feel his cock distending her lower belly as he played with her wet clit in small rotating motions.  Pink Bud tightened her body up and Eagle Eye knew she was on the verge of exploding on him, this make him only that much hotter as her  pussy muscles contracted around his long dick.  Short, quick humps frustrated Pink Bud, until Eagle Eye bent over her and started to manipulate her tits she came all over his long cock, exploding hot fluids dripped out of her pussy.

Her new lover had never felt anything like that, his cock so hard it hurt and still he held back from cumming.  Enjoying the feeling of such a sweet hot pussy, he stroked himself in and out – she was to be used he thought.  Yes used like a little hot slut,  Do you want to be my slut he urged her on.  She could barely speak but was able to give a quick nod, because she didn’t want to be think of what would happen if she disagreed. He had plans for this white wench, his fingers dipped into her wet well and then smeared on her ass before he slide a finger inside. When she was use to that he wiggled another finger in next to the first he  could feel his own shaft next to the thin membrane of skin and began to stoke himself within her.  She had never imagined such goings on but had a hard time not to orgasm two more times before he really started pumping her hard and spilling his juices into her.  They laid there after the event as most of the adults went to the river to cleanse off.  Eagle Eye told Pink Bud that he would be the provider to her and their children and that she should not try to escape otherwise he would kill her.  He tweaked her nipples for effect and then bit on them for pleasure. Eagle Eye and Pink Bud had bathed when the last of the falling stars subsided and the full moon at its highest.  There were in his cluttered teepee when he presented her with the matching silver bracelet, she examined it closer and saw that little dream catchers had been etched in the soft metal.  After he manacled  up the silver he guided her over to the bear and buffalo skins and chained her to the stakes in the ground.  Yes she was a slut to use and he wasn’t going to let this one get way.