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Caught In The Act
by December Girl

It is late and the room is quiet. Scented candles burn all around me as I soak in a warm bath. I am laying back, with eyes closed, letting the water envelop me. The sweet smell in the air and the warm water on my skin relax me thoroughly and I absentmindedly bring my hand up to my breast. My hand slides easily over my breasts and I begin to rub them. I bring up my other hand and start to pull and massage my tits. My fingers find my nipples and I gently tug on them.

Lazily I let one hand drop down between my legs to play with my pussy. As I find my clit, a small moan escapes my lips. With my other now, I reach down and insert two fingers deep into my hole. I start pumping my pussy slowly but work up speed as my other hand is busy playing with my clit. As I feel my orgasm building, my tempo picks up to a furious speed. My orgasm takes over and I let myself drift down under the water. The feeling is incredible and I slowly drift back up to the surface.

It is now that I see you standing in the doorway. My face flushes red at having been caught, not just in a very intimate moment, but in satisfying myself without your permission.

“This is quite a scene I have walked into,” I hear you say. I still can’t meet your eyes. “Did you enjoy yourself?”

My mind is racing. I know I must answer honestly, for I am caught, but I also try to find a way to save myself. “Yes Master. I know what I did was wrong but I couldn’t help myself. I was dreaming of you while taking my bath and…”

“Quiet!” you interrupt, “please don’t insult me, my pet.”

I know I have made a mistake. Shit…why do I always do this to myself?

“Get out of that tub, dry off, and meet me in the bedroom,” Master says as he walks out of the bathroom.

I hurry and do as I am told. As I walk into the bedroom, I see him sitting on the bed. I walk up infront of him and kneel at his feet.

“I must admit, my pet, I did enjoy the little show you put on in the bathroom…but, you did do so without

“Yes, Master, I apologize for my misbehavior.”

“Over my knee, little one,” you say. I position myself over your Master’s knee and await my punishment. His
hand comes down upon my ass, over and over again, causing small yelps to escape my lips. “Now that you
are warmed up my pet – into the corner.”

I walk to the corner, my head bowed low. I clench my hands behind my back.

“No, no, my sweet…since you like to play so much, that is exactly what you are going to do. I want one
hand playing with your breasts and nipples and the other playing with your pussy and clit.”

“Oh, yes Master, I can do that.”

“Yes you can…and will…as I am delivering your punishment. I shall use my belt and strap your ass
while you play. I will do this until you cum.”

“Ooohhh Master,” I whine.

“Quiet slut! You know there are concequences to your behavior – now, lets get on with it, shall we?”

My hands reach for my breasts and pussy just as I feel the first lash on my ass. The lashes keep coming as I
squeeze on my nipples and furiously stroke my clit. The pain my Master is inflicting on my ass is only
building up my impending orgasm. While still rubbing my clit, I reach down with my other hand and insert
two fingers into my cunt and start to pump it. My orgasm is close and I am soon calling out to my Master…”please Master, may I cum?”

“Hold it, you horny little slut…count off five more lashes and then you may cum.”

The lashes seem to be hitting my bottom in slow motion as I teeter on the brink of ecstasy. Finally the fifth
lash has struck and I am allowed to climax in glorious relief.

“Thank you, Master,” I say, after I have regained my breath. “Thank you Sir…I am so sorry for disappointing you earlier with my disobedience.”

“All is well, my pet…now come with me.” I walk to my Master and embrace him as he holds me and rubs my
tender ass. “To bed we go for a little more fun…”

I smile, knowing our evening has just begun.