Consultation with a Castratrix
by Squirm E Worm

Only in San Francisco could you find five offices in the same block, each one openly advertising the services of a castratrix. I chose the one with the humorous shingle: the image of a large, pendulous scrotum and a pair of stainless steel scissors open and poised to close on the neck of the scrotum. A lady’s elegant, manicured hand is shown wielding the scissors. Embossed on the shingle are the words “Ms. Veronika van Gelder, Certified Castratrix”.

The waiting room is half full of nervous, fidgety men, some alone, some with their wives or girlfriends.

After waiting 45 minutes, my name is called and I am shown into a small office.

Ms. van Gelder is in her early thirties and is very attractive and very confident. She sits behind her desk and looks at me with a sly smirk and a twinkle in her eyes.

“And why have you come to see us today, Mr. Jones?”

“Oh, just for an exam. I’m just curious, you know, I just wanted to find out what would be involved.”

“Yes, of course, that’s what all my patients say on their first visit.”

She gives me a form to sign. I read the form and one sentence catches my eye.

“I, the undersigned do hereby consent to be examined by the above named Certified Castratrix, and further, I agree to meekly submit to any and all additional procedures that are verbally consented to during the course of the examination.”

I ask Ms. van Gelder to expain what the sentence means.

She smiles again and purrs “Oh, that’s just a catch-all clause. We’ve found that it saves alot of time and paper work. Quite frequently, things come up during the course of an exam that are best dealt with without delay.”

Before I can ask her what sort of things she is referring to, Ms. van Gelder tells me to go through a door to her exam room.

Waiting in the exam room are two lovely young girls in nurses uniforms. Ms. van Gelder introduces them to me: Nurse Elaine and Nurse Maryann.

Ms. van Gelder tells me to strip and lie on the exam table with my feet in the stirrups.

I do as I am told and I quickly develop an erection as I lie naked and exposed on the exam table in front of these three sexy young women.

Ms. van Gelder steps between my legs and immediately starts handling and squeezing my scrotum.

“Yes, Mr. Jones, you seem to have a good pair of balls in your sac. But they’re really quite hairy, aren’t they? I’m afraid I’m going to have to shave you down there, Mr. Jones, in order to conduct a thorough and complete exam.”

Ms. van Gelder applies some shaving cream to my tight scrotum. My bursting pecker starts to drool while she is shaving me. She notices this and tells Nurse Elaine to start milking me. I sigh and moan “Oh lordy!”, as I feel Nurse Elaine’s soft fingers curl aroundmy throbbing cock and begin slowing stroking me.

After Ms. van Gelder is done shaving me, she wipes the leftover shaving cream off with a warm, wet cloth. When she sees my naked, pink, hairless scrotum, she squeals with delight.

“Oh, I just love the sight of a freshly shaved scrotum! Just look, girls, isn’t it just adorable!”

Ms. van Gelder begins to excitedly tickle and squeeze and pluck at my balls in their wrinkly sac.

“Oh, yes, Mr. Jones, you’ve got a splendid pair of balls! I’m so glad you decided to visit us today so I could see them and handle them.”

This leaves me totally flustered, but finally I manage to ask, “Could you tell me please, what would be involved in the procedure, Ms. van Gelder?”

“Well, it’s really very simple, Mr. Jones. First, just a slight pinprick while I inject you with local anesthetic.”

Ms. van Gelder snaps her fingers and holds out her hand, Nurse Maryann hands her a hypodermic needle. Ms. van Gelder quickly jabs the hypo into me near my ball sac, and starts depressing the plunger.

I wince and asks her what she’s doing.

“Oh, nothing, Mr. Jones. I noticed just now that you seemed to have some extra sensitivity down in your groin area, so I thought it best to alleviate it.”

“Oh, good, I thought for moment that maybe you might be getting me
ready for…”

“Ready for what, Mr. Jones?”

“Oh, you know, I thought you might be getting me ready to do that thing to me, you know, that thing we were talking about.”

“Oh, you mean that procedure I’m certified to perform?”

“Yes, yes, that’s the one I mean.”

“Why that’s silly, Mr. Jones, I couldn’t do that. Not without obtaining your consent first, I couldn’t.”

Ms. van Gelder asks Nurse Elaine how the milking is coming. “Oh, I think he’s about ready”, she replies.

“Good, good, then why don’t you go ahead and finish milking him while we watch.”

Ms. van Gelder and Nurse Maryann watch, giggling and smirking slyly, as Nurse Elaine firmly, but sweetly, milks my bursting cock. Soon I loose control to the bursting feeling between my legs and start to grunt and squirt thick hot globs of cum onto my hairy belly. After I am done squirting, Ms. van Gelder tells me what a good boy I am, and thanks me for giving them such a sexy show. Then she tells Nurse Elaine to clean me up.

After I’ve recovered from my intense ejaculation, I ask, “How many men have you seen today, Ms. van Gelder, if you don’t mind my asking?”

“No, no, I don’t mind. Four. I’ve seen four. Each one told me he just wanted an exam, just like you, Mr. Jones. But once I got them up on my exam table, it was easy to get them to admit that they were secretly aching for me to give them much more than a simple exam.”

“You don’t mean…”

“Mean what, Mr. Jones?”

“You don’t mean to tell me that you actually went ahead and did that, you know, that thing to them…”

“Why yes, Mr. Jones, yes, that is exactly what I did do to them, as it so happens. And they thanked me for it afterwards. Oh, don’t looked so shocked, Mr. Jones. It really wasn’t very hard for me to pursuade them to finally admit the real reason they had came to visit me in my office, and what it really was they wanted me to do to them. And, unless I’m very much mistaken, I suspect that you’ve been hiding a little secret from me as well, haven’t you, Mr. Jones?”

She was leaning over me and smiling knowingly, expectantly. She kept my scrotum gently cupped in the palm of her hand, but I had lost all feeling in it.

I looked up at her, gulped, and then said, “What do you mean, Ms. van Gelder. What secret do you think I’m hiding from you?”

“You know very well what I’m referring to, Mr. Jones. And I think it’s time you stopped fooling yourself and admitted the real reason you came to my office today. C’mon, tell us, we’re waiting.”

I gulped again and whispered that I was secretly dying to be castrated.

“Is there anything else you’d like to tell us, Mr. Jones?”

“Yes, I want, I want to be castrated, and I want, I want you, Ms. van Gelder, I want you to do it to me, please, please, please,Ms. van Gelder, please castrate me! Please!” I pushed myself a couple inches down the table, pressing my scrotum into her hand, wriggling and squirming it against her palm.

“Excellent, excellent,” said Ms. van Gelder, smiling smugly and squeezing and plucking at my profferred scrotum, “that’s more like it.” She nodded to Nurse Maryann, who handed her a scalpel.

“Why, it’ll be my pleasure to help you with that request, Mr. Jones, it’ll be my pleasure.” She laughed softly to herself. “I had a feeling it wouldn’t take long for you to give me your consent.”

I felt a slight pressure as Ms. van Gelder began to make a small incision in the left side of my scrotum. Her assistants began to giggle.