Have you always had the desire to have your fantasies in audio form for your own personal use? Do you enjoy writing erotica and would love to make it all the more personalized? Is porn a little too impersonal to get you properly intellectually aroused? Then consider a custom audio recording. I’m Sharon Somers, and my voice is well known online for my hundreds of erotic recordings posted at erotic short stories sites. I love to make erotic audios, or even non erotic ones as well. Many men love to write their fantasies down and have their first name spoken in them, making for a very personalized masturbation experience for themselves. Visual porn is good for many people, but some like more than that, they want to hear their own secret fantasies read back to them in a voice that would melt better.
Even couples have enjoyed my audios as they made love. If you’ve considered such an artistic erotic undertaking, do please contact me and I will be happy to bring your story to life with my voice. Your most taboo fantasies, your most gentle love stories, whatever it is that drives you crazy, imagine masturbating as you have headphones on and that voice speaking your own words back to you, it’s like it’s right inside your head. Erotic audios, the thinking man’s porn.

Free sample audio story.

Anniversary Gone Bad : Tom and his wife like to celebrate their anniversary each year to make it special, but what Tom doesn’t know this year, is that a former employee with a grudge against him has intercepted the instructions email to his wife and sent his own instead, and he plans to get revenge on his former boss by giving them a serving of BBC cuckold.

[Warning : The audio here is a BBC interracial cuckold story. It deals with black sexual superiority, and does contain racial slurs that some listeners might find offensive. If such language bothers you, please skip this audio. Thank you. ~Sharon]