Dominating Dodie

by Jason

It was the middle of summer and as Dodie climbed into my car , her skirt climbed up to the top of her tanned thighs. She leaned over to give me a kiss and her tank top was loose enough to allow me a view of her large firm tits as her hard nipples brushed my arm.

“Are you ready for this?” I asked when we came up for air. 

“I think so…” she stammered. 

“Are you nervous….scared, maybe?”  She just nodded.

“Good!” I replied as I put the car in gear and slid my hand up her thigh as we headed off.

    Dodie is a secretary in the same department I work in. Her 5’ 4” 110 lb body is supported by a gorgeous pair of legs that she loves to show off at the office. She is in her mid thirties (two years my elder) , divorced, with a teenage daughter and has been in a steady relationship for the past seven years. I have had several steady girl friends since we have known each other, but it doesn’t stop us from flirting at work and we have become good friends.

    Dodie had borrowed a slide projector from me, and on her way out to lunch the next day she grabbed my car keys  to move it from her trunk to mine. When she returned my keys, she commented on a strange looking one on the ring. I told her it was for my handcuffs and she laughed, so I told her to look at my rear view mirror the next time she went by (I always keep a set there).

    That was several months ago and she has been asking me numerous questions about the handcuffs and bondage since then. She admitted she had never tried it and asked me various questions about how I bound women and what I did to them. Because we were friends, I just answered her questions and played along. I had always had the hots for her, and the thought of her bound, ,gagged, and at my mercy finally overrode the concern for our friendship. So one day when she asked another question, I told her I was not going to answer anymore questions, she would have to experience it herself. She giggled nervously and said she didn’t think I would do that to her. I told her I would love to and it would be the best experience of her life.

    She avoided the subject for several weeks and then one day I asked when she wanted to be tied up. Dodie just laughed and said “Whenever you’re ready!” I let the remark slide for a couple of days to make her think it wouldn’t happen. Then I walked up to her desk, circled a Saturday two weeks away on her calendar and said “We’ll need all afternoon” and left. I went away on business for a week, and when I returned,  I spotted her alone by an isolated  fax machine with her hands on her hips. She had on a short, tight,  black skirt that showed her tight ass and her long legs encased in sheer black stockings. Her blouse was sheer enough that I could see a lacy black bra that pushed her tits up and out, enhanced by her stance. I decided to go for it. I gently grabbed her wrists and held them behind her back. She started to pull away and then noticed it was me and just wriggled a little without trying to break away.

    “Are you ready for Saturday? “  I asked and released her hands. She grabbed my arm as she turned and looked up at me.

     “I made arrangements to go ‘shopping’ with a friend, ….. what are you going to do to me?”

      I laughed and said “Whatever I want. Anything goes, you do what ever I say, …no turning back, I need to make hotel reservations.”  We were both in relationships, so a neutral site was needed, and I knew just the place with four poster beds and other furniture that would be useful. I knew I had to be careful the first time. I wanted her to get maximum pleasure and get comfortable so there would be a second time… and a third. I wanted to make her mine; step by step. 

      Dodie asked “No hitting?” in a quiet voice. 

      “I’ll try not to spank that beautiful ass too much” and covered her hand on my arm and grinned.

       “Okay” she whispered breathlessly and turned and left quickly. We didn’t speak about it the rest of the week, but I left a note on her desk , “Noon time at the mall, south end. We’ll leave your car.” I found a note on my desk later that read “I am all yours”

    As we drove, I had Dodie pour two martinis  from a thermos  I had. She was working on her second one when we arrived at the hotel and finished it as I checked us in. I carried a small travel bag that I put just inside the hotel room door.  “What’s in there” Dodie asked.

    “Toys” I smiled as I grabbed her ass through her short skirt and started  kissing her passionately, running my tongue as deep into her throat as I could. Dodie melted into me, rubbing her tits against my chest. 

    Just as she was really getting into it, I pulled away and said  “Its time for the first lesson.”  I walked over to my travel bag and pulled out a smaller bag. “This is what you get to wear today. Go in the bathroom and put it on. Then we’ll get started”

    Dodie smiled, took the bag and headed off . After a few minutes, I heard water running and knew she was trying to freshen up. She must have been sopping wet by now. I pulled a pair of hand cuffs out of the bag and placed them on the dresser on the other side of the room. I stripped down to my  “banana hanger” and took a seat in a chair next to the bed. Dodie must have been steeling herself for the entrance because 10 minutes passed before she came out of the bathroom. It was worth the wait. My bag had contained a sheer red Teddy, a tiny red G string, sheer red stockings and a pair of red 4 inch spike heels. Dodie looked great. 

    She walked nervously towards me, a little unsteady because of the drinks and the high heels. Her nipples were rock hard and rubbed sensually against the teddy as she walked. The G string  revealed all, she had told me she tanned in the nude and the golden flesh above the tops of  her stockings got me hard immediately. Her eyes looked me from head to toe and then fixated on my crotch. I couldn’t blame her. I knew her boyfriend was in his mid forties and out of shape. I am 5’11, 180 pounds without an ounce of fat. My hard-on was starting to peak out of  my thong, and by the look in her eyes it was my most impressive muscle.

    “Have a seat “ I said huskily and she straddled my lap. I gasped her ass firmly and gave her a deep kiss. She wrapped her arms and legs around me and moaned into my tongue. I played with her for a minute and then pinched her ass hard. She jumped up with a yelp and rubbed her ass. I said sternly, “Get the cufs from the dresser.”

    Dodie timidly picked up the cuffs and walked back. She held them in her hands as if they were a snake. I took them from her and showed her how they worked. I slipped one end over her left wrist and adjusted it snugly with a loud  “click”. “Turn around” I barked. She hesitated, so I grabbed her other wrist, pulled it behind her back, and fastened the other cuff. I slapped her sharply on the ass. Dodie took a step forward off balance and then turned to face me. I could see her testing the cuffs with her eyes wide and her mouth stuck open.

     “Now you are all mine” I whispered as I walked towards her. I grabbed her ass with my left hand and slid my right hand up to her left tit. I massaged it and rolled her nipple between my thumb and finger as I pulled it out sharply. Dodie gasped and I shoved my tongue down her throat. I pulled her against me and carried her to the bed. I fell on top of her with my hard cock rubbing against her pussy though the material. After a minute, she was grinding her hips against mine. 

    I rolled to one side, pining one leg to the bed. I pushed the teddy up and started sucking on a tit. I slid my other hand up her thigh and ran my finger over her pussy through the thin material. It became sopping wet quickly and I eased my hand under the G string and spread her cunt lips. Dodie was dripping. She let out a loud moan as I kept running my finger form her clit to the crack of her ass. When she was writhing and panting in rhythm, I stood up.

    I looked down at her and said “ I want to fuck your brains out right now, but that would spoil the fun” Dodie just kept panting as I went over to my bag and pulled something out. 

    As I was standing over her, Dodie asked “What’s that?” “Its a clit vibrator” I answered as I unwound the little pink heart shaped device attached to a small box with a 4 foot cord. “Have you ever tried one?” 

    Dodie just shook her head and I laughed. I slid the heart over her clit as I spread her cunt lips and pulled the G string snuggly over the vibrator. I stepped back and turned the switch to low. Dodie gasped and wriggled her hips. 

    “Is that the right spot?” Dodie moaned a yes and I tucked the switch into the front of her teddy where she couldn’t reach it. I grabbed her ankles and turned her so she was fully on the bed .

     “I said you would love it” I told her as I went back to my bag. I pulled two lengths of soft nylon out and walked over to the bed.

      “What are you going to do?” Dodie whispered. 

      “Tie your ankles so you don’t move the vibrator” I answered. I loved her little questions, but it was time to get to work. I wrapped each ankle separately and them then together with the first piece of rope. I rolled her over on her stomach and attached one end of the other rope to her ankle rope and tied the other end to the chain on the handcuffs, pulling her hands and her feet about two feet apart in a loose hog tie. Dodie started to struggle, so I moved her to the middle of the bed.  I got another rope from the bag and ran it from the corner of the head of the bed to the opposite corner at the foot of the bed, through the rope attaching her feet to her hands. It was a king size bed. 

    “Now you can struggle all you want and you won’t fall off the bed.” She couldn’t see me as I pulled a ball gag from my bag and knelt down by her head on the bed. I gave her a long kiss which she returned hungrily.

     “I want peace and quiet while I finish setting up.” I held her hair as I placed the ball gag in her mouth and slipped the surgical tubing over her head. Dodie struggled and tried to yell into the gag , but I had a firm grip on her hair. I cupped her face gently with one hand and ran the other one down to massage a nipple Her glare gradually left her face as she closed her eyes. I slid my other hand from her face to her other nipple. In few seconds, she was moaning into the gag. 

      “This could be tighter” I said as I brought her hands and ankles together and secured them. Dodie was grunting, and this lifted her chest, so I massaged her tits again. 

       “And this could be faster “ I turned the vibrator up to medium. Dodie stiffened and I went and got a little black Zorro type mask from my bag. The mask had thick gauze on the inside  and I placed it over eyes.

        “No peeking” I whispered in her ear. I massaged her cheek and soon she began a slow rhythmic humping into the vibrator, against the bed. I got up and went into the bathroom and splashed cold water on my face. I had to cool off. I have wanted to fuck this woman since I first laid eyes on her. I had to calm down, “Stay in control and you can own her, body and soul” I said to myself. After several minutes, I went back out. I brought a glass of water with me. Dodie would need it soon. I spotted the fully stocked fridge and added ice cubes to the water. They would come in handy later.

      Dodie had increased her humping and I could hear an occasional moan escape from the gag. I quietly pulled four more pieces of nylon rope from my bag and fastened one end of each  to a post on the bed. When I was about halfway through, Dodie must have orgasmed. She increased her pace and started fighting against her bonds. I could here steady moans coming from her gag. I let this go on for a few minutes until she slowed and began twitching every few seconds. Good, a sensitive clit, I thought as I switched off the vibrator. Dodie stopped twitching and I gently caressed her body and her face, careful not to touch any erogenous zones. Then I got up and finished attaching the ropes. 

As I looked down on her, bound, gagged, blindfolded, and coming down from a good orgasm, my cock grew even harder, I needed some release. I loosened the hog tie to give her about two feet between hands and ankles. I picked her up and placed her on the carpet kneeling beside the bed. The rope kept her back slightly arched and her breasts thrust out. I kneaded them firmly and pulled and twisted her nipples gently until she moaned into the gag. I turned the vibrator on to high. Dodie stiffened, moaned and started rubbing her tits against my leg and her head into my thigh. I stepped back and held her by her hair so she wouldn’t fall. I undid the velcro on my thong and massaged my cock. The head was a deep purple and it must have been close to nine inches long. I had never exceeded eight inches before (Yes, every real man has measured his cock). I wanted this woman. I stepped forward and pulling her head back by her hair, I rubbed the head over the soft skin of her neck. I then rubbed it across Dodies cheeks as she moaned. I removed the gag and asked her if she wanted my cock, all of it. 

      “Yes….Please!!!” was all she could say as I pulled her head into my balls. Dodie started sucking and licking my balls and I almost lost it.  I removed her blind fold and she saw my cock for the first time. I think she liked what she saw.  Dodie moaned as I rubbed it over eyes. She kept twisting her head to get me in her mouth, but I had a firm grip on her hair. I dangled my cock in front of her and she leaned forward with her mouth open to suck me in. I let her fall forward and then grabbed her before she hit the floor.

       “Not yet! Who’s in charge here?” I growled.

       “ You are” Dodie moaned as I held her by the hair. I noticed she was writhing and remembered that the vibrator was on high. I slid my cock between her lips and she sucked hungrily. I reached down and massaged a tit while pumping three or four inches of cock into her hungry mouth. Dodie was moaning continuously now.  I held her hair and started pumping as much of my cock into her face as I could. She took about six inches before she started gagging, but continued sucking and started shaking. I couldn’t hold back. The pressure building in my balls was too much. I jammed my cock down her throat and pulled her nipple as hard as I could as my cum pumped into her. 

        I left my cock in until Dodie milked me dry. I laid her on the floor and turned off the buzz box. I , knelt over her face and she licked me clean. I picked her up and laid her on the bed, released the rope between her ankles and wrists and let her stretch out as best she could. Her eyes remained closed and gradually her breathing subsided. I removed the vibrator and propped up Dodie’s head as she slowly drank the glass of water, leaving only the cubes in the bottom. I laid down next to her and kissed her gently on the lips.

       “Thank you” she whispered, “are you going to untie me now?”

        “No, not yet…not entirely. I have another position in mind” I pulled her head to my shoulder and we lay quietly together as I caressed her body. I was gaining more control I thought and my cock started to harden. I caressed her breasts and apologized for pulling her nipple so hard.

         “Don’t worry, it hurt, but it felt good at the time, I think it helped me come.” Dodie then nuzzled into my shoulder. What a treasure I have here I thought, …if I just push the right buttons . I slid my hand down her stomach and then spread her pussy slips, sliding a finger in. Dodie moaned and started rubbing against my now erect cock which was brushing her stomach. She was ready for the next lesson in submission. I kept finger fucking her until she begged me.

         “Untie me! I want to make love to you.”

          I removed my finger and rolled her onto her stomach. “Didn’t I already tell you no” I told her harshly.

   “Yes. But…” and she yelped as I slapped her ass. 

   “I’m not finished yet.” And I slapped her ass again, a little harder. Dodie yelped and started squirming. I quickly put the gag and blindfold back on. 

    “I will keep it up until you stop screaming and squirming” I then began a series of measured strokes on her ass, firm but not too hard, I didn’t want to lose her, just get her attention. After about ten strokes, Dodie managed to stay still and quiet for five in a row. I rolled her over and wiped the tears from her face. She was sobbing gently and I stroked her face until she stopped.

     “Are you ready to continue?” I asked. Dodie nodded, that being the only communication she was capable of.  I tied one ankle to one post and released the rope between them. I then tied the other ankle to the next post, removing the G string. I sat her up, undid the cuffs, removed her teddy and quickly tied her wrists to the remaining posts. Using the king size bed to advantage, I adjusted her ropes as tight as I could. When I was finished, she was spread-eagled as tight as possible with her pussy fully exposed and her tits moving up and down with her breathing. Boy did she look good. It was my first view of her pussy. The light brown hair appeared recently trimmed and it glistened with left over juices. My cock was fully erect and beginning to throb.

 I pulled off the blindfold and gag. I straddled her shoulders and rubbed my cock all over her face, letting her suck a couple of inches in. I ran my finger down her crack and slowly rubbed her clit. Dodie started humping against me and let my cock slide out of her mouth as she moaned. I got up and went to my bag and grabbed several items. 

  I knelt over Dodie and sucked and played with her nipples until they were as hard as I could get them. I then grabbed an ice cube out of  her empty glass  and rubbed it against her face neck, slowly moving down to her body. She kept her eyes closed and wriggled against the ropes as I circled each nipple with the cube. She shivered as I ran it down along each thigh and then across her clit.

 “That feels different” she said and then she gasped as I slipped it in her pussy and left it there. I grabbed the clothes pins I had taken from the bag and laid them on her stomach.

 “What are you going to do with those?” Dodie asked. I just smiled and clipped three to each breast in a semicircle on the underside. She gasped as I applied each one. I sucked her nipples rock hard again and clipped one more to each nipple.

  “No! No!” she cried and started fighting the ropes. I slipped the ball gag in and she just stared wide eyed at me. Next, I held up a huge prick shaped 10” vibrator and turned it on. She gasped at the hum and froze on the bed. I reached down and rubbed it against the soles of her feet Dodie started yelling into the gag and struggled furiously. I kept it up for a few minutes and then moved up to her face. I stroked her neck and she closed her eyes and tried to catch her breath. I slipped the mask back over eyes to heighten the sensations and slowly played the vibrator over the rest of her body, avoiding her pussy. By the time I got to the inside of her thighs, she was humping against he bed. I turned it off and asked her if she liked it. Dodie nodde her head and said something into the gag. 

 I turned the vibrator back on and nuzzled it against her cunt lips. She strained against her bonds to get some of it in, and I slid it up across her clit. For the next twenty minutes I teased her with the dildo, rubbing her clit and asshole and sliding slightly between her outer lips. Every time she got close to coming, I would stop and rub her face with it.  At times she was wriggling fiercely and thrashing her head back and forth as she tried to make more contact with the vibrator as she moaned into the gag. At other moments she seemed to sob and try to avoid the contact. Finally I stopped and watched her lay there gasping with what sounded like whimpers coming from the gag. Her hair was soaked with sweat and she was gasping to catch her breathe.

 “Do you want to fuck the vibrator” I asked?  Dodie shook her head wildly so I laid it on her stomach still running. She wriggled in anticipation, but I didn’t do anything yet.

 “You’ll have to do it yourself” I said as I untied her left arm. She shook her head no several times and just left her arm up near her head.. I waited a minute, and then I started rubbing her pussy with the head of the vibrator. I turned it on high and soon she was bucking her hips wildly, trying to get it in. I laid it between her cunt lips and she could feel my weight leave the bed. She wriggled her ass, trying to make more contact, but all she succeeded in doing was pushing it away.

 I could sense the internal struggle as she was still for a few moments, hoping I would continue. She was still to shy to fuck herself in front of me, but I was going to cure her of that. Finally with a moan her horniness overtook her inhibitions and she grabbed the humming cock and ran it across her clit. Soon she was humping and moaning as she tried to get the big cock into her cunt. I spread her outer lips and stepped back. It took a few minutes but she forced that big rubber dick into her pussy. She had a bout three inches into her and was trying to work it in and out. I could tell she had never had anything that big in her pussy. 

Suddenly she stiffened and started jerking hard against the fake cock and screamed into the gag. I Knew she was starting a good orgasm.  I let this happen for a minute and then I grabbed her hand and retied it while she fought hard to keep it on the dildo.  I left the dildo in as she continued jerking. I untied each ankle and refastened them to the posts above her arms. I then stuck a pillow under ass. She was still wriggling with her ass fully exposed as her juices ran out of past the dildo, down over asshole. I removed the gag and blindfold. Her eyes were wild and she didn’t say anything, just moaned and gasped. I quickly shoved my cock into her mouth, pumping in and out slowly as I became stiff as iron. I pulled the dildo from her pussy and my cock from her mouth. I brought the dildo up to her lips and turned it off. 

Dodie sucked it hungrily as I slid  my finger into her pussy.

Dodie humped against my hand as she cried,

“Please make me come!” I pulled my finger out of her pussy and rubbed it a gainst her asshole. As I started forcing it in against the incredibly tight hole, she kept moaning “No! No!” 

Eventually I got two of them in as far as I could go. She struggled, but soon she was humping my hand as I rubbed her clit with my thumb. 

Leaving my fingers in her asshole, I rubbed my cock against her pussy, sliding a couple of inches in as she gasped. Her pussy was wet but still very tight and hot. I lost control as I pulled my fingers from her ass and holding her shoulders, I rammed my cock in as far as it would go. Dodie screamed as she felt the full length push in, and I could feel the head rubbing against her cervix. I pulled the clothes pins from her nipples and sucked and bit her nipples hard as I started pounding into her. I sensed her orgasm as I was pulling her hair and grunting with every stroke. I could feel the sensation in my balls building as I kept pounding away at her. I couldn’t seem to come as the pressure built in me and I fucked Dodie harder than I had ever fucked anyone in my life.  Finally I exploded, my whole body stiffening as it felt like a pushed a couple of more inches into her poor cunt. Dodie yelled and I crushed her body to me as I kept spurting into her.

Eventually I stopped jerking, and I untied Dodie while remaining in her. I removed the remaining clothes pins and I noticed Dodie was sobbing quietly. I pullled her head back and kissed her. She then wrapped her arms and legs around me and buried her head in my shoulder, still sobbing. Soon she was asleep. As I lay there, I knew there would be a next time, and my thoughts were already turning to the surprises I had in store for Dodie.