Adventures of a Master Searover

by passionmyst

This day of our gods 3525,I Hank Vraden II, Master SeaRover, Master of the Knight Errants,of the New Earths colonies, in the Glaxxon galaxy set  to journal, my ships logs,and personal notes, to set a legal precedent,  and binding ownership of my most prized possessions my slaves,acquired through my 5 years excursions throughout New Earths colonies. As the New orders laws set forth in the year 3519, I now begin with my first listing,of most prized possessions,Karine obtained the month of Aril.

They set upon me as I left the bathing house, just outside,New Earth’s small Inn on Paxtent, where I was staying.It took 6 of them to subdue me and tie me.I am 6 foot 5 and powerfully built,so besides being heads taller then they were,my strength was double theirs..It took a phasor sword hilt to the back of my head to subdue me, looking me over to make sure I wasnt hurt. I was unconcious but still breathing.

They gagged me so that I would not give an alarm and carried me backto their mistress. taking me to the Master bedroom. Securing me to the bed. I opened my eyes, to a view of the ceiling. turning my head to look for the door, and pain sliced through it. Then I saw that I was secured to a soft bed, manacles on my wrists and legs,and chained securely to the bed.. 

Karine stepped through the door, He turned to look at her and glared,  the deceitful little Bitch when he got loose she was going to pay…  Karine gave a shy smile at him, her love for him had been for so long,  and she had thought to be his in a different way, that one day he would  return her love and ask for her hand, this Great Searoving Lord. For 4 years she had waited for him to notice her whenever he had returned from adventuring,but always it was her cousin he noticed, and her heart was  broken, but still she would not have done this to him,if not for her stupid step father..He had made a marriage contract between her and Lord  Garron a man old enough to be her grandfather, and he did it for the silver he was given,knowing Lord Garron’s lust for young virgins, and  the fact she would give him many heirs… So now she was reduced to  ruining herself. So she could get out of the contract,for the old lecher had said he would only marry a virgin. While her heart cried at having to do this, Her soul cried out, that only he would do as her first lover,and most likely only one as once she was ruined no one would have her. This Earths colonies New order the ruling power, totally belonging to men…She approached the bed, he lifted his head and his eyes riveted her to the spot, standing perfectly still forgetting to breathe, sensing the anger rolling off of him..He was handsome her Lord Rover. But his anger kept her from moving closer.. She had, been totally in the darkas to how to do this so had to ask her Maid what to do..Tillie had told her how to make him ready so that she could get this done and then she could let her roverraider go,knowing he would never look upon her or want her again..She gazed down at the bed loath to look at him,as she told him the facts of what she, they, must do.

Since they had stripped me of my clothes I knew I had no defense and knew I was in trouble when she shrugged off her bedrobe, then reached for the hem of the shift she wore and slipped it over her head. She was petite, no more then 5’4″ but her breasts were full,at least 36DD, and her waist was trim with nicely rounded hips, I had to shut my eyes,but this was a mistake I soon learned when she placed her small hand lightly upon my chest..For the beautiful image in my head only intensified with the erotic touch of her hand. “You know I am a virgin.” I had known it from her telling of why this was,but the wordshad the desired effect,no matter how I willed it otherwise,But so to did her hand tracing so slowly down my chest to my belly. I expected my rage at what she had done to me to keep me from becoming aroused, but her voice kept me distracted. “In  my ignorance I did not know this soft flesh of yours would change and grow as hard as the rest of you”.

She touched me on the tip then and I knew I was lost…I find it hard to believe for it is already large now but Tillie says it will  be even more shortly… Did the Bitch know her words were a stimulation, as well as her touch on my cock…Sweat broke out on his brow damn the witch this was sweet torture… She would pay…”I am to kiss you and lick you everywhere even there..Tillie said you would have to be dead not to respond to me if I kiss and lick you there..I already was responding I strained at the bonds bucking wildly to get away…But my cock was a betrayer of the worst sort,with a mind of its own..I wildly tried to dislodge her hand from around the betraying member of my body, but to no avail..Her fingers tightened around me, and trailed up and down my length..”I would not believe it had I not seen it.” There was awe in her voice, and she was petting me now. Praising my cock for obeying her,intead of me. She did not even know,I was not at my full size, that I continued fighting with all my strength. “I suppose now I must kiss you.”was that dissappointment in her voice? Oh God I could not stand any more,what I thought she could not do she was doing, she could have all she wanted if she continued, and I had no hope she would not continue as she was. 

When she climbed on top of me, I bucked and thrashed trying to dislodge her,  but she grabbed hold of my hips and hung on,and I could feel her warm soft skin now..Her breast pressing against my skin, near my cock. This too worked to her advantage for more blood ran to that area. Hoping I was not hard enough to penetrate her and she was a virgin and would not know the difference and still fail She crawled up me then, still holding on tightly in case I tried to throw her off again.. I groaned again at this further stimulation. Then she was seated, and I was hard enough that when she nudged me in the right direction.Flaming heat,scalding fire and moisture..Her whimper made me open my eyes and I was undone looking at those glorious breasts as they swayed, the spread of her hips over me, and while I did not thrust, which would have aided me, I did not need too, the blood pushed to the offending member and I swelled to my full size,and my throbbing length pushed through her maidenhood and I was fully sheathed within her. 

She began to move on me, clumsily at first, but then as the heat and the fire filled her senses and flowed throughout her body, faster and her face took on a rosy glow,one of  pure pleasure, but I totally lost control when her waist length blond hair moved across my chest and I went over the edge of control and began to thrust upwards as she rode downwards…I no longer cared, was beyond  rational thought, in the throes of primal instinct, which took over competely in explosions of fireworks within and around me.