The Renters

by Zebsaid

When I was eighteen In the mid-1970s, I had an experience that changed my life and sexual habits.  Years before that my father had left my mother and I and to provide enough income she rented out our basement as a two bedroom apartment.  We lived near a large University so it was always easy for mom to find students who needed a place to stay.

That spring, two graduating nursing students who recently landed jobs with a local hospital moved into the apartment.  More importantly to mom, they were willing to pay her rent increase for the privacy our home offered.  Janice and Karen were both beautiful and friendly.  Janice was a tall, sinewy blonde about 5’ 7” and very athletic.  She jogged and worked out at a time when not many women did.  Karen, on the other hand, was a brunette and about 5’2” but very curvy with a 36 C cup. 

They would often wave and chat with me when I was mowing the lawn or washing the car.  One summer night after returning from the movies with my friends I noticed that below the bushes I could see into their den area and bathroom.  Apparently they had removed the curtains to be washed, but never bothered to put them back up.  Since mom worked nights to bring in extra cash, I was able to sneak out of the house at night to take a look at my neighbors. 

The first couple of times I looked I didn’t see much, just the two of them lounging around watching TV.  As the weather got hotter, my luck changed.  At first I just saw them in their bras and panties, but as the summer wore on I would see them topless and nude, fanning themselves and practicing yoga.  Janice was particularly fond of showering, wrapping herself in a towel and then letting it drop as she milled about the house.  Karen often walked about topless after her work shift.  After watching them I would masturbate in my room wondering what it would be like to be with the two of them.

All that was to change one fateful night.  I was in my usual spot watching Janice do her stretching exercises as she stripped out of her running outfit.  As she bent her naked torso in half, it was too much for me to take.  I quickly lowered my shorts and began pumping my hard cock as fast as I could.  Suddenly, I felt my arm being grabbed as I was pulled to my feet.  “You dirty little perv!” shouted Karen.  “Look at you!  This is disgusting!”   I had quickly pulled up my shorts and denied doing anything.  Hearing the commotion, Janice had put on a robe and come out to see what was going on.  Thank god my mother wasn’t going to be home for another three hours.  I made up an excuse that I was looking for something, but neither one of them would buy that.  Rather than cause a ruckus for the rest of the neighborhood to hear, we decided to discuss the situation in their apartment.

Janice sat at their kitchen table with her arms folded across her blue robe listening to both sides of the story.  “Well,” she said.  “I guess we’ll have to wait for your mom to come home to settle this and then file a complaint with the police.”  Nervous and frightened I confessed and then begged for mercy on the verge of tears.  Karen said they should move out tomorrow.  I knew we needed their rent money to survive so I promised that I would do anything to make it up to them.  With that a big smirk came across Janice’s face.  “Is that all little boys can think to do with those things is play with them?” she asked.   Then they left me in the kitchen and went into Karen’s bedroom to discuss my fate.  After what seemed like an eternity they emerged.

“We won’t report you to the police or tell your mother Greg,” said Janice in a very low voice, “but you do need to be punished and punished severely.”   I was so relived I agreed wholeheartedly and began suggesting that I could do their laundry, food shopping or housework to make up for things.  “Oh, you’ll do all that,” said Janice glaring at me with her piercing blue eyes, “but we also have something more appropriate and immediate in mind to change your behavior.”  I gulped as Karen pulled a chair into the middle of the kitchen.  “Since you’ve acted like a naughty little boy, we’re going to treat you like one,” added Janice rolling up the sleeves on her robe.  What do you mean I asked nervous and embarrassed.  “It means we’re going to give you an old fashioned sound spanking in hopes that it corrects your attitude toward women,” she said firmly.

Mortified, I protested to no avail, “Come on, strip to your underwear” they told me.  Relived I could keep those on I tried to make a joke of it.  “This is no laughing matter Mister,” said Janice sitting in the chair.  “I’ve spanked many naughty male bottoms including three younger bothers, yours will be no different.”  I stood there awkwardly in my jockey shorts when Karen snapped the waistband “lose them” she said.  “After all, you’ve seen us naked, now it’s our turn.”  Before I could say anything, Karen had pulled my shorts to my knees and off.

There I stood nude in front of two older beautiful women who were about to spank me.  In those days, I ran track and played lacrosse so I was in pretty good shape.  Turn around, hands at your sides they told me.  “What do you think Kar?” asked Janice.  “Cute buns, too bad they’re going to be all sore and red,” she replied giggling.  Janice positioned me next to her, gently cupping my balls in her right hand and pulling down on my limp shaft.  “So this is the thing that’s causing all the trouble, you men will do anything just to satisfy it, won’t you?”  Blushing profusely I said nothing.

“Now Greg, do you know what’s going to happen,” asked Janice, still pulling on my shaft like a chain.  “You’re going to hit me,” I replied.  “In a moment, I’m going to pull you over my knee and spank your bare bottom like a naughty little child,” she continued.  “Now I want you to think about being stripped nude and laid over my knee with your poor bare little buns exposed for my punishment.  And with each spank, I want you to think about Karen who is going to watch your cheeks jiggle as your bottom turns redder and redder.  Now over my knee you bad boy!”

With that she gave one final tug downward on my now stiffening cock.  As I lowered my weight over her knees, I felt the smooth silk of her robe slip away from her warm, muscular thighs.  I laid there uncomfortably for a moment before Janice gave each of my cheeks a pinch and a light pat.  And then I felt that terrible first smack.  “So you like <SPANK SLAP > to spy <SLAP> on unsuspecting <SPANK WHACK>  women,” Janice taunted, as she raised her arm high overhead and brought it crashing down on my bare exposed bottom. “You’re a bad <SLAP SPANK> bad <WHACK CRACK> bad <SLAP SLAP> boy Gregory!” she shouted, her blonde ponytail bouncing with each slap.  “Do you und-er-stand?”  she asked punctuating each syllable with a hard slap to my bottom.  “Do you?” she slapped harder.  “I’m, I’mmm, sorry…” I stammered between blows.  “…it won’t happen again.”

“Quiet, you liar!” my response seemed to anger her more.  The spanking began to take on a rhythm: <SMACK> high right cheek, <SLAP> center left cheek, <SPANK SLAP SPANK> center right, <SPANK CRACK> lower left.  Ten, twenty slaps, it was hard to keep count.  All the time, Janice was chastising me for my behavior.  “Poor little boy getting his bare bottom spanked, we should tell all his friends at school.”  By now I was pretty sore, squirming and standing on my toes, but each time I tried to clench my cheeks she landed a blow that took my breath away. 

Although tears were welling up in my eyes, I had held it together until Karen came over and placed her hand on my bottom and ran her finger down the crack of my ass.   “So so hot ,” she swooned looking into my eyes.  Somehow, it had seemed very sexual and I started to get turned on by the whole situation.  I noticed that Janice’s robe was now open and practically off.  With each spank I imagined her nude body and Karen looking at my bare ass.  Janice noticed my arousal immediately and became enraged.  “There better not be any accidents on my lap Mister or you’ll pay!” she warned with each smack.  With that she pulled my harden cock between her knees in a vice grip.   Each time her hand landed on my poor bottom, I rubbed harder and harder against her legs.  By the tenth or eleventh smack, I couldn’t hold back any more and shot a heavy load of cum across her thighs and dripping down her calf muscles.

Janice was incensed and started to wail away on my now sore red bottom.  “You cheater!  How dare you enjoy your punishment!” said Karen quickly pulling me off her. Totally embarrassed, I stood there rubbing my bottom. “You disgusting pig! she shouted, taking a slap at my rapidly deflating penis.  “Look he’s dripping it all over the place.”  Janice dropped her robe and began wiping her thighs and legs with a dish towel.  “What are we to do with you!”  she yelled throwing the cum soaked towel in my face.  Karen grabbed a spatula from the kitchen, “Since he likes pain, let’s really show him some.” 

Before I could escape, Janice squeezed my balls and brought me to my knees begging for mercy.  Quickly I found myself back over Janice’s lap with Karen sitting on my legs.  Unable to move I waited the worse.  Karen rubbed the cool metal spatula over my already hot bottom while warning me that if there was a repeat performance they would triple the number of smacks I would receive.  Unlike Janice’s punishment, there was no talking or playfulness, just the repetitive heavy slapping of the spatula <Splat, splat spat> over and over again.  No time for my thoughts to wander or for the pain to wane.  I received 50 stinging slaps in all and when Karen got up Janice gave me another ten with her hand before sliding me onto the floor where I lay alone for 15 minutes crying like a baby. 

Suddenly, I felt a cool sensation on my burning bottom and as I looked over my shoulder there was Karen nude rubbing cold cream into my poor cheeks.  “You took your punishment like a man Greg.” she said, rubbing her large breasts across my back.  “You understand you were wrong, don’t you.”  Yes I cried, I’d never look at them again.  “That won’t do,” said Janice lifting my head onto her bare lap before kissing me.  “Us working girls like it when we get men all worked up,” she added, stroking my cock.  “We just get upset when you waste all that good sperm where we can’t even see it.”

I spent the next two hours that night learning how to satisfy those two women.  As it turned out, the whole situation was a set up.  They knew I had been watching them from the beginning, but felt I needed to be taught a lesson.  That whole summer I agreed to be their indentured servant.  At least once a week, I found myself bare bottomed over one or both their knees for some minor infraction.  After awhile, they even enjoyed my accidents, saying it gave them a sense of great power to know that it took only a few well placed spanks to cause so much trouble.  Our little arrangement continued well into my senior year when Janice married a doctor at the hospital and Karen decided to move back to her home town.

Only once, on Janice’s 24th birthday, was I ever allowed to spank either one of them.  I can still remember Janice wiggling her bare muscular ass on my lap as my hand landed again and again on those firm tender cheeks.  Since then, I have sought  to include the fine art of spanking in all my relationships.  More often than not, I found most women are willing to try just about anything if they think it’s a turn on.  But I’ve also discovered you can never recapture the first moment you lay over the knee of a beautiful woman waiting for her hand to slap your bare bottom.