By the Sea
by Sylvia

The sea had the appearance of innocence down pat. Tuls knew different.

He walked along the shore thinking of the malicious night that came before the calm. His eyes swelled trying to hold back the tears of his lost love. His shoulders cast forward as he slumped over in defeat. His arms swung beside him as if they had no purpose. He questioned God above for his tragic loss. His clothes torn and dirty from his restless night gave away his despair. His mind slipped back to the moments leading up to his suffering.

Tuls was happy with his slave girl, sruoy, at his feet. He told her of a special day they would have on the beach. Her smile spread out across her face knowing it would be a marvelous day with her Master. Tuls sent sruoy to prepare for their day. She rose to her feet as instructed, facing him respectfully as she stepped back to the door. She quickly went about gathering blankets and such. She sang as she went to the kitchen to retrieve a basket full of goodies to eat. She threw an apple in the air and caught it. A twisted grin came over her face as she thought about how fabulous it would be getting to feed her Master all the foods from the basket. Everyone in the castle by the sea was joyous that day. For, if the Master was happy, which he was, everyone was happy.

Master Tuls and his slave girl arrived on the beach with nothing but good thoughts of pleasing one another. The slave girl stretched the blankets across the sand and stood tall until Tuls had sat down on them. Sruoy knelt at her Masters feet and began taking off his sandals. He pushed her hair off her shoulder and ran his hand along her face and then down her naked breast. “A good slave you are little one. Very pleasing to your Master.” He said with a smile as he lay back on the blanket. Without instruction, she began pouring oil over him and rubbing it in. His dark body glistened in the sunlight. He closed his eyes knowing she was taking in every ounce of his well-built body. She thought about his large frame eclipsing her small figure. Noticing he was taking a nap in the sunshine a slight sigh escaped her lips. She oiled herself and lay down beside her Master. Not being able to stop thinking about her love lying so naked beside her, a chill began to creep down her body and moisten her womanly lips. She tried to ignore the hunger she felt for him. Still her body grew restless. She twisted and turned trying to get him off her mind. “Be still little one.” His warning carried a hint of amusement. She lay as still as she could and he knew how difficult it was for her. Tuls knew the slave girls desires but wanted to enjoy his knowledge and her discomfort a little longer. Sruoy finally began to descend into a light sleep. Tuls had waited patiently for just such an opportunity. He rose enough to lean on one elbow and look over his property that lay beside him. He had never loved a slave like this one. His most loyal slave yet his feistiest. He chuckled to himself as he recalled their first encounter. He laughed at how determined she was not to be a slave. Yet, now she would not change that for anything. Still she kept him on his toes. Tuls loved the fact that one word from him could start or putout the fire in his little slave girl. She often amused him with her humor. Her sarcasm and sassiness were part of what he loved so much about her. Although, he had trouble getting her to understand the fine line that she often crossed between fun and disobedience. She was so unlike the other slaves that were so docile and yielding. They had no fight in them, which was good at times but Tuls enjoyed sruoy for her nerve and her animation.

Sruoy began to stir pulling Tuls from his thoughts. He carefully placed his legs on either side of hers as not to wake her. In a strong voice to shake her from her dreams he said, “This Master wishes to enter his property yet his slave lays there closed to him. Is that a proper slave that does such horrid things?” The slave girl jumped and began trying to spread her legs in the same motion. His manly thighs did not allow her to do so. With a grumble of ridicule she responded with an indelicate shove to his chest, “If you move those big legs of yours I can do what you want but until then I will be sleeping.” As she closed her eyes he brought his hand to her heat and grabbed it with a slight bit of force. “Now open your legs little one.” She continued to lie there until his grip strengthened. She managed to get her legs up and over his. “Now you are being a good slave.” His mouth fell over her breast. Tuls took her right nipple in and bit down as he began to pull it from her. He stopped as a gasp eluded her lips. He looked at her eyes to make sure she was okay and then gave another tug at her hardened nub. She squealed with delight as she wrapped her arms around him. Feeling his sex against hers made her hips rise to meet him. He teased her moist opening. Tuls placed a kiss on the slave girl’s mouth that could only be described as true passion. As their tongues searched, deep into each other’s mouths Tuls plunged deep into sruoy with his manly tool. Her stimulated moans were muffled but he knew they were there. His thrust grew deeper and stronger. Feeling her Master, as he touched all the right places, sruoy came close to her climax. Her body began meeting every thrust Tuls sent her way. Knowing the look so well, Tuls began to laugh aloud, as he pulled off her. “Not yet little one. I believe your actions were less than satisfactory earlier.” He could hear her silent words of rebuttal, which made him laugh even louder. She did not say a word for she knew that would only delay her orgasm that much longer.

“I think you need to go swimming.” Thinking he was joking she did not move a muscle. “The water is that way little one,” He said as he pointed to the water with one hand and pushed at her shoulder with the other. A bit reluctant she stood up, walked three paces towards the sea facing him, then turned, and slowly walked to the water, just incase he changed his mind. The water touched her toes making her realize the contrast was so defined. Her body was so warm from the sun, as well as her womanly heat, and the water was almost like ice. She wanted to give one glance back to her Master to make sure this was what he wanted but she knew he would not have said it if it were not. She could always count on him to be clear on his instruction.

Just as she was about to dive in, she heard something that she was afraid she might. Tuls announced further directions, “walk into the water; slowly.” She cringed at what he was saying. She knew it would be more agonizing, feeling the cold water by degrees over her entire body. Inch by inch she began to get used to the coldness. Once she was neck deep in the water, she called to her Master. “Will you be joining me, Sir?” He laughed aloud and stood up. He ran hard out into the cold sea, letting a manly growl escape him as he hit the water. She mocked him for his expression. Her laughing stopped when she felt him under her. He lifted her up and held her there long enough for her body to begin warming again, then plunged her into the water. He swam away from her and they both enjoyed a good swim.

Eyeing sruoy, doing a relaxing back float, Tuls quietly made his way over to her. He began tickling her leg with seaweed until she jumped up thinking some sea creature had gotten hold of her. She slapped at him as she shrieked. “You scared me half to death.” “A little fear will do you good.” Tuls mocked. “It is time to get out of the water little one.” The skies were turning gray in warning of an upcoming storm. Tuls grabbed her up in a cradled position and carried her out of the water. Sruoy could not have been more content. She put her head to his chest and cherished the closeness.

Tuls gently put her on her feet and looked deep into her eyes. Sruoy knowing the look turned her head up to her Master, puckered her lips, and remained motionless as she waited for his kiss to release her. Tuls took her hair in his hand and snatched her head back hard exposing her neck and face. Invading her lips with his own, kissing her intimately and forcefully, taking her top lip in his teeth he bit down on it. He then took her bottom lip and began sucking on it. He bit down on it as well as he continued to kiss her. Tuls then kissed and idly drug his tongue across her exposed neck. His kiss made sruoy a bit weak in the knees. “Let me see if you have any more monstrous seaweed on you.” Knowing what he meant sruoy quickly stood with her arms lifted above her head, her elbows bent slightly, wrist crossed, tilting her head back and licking the saltwater from her parted lips. She turned her hip to her Master and bent her knee slightly; her head turned to the left offering her collar as well. Tuls slapped at her buttocks as he made his way around her. “No I don’t see any sea monsters on you, yet.” They both let out a bit of a chuckle. She knew he wanted to take her but he quickly changed direction.

“Hunger has taken over my senses, slave girl.” With that sruoy began kneeling beside the basket. A plate for her Master was prepared in no time and she began feeding him each piece of food. She got a little tickled as her aim was off and some of the food accidentally got on his moustache. Tuls gave her a firm look as he lifted an eyebrow at her. He was not amused. She snickered a bit and continued feeding him. Nevertheless, the thought of food in his moustache crossed her mind again and got her in an uncontrollable giggle. Bouncing so hard from her laughter she missed her mark again. Sruoy could not help herself she fell over laughing.

The laughing was fast to stop when she heard the harsh tone of her beloved Master. “Sula-Ki.” He demanded. She soon realized that he found no humor in it at all. She was quick in rolling to her back. She placed her hands at her sides palms open and up, her legs were spread widely apart. Ready for sex, bondage, control, or anything else her unyielding Master might have planned. Her hips came off the ground for her Masters pleasure.

Her stomach began to growl with the onset of hunger pains. However, she never said a word. She knew her Master had her best interest at heart and would not let her need for food go on long unless she was being punished. Which she knew was the case but her violation was not so severe that he would have her starve for it. Tuls just sat looking at her and debating as what to do with her next. Sruoy did not fret over his actions for she knew it would not be long before he would be laughing about it as well.

Tuls straddled the slave girl letting her feel his sex pushing against hers. “You will be punished properly later for your indiscretion. For now; I will have my way with you.” Sruoy, already being a bit moist just from being around him, had no trouble taking every inch of her Masters thrust. His mouth came down forcefully upon her neck. Her legs grew weak, began to shake, resulting in the collapsing of her position. “Rise slave girl.” His voice demanded respect, submission, but most of all obedience. She did what she was told but grew unstable over and again resulting in continuous instruction on lifting herself up to her Master. The power in his drive grew more severe as did his bite on her neck. She could feel him growing within her. She wanted to lower her buttocks so that she could concentrate on the feeling his manhood delivered. Nevertheless, she knew the pleasure was not hers for the taking. She was there to serve and please her Master. The pain agitating her stomach muscles tried to overpower her but she fought against it. With every ache she rose higher to meet her Master. Her cries were of pain and pleasure. A sweet mixture that she had felt often at Tuls’s will. She almost wanted him to stop but knew she could not live with herself if her Master was denied his wish. Tuls knew the slaves mind and determination to please him as well as her pain. He rolled over carrying her with him. His mighty soldier barely inside the slave girl. Tuls acted as if he were going to push her off him. A slight grin came over his face. Her eyes begged him as she impaled herself on her master. Her hands on either side of his head, her head fell back, and her hips began to gyrate. The wind carried her moans. He released her hips for a good hold on her breast. Tuls massaged the slave girl’s nipples; rolling them, pulling them, and giving pleasure to her like only he could give. He let his mouth find their way to the firm dark brown bulbs. While his tongue lingered, his hands grabbed the base of the milky white mounds.

Coming close to his climax he let go of her breast, took his hands to her hips, and brought them up and down at a faster pace. “Oh Master don’t you think I can bring you to that special place on my own?” He took his hands off her. “Let’s see if you can.” She gave him a few more thrust and then leaped off him. Her laughter could be heard all over the beach if anyone would have been there to hear it. “No orgasm today Master-o-mine.” Her intentions were to get right back on him but again he did not see the humor. “Your entertainment will bring you great pain in the future little one.”

His tone turned harsh, “She-Sleen.” Sruoy wanted to explain herself or say something that would make him change his mind but she knew to move quickly or it would get worse. She did as he ordered. She shifted to her knees and elbows, her hands interlocked behind her head. Her buttocks high in the air, she knew, in this position, she had to be ready for anything. It had been a long time since her Master had used this stance. She recalled the last time he had her in the same way for a beating that she would never forget. He walked behind her, slid his sex up to hers, and took her like some sort of animal. She no longer felt cherished. She was quickly put in her place as he used her only like some sort of vessel. She felt owned in an instant. Sruoy knew she was his property but this confirmed it. Tears streaked her face. He held her in place as he lunged in and out of her. She could feel her sex getting wetter with every stroke. He began to speed up. Tuls slammed into her as if he did not care what he was doing. She knew in her heart that he did but also knew her sole purpose was to please him. His grip was intensified at the onset of his orgasm. In her mind it seemed to last forever. He got off her, as if she was nothing to him. Her buttocks still high in the air as if telling what had been done to her. He grabbed up his robe threw it over him and looked down at her. His tone still harsh he said, “Bara.” She moved her face, looking to the left, to lay on the ground, straightened her legs out, and crossed them at the ankles, then moved her arms to be behind her back where she crossed them at the wrist. He went to the basket and pulled out two pieces of rope. He began binding her arms and legs. Tuls made sure they were secure. “I am going back to do some business. If anyone passes you before I get back you are to tell them of your disobedience to your Master.” Sruoy started to plead with him not to leave her. “Silence slave.” He was cold and uninterested in her explanations. Sruoy watched her Master as he made his way back to the castle. Her hunger pains grew. Her womanly abyss feeling worn and discarded. He was gone some time before she finally fell asleep.

Tuls instantly got involved in family business. It seemed that every time he tried to make it back out the door some one else needed his immediate attention. The clouds grew darker and the sea began a violent rage. The winds picked up as the skies opened into a downpour. Hours had passed making him forget about his property on the beach. He was unaware of the weather and continued with things that kept showing up in front of him. Still his slave laid waiting for his return. Finally, someone came to him to let him know the slaves were being put down for the night. His mind quickly flew to sruoy. He said her name aloud and ran out the door.

He ran down to the water edge screaming her name, begging God for her safe return, and holding back tears. He came across the basket of food floating in the water. The sight made him more desperate to find his love. He dove into the water trying to find her. The sea seemed more violent than ever before. He did not last long in the horrifying water. He walked in as far as he could but the high waves always sent him back to the shore. Knowing his attempts were futile, he finally sat on the beach just a little ways out of the dreadful ocean’s reach.

It was morning before the sea stopped its deadly attempts on Tuls’s life. He began walking back down the beach looking for some sign of his precious slave girl. Tuls could not stop blaming himself knowing the girl was a good slave but never dreamed she would put her life in danger to obey him. He asked himself several times, why he did not just take her with him when he left the beach the day before. He sat at the edge of the water with his face in his hands. When finally he heard a striking sound. “Can this slave girl get up yet Master?” He looked up to see sruoy bobbing up and down in the water still bound. He began laughing as he hurried to her, pulled her out of the water, and hugged her like never before. “How did you manage little one? Did God truly give you back to me? How did you come back to life?” His questions continued until finally she cleared her throat and asked permission to speak. It took him a moment to slow his questions down but he finally granted her the right to speak freely. “I fell asleep on the beach. Some how when I woke up I was out in the water, so I made my way to the dock, and stayed under it until now.” Sruoy wore cuts and bruises from the beating the sea gave her. She knew her Master truly loved her. She could see the fear in his face when he thought he had lost her and as he looked upon her battered body. Nevertheless, she also knew there would be punishment for her actions the day before. “You will go home and rest little one then we will sort out what your payment will be for your mischief.”


Three days had passed since the dreadful day at sea. Tuls was back to managing the household and sruoy was well rested and fed. Sruoy was back to her normal duties. She had not seen much of Tuls other than when he stopped in to check on her. She hated not being the one to wait on him. Finally, the night came that she was summoned to his quarters. Sruoy was so excited she almost forgot her place. She rushed into his room not even knocking on the door. She was met with his harsh tone again. “Karta, slave girl. Have you lost your senses completely.” That was all it took for sruoy to remember exactly what she was doing. She knelt outside the door with her body erect, head up and her eyes lowered. Her chest out, thighs parted, and stomach in. She lowered herself so that her head was on the floor, her hair spread out, her bottom high in the air and her arms reaching forward with palms pressed to the floor. “You will now begin the night of punishment you should have had many nights ago.” Tuls walked away from her and sat on the bed. “Come to your Master and submit, slave girl.” Sruoy went flat on the floor with her forehead resting flat on the surface. She took her arms to her sides and spread her legs wide. She then began crawling to her Master on her stomach. Reaching her Master she placed her check to his foot and began lightly kissing him. “That is nice but I said submit slave girl.” Sruoy got to a kneeling position, bent at the waist, placed her check to the floor and took her Master’s right foot and placed it upon her neck. She put her arms behind her back and crossed them at the wrist. “Do you understand I can break your neck from here, slave girl?” “Yes Sir I do. I trust you Master. If that is what you see fit to do then I am here to help your wish come true.” ” So slave girl, you would willingly let me break your neck?” ” For you Master, I would willingly do anything.”

“Stand slave girl and let me see my property.” Sruoy stood with her legs slightly parted. Her back and legs were straight as she stood on the balls of her feet. Her wrist crossed behind her back and her eyes lowered in respect as well as to show her submission. Tuls immediately put his hand to her sex. “Oh little one you seem to have a hunger burning in you.” His fingers traced up and down her heat just to tease her a little further. He walked around her touching her, caressing her, and fondling every inch of her womanly parts. Every stroke brought about deeper moans of pleasure. “Do you realize this is supposed to be punishment not pleasure?” Sruoy gave a bit of a giggle as she let him know that she understood that. He reminded her of the actions she took on the beach as well as telling her that he felt he would have to get a bit more firm with her so she understood it was not to happen again. Her mood changed when she realized what he was saying.

Cuffing her arms over her head, he secured them to a chain coming down from the ceiling. Then as she begged him to let her go he chained her ankles to the floor with her legs spread. He then placed a gag around her mouth and placed a hood over her head. “Now slave girl all you need to concentrate on is the punishment at hand.” He began moving about the room making her wonder what he was going to do to her. Tuls placed a clamp on each of her nipples and bound them together with a small chain. He lectured her about her actions. He took the leather strap and began a light slap over her buttocks and down her legs. He brought it up to her back and then did her entire front side the same way, just light easy taps. Each time around her body got harder and more severe. She wanted him to stop when he was doing it but wanted him to continue when he was not. The nipple clamps moved each time he took the strap to her bringing a shivering sensation down her body. He took his hand to her sex and commented on how wet she had gotten. “I think you are still confused slave girl. This is not for your pleasure.” He began a round of beatings on the soft flesh of her backside. She bolted and tried to scream each time he connected. “Be still or this will last all night.” She tried to be as still as ,possible. His lecture carried on through the entire ordeal. Sruoy felt her juices flowing down her legs. She knew this would get her extra spankings but could not stop what her body was doing. Tuls stopped the spankings and ran his hand up her leg to the source of the fluid. “I am still pleasing you then, slave girl?” His fingers moved in and out of her. Her tears soaked the hood. Her buttocks ,crimson and welted. However, her buttock was assaulted again with another round of spankings, resulting in her tears to flow even harder. There was no doubt in her mind at that point that the treatment she received was not for her pleasure. “Your antics on the beach resulted in a frightful night which I hope we do not ever have to repeat.”

Releasing her ankles and wrist from their confinement to the building yet still cuffed to each other; he had her get on her knees. He had her lean forward to effectively place her in the position she hated. Although, it had potential for a good feeling to her she knew he only did it so that she knew her place. He came behind her viewing the girl’s buttocks in the air and her hands bound but stretched out in front of her. Her ankles were also bound but her knees were far enough apart to give easy access to her Master. He slid his hand between her legs and clutched her sex letting two fingers glide into her soppy wetness.

“It looks like I will need to do something about the sloppy mess you have gotten yourself into.” Sruoy worried at the implication of that sentence. She wondered if he would spank her more and thought to herself that she could not handle any more. Surely, her Master knew she could not. He sat down behind her and then lay slightly under her. His face was directly under her sex. He put his hands on her bringing her heat to his mouth. His tongue made its way around as he lapped the juices from his slave girl. Feeling her as she began to pull away Tuls bit down on her lip and began sucking it in. Tuls stayed still for as long as she could but as he slipped his tongue in and out of her heated depths, she began trying to shove his tongue in further. A slap to her already burning buttocks made her come up off him. He bit down again on her lip until she was still. He continued his tasty meal by sucking on her clit until she began to gyrate. He gave a few more plunges into her fragrant well. Sruoy began to whimper letting him know she was about to climax and did not want to without permission. Permission he was not about to give. He got out from under her. “Oh no slave girl, I already told you this is not for your pleasure.” He stood behind her taking in all that was his.

Tuls took her by the hips as he put his sex to hers. Going to great lengths to leisurely penetrate the girl so that she was permitted to feel every inch as it entered her. Sruoy could also feel the pain from her spankings every time her Master put his skin to hers. Knowing this, made him do it often and with more strength. He began to slam into the girl as he filled his desire, slowing only so that she did not get to enjoy a climax. Tuls pulled out of her many times ran his fingers to her clit, and tugged on her lips. Feeling his own climax coming on he stopped and had her sit back on her ankles.

Tuls stood in front of her pulling the chain on her breast clamps. She whimpered with each tug. He began to lecture her again as he took of her hood and then her gag. His manhood stood strong right in front of her face. She tried to capture it in her mouth but in one swift move, he pulled her back by her hair and moved away from her. “In my time and for my pleasure slave girl.” Having her by the back of the head, he brought his cock to her lips. She separated them for him to do as he wished. He inserted his sex into the waiting slave girl. One plunge to the back of her throat and then several short thrust before he let her suck on the head. Savoring the sweet mixture of his sex and her juices, she sucked to clean him. Her tongue ran around his entire shaft, up, then down. It was obvious she loved her Master and wanted to please him. She could feel him grow inside her. Tuls took her like he was having sex with the hole he left vacant on the other end. His thrust got faster as he got even closer to his peak. For once in the whole night sruoy knew what was to come next. She braced herself for the delectable treat he was about to give her. She swallowed some, held the rest in her mouth, but could not keep it all in. He stayed in her mouth for a few moments while she took her tongue down the length of him. He pulled out and stepped back to watch her lick the spillage from her lips. “You may swallow slave girl.”

Tuls took the cuffs from her wrist, massaged them, then had her place her arms behind her back, and put the cuffs back on. “Come with me.” She stood up behind Tuls, put her head to his hip and began a slight shuffle walk behind him. He led her to his bed, picked her up, and placed her gently on her stomach. “That is how you will sleep tonight. You took your punishment very well. That pleases me little one. If you can behave yourself in my bed tonight you will be pleased tomorrow.” Sruoy did not care about sexual pleasure for herself at the moment. She was content in the knowledge that her Master was pleased with her again.

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