Gunplay – A Scene Report Fantasy Story

by Renee (slave of Sir Hawk)

It was just another dull evening, got the kids to bed, i’m sitting in the living room watching tv, Hawk says he’s going in to get a shower and such getting ready for bed, i don’t pay much attention…

About 45 minutes later i start wondering what’s taking so long….but keep watching tv, maybe he’s in spanking his monkey, who know’s?

a few minutes more goes by and i hear him say”can you come in here for a minute?” i sigh and get lazily up from the couch heading for the bedroom door, i slowly open it to a dark and quiet room, the next thing i feel is a hand grab my hair roughly from behind me, i hear a gruff voice say “DON’T MOVE BITCH!” i feel the barrel of the gun pointed to the side of my face…i’m stunned, can’t move, my heart races in fear..the barrel of the gun is hurting my cheek, he tells me to get to the center of the room and shoves me down to my knees roughly, i all but fall to the floor …whimpering in fear…begging him not to hurt me or my children that are in the house… “oh,you have kids huh you slut?!Then i bet you’ll do what i tell you then if you don’t want your kids hurt then won’t you??”

I shudder…i whimper to him just don’t hurt them, do what you want to me, but please leave the children alone…i’ll do ANYTHING you want…tears streaming down my cheeks, eyes begging.. on my knees before this threatening hulk of a man, feeling the gun being caressed along my jawbone and down my neck to my sweating cleavage…i’m about panting by now in fear and to my surprise passion…

he demands that i open my mouth, i do with trepidation,much to slowly for his liking, he slaps me across the face, “OPEN IT UP WIDE BITCH!” I open my mouth quickly and feel the coldness if the barrel inside my mouth..i taste the reminded me of the taste of blood, that iron taste…he watches me as i wrap my lips around it, licking the tip of the barrel,swirling my tongue around it…he tells me “THAT MORE LIKE IT SLUT!” he quickly removes the barrel and grabs me by my hair again and pulls me off the floor, holding the gun to my head he demands in that gruff voice to strip, i move quickly this time,not wanting to anger him again, and quickly remove my clothes…i feel his hot gaze roaming over my body, i feel the heat of a blushing run all over my body, embarrassed by his all knowing gaze on my exposed skin. He remarks on my attributes as i strip, “humm, nice tits, and what aN ass you have” i blush even more…getting warm in my private places, i’m thinking what a slut i am and what if he decides to kill me when he’s done with using me…many things run thru my mind, things that keep me frightened, wanting to do as he asks for the sake of mine and my childrens safety.

After i am nude and standing before him, i feel his hands running over my body with the gun following the trail of his hands…the heat of his hands in contrast to the coldness of the gunmetal makes my body shudder, and he felt my bodies response to his caresses, he comments on what a slut i must be for my husband,and if i like getting fucked up the ass by my husband, i only whimper, and he says,”I TAKE THAT FOR A YES BITCH!” he forces me down to my knees again by my hair, and i hear the zipper on his pants come down, i have my eyes shut, in case he thinks i would give a discription to the cops about what he looks like…i don’t want to take any chances..i feel heat striking my face, his body is sooo hot that heat radiates from his cock as it is freed from his pants…i smell his maleness, and i feel his rigid member stroking along my cheek, nearing my lips.”SUCK IT SLUT!” I open my lips for him and he has hand wrapped in my hair and shoves it all the way down my thoat at once..i sputter and gag, and he shouts for me to take it all, while i feel the gun pressed to my temple..i take it all, i can’t breath but i don’t care, i’m too scared and turned on at this point to care…i suck it as he shoves it in and out at a frantic rythym, i dare not choke or gag, for fear of a bullet being put in my skull. He comments on what a good cocksucker i am, and that my husband must be very pleased with my talents, i just mumble a yes of sorts.

the next thing i know he is jerking me from the floor and shoving me head first on the bed, hand still wrapped in my hair, gun in the middle of my back, “GET UP ON YOUR KNEES BITCH!” I crawl up on the bed, getting on my knees, he demands that i put my face deep into the mattress, he doesn’t want me to see his face, i obey. He growls that i better not lift my head unless i want a bullet in it and tells me to reach around and spread open my ass, by this time i’m whimpering like crazy, he slaps my ass soundly and roars that i do as he wishes, don’t forget the kids sleeping sweetly in their rooms…i quickly reach around and spread myself for him, crying into the mattress as i do..i hear him spit on his hand and the next thing i feel is his cock shoving deeply into my ass full force…i scream into the mattress in pain and pleasure..he puts both hands into my hair and pulls it as he rapes my ass for his pleasure…i’m squealing in pain and lust as he ruthlessly uses my body,and if he does decide to kill me, what a way to go!! I feel him pounding me faster and harder and i arch and bounce back to meet his thrusting body, i feel his body start to contract in orgasm and my body responds by reaching climax at the same time..

After we are both spent and left panting on the mattress, i feel his arms wrap around me and i look at him as he snuggles close to me and i have love and lust still in my eyes as we gaze at each other, and he says,”was that good?” i look at him and say” what do you think?! same time, same place tomorrow?” LOL