Humiliation Story – Cyn’s Debasement
by cynsuality

When i woke this morning there You were turning me over on my stomach and restraining my free ankle. Then came first one wrist then the other. You got on top of me, straddling me. i can feel your hard cock nudging to enter my ass as you lean down and whisper in my ear, “do you know what today is my sweet little slut slave?”

“Yes Master, its Saturday and You have the entire weekend to play with Your slave”.

“No, slave thats not what today is”.

“Then what is today Master?”

” It is “CSD”

“Master, what is CSD?”

You whisper – “Cleanse the slave Day”

i look at You and You tell me this is the day Your Master will cleanse and pamper His slave. Slave, i will clean & polish your fingernails and toenails, shave around your ass and shave your pussy until it is free of hair and baby soft. I will be wanting to suck, lick and eat your pussy tonight and i want it clean for me, as well as the rest of you. VERY clean inside your body and outside your body and Your Master is going to clean you like you have never been cleaned before. This will become an established routine for us my sweet slave! Do you have any questions? No Master, i quickly reply.

Good, you must be clean and pure – completely clean to receive me and besides, i have further plans for my slave today and it requires you to be VERY clean.

Master, Your slave is so very wet at the thought of what You have planned for Your slave today. i watch as You rise and enter the bathroom, and i hear you turn on the water. You walk back into the bedroom and move the coat rack close to the side of the bed and then You place a blindfold on me. i hear a drawer open and i hear You remove a lid from a jar. i feel your fingers slide deep, deep into my ass, fingering me deep and hard, first with 2, then 3 fingers. You say that should open me up just right for what You have in mind. I can feel Your free hand is pressing down on the small of my back as You finger my ass. Oh gawwd Master, oh yes, oh yes i moan, as i whimper and thrash about even though restrained. I whimper and beg, imploring You not to stop, more, please Master, more! You whisper in my ear what a good little fuck slut You are turning me into. You tell me what a good slave i am to learn the lessons of pleasing and pleasuring You. You continue to fuck my ass with Your fingers and say: slave, enough of all that noise, and with your hand just at the verge of entering full hilt you stop, draw your fingers out and place a blindfold over my eyes.

i hear you return and feel the penis gag as it is inserted in my mouth and cinched tightly around my head. That should keep you quiet slave! I know being the total slut that you are how much you are going to enjoy CcD. i feel something inserted in my ass, i dont know what it is, it isnt large but it is an invasion of my ass never the less. i feel You straddle me, You stroke my back, spank my ass, and start to flog me. You kiss my neck, and suck and nibble on my ears, pinch and suck on my nipples, grabbing first one then the other with your teeth and then my breasts feel the rope as You bind each one. Around the base of each breast the rope is wound, i feel the tug of the rope as each breast is pulled out to the side and like my ankles and wrists, my breasts are pulled tight, out to the sides and tied down to the bed. i hear a drawer open, feel You pinch my nipples and moan as you attach a vacuum pump to each nipple. The intensity of the suction on my breasts is excruciating, i feel the heat in each breast as it sends wave after wave of heat, need, lust to my cunt. Im embarrassed knowing that my cunt is oozing, juices running down my legs.

You whisper what a surprise You have in store for me. i hear You walk out of the room and then hear You as You slide the coat rack even closer to the bed. Then once again You straddle me. Bending down You kiss my mouth – a deep kiss, and as You kiss me deep, i feel a HOT liquid enter my ass.

You tell me You are honoring me by giving Your slave a piss enema to start the cleansing process. i moan and groan and start to pull and buck against my restraints but You just laugh and spank me with Your free hand while You continue to piss into the funnel Youve connected to the tubing that goes into my ass. I can hear You moan at the joy of Your release as You mention that You havent taken a piss since last night. i can smell it, i can hear it as it streams out of You. i whither and moan and groan. i feel the heat of Your hot piss as it courses into my body, feel it spread its heat deep into my belly, and all the while you continue to kiss me and tell me what an honor it is to receive the gift of Your piss. ive grown delirious with pleasure and between the sensation of Your piss entering my ass, being struck by the flogger, and the suction on each breast i feel myself slip into that state of bliss, the sub zone and float higher and higher. i feel you finger my clit – stroking it, entering my cunt with Your fingers,warning me not to cum. You say ive become nothing more than Your fuck puppy, Your slut, Your slave. Again you slap my ass, spanking me until it is red then You whisper in my ear that You are done using me as a toilet for the time being, and that was just to prime the pump. i feel Your body reach across mine and then feel a huge vibrating dildo enter my cunt. You fuck me with it, deeper and deeper. Into my cunt it goes, all the way in and as You turn it on You hear my moans, and see wave after wave of pleasure undulating across my body, see my juices running down my legs.

You tell me that there is an enema bag attached to the coat rack and that it has about a gallon of milk in it and that it is nice and warm. You tell me to relax that this cleansing is to prepare me – You say baby – this will feel so good and you will make me so proud of my little slut slave.

As You fuck me with the dildo, You whisper in my ear that You are releasing the stop flow to the bag. I moan, i groan, i feel it flowing into my body , feel the warmth, feel my belly swell. You let it flow slowly as You continue to fuck my cunt with the dildo. The contents of the enema bag empties itself slowly in to me. You see my stomach distending and wonder if You should fill me with more. You tell me this has You so hot and excited. The bag is empty but the tube remains in my ass and You decide as You knead my stomach to mix the piss and the milk that there is not enough in me. Again i hear you pissing into the tube – this time even more than before, feeling the heat course through me, knowing im truly a slut, my Masters slave. Immediately on removing the tubing i feel You insert a large butt plug up my ass. You tell me that i am the perfect SLUT, and that this time You have filled me like never before.

You look down and see liquid oozing out of my breast from the pumps, and You release them. You suckle at each tit, deciding that with them so erect you will tie floss around each one. You release my wrists, and start to fuck me again with the dildo. i keep moaning the pressure growing deep inside me. Feeling like im about to explode. You know i have to let it go but You tell me no, tell me that if i let it go You will use the single tail on me. i keep whimpering needing to let go, needing to cum. You whisper in my ear cum slut, cum for Your Master , and as You stroke me with the dildo with one hand and knead my tummy with the other i have the most intense orgasm ive ever had. You release my ankles from the restraints and You whisper that you are going to remove the gag and the blindfold.

You see tears in my eyes and kiss them awayand tell me what a good slave i’m becoming, such a good slut and slave. Yes, a fine piece of property. You tell me that i am the ultimate receptacle. i tell You i’m about to explode, and again You remind me of the consequences. Finally You help me rise and stand from the bed. My knees are so weak i can barely stand and i need to lean on You for support to walk to the bathroom. Slowly You turn me around and look deep in my eyes, telling me how happy i made You by taking all of your piss deep inside my body and that i have honored You by doing so. You suck on my breasts, slowly remove the vibrator and tell me to straddle the toilet. Slowly You remove the butt plug. You laugh and tell me there is cum oozing out of my cunt. i hang my head in shame but You tilt my chin up and look me in the eyes and tell me how proud You are of Your slut/slave and kiss my eyes, nose and mouth. i tell You how i badly i need to let it go and You whisper in my ear for me to show You now what i’ve got hidden deep inside of me. You tell me to look deep in Your eyes as i release Your precious gift. i let it all go, and as i do i feel the most intense orgasm. Cum is running out my cunt, and Your gift is running out my ass, and we stand there You holding me and kissing me. You make me look in the toilet to see what you gave me and then the toilet is flushed.

Again You cuff my wrists together and lead me into the shower. You raise my arms high, locking them to the “D” ring above. You enter the shower with me, close the door and with the warm water cascading over us, You lather me up. You probe and clean all of the holes and crevices in my body touching and inserting Your fingers everywhere. First You shave my armpits, then You kneel and lather up my pussy, taking the antique straight razor and shaving my cunt for the first time, long smooth strokes with the razor. Teasing me with it. i shiver uncontrollably at the sensations and feel myself growing hot at the feel of the razor and the brush of Your hand. Three times You shave my pussy and tell me that it is so important that i be clean. Then You turn me around and shave around my ass just to make sure there is nothing but baby smooth skin. You cant resist as i feel You slip two of Your fingers in my ass. Then You start to finger my cunt with the other. Oh god You make me wild Master! i start thrusting my pelvis down on both Your hands as they splay me apart. i feel Your fingers deep in my pussy now and feel the sting of soap, You tell me i must be clean everywhere. Then i feel Your hand reaching further inside of my ass, i’m screaming as wave after wave of pleasure washes over me.

You release my wrists from the restraints above but keep them tied together. Knowing im finally clean You tell me to kneel before You. With the water running over us both i kneel and bow my head. You tilt my head back, open my mouth and insert Your hot, thick, turgid cock. Holding the back of my head You start to deep fuck my throat while my tongue works both sides of Your shaft. i suck on Your cock as you pull it out and open wide as You thrust it back in. Deeper with each thrust, it swells with desire. Faster and faster, harder and harder, deeper and deeper. i see Your balls start to tighten and feel Your body start to contract. i fondle your balls, softly sucking them as they slap my chin and as You pummel my throat with Your hot hard cock.

i feel milk still oozing out of my ass as You unleash a load of cum deep in my throat.i feel Your hot liquid shooting down my throat seeking the pit of my stomach again and again so that Your cum can mix with the last of the milk and piss. You grab my breasts squeezing them tight bucking away and fucking my throat so every bit of cum is shot down my throat. You look down and see white fluid shooting out my ass as you see Your cum entering my mouth. The circle complete, You give to my body that which no one has given before. You pull out of my throat and tell me to rise. We are both spent and You tell me that now i’ve been cleansed thoroughly.

We dry each other off then You tell me im such a perfect slut! That i will be trained well, and know all forms of pleasing You. Nothing will be omitted from my training, nothing! You admire Your slave standing before You, nipples engorged from the pump but not enough so you attach them again. i moan in pleasure as You watch them grow then removing the pump you tell me you have a big surprise.

A piercing kit lays open next to the bed. You show me the 12 gauge gold nipple rings You have chosen for me to wear in each nipple. And the 12 gauge gold rings i will wear in my clit and labia. You see fear in my eyes and tell me to hold out my arms. The cuffs are once again applied and You lift my arms, again attaching me to a d ring in the ceiling. i feel the cold of the alcohol as You wipe my nipples, preparing me for Your first true sign of ownership of what was once my body, but now belongs to You. The right breast first as i scream out, tears in my eyes, but You kiss them away and tell me that although it is pain right now for us both that it will bring much pleasure soon. Then the left nipple. i look down and see what were once my breasts, pierced by my master as his first sign of his ownership of his slave. You kiss me deeply and tell me of Your pride then You release my arms but leave them cuffed and gently You nudge me back on the bed and tie my arms over my head. You spread my legs wide and attach the ankle cuffs but this time you also attach a spreader bar. Then You tie them to the rings on each corner of the bed. You kneel between my legs and swab my cunt lips. Swabbing with antiseptic in preparation for what comes next. You have a 12 gauge needle, and slowly slip it under the hood of my clit. You get the cork, and hold it over my clit hood just above the needle, and rotate the needle so that the cutting edge is now below the cork. You tell me that now im Your property as You quickly but firmly push the steel through my clit hood into the cork. You pull the needle through, get the ring and follow it down to take the place of the needle in the new opening in your hood, then tighten the bead and draw the ring together.

I look down and see the beautiful ring in my clit hood, and feel the slight pressure directly against my clit. i can feel an orgasm start to build. Knowing that when the piercing is fully healed, every stroke of Your cock will directly stimulate my clit. I ask, Master have You decided that this is all the piercings i will have? Will You do more? You tell me that You will decide later if You shall give me more. But for now You tell me this will be all and that later we can put a ring in each Labia lip and one below, so that every stroke will push and pull on the electrifying rings giving you supreme pleasure. Yes Master, for if i am to be Your slut slave – then i will be your TOTAL slut/slave in all ways. Very good my slave you will do well, at serving me! Yes – that is so. There will be no Taboos slave! You will do whatever is requested, and more so, you will WANT too! Of course Master, my lot in life will be to always please You in each AND every way You say for i am Your slave and my body is Your body. It is to You that i surrender all.

i am Yours.

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