Jillie’s Submission Part 1
by JB.

August in Florida is always torrid, especially in the southern part of the state, and he could not help but sweat. Not from the weather, since he was still inside the conditioned air of the house, but from the beat of his heart. It had been racing for weeks, but today it was damned near fibrillating. Today he was going to finally meet her after months of online chats. Deep inside, he had felt like he met his soul mate the first time they talked, but now was the real test. For some reason he felt like a high school kid going on his first date again. His thoughts strayed over the past few months as he showered and bathed himself with trembling hands.

It had all started so innocently. They had met in one of those popular game/chat room combinations that everyone seems to frequent. Often he would meet a woman, or a man posing as a woman (one thing about cybersex, one never has to know, and one can pass all bounds of reality) and go directly to cybersex hell, feeling unfulfilled after, and usually suffering at least a twinge of guilt. Not that he was cheating on anyone, it just usually left a bad taste in his mouth. Then suddenly one night, she appeared. Her online handle caught his eye, and her comportment and smartass attitude caught his mind. Within 10 minutes they were chatting. Within 30 minutes they were exchanging messenger service numbers. Soon, they were both hoping to see each other online again soon.

Not quite understanding how it happened, nor trying to analyze it, he soon found himself in thrall to this woman. Quickly their innocent chats turned more private, their discussions becoming more intimate, and soon both were divulging their innermost secrets unashamedly. Not only was her mind captivating. Her utter sexuality and uninhibited manner captivated him as well. Damn, she had a brain and was not afraid to be a woman either. She seemed to be too good to possibly be true. At the same time, she continued to be the same way and never strayed from her original manner with him. Usually that bodes well, meaning a person is being honest online. His mind turns to a particularly hot chat session they had as he dries himself off.

As he shaves his mind races to pictures they had exchanged. He was glad to see she was pretty and well endowed. Not that he was an absolute pig, but he did have a certain type of woman in mind that physically set him off, and she was that type. He nicks his face as he loses concentration, thinking of one particular photo. What was it about red toes and a toe ring anyway? He likes nails painted red, and she has red paint. Kind of matches the blood pouring out of his face right now. Damned shaving cuts take forever to clot, and he has to leave soon for the airport. He feels like a dork, but smiles at his childishness, reaching into the medicine cabinet for a styptic pencil.

He goes over his plans for the night as he dresses. Old jeans, clean and well fitting and a white oxford button down should do. He thought about a suit and tie, but would rather just be himself. He hopes she likes him allright like this, as he decides to just be unpretentious; fuck it. If she did not like him like this, who needs her anyway, he thinks as he puts on loafers with no socks. It is south Florida, and a bit of a casual state. He places his packed bags in the car trunk and goes over his list one last time. Locking the house, he takes a deep breath and proceeds to the airport, fighting traffic all the way, but with a song in his heart.

Her plane gets in at 11AM and he is just in time to meet her at the gate. His entire body trembles as he watches people exiting the plane. She is not there. Shit! Panic! But suddenly, he sees her. She seems tired, but she made it. He stands to the side as she passes, and gently calls her name. She turns to him and smiles. That was all he needed. Without another word, he immediately goes to her, gently places both hands on her face, pulls her to him and kisses her gently and lovingly. He pulls her neck gently as they kiss a bit stronger. His eyes close as he concentrates on using the sense of touch to its fullest. Their mouths part, he smiles and says, “Hello, I’m JB. Glad you made it sweetheart.” Arm in arm they go to baggage claim and then to the car. The Keys are 4 hours away, and it is time they got started.

They settle into the car and hit I-95 for the trek south. Key West is the destination. That gives them 4 hours to talk, get to know each other better in real life. He finds talking to her as easy as chatting online. Soon they just hold hands and listen to the radio. He doesn’t even mind when she switches from his favorite sports station to classic rock. Instead, he enjoys her selection. Like teenagers, they giggle and smile a lot.

Almost too quickly they find themselves at their destination. It is a nice little bungalow with a hot tub, a refrigerator and a bedroom. She freshens up in the shower as he brings in the luggage. He opens the cooler and pulls out the champagne as he checks out Sportscenter real quick. Once again, he thinks fuck it, I will just be me, and me is checking out Sportscenter. I will just try not to over-possess about sports this weekend. The champagne is Crystal, $130.00 a bottle, and the only extravagance he allows himself this weekend, but it is so damned good he wants to share this extraordinary wine with this extraordinary woman. He smiles seeing Alex Fernandez pitched a one-hitter for the Marlins as he heats up the chocolate and gets out the chilled strawberries. A gorgeous, sexy woman, chocolate fondue with strawberries, and Crystal champagne. He is already rock hard just enjoying that thought.

Apprehensively, she towels herself off, wondering just momentarily about the sanity of this trip. Here she is, a thousand miles or more from home with a strange man, in a strange town, and here she is naked but for a towel. For a minute, she panics, then she remembers how this man turns her on. She remembers the $150.00 she spent on a background check, and calms down. Her detective assured her this guy was almost a boy scout. She knew better than that from talking to him, but she also knew he turned her on immensely. She thinks about the discussions they have had about BDSM, and blushes. She knows how he understands her submissive yearnings, but she hopes he keeps to his word that this was to be just a regular romantic weekend with no kinky sex. She wants kinky sex with all her heart, but she yearns for love, true all consuming love, before she can give a man that type of control over her body and mind. God, she is all fucked up, and tries to get herself under control, putting on a crop top and shorts. She reminds herself she does not want to just quickly give in to the sexuality of this man, but she is already wet with anticipation.

He smiles as she enters the living room, and takes her hand and leads her to the couch to sit beside her. He pours 2 glasses of champagne, and they make a toast and drink. Then he takes her glass and places it on the coffee table with his and kisses her again. He looks into her eyes and tells her he hopes to make this a dream weekend for the both of them. She answers sheepishly that she wants that. He can’t help but see her nipples harden as they talk. He dips a strawberry in chocolate, and feeds it to her, and she slurps it sexily from his fingers. She feeds him one, and they have another sip of Crystal. They are both intoxicated on the moment and the glorious taste that is complimented on their palates. They repeat this ritual several times and begin to kiss each other hungrily.

He moves to the floor in front of her, and kneels there, looking into her eyes as he slowly kisses her and explores her mouth with his tongue. Feeling no resistance, he reaches to hold the small of her back as he kisses her neck and earlobes, biting lightly every so often. He can sense her nipples hardening under his ministrations, and lightly flicks his tongue over them through the material of her top. She pushes against him, so he kisses her mouth again and gently pulls her top over her head, with only minor protests from her. She acts like she does not want this, but does nothing to stop it. He simply kisses her again, and presses against her.

Slowly, he kisses, bites, sucks and licks his way down her neck and over her breasts, not touching her nipples. As they harden, he takes a small sponge, dips it in the champagne, and drips it over her nipples. The cold wine hardens them even more, as he begins to lightly lick them. He then sucks and bites them, bringing moans from her lips with a push from her crotch against him. He takes his time, kissing her and looking into her eyes. Moaning, he tells her how beautiful and sexy she is. She reaches to undo his shirt, but he pushes her hands away for a moment and tells her to take off her shorts.

Slowly, seductively, she removes them. She is wearing nothing underneath them. He breathes deeply of her musk, and daubs champagne on her toes. He sucks her feet, licking, biting and sucking his way to her calves. Occasionally daubing on more champagne, he licks his way up and around her thighs, taking care to avoid her crotch. He can see how wet she is already, but avoids touching her there as he licks her nipples again, working his way back up to her mouth. Her eager mouth. Her active mouth. Her pouty, precious, active mouth. Suddenly, he sits down on the floor between her legs, and tells her to not say a word. He takes her right hand and places it on her pussy, and asks her to masturbate right there in front of his face. She feels embarassed, but is turned on enough to comply. Mesmerized, he watches this interplay closely, becoming harder by the second as she loses all inhibitions and begins to finger herself furiously and toy with her clit. He decides to join in, licking and sucking her clit as she fingers herself. Just teasingly, he decides to press the issue by toying with her ass as his mouth is entrenched on her clit. He lightly rubs the rosebud of her ass, eliciting a moan. He lunges up to kiss her then, as she moans, fingering herself. He looks into her eyes and tells her how beautiful a sight that was for him. He tells her he wants her to be able to do anything that she desires with him, because she turns him on so much.

Slowly, he stands up before her in front of the couch. She continues to finger herself as his hard cock is inches from her mouth now. He is about 8 inches long and very thick, perfect as far as she can tell. She sees the thick precum dripping and glistening on his cock head. She reaches for it, but he places her hands back on her pussy and tells her to keep on stimulating herself there. He lightly takes her head, and pulls her mouth to his cock, letting her mouth take in the head, letting her tongue and taste him. Letting her begin to suck him off too now. She begins to slowly lick and bob her head back and forth over his cock, and he begins to give attention to her nipples as she sucks him and fingers her pussy. The sight almost overwhelms him as he looks down, but he gains momentary control, and pulls her to the floor.

Lying over her, he slowly enters her with his cock as she pulls on his nipples. They begin to slowly grind, slowly fucking each other deeper. He takes her nipples in his mouth, alternating, biting then, enjoying their size in his mouth. He pulls her feet together, under her ass, spreading her knees, putting her hands on her ankles as a place to hold onto, under her legs. She is completely open to him now, as he plunges slowly into her, occasionally teasing her slit with his cock head. They begin to fuck more fervently, harder and faster, grinding against one another, nipples bit and sucked, mouths kissed and sucked. The pressure builds as she grabs his balls and cock, pulling him into her, pulling him, controlling him by her grip on his balls, pulling him deep and hard into her as they kiss. Pulling him as she feels him quiver. Cumming as she feels him pumping her cunt full of his cum now…… Shit!!!!!!!!! They cum together, and not the last time that happens. They kiss as they slowly grind, cumming against each other, feeding off each other’s sexuality.

She sighs as she knows what will happen next. She knows his fantasy about eating his cum out of her will come true right now, and her nipples harden………..

Her heart leans toward the time she can be submissive to this man who has already brought her off.

……… And they still have lobster to eat tonight.

to be continued next week….