Jillie’s Submission Part 2
by JB.

They awake the next morning, sun in their eyes, and the sound of surf breaking on the sand. Softly, he goes outside to check out the weather. Seeing how nice it is, he calls a local boat company to schedule the day’s snorkeling. He checks the news, making sure his stocks are OK, and dresses casually. In the back of his mind he wonders 2 things. First, how the hell can these internet stocks keep on booming and how long? Second, how did he ever lure this amazing woman to him? He is very modest, a simple local businessman, and not any super physical specimen. Somehow, she was attracted to him. Somehow, they just clicked. They clicked like a close fit, like a velcro closure. Damn, he was crazy about her. He only hoped she was as submissive as she talked. All his life he had been planning and waiting for her, and now she was here.

She snuck up behind him and kissed his back. Moaning, he turns to her and they slowly kiss, a deep morning kiss, a deep I love you kiss. This was a deep feeling kiss that went all the way to the groin. Geeze, what a way to start the morning. He tells her his plans for the day, and she smiles in anticipation of enjoying the water and his presence. They help each other into their bathing suits and off they go, no time to waste.

They spend the morning snorkeling and jet skiing, all the while getting to know each other better. Doing lunch at Panama Hatties, they get a little drunk on the booze and each other. They soon mellow to a local Reggae band and a few smokes he rolled the night before. There is nothing left to do that day that has any time sequence or any link to reality. They begin to create their own reality.
Soon they find themselves talking about trust. Talking about complete sexuality. Talking about their hopes and dreams in a relationship and sex. He asks her if she really meant what she said about being submissive to a man who could love her unconditionally. Slyly, she smiles and says she could be submissive to him. He asks her how far she was willing to go with that. In his heart, he needs her to submit to him without coercion, and yearns for that. She replies that she never wants to leave him, and is that submission? He replies, can you submit to me, with no argument, with no thought but to please me, with no thought but to obey me, no matter how strange the order may be? She looks into his eyes and smiles, saying that is what she wants with all her heart.

Longing to keep this woman the rest of his life, he takes her by the hand and they go shopping. Not just for clothes. They go to a local lingerie store and he has her try on various gowns, corsets and stockings. Picking out the best, they purchase them and take a taxi back to the bungalow. He has a nice dufflebag full of enough toys to get them through this weekend. He tips the driver and takes her by the hand, leading her to the front steps of the cottage.

Asking her to wait, he fumbles in his bag, then comes back to her. Looking into her dark eyes, he once again asks her about her desire to be submissive. This is the moment that will define him, this is what he has been searching for. Looking up into his face, she says she wants to be his completely, be his every desire, be his sexual slave, be his to use. He pulls his hands in front, holding 2 items. One is a lovely 20 inch gold chain. One is a 1 inch wide black leather collar. He kisses her and tells her what they signify. The gold chain will never leave her neck, and it signifies her devotion to him. It signifies her sexual and emotional slavery to him. It signifies that she will obey him in all things. That she will trust and obey him to pleasure her and to trust him with her soul. That she will believe in him through all things in their lives together. The leather collar represents the same thing, but is personal. Only He will know what it means, and only he can place it on her.

Kneeling before him, she lowers her head and submissively begs her new Master to collar her.

to be continued this week….