She waited, her days were filled twice over, she awoke before dawn and was rarely in bed before midnight. 

She had been there a week and not one word had she heard about him. How she ached. She had only seen him once and that had been yesterday morning, he was going riding and she had caught a glimpse of him through the window.

It was Sunday and still dark…. They were all going to town and wouldn’t return until midnight. She would spend the day wandering around hoping he would call for her. This was certainly a lesson in patience. Maybe this was a part of it. The waiting, about self-control. Well she hated it. She had read books and walked and listened to music but nothing could still this restlessness she felt deep within her.

Her phone rang out, echoing in the silence, replacing the quiet. She almost fainted.

Calm down she told herself your being ridiculous.

Ridiculous or not she could not still her trembling hands as she lifted the receiver. She tried to speak but her voice sounded like someone else’s.


“I am sorry to bother you but could you bring me some coffee and bring a cup for yourself too.. I am in my study..”

She looked in the mirror and ripped the jeans and sweater she was wearing off and replaced them with a soft cotton dress. She ran her fingers through her hair and bit her pale lips.

She was making a mess in the kitchen and had never found making a simple cup of coffee so difficult. She leaned over the dresser and put her head down to calm herself. 

As she climbed the stairs to his study her heart started to beat faster and she could feel a banging in her temples.

She balanced the tray on one knee and knocked..

The door opened and he filled the space in front of her….

She struggled to get the tray straight with trembling hands.

“Ah.., how are you doing ? are they looking after you?”

“Yes”.. she whispered…

“Yes Master” he said firmly, causing her to step back and gasp.

“Yes Master”

“Louder, I can’t hear you” he said… “And look at me when I speak to you”

Her heart was pounding, her pulse racing and her knees were starting to buckle.

“Yes Master, they are looking after me”, eyes darting all over his face, as though trying to find something, some sign to calm herself down with.

He knew and provided it immediately…….

“Look at me, look into my eyes, keep looking into my eyes until I tell you not too”.

Initially burning with embarrassment, she did so and as she did she felt a calmness washing over her, she continued to look into his eyes, so deep, so confident, so still. 

“Put the tray down”.

She placed the tray on the table.

“Come here” he said gesturing to the middle of the room. “Stand There”.. he said pointing to a spot in the centre of a Persian rug.

She did as she was bid.

“Take your dress off”.

“But Sir……”

“It is part of your instruction, I will not explain to you again.. When I tell you to do something you will do it without question, do you understand?”

“I am……..”

“I only ever want to hear you say.. ”Yes Master”, Do You Understand?” he said firmly.

She looked into his eyes and nodded.

He waited………

“Now, take it off now, I will not be kept waiting, your obedience is paramount”

She nodded, seeming at last to have absorbed his words.

“Yes Master”…. She placed her hands backwards over her shoulders she undid the top buttons with fingers that didn’t seem to belong to her. She struggled with the lower buttons and he stood and watched her. When all the fastenings were undone she took the hem and lifted the dress up over her body, As she pulled it over her head her left breast was pulled free of the restricting camisole and bounced back against her chest. She felt the colour rise from her breast up her neck and fill her face, she gasped and covering her exposed breast with her fingers and closed her eyes.

“Open your eyes and remove your hand” he commanded.

“But My…

“I will not be questioned like this, DO AS I SAY!, immediately”. Though this was obviously a command his voice maintained an even tone…. 

“Look at me, continue to look at me until I tell you not to”

She was starting to panic, Oh my god, she had to calm down so she could think, how? How? She looked into his eyes, he held her gaze and once again her heart slowed and her knees straightened.

He looked at her slowly, measuring her, assessing her, though she wasn’t naked she felt it. She believed he could see through her remaining clothes through to her burning, damp flesh beneath. As he looked at her she felt a stirring in her lower abdomen, the more she felt it the more she became aware of the dampness between her legs. She blushed again and he raised an eyebrow knowingly, almost as if he could see what had caused her blush. She believed he did and that was enough to make her stomach crash.

“Take off everything but your stockings and shoes, slowly…”

“Look at me “

She raised her eyes from where they were looking accusingly at her offending exposed breast and looked into his face.

It flashed across her mind that if she could only look into his eyes she could do anything, she felt as though she were falling into them, they held her, stilled her, reassured her.

She felt for the silk ribbon that held the front of the camisole together and pulled it loose, as it opened to reveal her breasts. Holding her gaze, he slid his hand inside, brushing the backs of his fingers over her erect nipples, her gasp sending a smile flash from his eyes to hers. He pushed the flimsy material away from her shoulders and let it fall down her arms. Then he ran his fingers lightly over her breasts, pleased when she became breathless at his touch. 

She felt a childlike glow at having pleased him and wanted to retain the feeling and repeat it. She loved his touch it was like nothing she had felt before, she felt the wetness between her legs and a steady throb deep inside her.

He removed his hand. 

She felt abandoned, she pressed her breasts towards his retreating hand needing him to touch her but it was gone… Her body arched forwards to hold onto the sensation, as though she was connected to his hand.

She looked at him questioningly,,, sadly,,,,,,, she felt as though she was being punished.

“I told you to take your clothes off”

She took the top of her knickers and slid them down over her bottom and thighs and at her knees she bent her right leg and withdrew it from the wet material, embarrassed by the obvious effect he was having upon her, she let them drop to the floor and neatly stepped out of them.

He looked her up and down, slowly. she followed his eyes with her own, locking into them so she would not have to see what he saw.

“Look forwards and continue to look forwards until I tell you to do otherwise. Do you
understand ?”

He watched her eyes, moving his eyes from her left to her right, waiting……..

“Yes Master”, she answered looking for something in front of her to focus on..

She stared at the clock.

He walked round behind her, He released the grips from her hair and gestured for her to hold it up whilst he examined her neck, he stroked her from her ear to shoulder, one long sweep that caused her breath to leave her mouth in short gasps. He placed his head on her shoulder and placed his cheek next to hers and whispered softly..

“I will know everything about you, every inch of you, inside and out. I will know more about you than you know about yourself, more than anyone else in this world. I will take you to the ultimate edge, We will love while you hover there and then I will push you a few steps further, out into the abyss and watch you soar and come crashing down, only to catch you at the very last moment. I will know you well enough to do this for you. You in return, will do everything I ask you too and you will do it for me but ultimately for yourself. You will obey me.

She was melting, the words rang in her ears, swam around her head. Then the warmth of his breath was gone.

She was reeling, her head felt light and her legs were trembling..

He ran his soft hands firmly down the outsides of her arms to her hands and then threading his fingers into hers he lifted her arms sideways. He ran his fingers from her fingertips along the inside of her forearms, across her inner elbows and then up the most sensitive of flesh to her axilla. 

Slowly he returned to stand in front of her.

“Look into my eyes”…….

She did so immediately, she was mesmerised by him.

Never taking his eyes from hers his fingers sought her facial features alternatively using the back and front of his fingers to map the contours and glean knowledge of her. They roamed her eyes, her nose around her lips and into her arid mouth, they left and continued over her chin, and down her neck, sensations radiating from beneath his hands as the came to rest on her breasts she gasped audibly, her body rising a full two inches from the floor……

He threaded his fingers into her hair and dragged her mouth towards him and kissed her fiercely, drawing blood, his tongue invading her mouth, forcing an entry, he sucked her into him.Tears sprang to her eyes and cascaded down her cheeks, she was being pulled into him. His hands roamed her body, kneaded her flesh, pulled and squeezed her till she believed she was imploding, her insides a mass of sensations, pulsing and throbbing and hurting her. She had never felt anything like it and was very afraid she would never feel anything like it again.He was inside her, his fingers and knuckles beating out a rhythm inside her cunt, his thumb pressed hard on her clit sending throbbing vibrations all over her, she was cumming and collapsing at the same time. 

He knew. He held her, taking her weight, he commanded:

“Look at me, see what I see in the reflection in my eyes”.  And she did…. and she heard what he heard, her moaning and pleading for his permission to cum, to be released.

“Cum, my darling, cum for me, cum now into my hand, I demand it, NOW!

Her whole body revved up her muscles screaming out. She was raised on her tiptoes with the pressure of his fingers pulsing against her cervix., his words vibrating around her mouth,  his erection pressing against her thigh, she heard herself gasping and moaning. She felt her hips thrusting into him, her nails ripping into his arse. Her knees buckling she came in floods, covering his hands feeling the wetness running down her thighs she climaxed over and over……..

She was sobbing, her head buried in his chest, her hair damp hanging in tendrils around her face and to her dying shame her thighs sticky and wet. She couldn’t look at him but if she opened her eyes in this position she could see his accusing, obvious erection still against her thigh.

“I have let you down Master. Her voice trailing off into sobs……

“Lift your head up and look at me“.

She did as she was bid, her lashes and cheeks glistening with tears and looked into his eyes.

“Yes you have but that will serve as a lesson to you the next time and you will try all that much harder wont you?  It is your first time and lessons will be learned”.

“You have done well, Come….

He led her across the room to the big chair by the fire.

Turning he sat down and held his arms open to her, she climbed onto his knee like a child.

He kissed and licked away her tears and held her close his fingers idly roaming about her body…….

They stayed for a while until it was time for the return of the others and then he sent her to get cleaned up.

“We will meet again, you will discuss this with no-one and you will not touch yourself or allow anyone else to touch you, including, those witches you spend your evenings with, Do you understand?.

She blushed furiously at the thought that he knew she touched herself. She wanted to ask how long it would be before she could return here to him but she knew it would not please him.

“I’m waiting for an answer”

“Yes Master I understand”

“Whenever I summon you, day or night you will attend me immediately. Now you may go”.

She hovered around the doorway wanting him to call her back, needing the warmth and comfort of his arms and the strength of his body and the safety of his confidence. 

He remained silent……