Punishing Self
by Submissivewench

My master goes out of town on business quite often. He always calls to check up on me and he has a friend check up on me also. I do not lie to my master because I do not want the punishment for lying. I am not allowed to have visitors while he is gone not even family. But i cannot turn my sister away and she always comes to visit when he is gone. If she knew how he punished me i am sure she would not come but i do not want her to know. When Master called i told him of her visit.

“Go get the toy chest.” Master ordered. “And put me on the speaker phone.” I did as i was told. “Put the ball gag into your mouth.” He said. I put the gag in place and tried to speak to let him know i had obeyed. “Put the clothes pins on your nipples.” I placed first one on the right nipple then one on the left. “Good girl. Now put in the big dildo and have a seat across the arm of the chair.” My eyes watered at the thought of that big dildo in me as i sit down on the arm of the chair. It is much too long for me and it truly hurts to put my weight on it. He knew from the sound of my near screams that i had done as he asked. “Now i am going to go get something to eat. I want you to remain there until i call you back and keep your feet off the floor.” I heard him hang up the phone.

My dear Master is not a fast eater and i knew my pain was going to be long. I shifted upon the dildo trying to find some comfort but there was none. I tried to hold myself up with my thighs but it was only moments of relief. The tears were rolling down my face by the time the phone rang again.

“You may stand now my pet.” i was relieved and stood quicky. As the pain from the dildo eased the pain from the clothes pins on my nipples increased. “You may remove the clothes pins now.” I moaned loudly as i took them off and i heard him laugh. “Now take out the whip and whip each tit twenty times.” I took out the short whip and began whipping the right tit. The strands of the whip snapped at the tip of my nipple and I cried through the ball gag. After twenty i switched and did the left. The pain was intense and i was balling like a baby. “Now put the clothes pins back on dear.”

With the clothes pins in place he instructed me to take out the butt plug. “You only have one shot at this my dear. If you do not get it in the first try i am going to call Joe to do it for you.” This frightened me, Joe is not a kind man and i did not want to see him. I rubbed a little baby oil on my ass and on the buttplug. I bend over and took a steady aim. With one hard thrust i shoved it all the way in me. The scream i made was easily heard even through the ball gag. “Now sit on it for a moment while you take out the paddle.” Sitting on it was really nothing after the pian of putting it in. “Now give yourself fifty licks as hard as you can and i will count them. If i do not think it is hard enough I will not count the lick.” I know it was nearly twice that by the time i was done. My arm ached from spanking myself so hard and my ass was on fire.

With the spanking out of the way he had me light a candle and pour hot wax all over my stinging ass. Then he had me remove the clothes pins and poor the wax on my tits. The pain from the wax had me light headed and i fell to the floor. The sound brought my Master to ask me to remove the ball gag and tell him what happened. When i explained to him that i got dizy and fell he hung up the phone and called Joe.

I meet Joe at the door and phoned my Master to tell him he Joe had arrived. My master instructed him to put the big dildo back in my pussy and to ties me down in the chair. There i sat tied with wax all over me a butt plug in my ass and that dreadful dildo in my puss. My Master then told me he would be home late the next day to enjoy my leasure for he would finish my punishment when he got home. Then he told Joe to leave me as i was.

Eighteen hours of crying and discomfort and my Master was home to punish me.