Punishment Story – Firm Raising Mischief To Minxing
by Mischief

Firm has been pacing the floor for over an hour now, just waiting for mischief to get home. He has grown accustomed to her tricks, but he didn’t realize how much he had been letting her get by with. Three phone calls just this afternoon from close friends who are getting fed up with her.. It’s getting embarrassing now. She’s making him look like he has no control of what happens at home or away from home…

Firm reminisces back to when he first started seeing mischief… “whew!, she was something, always keeping things stirred up. Firm grins to himself, “She sure don’t give you a chance to ignore her.” Firm presses his lips and shakes his head amused but wondering if he can set her straight. He remembers conversations they had when they were getting to know each other. When he asked her what she was, wanting to know her profession, she grinned evilly at him and said, ” I’m a minx, ” and as he pressed her for her occupation with the question, “no, I mean what do you do?” The mischief could not resist, “minxing”, see “minx, minxing” “I tease, but not without seeing it through…keep poking and keep the nerves on edge, anticipating, understand?” Firm pressed his lips together and already had an urge to put this to rest. Nodding his head with a scolding expression, all he replied as a steady, “yep, I see.”

“Okay, then mischief, tell me what you like to do here, what are you interested in?” mischief, not being one to let up so easily replied, “usually I torment, just mischief, sometimes I am mean , but always looking to challenge someone, want to see who is better, and….she hesitates drastically and then fires off another frustration for Firm with the most amusing expression, “and……………..don’t you like the way I hesitate when I’m making a strong point?”…Firm cannot resist his first reaction and laughs at her emphasis. mischief giggles and finally continues her descriptions. “I have always done this. No one has managed to conquer me yet.” Again, nodding with a scolding expression, Firm replies his stoic “I see.”

Realizing that mischief is cocky and challenging him and wanting to take up the challenge, he scowls at her and says, “well, meanness, seems to me you are looking for someone able to ‘curb’ your attitude, to take you in hand perhaps?” mischief gets the surge of anxiety she always senses before the contest, smiles adorably at him and says, “not my attitude, it’s cemented in me, but perhaps…..my activities” and then bursts out laughing. “I am quite a handful, and if you intend to try, you better be decisive, and react very quickly, because I have a tendency to dart about and torment while you try.”

Firm grins to himself and thinks “I see, little one, I sure do see that, and she has a knack for amusing her victims while she eats them alive!” Firm finds it hard not to show his amusement at that.

He is forced back to the present by all the clanging and clattering of mischief returning from work. She is loaded with energy and in her haste to get attention, she never enters any place quietly. Firm spins on his heels and glares at the little minx as she enters the living room calling out, “Hi sweetie! How’s your day been” startling him back to the clenched teeth he had with the third complaint from one of his friends.

mischief rambles on about nonsense keeping Firms attention on her as usual until she realizes he is not responding to any of her chatter, and looks to see what he is doing. To her surprise, he is looking at her sternly.


She looks at him and replies, “yes?”

“Come here, ” Firm point to the floor directly in front of him and watches mischief’s eyes. She curls a little recognizing his displeased expression, hesitates and wonders “what have I done now?’. Firm relaxes into his chair and repeats in a low tone, but in a tone that is immediately recognized by mischief as one to be obeyed. “Come here, mischief”

mischief relents as she knows it is always worse if she defies him in this humor. She meanders to the floor in front of Firm. “I’m coming,” looking ashamed and somewhat worried.

Firm sees that mischief has accepted his request and reaches out for her hand as she stands before him. Grasping her hand, Firm stands and looks directly into her eyes. With a slight grin on his face, almost smiling, but not quite, Firm asks mischief, “Do you know why I want to talk to you?”

“No, sir.” mischief gazes into Firms eyes looking for a sign, wondering “is it real bad?”

Firm places his hand under mischief’s chin, cupping her face in his palm, and lifts her eyes to meet his own. He continues in the same deep tone, softly, “I think you do know, and I think you should tell me now what you did last evening.” He studies mischief shifting and shuffling her feet and waits for her answer. “Uh oh, you mean in the chat room? Were you watching? Is that what you mean, out there?” pointing to the door.

Firm continues to look deeply into mischief’s eyes, cupping his hand just slightly tighter around her chin and squeezing her other hand just a little tighter he says, “yes, mischief, I heard about your antics. Now I want to hear your side of the story. Tell me, now please.”

mischief stares at her feet and stutters out a reply. Firm releases her chin and sits back down in the chair waiting. “I was teasing people, and then, before they could get me, I… uh … um sort of disappeared, not really. I was still there. They just couldn’t find me. Do you want me to prove to you I was there? They couldn’t keep up with me. Like this, this is what I did……” and Firm tips his head to one side questioningly asks, “You did what? You teased them and then you ran? No mischief, I don’t want proof. I know you were teasing people. I know you were mean. I know you refused to take responsibility for your actions, and I know you hid from them.”

Firm sets his gaze on mischief and asks, “We have talked about this before, haven’t we little one?” Mischief looks at her feet. She has resigned, “caught”. And Firm repeats his question, “haven’t we?” he asks in a slightly louder voice, but not near yelling. “Yes sir, but I was just playing. I can’t help it if I am smarter and faster than them.” “And what did I tell you would happen next time I learned that you were teasing people in main?” mischief begins to get teary eyed and looks repentant. “You said you would ….blister my bottom,” “Indeed I did, and …..I intend to keep my promise.” mischief hurries to get in her views ‘but I just want to play and that is kind of fun, and I’m not hurting anyone.” Firm is not to be toyed with though,

Firm watches mischief. She is caught, she knows she is going to be punished, but, out of instinct, she begins to try and talk and cry her way out of it. Firm simply shakes his head, “No comedy little on. I’m not really in the mood for it. You know you were wrong. You know you were warned. You have admitted you were told that if it happened again, you would be punished. Signed, sealed and delivered. So……” mischief sighs heavily and pouts. “So do you want to accept your punishment like a big girl, or do you want me to treat you like a baby?”

mischief sees an opening and grasps at it, “You mean I can decide? Then I decide NOT,” hoping that Firm will be amused. “That is definitely not one of the choices little one, and since you have deliberately decided to continue being a smart ass, and refusing to accept your punishment, I will decide for you.” mischief begins to frown, thinking entirely to herself “he’s getting mean.”

“mischief” Firm calls to her. “Uh oh, I don’t like that tone,” she determines and looks up at Firm attentively. “mischief” Firm says again. “Yes, sir.” “Take off your clothes. NOW! I am not interested in games little one, take off your clothes.” mischief pokes her bottom lip out and yanks at her skirt, pulling it down off her legs as Firm watches breathlessly as mischief begins to comply with his orders, her decision to obey a tacit acceptance of her coming punishment. She flings the skirt across the room. mischief glares at Firm thinking “he’s just going to have his way, damn it!”

“Pick up that skirt, NOW and fold it carefully, and put it on the chair SSSLLLAAAPP! Firm slaps her exposed thigh to propel her towards the skirt. “That is unacceptable little one, you know far better than that!” mischief stomps over to her skirt picking it up and turns to glare at Firm who watches as mischief bends to pick up the skirt. He loves the way her panty-covered bottom protrudes out the leg openings. “mmmm” She folds it deliberately and slams it sown on the chair, “There!”

“Do not slam around little one, it will be worse if you do.” Firm smiles to himself as he watches mischief continue to undress. Her attitude is proud, but her mind is racing with a mixture of the fear and excitement of the punishment to come. mischief unbuttons her sheer blouse and slides it off her shoulders revealing a pink camisole underneath. She looks at Firm who is watching sternly and decides not to throw the blouse.. He simply states, “place it on the table as well.”

mischief is standing in her camisole and matching high-thigh panties and twists just a bit to give him a peek at the sides of my buns. He’ll chill a little at that. She enticingly wiggles a bit. mischief has learned what Firm likes and thinks, “hah, I see him smiling, he’s gonna go easy. And because Firm knows that mischief knows what he likes, he is amused but smiles to himself and thinks, “always trying to get out of her punishment, mischief is amazing. She is so head strong, but so submissive, mmmm what a combination. mischief turns and faces Firm, gloating that he is attentive in a different respect now.

“Take the underwear off as well little one.” mischief grins softly at Firm asking, “are you sure you want to spank me, something else on your mind?” Firm reaches out and grasps mischief’s hand, pulling her toward him gently, and sitting back into the chair, he says, “well little one, I do have some other things on my mind, seeing you in that sexy camisole.” “Well, okay, see!” she responds swaying her breasts in his direction. . Reaching up and pinching the waistband of he panties between his thumbs and forefingers, “right now, I intend to spank you!” So saying, Firm wisps the panties down her silky legs exposing her pubic mound to his gaze and leaving them in a puddle around her feet. “No! Come on, they don’t help me, you know they’re too thin, damn!”

Then, standing, Firm takes the hem of the camisole in his hands much the same way as he pinched her panties and lifts it up her body. He slowly exposes her belly and the lower portion of her breasts, then the nipples and the full pert beauties before him. Then he instructs her to lift her hands above her head. mischief throws her shoulders back projecting her nipples right at him thinking, “he can’t resist them.” Releasing the camisole with one hand, Firm reaches around mischief’s body and, with an open palm sllllllaaaappps her ass again. She yelps, “oooowwww!” “Lift your arms little one,” and follows her jump taking a small step forward and re-grasps the camisole. Looking into her eyes, he waits for her to lift her arm so that the camisole can be discarded as well. mischief lowers her shoulders thinking, “I ain’t winning none of the struggles tonight.”

mischief purses her lips together hard, and replies “okay, I’m doing it” raising her arms slowly and when she complies, Firm removes the final flimsy garment from her body and she rests her palms on her neck. “Naked, he’s just telling me I am defenseless.” With that done, Firm says, “Now,” handing her the camisole, “fold this and those panties and place them in the pile of your clothes. mischief begrudgingly, yanks the camisole from his grasp and before she can see, Firm reaches over and lands a reminder, sssssllllaaaaap, “OOOOWWW!” “Do not yank, do not throw, do not stomp,” ssssslllllaaaap, “OOOWWW.” You will simply comply with my requests. mischief bends over as Firm watches while she steps from the puddle of her panties and bends to retrieve them from the floor. Her bottom is taking on a wonderful picture of elegance as she bends. “Mmmm, what a great ass she has,” and how he loves to spank it, and then play with it. He smiles to himself, knowing that she loves it too!

“Now, come here.” Firm points to the floor again, right in front of him. mischief is thinking, “face-off. She looks right into Firms eyes and advances on him. “You now have two choices.” mischief interrupts, “you don’t like my choices.” “Listen carefully, because if you pick something other than the choice I give you, then I will spank you twice.” mischief is thinking, “that only happened once and that was punishment, uh oh.” And Firm continues, “You may either be punished over my knee, with a hairbrush, ……or I will allow you to bend over the table and I will punish you with the strap, less stokes, but I am certain you will get my message nonetheless.” “Oh, no!” mischief is immobile, gazing, “which is the least punishing, which can I get over better, faster.” Right into his eyes she looks for a clue. “Which one shall it be, little one?”

Firm watches the conflict of emotions raging on mischief’s face as she is force to make an impossible decision. mischief thinks, “the hairbrush bruises and I bruise easy. It hurts for several days, but I don’t’ know about the strap. Never had a strap before,” and a single tear rolls down her right cheek. He is thinking “both will hurt terribly and both will cause her to cry like a child, but, both will be administered with love and affection. That does not help her now, does not calm her fear and anticipation of the inevitable.” “Which will it be little one?”

“Uhhh, ummm,” she stammers. “I will count to 5 and you must decide, or, as I told you before, I will simply spank you with both.”

“1”……”2″….. mischief is thinking and staring at Firm, “the strap, I know the brush hurts and bruises and keep hurting for days. Maybe the strap is kinder. “3”….. “Is that your choice? The strap? “4”…… “ye, uh, um, yes, sir.”

“Yes sir what? The strap?” “Yes sir the strap, I think.” Firm is calm and collected and says, “Now look at me and ask me to spank you with the strap.” Mischief’s knees start shaking and it is hard to stand still. Her shoulders shake visibly. Firm relishes this last command as she fights hard to maintain her composure. He contemplates “To have to ask for a strapping, how hard that must be for this proud girl, but she knows in the end, she must comply.”

“Now! little one, ask me; or I will spank you with the hairbrush until you do ask. I will again count to five.” Mischief squirms and reasons with herself, “get it over with mischief,” she thinks as she presses her shoulders back. “Just get it over with girl.” The she hears Firm begin to count. “1”…mischief squares her shoulders and …..”2″….Firm’s voice is low and controlled, much more controlled than his erection, …..”3″…..in a quivering voice, mischief responds, “Firm, would you ….would you please give me a spanking with the strap?” “Phew,” she thinks, “Got that out!” breathing a sigh of relief, only to hear Firm, “For what little one?” Firm looks deeply into her eyes and watches as mischief prances from foot to foot with nerves taking over now from her emotions. “Cause, I uh …damn,” thinking “Get it out. Because I was teasing people in the main and then hiding, not playing fair, not taking responsibility, right?”

“Very good, little one, very good,” as mischief is now trembling all over. “Yes, I will indeed punish you with the strap. Go fetch it for me, and return here.” Firm watches as mischief runs for the strap, runs to find the implement that she knows will be causing her to screech and cry out for several minutes, running to bring her lover, her friend, her master, the implement which she herself ahs chosen as the implement of correction. mischief runs up the stairs to Firm’s bedroom, looks around and finds the hook on the bedroom closet door. “Oh, there it is, that awful thing.” mischief stops in her tracks, tries to reach for it and stops. She is trembling and thinking, “looks wicked, can’t touch it.” She is shaking, “god I have to, he gets mad and thinks I’m procrastin-ating.” mischief snatches the strap, quickly whips around on her heels and runs to the top of the stairs. She stands there for a minute and watches him.

Firm recalls the last time he spanked mischief, “not too long ago,” he thinks as he waits for his little one to return. She was so composed, so strong, but he was patient and the paddle he used was not relenting. Eventually, she broke down and cried like a small child, wailing and crying for him to stop. mischief sees him thinking and decides, “he’s waiting, he’s looking to see what’s taking so long. I have to get down there. He’s getting anxious.” mischief bolts down the stairs hoping for a lighter sentence. Firm watches mischief as she runs to her punishment. She shakes at the shoulders but stands in front of him as bravely as she can on knees that are wobbling so bad, she stumbles off to the side a little. “I’m ready, s s sir.” mischief proclaims.

Suddenly, Firm is snapped back to the moment to notice that he is fully erect when mischief appears before him again with the strap. She holds it in only one hand before her, shielding her nakedness from his view. Firm knows that she has resigned herself to his spanking and is trying to do anything she can to reduce his anger and his desire to spank her. He watches her breasts bounce and bound before her as she runs, watches her chest heave from the running, and from fear he is certain. As she stands before him, presenting the strap to voluntarily relinquish it to him, he recognizes this is a symbol that she is ready to accept her punishment, that she has tacitly accepted its use on her bare presented skin.

“Come on, little one. Get over here and get this over with, so we can move on to better things, more comfortable things. At least more comfortable for you.” mischief is shaking in her ribs, her shoulders and knees as Firm continues, “Over the table, little one. Bend over the table.” mischief looks pleadingly at Firm hoping to see some leniency, her doe eyes wide. Firm sees that this voluntary bending is much more stimulating than the strapping, than the voluntary disrobing. It is a contest of her free will, the part that wants to run and hide, and the part that wants to be corrected, to be guided and used as Firm desires. mischief slowly eases herself over the table looking back at him wanting him to see she is trying hard to be brave, to be strong and not wanting to be too.

Firm walks to mischief’s side and lays the strap across her back. The ends dangle over her sides and lightly rest on the outside of her thighs. mischief reels and considers his motives, “taunting, he’s taunting me. Demise. Can’t stand that thing on me.” With the palm of his hands, he cups her ass, shaking it slightly, making it bounce before him, wiggle and wobble in front of him. Her breasts are pressed firmly to the tabletop and her face is looking forward. She again considers his motives, “Now he’s building the tension,” pulling away from his reach she reminds herself, “Keep a good posture, hold your back straight, it lifts your bottom. Stretch your neck.”

“Before we begin, little one, I will give you a reminder of the rules. You know them; but, nonetheless, I will repeat them so that there is no misunderstanding.

“First,” he says as Firm places his fingers inside the crack of mischief’s ass, running his fingertips along her body, resting one finger on her most private opening. “First, there shall be no tensing. You are to keep your ass relaxed throughout this punishment.” Squeezing his fingers, Firm tests the flex of her ass cheeks. They bounce. “Very good!” mischief battles with his motives. “He knows that is a struggle. He knows that I have to think hard to do that. Hold your shoulders. Forget his touch.”

mischief responds with the only answer allowed. “Yes sir,” a trembling in her voice as she is twitching. She jerks forward at his touch and stretches her legs in the thrust exhaling heavily.

“Second, you are allowed to cry out as much as you like after each stroke of the strap. However, there will be no swearing.” Firm bounces her ass again with his hand noticing a slight tensing “No tensing, little one.” he reminds her. mischief is still trying to maintain composure by thoughts. “Can’t stand these instructions.” But only repeats, “No swearing, sir.” As she jerks away, pull your neck up high, hold your posture, forget what he is doing.”

“Third, you will not attempt, in any way to avoid my efforts. The kiss of the strap is intended to hurt, to get and keep your attention so that you may learn from your misdeeds.” mischief is breathing hard, slow and deeply, listening, hearing only half of what is spoken. “What? What did he say?’ and she realizes he stopped talking; he’s waiting for an answer to what? “Do you understand, little one?” Firm repeats the question knowing that mischief is lost in a world of her own, trying to concentrate on keeping good form, submissive posture, and trying to ignore the anticipation building with each passing second in her body. She again searches for composure, “Exhale. Shoulders, pull them back. Keep back straight.

“And, finally, you will count each stroke as it is applied.” With that imposed, mischief begins to whine, “Oh, no. I don’t do that good. It’s hard. It’s so, so hard.” But Firm reemphasizes, “each and every stoke, little one, so that I know you have appreciated my efforts. If you do not count it, it will not count.” Firm again bounces her ass cheek in his hand and finds it is very tense. mischief’s thighs tense more and so does her bottom as she tucks her hips under. With his other hand, Firm runs a warning finger down the cleft of her ass, along the crack of her ass, from top to bottom. His other hand is still deep in her ass and his finger still on her anus. mischief can feel herself responding, “mmmm”, that is relaxing. “mmm” feels good, soothing, she breathes slowly and lets her shoulders ease downward. Finally, Firm feels her relax again, the tension in her yet untouched bottom relieved. As quickly as he started, Firm withdraws his hands and whips the strap from her back, making a snapping sound.

“Where did he go?” she wonders. “Oh no, I hear it moving”, cringing from the crack of his playing with his weapon, “Can’t look, don’t want to see that thing.” Firms wraps the strap around his hand leaving approximately two feet of leather exposed, raises the strap and with an eerie still in his voice, “remember, little one, ….no tensing, ….no cursing, and…….count.” With that last admonition, Firm brings the strap forward. It is too fast for the naked eye, moving much too quickly, but the result of it’s kiss on her naked, exposed and submissively presented backside is electric…..sssssnnnnnaaaaaapppp!!! mischief’s head flies back at the impact, he is proud of her, no noise from the first stinging slap, but she has not counted and he knows she will recall too late.

Bracing forward into the table and shifting her weight from one foot to the other without lifting her feet. She exhales the sudden breath she drew slowly and reminds herself of the rules…phhheeeeeewww breath, no tension, no cursing, and the other was…..?” The pain has sent her focus astray and she struggles hard to retrieve it. “What is he doing to me? Geeeeeezzz, hold posture, breath…..oh, no…forgot…..count” Again the strap lands, kissing her skin with a deep impact. Her head again flies up and she lets out a long low yelp, “yyyyyeeeeeeeeooooooww!” jumping forward and rubbing her thighs together, she is dancing in place.

Firm raises the strap again and waits. He decides to be somewhat merciful and reminds mischief, “Don’t forget to count, little one.” Having been reminded of the count rule, mischief meekly stutters a, “t t t twoo,” and Firm quickly reminds her, “no, the first one does not count because you did not count it. That was? Which number? little one?” and she sighs very resignedly admitting, “it, it was one, one,” bracing her shoulders to show courage because she knows he likes seeing that. “That is correct and it will be a long time to number 10 if you forget to count.”

Whipping the belt forward again, Firm aims for the lowest portion of her ass, the crease where her butt and thighs meet, where she will definitely feel the kiss of leather along both cheeks, where she will sit each day and remember this lesson. mischief resounds, “Yeeeeeeeoooouuuucccchh,” jumping up from the floor with both feet and settling back down quickly inhaling and exhaling heavily. She remembers the count and quickly, “Two!” Her feet are prancing and her body is tense with desire and anticipation. Firm reflects on her composure thinking, “how submissive. She is actually pusher her ass back towards him, presenting her ass for his desire and she has yet to do more than cry out.” Tears are filling mischief’s eyes, but she is breathing methodically to keep them there and wriggles and squirms as she rotates her hips to show him how well she moves, how well she answers his blows.

Sssslllllaaaaapppp! The strap lands again in the middle of the meatiest portion of her ass, again covering both cheeks. The reaction is dynamic. Her nostrils flare and her head is thrown back. She however, again only cries out briefly, “Yeeeoooowwwww!” sniffling hard and breathing hard. Tears start down her face, she grits her teeth, and Firm realizes but again, she forgot to count. Again the strap falls before she realizes her mistake. “Three!” and the answer three comes just after the impact of the leather. Firm says soflty, “that is correct, little one, that was number three. You did not count the last one, and so it did not count. You best remember that instruction. Ten is a long way away.”

As he watches, mischief raises up and throws her hands behind her, “three…, three” she repeats as she rubs the mark to kill the sting. “Put your hand back!” Firm lashes her hand with the strap impacting it smartly. “Do not do that again, little one, or we will simply start again. mischief throws her arms straight down at her sides and clenches her fists keeping herself from rubbing. “Yes, sir,” she sniffles turning to look at him. Firm stands looking at her but simply pointing to the farthest side of the table in front of her and she quickly responds to the unspoken command lowering herself back into position.

In a rhythm now, mischief and Firm continue the dance of punishment. Firm slaps at her naked and exposed skin, striping her bottom from left to right and tracking her ass cheeks from the top to the very base of her globes. She is definitely feeling the impact of his efforts. mischief is weaving and wobbling and dodging but staying in place and crying . Tears are running off her chin and she is squirming using her thighs and knees and feet and ankles. She is screaming and recanting rules to herself, ” no cursing, not that, no bad word,” as she is breathing in and out rapidly. He is proud of her however. She has taken eight strokes now, and only failed to count three strokes.

Firm pauses and again lays the strap across mischief’s back. “There are three more strokes, little one, three more strokes,” “oh god, not three more.” Firm whispers in her ear as he bends forward. “You are doing very well. You are being very brave. Thank you for not swearing and for not attempting to move off the table.” Stammering and crying she develops the process of calming down. “See? He watches that posture stuff. A reward, am I hearing reprieve? Please, tell me I get credits?” Firm responding to the expression on her face answers the unspoken question…”No, little one, no rewards. I intend to finish your entire punishment, but I am going to give you a moment to catch your breath and regain your composure.”

Firm backs up and seats himself in the chair watching as mischief struggles to maintain her position and calm herself. mischief slumps her shoulders forward for a second, but knows he watches that. She coaches herself again, “catch your breath, calm down, he’s looking for you to get back to brave so he can take you down again. Show him. Show him. Breath slower, pull your shoulders back, back straight, stretch your neck, proud, you are strong, breathe.”

Firm watches her thighs shift and prance in place, watches her pussy lips cinch and wiggle and watching her head rise and fall. He stands and slowly crosses the floor back to her pillory, back to her position of pain. “Here he comes again”, she thinks. “oooohhh, geeeez ” He lays his hand on her bottom and runs his fingers along the lines created by his strap. “one…two…three…four…five…six…seven…
eight…nine…ten….eleven. “Now he’s gonna count the stripes just to remind me of not counting, teasing me into remembering that rule next time. Ooo some hurt when he doesn’t touch them.

Well, little one, had you counted appropriately, we would be finished now, but, since you chose to ignore our agreement, you have three more to complete,” and mischief gives him the only acceptable answer, “yes, sir. No sir, I didn’t ignore the rules, I just couldn’t. I will do better,” mischief grits her teeth and resolves “I will do better” Then she squares her shoulders to demonstrate her resolve. Firm buries his fingers into mischief’s body again, grappling her ass cheeks. “oh god, back , he’s teasing again, got to relax my butt or he won’t quit.”

One cheek in each hand, Firm is shaking them up and down, back and forth. The meat of her ass slaps together and causes little ssssmmaacckkking noises. Firm releases his grip and moves forward, up her body and envelopes her breasts in his hand, testing their weight in his palms, pulling them down to the table and away from her center causing them to stretch and pull then allowing them to fall back into place. His hands return to her ass feeling the heat of her punished skin. Mischief squirms, wiggles, shifts her weight from leg to let and starts to cry slightly. “Here it goes again, nose is running, posture mischief, breath slower, soothing, hmmmm hungry, he’s making me hungry for him. Easy tears begin to roll out of one eye. She pulls her abdomen in to quiet the hunger..”geeeeez I can’t think about that now.” Damn he watched me, now hes gonna make it worse. Firm presses his fingers into her. He feels that she is soaking wet.

She is excited from his efforts. Pressing his fingers into her body, he wets his index finger completely and removes it just as quickly as he pushed it in causing her to exhale quickly. Pressing that same finger against her anus, Firm causes mischief to realize that he is in complete control of her experience, complete control of her emotions, and again removes his hands and watches her. She is a wreck, not knowing whether she is in pain or ecstasy. Her emotions are all tied up, the feeling between pleasure and pain are blurring.

Meanwhile she reruns her composure list to herself, “quiet in there, quiet. He’s tormenting me. Off guard, he wants me off guard. Gritting teeth, can’t move forward, he’s there, can’t move backward, he’s there too. Still very, very still, breath, tears are going away, calming, tugging hips forward, stop, be quiet, he’ll come there later. Quiet I saaaaiiiiddd quiet.

Firm again grasps the strap and quickly and in rapid succession, he whips her hard across the ass. One to the very top of her exposed bottom, “it’s moving and here it comes.” she thinks and lets out a scream, “OOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUCCCCHHHH!!!” quickly remembering three left, but calling out “seven” and quickly correcting it to “eight”.

The second blow is delivered to the very center of her cheeks covering both globes at one time, and again she hollers, “OOOOOOWWWWWW!!!” as she is panting and hopping and wriggling. Firm delivers the final ssssssllllllaaaaaapppp!!! Across the very bottom of her ass globes, just catching the as yet virgin territory of her thighs, and mischief screams “OOOOOOhhhhhhhOOOOHHH!” gazing back with tears running off her shoulders, she thinks please tell me it’s over.

Firm stops, the strap dangling from his hand. He steps backward and asks mischief, “Do you feel well punished, little one. Do you need more?” mischief turns her head to him and responds, “ye yeyes sir, I du du do!,” and she breaks down sobbing, “I am punished, no more, please” Firm drops the strap and takes his place back in the chair where this entire ordeal began and as mischief hears the final noise, sighs “it’s gone.” Turning slowly around to see that he did sit down and it is over.

Watching her closely, he advises her, “stay over the table until I tell you to get up.” And he proceeds with a series of questions. “Why were you punished, little one?” mischief resumes her punishment posture quickly and sobs out to Firm, “I was punished for teasing people and running and hiding and not being responsible for what I did.” “Correct.” mischief breathes a sigh of relief. “And how many strokes were you given?” she answers “You gave me ten, sir.”

Firm wants to make a point about not counting so he asks, “Plus how many extras, for not counting?” wondering to himself if she knows, if she can recall. mischief stutters out, “I think, I think four, the first one, and the last three, right?” “mmm, close. Three, little one.” and mischief acknowledges his correction with an “oh.”

“Do you think you’ll be doing that again?” and mischief responds whimpering, “No, sir, I won’t do that again.” He emphasizes his leniency today and asks, “What will happen, little one, if you do it again?” mischief begins to cry harder, slumping a little more over the table and Firm reminds her, “Maintain your posture and answer me.” She snaps her shoulders back and straightens her back, holding her head up. “What will happen if you do it again?” “You will blister my bottom again, probably harder. No next time.”

“Indeed, next time, with both the strap and the hairbrush. Do you understand?” mischief responds, “Yes, sir, I understand.” She scrunches up her face at the thought of both, but holds her posture. He can see her posture, but not her face.

“Very well,” says Firm as he stands and approaches mischief. She is still submissively bent and somewhat more calm now that the punishment has ceased. mischief knows that he will make her feel much better and holds her position proudly, thinking “hold your posture, you did it, you can be proud.” Without ceremony, he reaches between her legs and cups her entire pussy in his hand. His palm is pressing against her labia and his fingers reach forward and rub against her clit. mischief wiggles and presses back into his palm, pulling her breasts off the table to help him get in to her better. Working his fingers back and forth and forward, pressing his palm forward and up against her body, he lathers her into frenzy, and she is wildly thrashing. Firm decides that this had better go to the bedroom. My sweet, and proud, and sexy, and submissive, little one is crazed and so am I.

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