Sensation Play Story – The Stranger
by Chastiser

Amy knelt in the middle of the room, her back straight, her head held high, proudly but not defiant. Her arms were behind her, tied at the wrist, her ankles were also bound. Her posture a classic pose, one learnt after many hours of kneeling, with constant correction from her Master, until she had got it right. She was wearing the red silk of a pleasure slave, a thin gossamer that revealed more than it hid, but teased the eyes with the uncertainty of its translucence. Her beautiful blond hair, long and femanine, could not hide the silver collar at her throat, could not hide the fact that she was owned.

She heard the door open behind her, but did not stir from her pose, besides it would have done no good as she was blindfolded so would not be able to see who entered anyway. And to move would have displeased her Master and she did not want to do that as her Masters pleasure was her pleasure. And she could not be sure who had entered the room and felt it best to remain quiet.

Amy heard footsteps crossing the floor towards her, heard those footsteps walk round her so that some one was facing her, and she could feel the gaze of that person upon her. She stiffened her back a little more, pushed her shoulders back imperceptably which pushed her firm breasts out against the translucent silk. She could feel her nipples harden, a little from fear and a little from anticipation, as, she did not know who was looking at her.

She felt fingers tracing the outline of her cheek, leaving a warm sensation as they wandered down. Those fingers continued down the length of Amy’s neck, down over her collar bone, a trail of goosebumps left in their wake. Amy felt the beginnings of a warmth beginning to grow between her legs, she could feel her sex beginning to awaken. The fingers continued their path, down further, creeping under the silk as they reached the beginnings of the mound of Amy’s breast. She could feel the fingers touching her breast and reaching her now achingly hard nipple, as they gently touched the nipple she shuddered involuntarily. She moaned quietly as the fingers gently squeezed her nipple, pinching the hardness, mixing pleasure with pain.

The fingers continued their journey, deeper into the depths of the silken garment, tracing the outline of Amy’s ribs and then down even further, caressing over her navel and down to the crinkly softness of Amy’s pubic hair. She moaned again and then sucked in her breath as the fingers reached and entered the cleft of her outer lips and brushed against her clit. She leant back slightly, and forced her knees further apart, opening herself to the stranger, exposing her mystery, demonstrating her helpnessness and abandon. She felt the fingers gently explore her, sliding gently down within her lips, down to the entrance of her pussy. She felt them hesitate teasingly and then two fingers plunged deep inside her, she gasped with the surprise and the pleasure of it. Next after sliding in and out of her several times they returned to her clit and teased it with a gentle but firm circular motion, making it harden like a small penis, she moaned with the pleasure of it, the tingling from her clit spreading to the whole of her lower body.

Suddenly the fingers stopped their motion and dissapeared, Amy sobbed. And then she heard a familiar sound, the sound of a zip being lowered. She then felt a hand behind her head, gently but firmly holding it still. Next she felt something hot against her lips, brushing them, easing between them, she opened her mouth and the hot hardness entered her. She could already taste the herby saltiness emanating from the tip of the erect penis now in her mouth. She sucked it as it slid in and out between her lips, feeling its length and thickness, feeling it touch against the back of her throat so that she felt that she would choke as it slid in. Then it slid out and the hand was removed.

Amy felt herself being picked up and carried, and then knew that she had been thrown onto her own bed as she tumbled on the duvet. She felt firm hands turning her so that her face was against the bedclothes, she felt her hips drawn up so that she was kneeling face down on the bed, her pussy exposed and wide open. She felt the bed move as someone else climbed on to it and then sucked in her breath as she felt the cock enter her again, this time deep into her pussy, pushed firmly home so that she could feel his balls slap against her, feeling pressure deep within her as it went deeper and deeper. Her breath was beginning to get faster and shallower as the excitement rose within her, the warmth was becoming heat, and she could feel her pussy beginning to gush with sweet fluid.

Amy could feel her legs becoming weak with pleasure as she felt hands grasp her hips and pull her even further upon the cock within her. A tingling was coming from her clit and a deep ache of passion was coming from her pussy, her skin felt red hot and she could feel her breasts swaying with the motion, the nipples brushing against the bedclothes with every movement. And, suddenly it was there, the first wave, the orgasm hit her with all its force, driving the breath from her body so that she had to suck in air in great gasps, the whole of her lower body now burning with sweet sensation. Still the cock kept forcing its way in and out of her, Amy groaned and gasped, Suddenly she felt a finger enter her anus, firmly and quickly, she screamed as she orgasmed again, the waves now more overwhelming, the undertow sucking her under.

Amy felt the cock getting faster now, its length swelling, the tip getting engorged, the strangers breathing getting faster. She knew what was happening, and the excitemement started the wave again, slower this time but even more fulfilling, All at once she heard the stranger cry out and at the same time she felt a gushing heat deep within her as he came, she felt jets of come soaking her inside as the cock forced its way as deep as it would go, the strangers body stiffening, the hand on her hip gripping the flesh to the point of pain, that did it, the wave overcame her, and she came again herself. She couldnt breath although she was breathing, she couldnt cry out even though she was screaming with pleasure, she couldnt see even though her eyes were wide open. The sensation from her pussy was overwhelming her, thats all she was at the moment, a tingling, burning, intensly sensative pussy, so wet from the both of them.

Then, she felt strong hands turning her so that she was lying on her side and she felt somone lie beside her. A brief fumble and the blindfold was removed, and there was her Master smiling at her, his eyes showing the love and the happiness that he felt for his slave. Amy smiled back showing deep within her own eyes the love, trust and respect that she felt for him, knowing thatshe would belong to Mike forever!!!!

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