Sex Story – One Fine Day
by lilsprite

I wander outside to see you, to tell you I had been thinking of you all morning. “Sir,” I said “I’m thinking we are alone now…” as I wrap my body into yours. “I’ve been horny all morning and I need you.”

You pull me tight into your arms and kiss me deeply. “My little slut needs me, does she?” Your eyes roam my waiting body, seeing the buttons undone on my shirt. You reach in and squeeze my tittie, “So it shall be, you are mine for the rest of the day.” You pull me into the garage and push me onto my knees. “Make me hard” you command, as you unbutton your fly. I eagerly take your cock into my mouth, relishing in the softness I know soon will be raging hard. Circling the tip with my tongue and drawing you deep into my mouth you begin to fill my mouth. You begin to fuck my throat as fire fills my cunt and my juices begin to flow. You suddenly pull away, “go clean up, I’ll be in in a minute.” You pull me to my feet, kiss me again as you pinch my nipple then push me towards the house.

I skipped into the house and to the bathroom. I wanted to be ready for you when you came in.

I was nude when you came in. Looking me over you say, “Come with me” and lead me to the bedroom. Going to the closet you choose a dress, stockings and heels for me. “Put these on for me.” Once I am dressed you have me turn for you, telling me now much my body pleases you. “Come over here” you beckon and then you pull me over your knee. SWAT, swat! “Ah this is so perfect to spank you in,” you say and you swat me 3 or 4 more times. “Today I possess you, I shall parade you, beat you and fuck you. You are mine. Do you understand?” “Yes Sir” I answer. You swat me a few more times then push me onto the bed on my belly. “Spread your legs my slut,” you command. As I do I feel your fingers at my wet box. “How ready are you, shall I taste you or fill you, hmmm?” You chuckle in the back of your throat, “Probably either would be enough to satisfy you for a while.” You bend down and lick my hot pussy front to back then back to the clit, where you stop to nibble. I begin to buck my hips, trying to drive your tongue in deeper. You rise and put the tip of your cock against my wet opening, holding it just there. “Ask for it, my slut, tell me how you want it.” “Please, Sir, fill me up with your hard cock, I need you deep within me, please Sir.” I cry out as you plunge in your full length, feeling like you split me. You begin a rapid fucking, taking me hard, like the slut I am. I skyrocket in no time as you continue to pound me, slamming your cock into me. “Yes Master,” I cry out, “Yes please, fuck me harder, oh yes.” “You like it hard and fast, right my slut?” you say “I can fuck you like this anytime, right my slut?” as you continue to slam my pussy.

“Cum” you say and my world explodes as you shoot your hot load deep inside me.

You pull out of me after we catch our breath and you lead me into the living room. You pick up my collar and placed it around my neck. “We are going into town now. I wish to pick up a few things and I’d like you with me, dressed like the slut you are and ready for the taking. I expect your obedience.” I nod my head, eyes downcast. “A treat for you on this trip,” you say and hand me the vibrating panties I love so much. I don them and you lead me out the door to the car.

As you shut the door my nerves begin to quiver. Where will you take me, I wonder. What if someone sees me dressed like this. We’ve never taken this outside the house before. I’m kinda nervous, yet determined to please you. I swallow my fear and enjoy the buzz between my legs as we ride to town.

You pull into the adult store we shop at, “We need lube” you say. As you hold the door open for me you whisper in my ear, “You are stunning and you are MINE.” My heart and pussy warm at your words. No lube at this stop, on to the next store we go. You took me to 3 stores, buying a gag and some lube, and then we headed home.

Once in the house you lead us into the kitchen, where there is a bar over head and one by the sink. You back me up against the sink, strip me and catch my hands up behind me. “You were a very good girl,” you breathe into my ear, “You deserve a reward.” You pull back, holding my hands to the rail behind me. “Keep your hands there” you command, “I’ll be right back.”

You head down the hall as my heart is pounding. I wonder what you will bring out with you. You come back with a handful of clips and the blindfold. “We haven’t used ropes on you lately have we?” you ask. “No Sir.” I reply. You put the blindfold on me and leave me again. I hear you walk down the hall and back again. You came back with ropes and tied my hands to the sink rail. “Spread your legs,” you say as you reach in to feel my wetness. “Hmmm, ready for me again I see,” you chuckle. “But first your titties.”

You begin pinching and squeezing my tits. Leaning down you suck one nipple. I hear you pick up the chain and feel you clip it to my rings and tug. I moan at the sensations it causes. I hear you pick some clips as you begin to pinch harder. Clip, clip, my tits race with sharp tracers that head straight south to set me on fire. Clip, clip, clip and then you place one directly on the tip,causing my knees to buckle. Ah the fire, the pain the ecstacy coursing thru my veins. I cry out as you place even more around my throbbing tit. I feel your tongue on my nipple, flicking the ring up and down, sending waves of sensation thru my body. You begin to flick the clips with your fingers, then you count…I hear you reach 16. “16 clips, my love.” I hear you say. Then you begin flicking them harder and moving them around. I feel them coming off and the pain begins anew as the blood returns. My mind is soaring as you ask, “how many are left?” I do not know. I shrug my shoulders and mumble “none?” “Wrong!” You pull the last two off my nipples and my body soars as I reach that next plateau.

Your hand cups my sex hard, feeling the juices that are flowing. Next I feel you clip my nether lips and a new sensation begins. Each clip you place causes more heat to flow into my aching pussy. My body is writhing when next I feel your hot tongue licking my engorged clit. Explosions course thru my body as a powerful orgasm rocks me.

As I float back to you I realize that you have turned me around, my ass now facing you, my hands again tied to the rail. You rub my ass with your hands, “Your beautiful ass is very white, my love, and I’m about to change that.” You begin swatting me, commenting at how quickly my skin turns color. “Kneel” you command. I drop to my knees, spread as wide as comfortable. You pick up the riding crop and begin a steady warm up. I moan with each strike as you cover my whole backside. Trailing up to the shoulder then back down to my ass. “Beautiful red ass you have, my slut.” You concentrate a few harder strikes on my sweet spots and I writhe in ecstacy. You start tapping on my aching pussy and soon I have another small orgasm that takes me to another level again. Next you pick up your belt and give me 5 good slaps on each reddened cheek. I roll my head side to side as you use your belt up my back, warming my shoulders yet sending shivers down my spine.

“You are going to receive 5 hard whacks now. Be ready” you say as you pick up the riding crop again. Tapping a few times in one spot then WAP you strike. “One” you say as you see the second part of the sting go thru me. Again you tap a few times on the other cheek and WAP, “two.” My mind is reeling as the next strike lands “three,” I hear you say. Then you are readying me for the final two as you warm my sweet spots with the crop. I can hardly stand the anticipation when WAP, WAP the final two fall. I scream and moan as you softly say “four and five.”

My body’s on fire, my pussy dripping with juices as I feel your arms around me. I can’t say anything, only moan as I lay my head on your shoulder. I hear you say how much I pleased you and good I was, as you begin to untie my hands. You take me into the bedroom and wrap me into your body. As I open my eyes to look at you, you slide you hardness inside me. I open my mouth to moan and you kiss me, sending me back into the clouds, feeling nothing but you. Slowly, then more quickly you steadily fuck me, taking your full pleasure of my body. I feel your heat building as you whisper in my ear “I have cum for you my slut.” As I feel you explode deep inside my hot pussy I cum again and fade away…

Snuggling deep within your arms for a few minutes I roll over and kiss you. “I love you Sir” I say, “thank you for the fine day.”