Sex and Submission Story – Carla Part 2
by Richard

Carla and I spent a leisurely Saturday morning, first waking up and making love, then showers, coffee and toast. When she was dressed we headed out to do some shopping, had a late brunch and did some more shopping, mostly window shopping.

Late in the afternoon as we came out of one shop in the mall we met Diane. Carla has met Diane before so we just had a friendly round of Hi How are you? Find what you’re looking for? Etc. Diane asked if we’d like to stop for a coffee. Carla checked her watch and said she really wanted to make it to one more fabric shop before it closed but that she would meet us in half an hour in the food court.

Diane and I made our way to the food court, ordered our coffees and doughnuts. Diane led the way to an out of the way table from where we could watch for Carla. We talked about work, some business deals etc. Diane seemed a little nervous as the conversation sort of stopped.

“So you and Marg got together. She told me she thought it went well.”

“Yeah. I’m sorry I should have called to thank you.” Diane waved her hand without really looking up.

“So are you getting together with her some more or….?”

“Maybe sometime. I’m basically leaving it up to Carla although it was fun.”

“How would she feel about me joining you?”

I thought about it for a minute. “Well she did like Margo and you know as much as she did when we went to her house so why not try. If she says no then it’s no.”

“I’d like to do some shopping, how about we meet in half an hour at the Main Street entrance. I’ll invite you over to my apartment for supper.”

Diane left me alone to wait for Carla. She came in just a few minutes. I told her that Diane had invited us to her place for pizza and that we were to meet her in a couple of minutes. Carla readily agreed, as she said “Anything to get out of making supper.” Diane was waiting in the entrance and we agreed to meet her at her apartment building entrance. Carla chatted on and on about the material she’d bought and how she planned to use it.

Diane met us at the front door of her upscale condo. Carla and I stood holding hands at the back of the elevator and Diane followed us in punching the tenth floor button. As the door slid shut Diane turned and stepped closer to Carla in one fluid motion. Her left hand held a large shopping back, her right though cupped the back of Carla’s head and she kissed her; first softly then forcefully on the mouth. Carla’s grip tightened measurably and I could see Diane’s hand slide down Carla’s back. From Carla’s sudden intake of air and her hips thrusting forward I knew Diane was groping her ass.

Suddenly the elevator slowed and stopped at the seventh floor. Another woman got on, punched the twelfth floor and remained facing the doors.

Diane broke the silence “Hello Helen.” All the while opening two buttons on the front of Carla’s dress. Carla was wearing one of my favorite styles of dress. A shirt dress I think they’re called, you know the kind that button all the way up the front with a belt at the waist. This one showed off Carla’s figure well.

Helen just returned the greeting without turning. I could tell from the way she stood and her tone that she was annoyed. Carla’s hand slipped out of mine as Diane took her hand and led her out of the elevator with me following behind.

Diane led the way through a small entranceway, the reason I hate apartments of any kind, through an oversized galley kitchen where she placed the bag on the counter and into the dining room. I stayed just inside the kitchen as she turned Carla so her back was to the dining table facing me.

Diane kissed her again this time her hands both roamed over Carla’s breasts. She stepped back to stand beside me. I could see the affect all this had had on Carla, her face was flushed, her breathing was that shallow kind when you’re aroused and her nipples were starting to show through the dress.

I was admiring Diane too. She was wearing a pair of tight jeans and this tight white blouse. She was opening a button which drew my attention to her even more and I could see her nipple clearly through
the blouse.

“Open your dress top.” Diane told Carla as she turned to me and kissed me, turned and leaned her back into me guiding my hand to her breasts as we both watched Carla open her dress top to her waist.

Carla was nervous. She kept glancing to her right where the drapes were open. The twin tower apartment across the courtyard I imagined had at least one apartment with a view into Diane’s. I was so turned on watching Carla open her dress and at the same time massaging Diane’s full breasts and looking down into her blouse. I had opened another two buttons on her blouse and I could now clearly see the white lace bra she was wearing.

Carla stood there with her dress open. Diane looked at for a couple of seconds rubbing herself on my growing erection.

“Oh your husband has a nice hardon.” Carla took a step forward. “No you stay there. I’m going to take care of him tonight. Take your bra off.”

Carla stepped back and fumbled a little with the closing of her bra through the back of her dress. Then she pulled the straps off her shoulders and one by one pulled her arms through, then placed the bra on the table behind her. Diane turned to me, kissed me. “I’ve got to look after your wife for a minute or two. Okay?”

I nodded. Diane searched in the bag and pulled out a gold chain about three feet long. It was similar to what Carla might wear around her neck except this one had two small rings at the ends. Diane swung it over Carla’s head. She used it to pull Carla to her to kiss her. Diane bent down and kissed each breast paying particular attention to Carla’s nipples. Carla was by now thrusting her chest out to Diane and holding her head to her. Then Diane opened one ring. It got bigger with little snaps as she pushed two small clips apart. She slipped it over Carla’s one nipple and closed it the same way till Carla gasped.

“Is that too tight? Does it hurt?”

Carla bit her lip “A little”

Diane opened it one snap and Carla relaxed. Diane attached the other ring to the other nipple. Then she used another clip to shorten the chain till it pulled up on Carla’s nipples, just enough to almost act
like simple bra.

Diane closed three buttons from the belt. This left the dress open so that when Carla moved just a little you could see her entire breast but I knew that the dress rubbing on her nipple would keep it ever so sensitive the whole time.

Diane reached into the bag again and found a series of four balls with a cord running through them. At the end of the cord was a small pendant. She placed these in a small glass bowl and ran some hot water into the bowl. Then from the bag she took a small bottle and put a few drops of liquid in the water. She handed the bowl to Carla to hold.

She knelt down in from of Carla and starting at the bottom she opened the dress up to the belt. Slowly starting just below Carla’s knees she ran her hands up Carla’s legs, spreading the dress open as she went. When she got to the top of Carla’s stockings Diane squealed in delight.

“Oh I love a woman who wears stockings instead of panty hose and even more when they don’t wear a garter belt.” Diane was bending forward and kissing the inside of Carla’s legs.

Her hands moved further up Carla’s legs till she had the dress spread open to her waist. She pulled her panties down her legs slowly and helped Carla step out of them. They joined her bra on the table. I could see that they were already quite wet.

Diane stood in front of Carla. She took the bowl from her. “Do you know what these are?” Carla shook her head. I had read about these balls but forgot their name. I was sure Carla had an idea of what they were.

“They’re ben-wa balls. Take them out.” Carla did and Diane handed me the bowl. I dumped the water into the sink. “Do you feel how they’re kind of waxy now, kind of slippery. And to you feel how they kind of vibrate when you move them?” Carla nodded.

“You see there are two little balls inside each one which rattle around. Can you guess where I’m going to put them now that they’re nice and warm and slippery?” Again Carla simply nodded her head.

Diane took the balls from her and led her to a chair which acted as a divider between the livingroom and dining room. She pushed Carla over it so that she almost lost her balance and had to grab the arms of the chair for support. This left her on her tip toes and her rear high up. Diane gathered one side of Carla’s dress and draped it over the back of the chair exposing Carla’s cute ass and her cunt to our unobstructed view. It was dripping already and Diane bent to lick a bit of the fluid from her. Carla wiggled around trying to push back against the tongue dancing around her clit.

“Did I thank you for not wearing panty hose. If I didn’t I’ll say it now. Thank You.” Diane caressed her ass cheeks lovingly before spreading her legs by kicking her feet apart. Then with one hand she spread her cunt lips and with the other began inserting one ball after another till just a bit of the cord and the pendant hung outside. “Make sure they don’t come out till I take them out. Understand?” Carla didn’t respond and she got a sharp slap on her bare ass to get her attention. That brought a quick albeit breathless


Then she helped Carla stand up. Carla was trembling, she had been swaying her hips back and forth ever so slightly while Diane inserted the balls. Now I could see she was breathing very shallowly, her nipples were huge and dark. She just stood there as Diane again joined me and put her arm around me as we both admired her arrangement. “Now I think I better get that pizza together.

Carla came and stood beside me, hanging onto me with one arm as Diane busied herself with preparations. Carla tried to kiss me but Diane cut her off. “I said I’d look after him tonight! But you can play with your wife if you like, just don’t make her come. ” Carla whispered in my ear “It’s like having your inside me but you’re just standing here beside me.”

I was on a super high playing with my wife’s tits and cunt and watching another woman walk around with her blouse half open. Carla was so hot she was almost dancing beside me. Diane put a pizza loaded with meat and vegetables in the oven then led the way into the livingroom. She closed the sheer drapes

We all sat down and enjoyed a drink, Diane occasionally slipping her hand into Carla’s dress top to rub her already sensitive nipples. Carla could hardly sit still, she was wriggling around so much her dress was open all the way up to her belt and the top was open exposing her bare breasts.

After a few more minutes Carla asked if she could have her panties back as well as a sanitary napkin because she was so wet. Diane took her hand and led her behind the chair again and bent her double over the back. She slowly started to pull the balls out. Carla gasped as the first popped out, when the second one followed Carla moaned out loud.

“I’m going to come.”

“Don’t you dare come till I tell you to come. Didn’t Marg train you to control yourself?’

Carla’s hips were swaying back and forth. Her toes were doing this little dance. Diane smacked her bottom hard. “Stand still.”

“I can’t. I’m going to come now.” And she did. I could see her cunt lips pumping and contracting.

“I told you no. You’re going to get the spanking of your life if you don’t stop.”

If Carla had any desire to stop the orgasm it melted with those words. She bucked back and forth against the chair back and Diane’s hand. Diane pulled the last ball out as Carla continued to orgasm.

When her breathing had returned to more normal rhythm she apologized. Diane’s response was a simple “Too late for that.” She helped Carla to stand up. Then she went down the hall and came back in a minute with a paddle and another chain affair. She laid the paddle on the table beside Carla. She fit the chain around Carla’s waist and through her legs. Now another small clip hung between her legs and a small case was at Carla’s hip.

“You want to come. Fine. For the rest of the evening you’ll come whenever I want you to come.” Diane turned Carla again to the chair and this time Carla bent over obediently. Diane arranged her dress again so that she was totally exposed. Diane took the clip in one hand and using the other she opened Carla and found her clit. Now she put the clip on her clit. Carla cried out, not in pain but in a sort of gasp of pleasure.

Diane took the paddle and gave Carla five strokes, hard ones. Carla’s ass turned a nice shade of deep pink. Then she told her to stand. “Now take off your dress.”

Carla did as she was told. She stood there in ear rings, nipple chain and clips, clit clip, stockings and high heels. I doubt I ever saw a sexier sight. Diane now took a small control out of her shirt pocket. “You see this controls the little vibrator I put on you clit. If I do this….”

Carla literally danced a jig. She was about to touch her breast with one hand and her cunt with the other when Diane ordered her not to. Carla came so intensely standing there with no seeming stimulation.

“I can make you so horny just by leaving it on like this…” Diane touched another control “…or I can make you come like I did. I’m going to make you come when you’re biting into your pizza, when you’re drinking some wine, just whenever I want you to. Understand?” Carla nodded.

For the next two hours as we ate pizza and sat in the livingroom drinking wine she kept her word. Without warning she would hit the control and Carla would convulse on the floor where she had been exiled to. Finally Diane stripped and got down on the floor with Carla. She removed the nipple clips first and tenderly kissed them. Then the clit clip and waist chain.

They tenderly kissed. “Now have you learned to control yourself?”

“Yes.” Carla stroked Diane’s face and chest.

“Good. Now go down on me.” Diane lay back and Carla brought her to several orgasms. Diane led the way to the bathroom and I got to watch them take a shower together.

Then she came and undressed me. When my shorts came down she exclaimed “Oh look at the poor fellow. So hard and swollen. Lay down here and I’ll make it better.” She made Carla kneel down beside me before she mounted me. If Carla was hot I now knew that Diane was equally excited by all the activity. Her nipples were dark and full. Her insides were wet and hot. She was riding up and down my shaft. I really tried to hold it in but I couldn’t for long. I too had had way too much excitement.