My Fantasy – Part 3
by shyflower

“You have been such a good slut, my pet,” says Master as he settles back into his comfortable leather recliner. “Tonight we will listen to your favorite music during our session. Put in the Gershwin love songs.”

I shudder. Master loves to mix pleasure with pain. I know that tonight’s session will be particularly intense.

I open my mouth and Master puts the end of my lead between my teeth. I rise to get the Gershwin CD when suddenly I hear, “Pet! Down!”

His tone is stern and I know I have blundered again. I quickly fall to my knees and crawl across the floor. His tone has aroused me and I am sure he can see my wetness as I complete my task. Turning around I can see that his robe has parted. I look longingly at the bulge in his trousers that tells me he is aroused, too. I love my Master’s big cock and the sight of it makes my knees weak. I tremble with longing for him.

“Rise, pet, and dance for me.”

My body begins to sway to the sweet strains of Summertime.

“Touch yourself, slut,” he says. “Show your Master what a good whore you are.”

I begin rubbing my breasts, pinching my nipples hard between my long fingernails. He smiles at me and my knees grow weak at seeing his pleasure. My hads move down over my abdomen ——- almost at my clit. Hmmm

“STOP! Down, pet.”

I immediately drop to my knees, lowering my head to the floor, in respect.

“Quite a little show you were putting on,” he says. “Do you enjoy touching yourself more than you enjoy your Master’s touch!”

“No Master,” I whisper. The lead in my mouth, muffling my answer.

“Come here,” he commands.

I quickly scurry to his side.

“Turn,” he commands.

I obey, my backside now entirely at his mercy.

“Here is what we will do tonight,” he says. “We will listen quietly to the music. I want you to be very hot for me when we retire. So remember, whatever happens, you are NOT to cum. If you do, I will turn off the movie and retire alone,– and you my little servant will sleep here, in your nakedness on the floor. Do you understand this?”

I nod in compliance.

“TELL ME!” he commands.

“Yes master, I understand,” I respectfully answer. ” I will not cum. I promise.”

“That is better, ” he replies.

My ass at his knees and my face to the floor, still I can sense how he is relaxing to the soothing strains of the romantic music. Soon I feel his fingers stroking my slit. I love my Masters touch. His finger are so strong and smooth. His motions so sure and confident. Master has sought the seeds of my pleasure and now uses that knowledge to both our advantage. I am so very blessed to be his!

“Move back,” he whispers. His voice is rough with desire and sends chills cascading down my backbone. I readily comply.

He picks up my knees and puts one on either side of him. Suddenly I feel him entering me. My face and breasts are lying on the rough carpet as he begins to pump into me. Slowly at first and then faster and harder. Waves of heat and desire wash over me. My breasts scrape against the carpet and soon I feel my nipples stiffen in approval.

“Ohhhhh Master,” I sigh. “You are soooo good to your whore.” I am panting faster and faster now. As his pumping grows stronger, I feel that he has entered me completely.

Master knows my body, and just as I am ready to explode he withdraws. His action leaves my ass and pussy twitching with longing for him. I gasp for air.

“You weren’t going to cum, were you?” My master asks.

“No Master. Not without your permission. I promise!”

My body aches for his touch. My pussy muscles contracting and expanding over and over again in search of the beautiful shaft that is being withheld from it.

Master briefly fingers me to obtain some of my thick wetness which he uses to lubricate my asshole. He reaches down beside his chair for the dildo he has placed along side. Innocent enough looking, this slender black leather tool could have been a policeman’s night stick. But one press of a button and it expands to a full four inches in diameter and extends another two inches long.

“You may climb down now and stand erect on your knees,” Master says.
He inserts the slender rod into my vagina. “Lean back,” he commands, his voice stern. From his tone, I know that we are going to have a new experience tonight. It is the tone he uses when I will make exceed my limits once more.

I lean backon the stick, my weight pushing it deep inside me. Master presses the button and the tool begins to inflate. “Ahhhhh!” I cry out in surprise.

“Tell me when you are full,” Master orders. “I don’t want this to damage you, but neither do I want it to fit too loosely. If you lie to me I will know by the ease with which I can extract it.”

“Yes, Master,” I gasp. “I will obey.”

I feel as if all my insides are pushed together, as if there is no room left inside of me, for me. “Enough!” I cry. “Please Master, enough!”

He gives the end of the implement a sharp tug and it doesn’t budge. Ripples of pain wash over me.

“Very good, little slut,” he says. ” You enjoy the pain, do you not? Now you may come and join me on the chair.”

Master has unzipped his trousers. His hard dick shines in the dim light and as I risk a glance behind me, I see the hot spark of desire in his eyes. I am overwhelmed with love for him.

“Spread your cheeks, slut,” He whispers, his voice low and filled with passion.

I spread my butt cheeks for him and as I begin to receive him, he gently but firmly pushes himself into me. I am not lubricated and the pain is an agony, but I know how well my efforts will please him.

The feeling of fullness is indescribable. My ass stretches for him as he enters and constricts to hold him as he withdraws. He begins pumping me slowly, rhythmically. The friction of his big cock scraping roughly against the sensitive skin of my insides. Every muscle in my body is working — striving to stay in unison with his rhythm, and as full as I am, I feel the wetness start to seep from within me.

“Do you want to cum now?” He asks.

“Oh yes Master!” I reply, my voice ragged with exertion and passion.

“THEN COME NOW!” my Master commands and with his words he delivers one more mighty thrust. The searing heat of him rips through my insides like a flood.

I explode in passion. Every inch of my body is on fire and every inch, inside and out, begins to quiver and melt like snow in spring sunlight. The room begins to spin and I see streaks of light shooting in front of my eyes.

I think I will faint until I hear the strong tones of my Master’s voice pulling me back to him. “You have passed the test, little slave,” He says. “You are mine completely and from this day, you and I will share many adventures in such forms of pleasure.”

I am overcome with love for him. He treats me so kindly and tenderly. I am so proud to at last belong totally to him. “Thank you, Master.” I exhaustedly sigh.

The Master removes himself from my innermost places. He deflates the dildo and sets it aside. He massages my carpet-burned breasts and nipples. He takes one in his mouth. His bites send little needles of pain throughout my body. I enjoy this immensely. He kisses me full on the mouth, his tongue claiming it as he has claimed the rest of my body.

I am in complete surrender to him. He pulls away and with a twinkle in his eye, he says, “But pet, we have one slight problem?”

“Master?” I question.

“You pleased me so well that I almost forgot that you promised you would not come until we retired. You broke your promise.”

“But Master, you gave me permission. You said ‘Come Now’.”

“I merely asked you if you wanted to come and when you replied in the affirmative, I said ‘Then Come Now.’ The choice to obey or not to obey, as always, was yours.”

“Oh Master, I am so sorry. Please let me make amends for my foolishness. Please don’t make me sleep here on the floor in my nakedness!”

“Do you truly promise to atone for your mistakes in the manner of my choosing? Will you except your punishment, whatever it is, as my gift of discipline to you. If you refuse, you will sleep in your nakedness on the floor here and in the morning, you will no longer be my slave. Do you understand?”

The severity of his words, strike terror in my heart. What will I do if he casts me out, or worse trades me to another master. Others have been as cruel as he has been kind. They have used me only for their pleasure; then abased me, humiliated me and scorned me. ” Master, what would you have me do? I will do anything to earn your forgiveness!”

“Go clean yourself my pet, and make yourself ready for me. You know what I expect. I will join you momentarily.”

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