A Shower Fantasy
by Laylah

He climbed into the steaming shower behind her. She turned to him with the soap in her hands and began to work up lather on his strong hairless chest. He watched her face as she concentrated on the task at hand.

He reached for the soap and took it from her. He kissed her mouth and gently turned her to face the stream of water. He reached around her and slowly began to lather her small, taught breasts with the white suds. She leaned her head back and put her hands over his; he pushed them away, placing each palm on the tiled wall in front of her.

His hands continued to glide freely over the front of her chest and stomach and she could feel him stiffening against her backside. She arched her back, urging him in her stance to caress her hardening nipples. Her bottom pushed against his hard cock.

She could feel the hard bar of soap as he moved it gently over her breasts. He created lazy circles with the palm of his hands. He moved down her front and let one index finger reach between her nether lips. She let out a small gasp as the tip of his finger found her exposed clit.

He continued to tease her lightly as he put the bar of soap in front of her face. He lathered his left hand carefully as she watched and he placed the soap in the cradle under the showerhead.

His hand disappeared behind her and he pulled away to soap his cock. Then he quickly pushed his slick middle finger into her ass. She sucked in her breath and her knees buckled. He cupped the front of her body with his right hand and pushed his fingers inside of her wet cunt, holding her steady. He pulled her cheeks apart with one hand and she felt the slick tip of his hard cock at the entrance of her soapy ass.

She was suddenly powerless in his arms, wanting him. The opening was tight. He began to rock in and out of her body. With each slow thrust, he invaded her ass, deeper and deeper. His other hand flat against her clit, moving in slow circles.

Her head was thrown back and she now moaned with uncontrolled passion. Small mewing noises continued to emanate from her throat. With one final thrust, he buried himself completely inside of her. She could feel his balls against her bottom. He held her body tightly against his and leaned forward to kiss her. His tongue penetrated her throat as his cock throbbed deep inside her ass. He found her hard little clit with his index finger and began to massage it carefully.

Her body responded of it’s own accord and her hips began to move in that timeless rhythm. Her cries became guttural in nature as she moved back and forth on his steel cock. Her teeth clenched his bottom lip and he moaned into her mouth as her body tightened with pleasure under the hot stream of water. He could feel her entire body quake in a shuttering orgasm and he could not longer control himself.

He grabbed her hips and his strokes became longer and quicker. He pulled his head up from her mouth and growled at the ceiling as he came in hot spurts into her ass.

They fell together against the cool tile wall to catch their breath before finishing the shower…