The Spider Takes The Fly by lilsprite

It was late as JeanAnne closed and locked the doors of the bar she worked at. “What a night” she thinks to herself, “all those happy couples, drinking, dancing and by now rolling on the bed in heated passions.” 

Bundling up in her warm coat and snow boots, she slipped out the back door to head for her car. She has just enough time to meet SirSpider online, for some training and then cybersex. “I guess it’s another night of internet passion for me.” she thinks out loud. 

As she reached her car strong arms suddenly surround her, a hand clamping itself over her mouth. “Don’t move, don’t scream,” a voice whispered in her ear, “don’t even struggle and you won’t get hurt.” Her heart thudded as she tried to be perfectly still, to scared to scream. He loosened his hold slightly, prepared for a struggle. Finding none, he quickly drew her arms behind her and snapped handcuffs on her wrists. Next he pulled a blindfold from his pocket and sealed off her vision. Roughly he spins her around to face him and pinning her against her car, crushing her in a deep kiss. Pulling away suddenly, he shoves a gag in her mouth and fastens it behind her head. 

Bound, sightless, now unable to scream she feels his hands roam her body thru her coat. He pulls her by the front of her coat, “Come,” he said, “don’t make me hurt you…yet.” He laughs evilly as he leads her to his car. Opening the door and putting her in the bucket seat, he buckles her in then ties her ankles down with the ropes he’d put there for just that reason. “Can’t have you kicking me or anything, now can I?” he says as he breathes in the scent of her fear and musky cologne. 

Paul got in his side and starts to drive her to his secluded cabin outside of town. He wonders if she knows it’s him, SirSpider. They met online 6 months ago and they had scened together pretty intensely. What she didn’t know is that he had always frequented the bar she worked at and one day realized that she was his ‘barfly’ online. Just by the comments she’d make while serving customers, lines she had written him said casually to clienetele. 

He’d begged her to meet him, knowing her real personality and believing they would be great together, but she declined, claiming it was to soon. He’d accepted that until tonight, after listening to her banter with her customers at the bar. After hearing her say that she’d love her man to steal her away then seeing the slight blush and nod of her head in response to the ‘her man?’ questions from those seated at the bar. 

“I’m going to use your body tonight, to satisfy my desires,” he tells her as he drives, “I will not kill you, or seriously harm you in any way, however, you will do whatever I say or….” He left that statement hanging, letting her wonder. 

She did wonder ‘Do I know that voice?’ She couldn’t place it, but it sounded familiar. She was still pretty scared, but a new feeling of desire was building. She had spent many nights in rough sex scene’s with SirSpider, she was already horny from banter at the bar, and she was pretty sure that this man was going to rape her. Deep within her a fire began to build. 

Her head was spinning with conflicted emotions as he drove on in silence. 

He turned in the driveway, an erection stirring as he anticipated the realization of a fantasy. Kidnap and rape, within the confines of their online scene’s, he was going to use her in every way. 

She sits there, drooling from the gag, when the car stops and he gets out. Her door opens then he unbuckles her and carries her inside. She whimpers as he drops her on the bed of his prepared one room cabin. She cannot see the dungeon decor, or the many items he has laid out to cause her pain with. 

Paul grins as he caresses her face, “You are mine…finally” he whispers in her ear. He pulls her into a sitting position on the bed, unbuttoning her her coat and pushing it off her shoulders. Fumbling on the buttons of her blouse he gets impatient and rips it open. “Ah, just as I suspected,” he says, “no bra on you, and my what nice tits you have!” He pinches her nipples, hard enough to make her flinch and whimper again. “My pet, the night has just begun,” evilly laughing. 

He picks up the knife he laid out and begins to methodically cutting away her clothing. She flinched and he grabbed her hair, pulling her face close to his. “Don’t move a muscle,” he whispered in her ear, “the knife is very sharp and I wouldn’t want to prick your skin, unless I need to.” Soon she is completey naked except for her snow boots, clothing in shreds all around her. 

He pulls off her boots and pushes her back on the bed. Quickly cuffing each ankle to the corner post he savors the smoothly silkiness of each bare leg. 

Spread eagled, naked with her hands cuffed behind her back, she can only squirm and whimper behind the gag. She has not fought him and now realizes that she has no choice but to submit to his will and hopes he only means to rape, not kill her. Alone in her darkness she secretly hopes he will do all the nasty things she fantazied about online. 

He sits her up again, this time uncuffing one wrist then pulled her down again, pinning her arms above her and recuffing her wrist. Pulling them taut above her head he fastens them to a chain he had waiting there. 

He stops to admire her body, from the hardened nipples to the lush mound, his eyes devour her. Looking to the table at the implements he has out, he ponders…’what first?’ he thinks. 

He picks up the nipple clamps and the small riding crop. Bending over her he first licks a nipple, watching her jump, then clamps it and moves to the other, repeating the process. Standing up again he begins to strike her tits with the crop. She begins to scream behind her gag, the unexpectedness catching her off guard. Knowing it’s within her limits he continues. She shakes her head side to side, trying to twist her body away from the crop, to no avail. Suddenly he stops, the burn continuing. 

Trying to catch her breathe she notices that her pussy is aching for the same treatment. As if he read her mind, he begins striking her again, this time on her pussy. Keeping a steady rhythym it doesn’t take long to see her rise to each stroke, searching for an orgasm. 

“I knew you were a pain slut, from the moment I laid eyes on you,” he tells her. “I knew I would possess you, to impose my will and desires upon you.” “Maybe I will even keep you, after I am done with you tonight, for I have great pain to give.” 

She shudders as her orgasm over takes her and from the deep feeling of fear of losing herself. 

Before she can regain her senses from the orgasm he has her unchained from the bed, standing with her wrists cuffed together in front of her. He removed both nipple clamps, watching her wince as the returning blood burns each nipple. He pulls her across the room and pushes her over a tall padded stool, her tits hanging down and hips at the edge. Quickly fastening her wrists and ankles he briefly admires the curve of her hips and swell of each cheek as he cinches a waist belt around her and the stool. 

Paul picks up a hairbrush next. “Your long hair has captivated me on many occasion. Now I shall make it MY captive.” He begins brushing it back, gathering it into a ponytail. Holding it tightly he pulls her head up and reaches for the band and a long leather string. Tying off the ponytail he then places the string across her forehead and pulling the ends back braids them into her hair. Keeping her head up he ties the string ends to the loop on the belt at her waist. 

JeanAnne hears him move away again. She is calm and relaxed, having enjoyed her hair being brushed and braided, yet still she quivers for she knows he will torment her some more. She is unable to lower her head as goosebumps ripple her body. 

She feels his hands at her neck unfastening the gag. As he pulls it from her mouth he warns, “You can scream all you want, for we’re far away from hearing ears, however when I tire of it I will gag you again.” She gasps in air and gingerly closes her aching jaw. Thankful to have it gone she remains silent. 

He steps back to fully admire his barfly. The sleek lines from her shoulder to the sweet curve of her firm, tanned ass. The tight muscles of her thighs, and the glorious love center exposed to his view. He notices her breathing is heavy and her nipples are hard. Smiling to himself, he knows she will be his forever when the night is through. 

Picking up his riding crop he begins to slap her ass. Left, right, left, right, reddening each cheek until she cries out in pain. “That’s it, cry for me baby,” he says as he strikes her hard enough to leave a welt. “Beg for mercy if you will, for soon I shall have you begging for more.” Striking her other cheek for a matching welt, he leans down and licks the first one. 

Trading the crop for a small flogger he begins to flog her entire back. Warming her shoulders he works his way down and onto her thighs, leaving a reddened glow upon her. 

JeanAnne is moaning and writhing within her tight confines, her mind soaring with sensations and pleasure. She is surprisingly unafraid. It’s somehow familiar. She thinks of her scenes online with SirSpider. She could almost believe this was him, the words He typed are what this man is doing. She hears his voice again and wonders why it’s familiar too. ‘The bar’ she thinks, ‘maybe I’ve served him before.’ 

Moving to the front of her again he cups her hanging tits in his hands. His breathe hot on her cheek he whispers, “I’m going to give you an opportunity to pleasure me now, if you hurt me I will hurt you worse.” As he stands she feels his hard cock against her cheek. He waps one cheek then the other with his stiff organ and says “Open.” She complies and he slips the tip in her mouth. “Remember, do not bite my pet, you WILL regret it.” 

Having no desire to hurt him, she begins to lick his hot head, tasteing the drop of pre-cum there. She sucks him in deeper, realizing how open her throat is with the position of her head. He begins to rhythymically thrust, enjoying the hot wetness of her mouth and the smooth silkiness of her tongue. As she takes him deeper and deeper he begins to feel the familiar tightening in his balls. As he begins to shoot his load down her throat he moans “Yes that’s it, take it all for it is only the first offering of my cum you will receive.” He pulls out as she finishes swallowing all he had to give. 

“Do I know you?” JeanAnne asks quietly, the first words she has spoken. Paul hesitated in answering her, unsure of what he wanted to say just yet. He has taken great risks, yet he loves her and believes she unknowingly loves him too. “Your body seems to ‘know’ my touch, does it not?” he says with a smile. Reaching for the gag Paul hushes her, “No more questions from you, you are mine to use for now.” 

Undoing her from the stool Paul pulls her across the room. Stopping, he lifts her arms above her head and fastens them to the cuffs hanging from the ceiling beam. Kneeling he fastens her ankle cuffs to the eyebolts in the floor, spreading her legs wide open for his access. 

“Long have I waited to take you, use you and show you the wanton slut that you are.” his voice coming from behind her. His hands snaked around to her tits, crushing her body to his hard nakedness. His heat seared her. “My whip aches to dance on your body,” his lips at her cheek as he runs one hand down to cup her sex. “Feel my hardening cock against you? Soon it will penetrate your very soul.” 

Stepping back he begins to whip her tender ass with a cat-o-nine tail. Slowly he moves up, then down her body and then round to the front. JeanAnne cries out as the tips of the whip hit her hard nipples, burning her chest and sending fires to her pussy. 

Stopping, he picks up the nipple clamps and puts them on her again. As he crushed each nipple in the clamp, JeanAnne moaned deeply. 

Paul kneeled between her legs, having laid out several dildos, vibrators and lube on a towel at her feet. Placing his face next to her furry mound he inhales her musky scent. Breathing hot air on her, he picks up a large vibrator and plunges it up into her depths. She cries out in surprise and he turns it on a low speed. He begins to slowly fuck her with the vibrator while he teases her clit with his tongue. Soon she is rolling and bucking her hips in an effort to increase the pressure and speed. 

He sucks her clit into his mouth as he pulls the vibrator from her wet box. Grabbing the biggest dildo he shoves it in and brings her to a small orgasm, the first of many he has planned for her. Hardly easing the pressure against her clit Paul picks up a small vibrator and begins to tease her rear entrance with it. Shoving in it suddenly he sucks in hard on her clit, sending simultaneous waves of pleasure and pain thru her body.A small scream escapes the gag. 

Rising up he flicks her clamped nipples with his tongue, pulling her body to him by her filled ass. Licking her neck and biting her ear, he undoes the gag and kisses her deeply. Rubbing his hard cock on her clit, he turns up the vibrator and nudges his cock towards her pussy, slowly, seeking her thrust, before entering her. 

Feeling him there, wanting him deep within her, JeanAnne arched to him, no longer caring if she knew him or if he meant her real harm. “Please” she begs, “please.” Paul thrust in full length, lifting her off her toes. Feeling her spasm and quiver he pulls back and starts in slowly again. This is the moment he’d been waiting for, he knew she had given herself to him and he took her. Feeling her mucles tighten and her orgasm overtake her he explodes into his own, feeling glorious like he’d
never felt before. 

With his cock still deep within her, Paul released JeanAnne into his arms and took her to the bed. Holding her tightly he hoped she felt it too. 

JeanAnne snuggled in his arms, floating back yet not wanting the fantasy to end. She let herself believe that this was her SirSpider and gave into this ‘rape’. As she laid there, feeling his hand stroking her face, she wished she had agreed to meet Him, that this could’ve been Him. A tear escapes her blindfold. Hoping against all odds, she asked again “Do I know you?” 

“What will you do with me now?” she softly continued, “I know your voice, yet not your face. Your touch is very gentle and your voice is too caring to be that of a rapist, I do not believe you mean to harm me.” Paul says nothing, just pulling her more tightly to him. Listening to him inhale JeanAnne whispers “I wish you my online lover.” 

Paul reaches up and gently unties the blindfold covering JeanAnne’s eyes. Gazing at her, giving her a moment to look at him, he says “‘Welcome to my web’ said the spider to the fly.”