His Collar

by Daddy’s Little One

It was Friday afternoon and I knew he often likes us to go out for dinner on Friday, so I wanted to be sure to be ready when he returned home from work.  I had a strong urge to dress nicer, for some reason, instead of my usual pants and shirt, so I decided to wear a skirt and blouse for him tonight.  To make it extra special, I wore thigh-highs, garter belt and a pretty, lacy bra with no panties (Just in case he was feeling ‘frisky’! ~wink~).

Shortly after 4:30 (the time he usually gets out of work) I started watching for him to pull into the driveway.  When I saw him arrive and start to come up the walk, I went over by the door and knelt with my legs spread wide, my hands clasped behind my head, my back straight and my eyes lowered, just as a good submissive should greet her Dom.  As soon as the door opened my heart raced and I could not help but smile to myself – This is not the way he requires me to greet him all the time, but I know it pleases him greatly when I do.

After he closed the door, he walked over to the coffee table and put his keys down, then I heard him shuffling through the mail that I had placed there earlier in the afternoon.  Every now and then I could sense him looking over at me and I just knew he was smiling as he teased me with his silence.  “That’s okay,” I thought to myself, still smiling softly, “I can prove to him that I am obedient and will not speak until spoken to – But I sure hope he hurries!”  Finally, he spoke, “How was your day, Little One?” 

“My day was very pleasant, thank you Sir, but my evening will be much better now that you are home.”

“You look very nice this evening.  Any special reason?”

“You, Sir – You are all the special reason I need.  Thank you for the compliment, Daddy,” I replied.

“Hmmmm…I find that interesting, Dear.  It just so happens that I have special plans in mind for this evening.  It appears that you anticipated that, somehow, and are prepared.”

My smile widened as I replied, “I’m glad I got dressed up for you, then, Sir.”

“I’m glad too, Little One.  How does Don Pablo’s sound for dinner tonight?  I know that’s one of your favorite restaurants.” 

“It sounds great, Sir.  We haven’t been there in a while so I would love some tamales and a margarita.”

“Okay, then, it’s settled, that’s where we’ll go.”

“Thank you, Sir.  We’ll enjoy it very much, I’m sure.”

“You’re welcome, Little One,” he replied as he approached me.  He stood behind me then ran his fingers through my hair, over my cheeks, down my neck and into the top of my blouse.  As he leaned there and tenderly rubbed the tops of my breasts, he kissed my cheek and softly said, “Mmmm…You smell good enough to eat,” then chuckled.  I giggled softly, struggling to keep from looking up at him.

“You may get up now, Little One.  Come over here and sit next to me,” he said as he walked toward the couch.  I rose and walked to him then sat down beside him, as he had instructed.  “Are you curious about what I have in store for you tonight?” he asked.

“Yes, Sir,” I replied, smiling at him like a little girl waiting for a piece of candy.

“Dear, you and I have been in a Dom/sub relationship for several months now and things have been going pretty well.”  He took my hand in his and looked into my eyes as he continued, “Are you happy with our relationship, Little One?”

“Oh yes, Daddy, I am very happy, thank you.”

“Good, I’m glad.  I think it’s time to move on to the next level.”  As he grasped my hand tighter, I felt my heart flutter.  “Little One, please kneel for me.”  My face flushed with warmth, not sure what to anticipate but knowing that it was good, whatever he was up to.  I slid off the couch, to my knees, and placed myself directly in front of him with my hands on his thighs.  As I looked up at him, he took my chin gently in his hand then leaned down and kissed me.  “Do you wish to take our relationship further, Baby?” he asked quietly.  “Do you want to become my slave?”  My heart burst with pride as my eyes welled with tears of joy.  I couldn’t speak; I just closed my eyes, wrapped my arms around his waist and put my head on his chest, hugging him as tightly as I could.  “I hope you’re not crying because you’re sad, Little One,” he whispered as he brushed away some of my tears.  “No, Daddy, I’m not sad.  I am so happy, I can’t describe it,” I replied softly.  He again raised my chin while still looking down at me, the love shining from his eyes as he smiled, “Then, stop those tears, please.” 

He reached into the drawer of the end table next to him and pulled out a small, rectangular box.  I looked at the box, then up at him, wondering what was inside it.  I was watching his face admiringly as he opened the box and took out the object which it contained.  He put the box down on the table then held the object in both hands.  When I looked to see what he had, I discovered it was a collar – His collar. I could not believe this was actually happening; it was like a wonderful dream that I never wanted to wake up from.

The collar was a thin, coral-colored, suede-leather one with silver accents.  It was delicate and feminine and I could tell it had been chosen with great care, possibly even specially made.  He began to unbuckle it as he held it in front of me, “I would like to place this collar around your neck, for all to see.  It is a symbol of your devotion to me, your new Master, and a symbol that you belong to me.  Will you accept my collar, Little One?  Will you wear it with pride?”  I could barely answer, I was so overjoyed, but I managed to squeak out a reply, “Yes, Sir…it would be such an honor for me to wear your collar.  I have been dreaming of this day, of this moment, for a long time.”  He smiled like a proud father as he fastened the collar on me, then continued, “By placing this collar on you, things will be changing between us.”  I looked at him, listening carefully.  “With me as your Master and you as my slave, the ‘rules’ will change.  Not for the worse, mind you, but they will become more defined – more stringent.  Do you understand, Little One?” 


“I think so, Daddy.”

“Your limits may get pushed more.  Your pain tolerance levels may be tested.  I will be more stern with you when you do something that needs correction.  In fact, I will expect far less need for correction, Dear.  Is this acceptable?”

“Yes, Sir, it is.”

“From now on you may call me ‘Master’, in addition to ‘Daddy’ or ‘Sir’.  You should never call me by my real name, except under special circumstances, such as when other people are around.  Is that clear, also, Little One?”

“Yes, Daddy…er, Master, I understand.”  The name for him felt so right – It came off my tongue so easily.  I could tell that this was the dawn of a new day, and a very happy day at that.  He took my face in his hands once again, then leaned down to kiss me passionately.  I reached up and embraced him, wishing this moment would never end.  Alas, we stopped kissing, but we continued to hold each other lovingly.  “I am proud to have you as my slave, Little One.  I know you will continue to grow and learn and serve me well.” 

“I will do my best, Sir.  You will always know my love and devotion are true,” I said, smiling happily.  “With you as my Master, to guide me and teach me, how can I go wrong?”

“I would like you to wear your new collar to dinner.  Will you do that for me, Little One?”

“Of course I will, Master.  I want to show it off to the world!”

“Well, I doubt ‘the world’ will understand the significance of it, but we will and that’s all that matters.”

Part Two

As soon as we walked in the door after returning home from dinner, he grabbed me and began kissing me wildly.  He was groping me roughly as he pushed me toward the bedroom.  When we hit the bed he shoved me down onto it with mock brutality, then fell on top of me, continuing to assault me with kisses, fondling me and thrusting his hips against mine.  This was an enticingly different technique for him and I found it very exciting.  Knowing this man, who was filled with such heated passion, was still the same man I knew with the tender heart, was creating a blazing fire within me – it was such an appealing combination of characteristics. 

Before I realized what was happening, he had my skirt pulled up and was fucking me with wild abandon!  I reached such a major high from this treatment, it was driving me absolutely crazy with lust!  I came so fast I never had time to ask for his permission, but he didn’t seem to care.  After my pussy stopped throbbing he somehow flipped me over onto my stomach and ordered me to climb further onto the bed so he could restrain my arms.  “Stick your ass up, Baby!  I’ve got to take your ass NOW!”  He had never done this before so the thought made me nervous at first, but without hesitating I did exactly as he told me to, my head spinning.  As I was rising to my knees, he reached into the nightstand to get the tube of lubricant then applied some to my virgin asshole.  He knelt between my spread legs then slowly began to impale me on his cock.  The pain shot through me with such intensity that I thought I would pass out, but I buried my face in the pillow to keep from screaming as he continued his pursuit of my ass.  With just a few slow strokes I loosened up enough to where it started to feel incredibly good having him in there.  He was making noises, as he began moving faster, that I had never heard him make before.  It was more than obvious that he was thoroughly enjoying himself, which made all of the pain worthwhile for me.

Soon he was saying things to me between thrusts, such as, “You are mine now!…To do with as I please!…Whenever I please!…Wherever I please!”  The sweet reality of his words hit me just as hard as the strokes of his cock and created increased desire within me.  “Yes, Master!”, I yelled, “I am yours completely!”  He pounded in and out of me so fast and hard that the bed was banging against the wall – for a moment I was even worried it might collapse – but he kept on going for an amazingly long time.  I had never felt so much sexual energy in my life!  He continued to ravish my body for the longest time, as I experienced orgasm after magnificent orgasm.  My mind seemed to float, as if in subspace, though not quite the same; it was, however, equally pleasurable.

Seeming to have unending stamina, after taking my ass and filling it with his cum, he made me lie on my back in restraints.  He straddled my head while he held onto my hair and fucked my hungry mouth like never before, then fed me his cum once again.  This man seemed to be fueled with a new fire in his soul – One of passion, love and lust.  As he had promised when he collared me, things had definitely changed between us.  We had evolved to a new level, one much more intense than we had known before, and one that neither of us could ever experience without the other.  It was more apparent that we were destined to be together, more than it had ever been before.  And it was confirmed that we had a bond that could never be broken by time, nor distance, nor anyone but God.  There was a deep need in each of us that no one else on Earth could fulfill, and one we would continue to fulfill for each other for many years to come, as Master and slave.