Submission Story –  The Naughty Girl
by Chastiser

Amy stands in front of her Master, her head bowed, only her eyes looking up at him in a supplicating manner, not daring to let her eyes meet his. Her shoulders are dropped and her hands are clasped in front of her, fingers intertwined. She feels a little nervous, her stomach turning but she feels excited too! She isn’t sure if the trembling she feels is caused by trepidation or anticipation. “Master”, she says, “Amy has been a bad girl!”

Mike Look down at Amy, and thinks, such a pretty slave, but always so naughty, and by her own admission i must now punish her.

He grasps Amy by the shoulder, takes hold of the silk shift she is wearing, and rips it from her body, leaving her standing there, naked and defenceless.He regards her for a moment, noting her beautiful full breasts, the nipples hardening as he watches; her lovely slim waist and beautiful long legs, topped by the neatly trimmed patch of silken hair. Amy stands perfectly still, feeling her Master’s steely gaze upon her and waits for his instructions.

Mike points to the metal rings set into the wall, Amy looks at him, her expression showing fear and longing and she walks to the rings and waits for her Master to tie her wrists to them. Mike takes the leather straps and firmly and evenly fastens the ties, enough so that Amy cannot escape or slip out of them without causing cuts or lack of circulation. He then pulls on the straps so that Amy is just able to stand on tip toe. She cannot escape!

Amy, bites her lip, she is facing the wall and cannot see what her Master is doing now, she feels exposed, hanging from the straps, her bare buttocks vunerable. She can feel the rough surface of the wall pressing against her breasts, can smell the faint odour of paint on the plaster, her senses heightened by her impending fate.

Amy cried out, unprepared, she suddenly felt a stinging pain on her buttocks, at the same time, half consiously she heard the slap of the switch as it made contact with her exposed skin, she could feel the heat of the welt already making her skin glow. Again, even before she could draw breath, she again felt the pain of another blow next to, but not on top of the first. The heat spreading across her skin, and she could now feel a different heat, lower down; her body betraying her, as her pussy came alive at the sweetness of her Master’s punishment. Again the switch fell, Amy gasped at the pain and then groaned as she felt the intensity of the pleasure growing between her legs. Ten times her Master laid the switch on her, each blow next to the last, Amy knew that the welts covered her buttocks, top to bottom, the redness completly covering the swell of her shapely cheeks.

What was next? Amy thought, What will He do? Then, she could feel the tip of the switch stroking her leg, from the knee and up the inside of her thigh. She shivered as it reached the top, she could almost feel each hair as the switch touched it, she gasped as it touched her outer lips, this instrument of pain now teasing her! Amy felt the switch laying along the length of her lips, then, a sudden pressure and the tip slid between them, touching the tip of her clit, she sucked the air in through her teeth at the sensation, the stab of pleasure that ran through her. Then she could feel the tip of the switch sliding back until it reached the dark mystery of her pussy, it dipped inside briefly, the tip being moistened by the juices of her excitement. Then the switch was gone.

Amy felt a pressure at her neck as her collar was grasped, her head pulled back and she was made to kiss the switch, in doing so she could taste her own juices and this inflamed her even more. In her heightened state she could feel her Master undoing the straps and she almost stumbled as the weight returned to her feet, but she quickly managed to stand in the correct pose, patiently waiting for the next punishment.

Mike gestured to the bed and Amy went willingly, not betraying any sign outwardly that would show her need, keeping within her the desire for her Master to anything and everything to her.

As she neared the bed, Mike pushed her roughly onto it, turning her so that she was face up, He was momentarily distracted as her beautiful breasts moved as if they had a life of their own and he felt a hardness growing within himself. He reached under the bed and produced some white silken cords about a quarter of an inch thick, each end was beautifully backspliced and intertwined with single strands of red silk cotton. He fashioned a knot on each of Amy’s wrists, it was his knot, his signature, each wrist tied with a separate cord. He then tied each wrist to an ankle so that the wrist and the ankle touched, again using ‘His’ knot. He looked down at Amy, in that position he could see every beautiful part of her. Her pussy glistening with her excitement. Next he took another cord and firstly tied it round one of Amy’s knees and then he looped the cord round the bed frame and pulled it tight, making Amy’s knee move further down towards the bed, he then fastened it there. Mike then did the same thing with the other of Amy’s knees, knowing that there was no more movement available from Amy’s hips, her legs could not be opened further. Her pussy was now opened, even her lips were being spread, there was not a part of that beautiful pussy that he couldn’t see.

Amy couldn’t move any part of her lower body, the cords holding her tightly, firmly almost comfortingly. She knew that she was totally exposed and she could feel the cool air on her wetness. She could feel her Master fixing a short length of chain to her collar and fixing it to the bed so that she now could not even raise her head. She was totally helpless now and she released her mind to it, allowing her subconsious desires to awaken, relishing the freedom of her captivity, treasuring the sensuality of her situation and completly trusting her Master.

Her nostrils flared, that smell, only one thing smelt like that!!! As her Master approached the light was flickering, she knew with absolute certainty that he was coming towards her carrying a lighted candle. She moaned.

Amy watched, transfixed, as her Master leant forward over her. In slow motion she watched the first droplets of melted hot wax fall towards her. She screamed as the wax dripped onto her left nipple, the intensity of the pain mingling with the tingling from her clit that was growing to such an enormity that her mind was becoming confused with the mixture of sensations. She screamed again, the scream twisting into a moan as wax now fell onto her right nipple, a small wave washed over her as she experienced a mini cum, her pussy gushing at the experience. She became aware of her Master gently squeezing her clit and then she couldnt control the next wave of sensation as she immediately came again.

Her eyes opened as the sensations subsided slightly and she realised that her Master had now disrobed and was climbing on top ot her, she was transfixed, she could not move as his body moved between her legs. She realised that he was already hard, his penis extended out in front of his body, as she felt the tip against her clit, the feeling was indescribable and she knew that she would come again soon. She felt him move up her body till he was sitting on her stomach, and he reached forward and unfastened the chain restraing her head. Amy raised her head and looked at her Master, she could see his thick thighs straddling her, she could see his proud cock pointing towards her, the foreskin back, a small droplet of pre cum oozing out of the tip and his balls resting on her stomach. She watched him, loving everything she could see. He took hold of his cock and started to masturbate and at the same time Amy felt his fingers first on her clit and then down further till she could feel two fingers enter her pussy. She couldnt move, she was helpless and knew that her Master could do anything he wanted.

Amy felt her Master’s fingers curve up inside her, applying pressure to the front wall of her pussy, to that sensative spot, on the key to wanton abandon. God, how she loved the way that he knew every button to push, the way that he knew every string to pull, the way that he owned her completely.

She watched him slide up her body even further, touching each nipple with the tip of his cock and she shuddered. Felt him slide up more and then felt him grab her hair and pull her head forward, she looked hungrily at his cock only inches from her face and she opened her lips in anticipation. She consumed his cock, enclosing its hardness with the softness of her lips, sliding her head back and forth, trembling as her Masted applied matching pressure to the front wall of her pussy, mirroring her movement, she could feel his fingers brush against her cervix as they penetrated deep within her. She knew with absolute certainty that the trembling in the muscles of her inner thighs, the burning of her clit and the explosion taking place within her pussy heralded another orgasm.

Suddenly, her Master, knowing her well, pulled his cock out of her mouth and began to masturbate even faster, Amy watching this cried out with pleasure as this sight excited her even more, his hands moving in unison, one around his rigid cock and the other deep within Amy. He arched his back, his hands now moving furiously, and then it happened, He shouted in estacy, the tip of his penis swelled and a jet of cum squirted over Amy. She felt its heat and marvelled at the quantity of semen as her face and breasts were annointed, some of it went into her open mouth and she savoured the spicy saltiness of it, then it was too much for her, his fingers moving still inside of her and the visual stimulation of her Master taking his pleasure forced her over the edge. She had no breath, her lungs had emptied themselves with a scream, her skin was burning, her pussy was on fire, her limbs shaking in their captivity. Her clit felt like it was being squeezed in a vice, she could feel herself passing out from so much stimulation, she felt her head was exploding and all the time waves of orgasme shook her helpless body till the muscles relaxed and contracted on their own, she had no control, she had no body, she knew nothing but the feelings within her self. She felt the tears flowing from her eyes as the emotion welled up inside her, such happiness, such abandon and so much love for her Master.

She felt a hand stroking her cheek and knew the touch of her Master, she opened her eyes at last, wet from tears and looked upon her Master, How she loved him, she knew that she truely belonged to him, her body just a physical offering, the true love deep inside, a love that she trustingly put into her Masters firm but gentle hands.

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