Submission Story – Towelling Dry Mistress Sarah
by abandaniel

Mistress Sarah stepped out of the shower and i held Her towel for Her. Her magnificence glimmered through the sparkling water clinging to Her flesh. How i knew each droplets’ joy to be so close to Her, and their sorrow as the towel absorbed them away from Her. They melt into the towel’s dark, emotionless embrace, comforted and anguished by the memory of Mistress’s sunshine – Her lifegiving radiance now parted from them. And when nature would return the droplets to the blue sky, they would long only to once again descend to earth to seek to Mistress Sarah.

my hands trembled as they felt Her shoulders through the cloth. i felt ashamed of my inferior nervous system unable to control its self when touching Her, yet that was just one of the reasons i needed Her so much – so that She could be my nervous system, my mind, my body, my control – so that the responsibilities of my choices and actions could be taken away from my inadequate self so that i might be trustworthy. i also felt gratitude to the Goddess my maker that my nervous system could be so overwhelmed by this Woman’s presence, that i had been granted at least that much wisdom. i wished to squeeze Her shoulders a bit more, under the pretext of drying them, to steady my hands, but the fear of assuming too much freedom for myself and angering my Lady kept me cautious. Instead, i gently held cloth to shoulder, as one would touch delicately the most precious of treasures, and again betrayed the inadequacy of my decision making.

“How do you expect to dry me if you barely touch me?” She scolded me to improve me. Now my legs trembled and were swept with weakness. The idea that they might fail to support me passed through my mind, so that i momentarily imagined myself dropping to my knees, where i belonged anyway in the presence of Mistress Sarah. As i saw myself thus lowered, i couldn’t help but imagine the sight of Mistress’s wonderful Pussy before my face. My shame increased. Was i so out of control with my thoughts?

Who was i to imagine Mistress’s Pussy, without Her permission, when my mind was supposed to be on my drying duties? And even as i noticed my outrageous thinking i also noticed my hands had begun to squeeze Her shoulders, to steady myself.

“That’s better,” She said. Could it be possible She had not read my thoughts through my eyes, that She was not aware of my indiscretion?

“At least the pressure is better, but you’re still being much to slow,” She continued. “You must rub My shoulders with the towel, down My arms and back, if you are to dry me properly.”

She smiled that smile that made my entire chest feel like a single sigh the size of the whole universe

“It’s all right,” She said. “You mustn’t be afraid to touch Your Mistress if the job She gives you calls for it. And, dear,you must even rub down from my shoulders to my breasts, to dry me there.”

This was too much. Mistress was giving me permission to touch Her breasts! Though there would be, respectfully, the towel between my fingertips and Her flesh, still this was more than i could have hoped for, though, like actually seeing Her Pussy, it was something I so often dreamed about. When She stepped out of the shower it was the first time She had ever appeared nude in front of me, and i knew which of Her body parts i should avert my eyes away from – all of Her body parts between Her shoulders and calves. She had already given me permission to look into Her face, that smile, even Her eyes, and had allowed me to see and touch (and kiss… sigh) Her feet.

“So i may,” i had to pause a moment before asking, as my breath seemed to escape me, “look down… at your breasts?” …i qualified my question… “in order to dry them?”

Her left hand rose… Goddess!!… rose to touch my cheek with Her fingertips!…and She said!… “Yes. To dry them… and to enjoy them.”

The kindness! The divine compassion of this Mistress! my spine fortified, as i sought all the strength i might muster, to serve Her, to dry Her, and not to fail this in this opportunity She has given me, to see Her breasts with my own eyes. My eyes, first, remained locked to Her’s, for it was in their depth, where the Source of the Universe resides, i shall find All strength, then, with a deep breath, i savored the lowering of my gaze… to Her collarbone, artfully stretched from Her right to Her left shoulder, again reminding me of the Universe’s Wholeness, its polar halves connected by the touch of Her Presence. Savoring the moment more, my gaze rose tlook at Her neck, a beautiful, long slender tower ascending into the Heavens of Her chin, then that smile, that smile that told me Her eyes followed mine and knew my ecstasy.

She was pleased that the moment’s prospect delivered me to such feeling, and that gave me the
final amount of strength i needed to charge the electrifying warm rushes to floating transcendence, to appreciate the moment fully, of seeing for the first time Her breasts… i looked down.

There They were, Her Breasts. i didn’t move, but All-That-Is moved in on me. Somewhere in the back of my mind, where feeling is thought and thought is felt, liquid fire molded chaos and sun and moon raced through dividing flickers of clouds against constant blue, and space and stars quaked to ultimate white and black. i didn’t move, i know not how long, for i was content with Eternity catching up to all my pursuits’ dreams, nurture by the Goddess. And i knew Eternity had no limits,, that even this moment could be greater, for it was, when i felt Her hand gently caress the back of my head and pull my face closer to Her breasts, not so close that i might kiss or lick them,, just out of reach.

Now it was as if i saw into inner space, and it was solid milky flesh between molecular galaxies, and warm blood reaching out as hard, kind nipples. Almost hypnotically my hands raised the towel to touch the breasts, to care for that which so cared for the children. The moisture there matched the moisture that had come risen in my eyes. Her lips touched my forehead and She said, “Little baby.”

“i’ve been so bad,” i said, sniffling.

“I know,” She replied so sympathetically, so understanding. “And I will punish you,” She said so kindly.

“Oh, thank You Mistress,” i said.

“It will be all right, darling,” She said. “But now hush, and concentrate on drying Me off.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“You may dry me to my waist, but be sure not to touch or look at me below there.”

“Yes, my Goddess.”

“You don’t think you deserve to look at your Mistress’s Pussy or Ass, do you?”

“No, of course not Mistress.”

“Very good, my sweet.”

i continued drying Her breasts, Her ribs, down to Her tummy and belly button. i felt more weakness as i toweled Her belly button, careful not to let my gaze accidentally fall to forbidden sights. i rubbed the towel up Her back, to Her shoulder blades, and then to Her wonderful, beautiful hair, careful to dry every strand and not to pull or discomfort Her in anyway.

“Am i drying You well, Mistress?” i asked.

“you’re OK,” She answered.

i grew bold and dared to ask, “Mistress… do You… do You enjoy me drying You off… the way i touch You?”

“you presume too much, baby,” She replied. She turned toward me and looked at me sternly.

“Get down on your knees, first position,” She said.

“Yes, Mistress Sarah,” i answered, assuming the position, which meant knees spread wide and my asscheeks touching my heels. i looked up to Her, She looked down at me.

“Your cock is very hard,” She said. “Did you also think i enjoyed seeing you have such a hard cock from touching me?”

“i was floating in ecstasy from touching You, and the hardness of my cock is part of it, Mistress,” i replied.

“you”… She emphasized again, “you… will float in ecstasy, even without a hard cock, if i command you to float in ecstasy.”

“Yes, Mistress,” i replied, happy, knowing that it was true, that, under any circumstances, i could float in ecstasy if She commanded it. That She, indeed, did have the magic to reach into my mind, my nervous system, my emotions, my body, and command them to bring me to any heights. No elaborate scenes, play, sights or influences of any kind were necessary. only Her word alone was all that was needed. Was that not enough reason for Her to be more important to me than anything in my life, and pleasing Her, so that She would remain in my life, the most important thing i could do?

“i let you have your cock hard, to enjoy that, while you looked at and touched my hair, my back, my stomach and even my breasts, and still, still you want more?… you want Me to enjoy your touch, too?… you presume i might enjoy the touch of a sissy worm like you?” She said.

i got scared. Sometimes when She punished me, when She physically hurt me, it really hurt so much. Or, worse, i feared She might leave me. Thinking on it i realized i did get carried away, i did presume to much, and… “i’m so sorry, Mistress Sarah. Of course you wouldn’t enjoy my touch. You were just being nice to me and i wanted to think i was some kind of a man whose touch You enjoyed… i’m sorry.”

“What are you?’ She asked.

“A sissy worm, and Your slave.”

“…and something that thinks it can fool me,” She said. “A thing does not look at my Pussy, because i so command, yet i know… i know You still want, visualize, dream of looking at and smelling my Pussy, don’t you?”

“Of course, Mistress. i don’t lie to You. It is testimony of my great respect for You that i don’t look, that i resist such strong desire to look. Please don’t be mad at me. That i don’t look, that i can obey such a command, is testimony of how much i love You.”

“And if i commanded you to not ‘want’ to look at my Pussy, could you obey that command?”

“No, Mistress,” i answered honestly. “At this point in my training, i don’t believe i could.

“Sometimes it makes my skin crawl knowing a sissy worm like you violates M in its thoughts, thinking of M Goddess Pussy.”

“Your Goddess Pussy,” i repeated.

“Get Your chin to the floor,” She commanded, “and be sure Your eyes do not catch a glimpse of Me, between My waist and calves, as you lower your face. Dry my feet, but do not kiss them, just use the towel.:”

Admittedly, i had originally expected, anticipated, that She would, at the end of my drying Her off, let me taste Her feet. i was disappointed but then realized my own foolishness. Here i was, on my knees, so close to Her feet, actually touching them through the towel, and i was feeling disappointment? Her lesson, how i wanted too much and didn’t appreciate what i already had, hit home. My attitude shifted and i felt happy and grateful to be where i was doing what i was doing.

“Thank you Mistress,” i said. Like the Goddess She is, She read my mind and knew, also, that i had learned the lesson.

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