Reading Time: 3 minutes

by Master’s pet

My Master’s Butt Plug Toy
I walk into the darkened room to wait for you as instructed. I strip off my clothes and lay them in a pile on the floor. I start to kneel to wait for you when I feel someone grab me from behind. I start to scream but as I open my mouth a gag is placed in me and all that comes out is a muffled sound. I feel my hands being restrained in front of me tight enough to bring pain yet lose enough to where I will not lose circulation in them. A blindfold is placed over my eyes and I am plunged into total darkness.

I try to struggle but that only results in having you grab and twist a nipple till I moan in great pain. I stop resisting and stand there knowing there is no escape. You have yet to speak. I feel a collar being attached to my neck and I hear a leash being attached. I am yanked almost off my feet by the force of your pull. I am lead around the room to where I am very disoriented. I feel something hard against my thighs as I am pushed over frontwards and my hands are clamped down the legs of the apparatus I am on. I then feel you behind me kicking my legs apart with your foot. My ankles are soon fastened as wide apart as they can be. My breasts are hanging freely over the punishment contraption I have been placed on. You reach in front of me and fondle them twisting and pinching them till they stand in hard peaks and then I feel you slip on the nipple clamps and tighten them to the fullest.

I feel you leave me and I am left all alone and then all of a sudden I feel your fingertips lightly rubbing my exposed ass and then I feel something being run from my asshole down thru my pussy lips and into my awaiting hole. I then feel it taken back up to my asshole and pushed in. Ah, a butt plug.

I wither in pain only to have you pull on a clamped nipple and tell me in a hushed voice, “To resist is to know great pain Slut”.

I immediately stop struggling as I don’t wish to feel your wrath when I have made you mad, so here I am all exposed, butt plugged, nipples clamped and I hear you walking away. I am deep in thought of what might come next when I feel the first lash of your paddle land squarely on my upturned ass pushing the plug in deeper. I yell in my gag but all that can be heard is a muffled grunt.

I endure 20 strokes of your paddle. I am in tears. You walk around in front of me. I feel you stroke my hair. I compose myself thinking the worst is over only then to feel the bite of your crop on my tender clamped nipples. I am in great agony. You lash both nipples 10 times before saying “I think that is sufficient my slut”.

I am still coming back from the great pain when I feel you remove the butt plug only to replace it with you rock hard cock. I’m sure that this butt plug came from his favorite store — I should know because I spied on him browsing for the exact same plug that he’s shoved up inside me. It feels so tight inside my ass, it’s as if his throbbing cock is inside of me already. You fuck me with all your might reaching around to unclamp my nipples, rubbing and pinching them between your thumb and forefinger to prolong the pain. You fill me with your seed, withdrawal from me and walk in front of me to remove the gag and force your cock in my mouth for me to clean. I cleanse you then I feel you withdraw from me. You release my restraints and tell me I may remove the blindfold after I have recovered and with that I hear you leave the room. I have been throughly used without ever being allowed to see my masters face.