BDSM Short Stories By Contributing Authors

A large collection of bdsm short stories covering everything from slave training to submission fantasies. Enjoy!

sexy scarlet stockings
BDSM Short Stories

Scarlet Rendevous

Every man in the shop was flat out staring. He first noticed the seams running up the back of the scarlet sheer nylons, each a perfect line from the heel of the shiny, patent leather spikes to the garters and snaps which held them in place. Generous portions of asscheek jutted out from beneath the leather skirt that was noticeably riding up towards her hips.

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BDSM Dominatrix
BDSM Short StoriesBDSM Stories

A Refresher Training Session With My Mistress

I arrived at my Mistress’ house, right on time. She always gives me a specific time to arrive and i pride myself on not having ever been late. I knock on the door, She says, “enter”. Upon entering I immediately remove my shoes as is Her want and then turn to greet Her. I never have a clue as to what She wishes, so after I greet Her She will say either sit down for a couple of min. and talk, or give me directions.

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bdsm dungeon sex
BDSM Short StoriesBDSM Stories

Submission Story – She’s No Vanilla Woman

Anxiously, the dark haired dominant waited until this affluent but wanting lady knocked until he opened the door. They greeted each other with a hug, after which, the polite host offered the dark haired, brown eyed mid-thirties lady a seat. Instead of that sexy dressing gown in which he saw her last time, she was dressed appropriately on this hot afternoon in a white pull over blouse and red shorts, which once again showed off her shapely legs.

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