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Long distance love is romantic delusion
It’s a bitch that can break your heart
It can make you swoon, like a lovesick baboon
But at least she can’t hear you fart !

Long distance love is a thief of your time
She sends 300 emails a week
You reply quite a bit, and most of it’s shit
But at least she thinks you’re so unique !

Long distance love is a tedious drama
Without proper stories or plots
She thinks you’re a hero, you know you’re a zero ,
But at least she can’t see you squeeze spots !

Long distance love is an endless puzzle
That confuses your brain and is boring
Your dick may say hot, while your mind says not
But at least she can’t hear you snoring !

Long distance love can lose you friends
They will all drift away in the end
Its kind of tough, because she’s not enough
But at least you can still pretend !

Long distance love needs a mercy killing
Its roadkill that’s dead or dying
She may not recover, from her electronic lover
But at least you won’t see her crying !

Erotic Poem – Long Distance Love, by Gabriel