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A SPICY DINNER : a short erotica/erotic story

As the evening wore on, Evan sat down at the dinner table, his exhaustion palpable. He looked up at Sara, his gaze filled with hunger, but not for food. She knew what he wanted, and her body responded with a delicious shiver of anticipation.

Sara served him rice, but the silence between them was thick with tension. Evan took a bite, but suddenly stopped, looking up at Sara with cold, unfeeling eyes. “What is this?” he asked in a frigid tone. “The rice is not cooked well.”

Sara was taken aback and unable to respond, her heart racing with fear and excitement. She could sense that something was about to happen, something that would push her limits and awaken a primal desire deep within her.

Evan stood up abruptly, grabbing Sara’s hand and leading her forcefully to their bedroom. She followed him willingly, eager to see where this would lead. As they entered the room, Evan fetched a rope from the door and began to tie her hands to the ceiling beam. Sara’s heart pounded in her chest as she felt the rough rope against her skin, the sensation sending shivers down her spine.

Slowly, Evan peeled off her clothes until she was standing before him in nothing but her undergarments, her eyes downcast in embarrassment. He gazed at her hungrily, his eyes tracing the curves of her body.

Then, in a sudden movement, Evan yanked off her underwear, and Sara instinctively gathered her legs together, trying to hide her modesty. But Evan commanded her to look at him, and as she slowly lifted her eyes, he placed an eye patch over them.

Sara’s breath caught in her throat as she felt the darkness envelop her, heightening her other senses. She could feel the cool air against her bare skin, the scent of Evan’s musky cologne filling her nostrils.

Taking a raw wooden ruler stick, Evan lightly struck Sara’s stomach, causing her to gasp in pleasure. He ran the stick over every inch of her body, teasing her with its rough texture. He moved it to her private area, giving her a little bump, then ordered her to spread her legs. As he hit her thighs simultaneously, she closed her legs to stop him. But Evan was relentless, and soon she was writhing in ecstasy, her body aching for release.

Evan removed her bra and started to lick and lightly bite her nipples, sending bolts of pleasure through her body. He continued to explore every visible inch of Sara’s body, until her lower back was a little red. Then, he kissed and licked the red part of her body, and every time he hit her, she would cry out, but when he kissed the hit part, she would fall silent.

Sara’s body was on fire, every touch sending waves of pleasure through her. She was lost in a world of sensation, her mind consumed by the intensity of the moment.

After several minutes of this erotic and intense experience, Evan removed the eye patch from Sara’s eyes, and with a little tear in her eye, she looked up at him. “Did you learn you lesson today,darling?” he asked, his voice filled with desire.

Sara took a deep breath, whispering in response, “No.” In response, Evan began hitting her buttocks frantically with one hand, and she began to scream in pleasure. But then, Evan began kissing her furiously, while still hitting her. In a feverish and thrilling moment, Sara began kissing him back, squeezing his breast against his chest.

As Evan removed the ropes, he couldn’t help but feel a rush of desire for Sara, the way she had surrendered to him, completely at his mercy. He watched her as she quickly dressed, her movements swift and graceful. With a hunger in his eyes, he took in every inch of her body, still feeling the heat from their earlier encounter.

Sara’s gaze met his, a mixture of fear and longing in her eyes, and Evan knew she was feeling the same way he was. He could see the need in her eyes, the hunger for more of what they had just shared. Slowly, he put away the ropes and the wooden ruler stick, knowing that they would be used again soon.

As they sat back down at the dinner table, Evan couldn’t help but smile to himself, knowing that their relationship had just taken a new and exciting turn. He took a bite of the fresh rice, savouring the flavours, but his attention was on Sara, who was busy in the kitchen.

When she returned with the new dish, Evan’s eyes were fixed on her. She looked shy and nervous, and he could sense the apology that was on her lips before she even spoke. But there was no need for apologies, not after the way they had just connected.

As they ate in silence, Evan’s mind was on the sensual evening they had shared. The tension that had been between them earlier was gone, replaced by a deep and unspoken understanding. They had crossed a line together, and there was no going back. But Evan was okay with that. In fact, he was more than okay with it. He was thrilled, excited for what the future held for him and Sara. They had just unlocked a new level of passion, and he couldn’t wait to see where it would take them.

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Greetings, I am Nik G., a promising writer hailing from Mumbai, India. Recently, I have accomplished my academic degree and have devoted my time to enhance my writing and storytelling abilities. My passion lies in composing fiction, erotica  particularly in the BDSM and Fetish genres, and also adult content writing. During my leisure time, I involuntarily delve into fantasies of sex and adulthood, which fuels my passion for crafting engaging stories. As a creative individual, I am enthusiastic about sharing my imaginative ideas with the world and aspire to consistently develop and evolve in this writing journey. Thank you for taking the time to peruse my bio. For further communication, kindly follow me on