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“Is this the ring you seek”, he asked
the day he collared me;
“Yes, this is the ring i seek,
Tis yours i want to be”.

Then he sought a pledge from me,
For me to be his slave;
My heart, my mind, body and soul
These to him i gave.

Upon his ring there was inscribed
The name i was to be;
sinamin, my new slave name
Roscinante`’s property.

He placed his ring around my neck,
And clicked the lock in place;
As he did my soul cried out,
Joy reflected on my face.

Silver chain and key were next,
My last chance to be free;
By placing them around his neck,
i gave him all of me.

Thinking that at last i’m his,
Imagine my surprise,
When he told me to lie down
And spread for him my thighs.

With needle in hand he pierced my sex,
So still i tried to be,
He placed his charm , a scripted ‘R’
On me most intimately.

Collar, chain, scripted ‘R’,
With these to him i’m bound;
By giving all I am to him,
My soul, my self i found.

i changed my name the day i gave
The heart and soul of me;
sinamin is who i am
Roscinante`’s property.

Erotic Poem – Roscinante’s Property, by sinamin