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Forty-Four Minutes of submission,
by David Nutley


Her warm tongue glided in submission slowly over my tense stomach as her black flowing hair stroked my bare chest. As her tongue skated delicately over my tingling torso, wildly tormenting me, she inched her way up to my chest removing my tight white t-shirt as her fingers and her tongue explored every inch of my tense body.

Her dark, glossy hair, which looked like it had come from a fairy tale, was so black it was almost blue. She was blessed with full, sensual lips and a natural pout. Her nose was aquiline and arrogant and her skin a rich olive. Her incredible eyes were a startling ultra-pale blue, almost white, wolfish. She stared up into my eyes as she gracefully moved her tongue over my chest, kissing and biting my body passionately.


She was the baby sister of the hen. The whole group of girls had been loud and blatantly attention seeking when they came into the pub. The bride-to-be was wearing a white veil and an ‘L’ plate had been hung around her head. The way her breasts hung freely out of her dress and the way she was ogling and pressing up to the men suggested she wasn’t exactly a learner! The quiet girl at the rear of the group, however, seemed a little overwhelmed and shy to be with the rowdy crowd. I noticed her straight away.

My right leg was clamped tightly between her legs, and she groaned as she rubbed her mound into my thigh in one gyrating spasm after another. My cock was now solid and begging to be unleashed. It was throbbing with anticipation. Her quiet groaning was turning me on almost as much as the thought of sliding off her tight, white top, which clung to her small, pert breasts. My hands were exploring her young, fresh body, one hand cupping her tight arse, the other slowly creeping up her bare thigh, into her tartan skirt. Her tongue, in submission, teasing my nipples, moved up to my neck.

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She ripped my t-shirt off over my head in a flash, simultaneously and violently forcing her tongue into my mouth. Her tongue fought with mine in a war of passion, my tongue exploring every inch of her mouth. Our tongues danced sporadically as we kissed passionately, her hips gyrating frantically, forcing her wet mound into my thigh in rhythmic bursts of pleasure. My groping hands were now inside her tartan mini skirt, one rubbing the top of her inside thigh, occasionally slipping into the elastic of her white cotton panties and rubbing her pussy, the other sliding them slowly off, over her tight, round arse.


Her legs had instantly captivated me, as she moved slowly and quietly towards the bar. The rest of the girls rushed off to the dance-floor, like a blood-thirsty herd of animals. Suzy had stayed at the bar alone, waving her sister on to ‘go and enjoy herself’. Her tight white top, which showed off the bottom of her tanned stomach was mesmerizing. No bra, her pert breasts, and hard nipples suggested she was no older than eighteen. I approached her.


“Fuck me!” she whispered in submission, her teeth suddenly sinking into my neck, causing a sharp, but delightful pain. She threw her head back suddenly and moved her quivering thighs further forward, still slowly rubbing her wet snatch into my thighs. My thumb was inside her panties; I started to rub her clit. She yanked her tight white top up to uncover her small milk-white breasts, which were large enough to bounce slightly as she threw her body back and ripped her top off over her head. The tiny shirt was tossed aside. Her elegant black hair skated over the top of her fabulously pert breasts, her nipples rock-hard as she delicately ran her fingers over them.

She moved her soft probing fingers slowly down to her white panties; I was having trouble removing them I was so desperate to get them off. I was desperate to fuck her.


“You not dancing with your friends?” I asked
She eyed me up and down. Smiled. “No, I’m all danced out.”
“A friend of yours is she?” I probed.
“No, she’s my big sister.”
The general chit-chat continued for ten minutes or so. The bride-to-be returned. She squealed as she saw me and Suzy chatting. “Suzy’s pulled!” she screamed, almost falling over her heels and losing her veil.
Suzy introduced us.


She pulled up her skirt and slid her white cotton panties off over her beautifully tanned thighs. They dropped down past her ankles, over her small bare feet and were casually kicked to the other side of the room. She kept her skirt lifted long enough for me to get a glimpse of her neatly trimmed pussy, then tantalizingly let it drop over her thighs, smiling as she did. She could tell I was desperate to fuck her.


Another girl joined us, it was Suzy’s oldest sister, Debbie. Suddenly I was in the middle of the hen party. A few more guys had also been dragged into the crowd.
“So your out to get your ‘soon-to-be-wed’ sister pissed, Debbie?” I asked, probing for a line of conversation.
“No,” she uttered calmly and quietly, “we’re out for sex!”
I was stunned. I didn’t reply.
Suzy laughed.
“Are you going to fuck my baby sister then?” Debbie threw out.


I grabbed her violently under the arms and threw her onto the bed. As I ripped off my belt and unbuttoned my jeans Suzy lifted her tartan skirt and tantalisingly slid one finger into her mouth, then, slowly, down her body and into her wet snatch. She groaned softly. Her eyes were now closed as she moved her finger around inside her.

I couldn’t believe my luck, a beautiful eighteen-year-old girl, with a petit, tight body fingering herself on my bed in submission.

I grabbed her ankles and forced her legs as wide open as I could. She opened her eyes and removed her finger.

I could feel myself going red with embarrassment. Of course, I wanted to fuck her.
“No…” Debbie asked, loving the fact she had just found me lost for words.
Suzy grabbed my hand, interlaced our fingers and whispered in my ear:
“I hope so.”

Lying back on the bed, wanting me, her nipples rock hard; her glass, blue eyes willing me to be inside her. I held her ankles, one in each hand, pulling them as far apart as possible, my hard, throbbing cock, hovering, inches from her glistening, pink pussy. She groaned, seemingly unable to bear the weight.

Suzy bit her lower lip. My cock touched her wet pussy, her lips opening, like elastic, tightened around it. My body tensed.

Suzy moaned, closing her eyes, and tightly clenching the duvet as if struggling to keep herself from orgasm.


Hand in hand we ran up to the taxi we had flagged down.
“It’s just around the corner,” she whispered.


Thrusting harder now, she began to groan passionately in submission. Her legs now resting on my shoulders, I watched her breasts sporadically dancing across her milk-white chest. I forced my now aching, cock in and out, like a sporadic jackhammer. Her pussy clenching and squeezing.


Hands rubbing each others bodies, through our, soon to be lost, clothes, Suzy struggled in submission with the key in the flat door.

Her pussy exploded. She leaned forward and grabbed me, sinking her teeth into my shoulder, a muffled cry escaping her pout lips. I tensed, then thrust for the last time.
Sweating and panting, we collapsed into a tangled heap.

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