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Have you recently noticed a libidinal change in your partner? You might worry why your feisty partner has suddenly subdued their sensual aura and has transformed into someone docile and seemingly uninterested in sexual endeavours. But what might be the cause of such a conversion?

There are many physical and mental health-related reasons why your partner lacks sex drive. It is hence, crucial to understand their point of view on why sensual escapades might be more of a burden for them. 

Therefore, we have compiled a list of reasons why your partner might seem aloof about engaging in intimacy with you. Understanding these will come in handy when helping her increase her sex drive. Let us begin:

#1 Issues Within the Relationship

Intimacy relies greatly on trust. So if you have somehow broken her trust, its effects will show in your conjugal life. Women can sacrifice a lot to maintain their home’s peace, which includes not confronting you about wrongdoing. 

However, this also means she lets the issue boil within her, filling her with spite for you, thus reducing her carnal desire. These reasons could be something minor or truly heartbreaking incidents. 

These instances range from forgetting to help with her housework, and badmouthing her favourite shows to something as grave as getting with her in public, being close to someone she despises, or repeatedly breaking your promises to her.

The inability to discuss these openly mostly stems from strict upbringing for girls taught to share their disappointment with their spouse. Such a mental burden can weigh in over your loving and sexual married life. 

In such moments, sit her down and encourage her to speak her mind. Be her friend first, spouse second, and let her speak her mind. Listening to her worries and issues, and helping her through them is a sure-shot way of gaining her trust back. 

Not to forget, working together in solving problems in your married life opens the way for your lady to feel intimately for you again. 


#2 Health Conditions

Physical health conditions can severely cripple women from enjoying various things in life. Additionally, the medications used to treat these ailments can lower sex drive in women, making it harder for them overall. 

Check if your partner is going through something that’s stunting more than just her sensual needs. For example, depression, chronic joint aches, chronic anxiety, heart issues, etc., have severe effects on a lady’s sexual activity. 

Not to forget, PCOS, HIV, low iron consumption, and thyroid can reduce sex drive in no time. In addition, the medications for such ailments can double down on her lack of sex drive, making it harder for her to enjoy sexual intimacy. 

So how to help her as her companion is in such distress? For starters, check her medication and its effects on her libido. Next, inform her about their effects on her sex drive, thereby reducing her stress about why she is not sexually active as usual. 

As for the sexual intimacy you both miss, ask her doctor about the complications and if you both can engage in sex. Learning more about her diagnosis, medication, and changes in her sex life can bring you both close and emotionally intimate in these trying times. 


#3 Work-Related or Personal Issues

Another reason your partner might be lacking in sex drive is their personal life. If your partner is working hard to land a top position at her workplace or pursuing her dreams to open a business, you can expect some abstinence from intimacy.

This is as, she is utilizing all of her energy in turning her career goals into reality. To do so, sometimes it is temporarily challenging to balance relationships and work. However, it is important to know that she is doing her best to prioritise herself and her career dreams, which is for you both. 

Hence, as her spouse, encourage her actions, push her towards putting her first, and watch her reach her potential and bring you alongside her growth. Supporting your better half’s career also makes you an amazing lover, a strong partner for her, and also a lot sexier in her eyes. 

So even if her sex drive might be paused so she is working hard to make her dreams come true, your sensual experience will be 2-times better once her goals are in place. Teamwork is dreamwork, and helping your partner realize and live her dreams, makes you a superstar in her eyes. 



All in all, if your partner lacks sex drive and it worries, communicate openly with her to check if it is due to an altercation, an ailment, or a career goal that’s halting her from being your sexy wildcat in better.

Honest and timely discussions, support, and working together can help couples bring the spark back into their marriage. These are fool-proof ways to align her sex drive with yours and fire up your relationship in no time!