What’s the most controlling thing you can do to someone? Is it a barked order, a whispered command? Or is it having them shrieking with helpless laughter as you tickle them into a frenzy?

I love tickle torture: it’s a unique dynamic that combines power and helplessness, with the added bonus that it can have someone begging for mercy in minutes.

As a top, I like to combine tickle torture with bondage – stretching you out on the bed, spread eagled and totally naked, with every inch of sensitive skin exposed for me to torment. I say ‘torment’, but can it really be such a hardship, when the person I’m doing it to has a solid, pulsing hardon in anticipation of the sensations? Well, that all depends on how long you can endure it. In the beginning it may well seem like a treat, as you laugh and wriggle against the tight rope bonds. Perhaps I’ll give you a break at this point, so you can catch your breath and feel the spasms of laughter die down a bit before it’s time for round two. Eventually you’ll be bright red, utterly helpless and laughing hysterically in spite of yourself.

It’s a delicious combination of agony and ecstasy, and I like to watch the conflict play out on your face, as your eyes widen when you see me coming in for the next tickle bout, and your lips purse as you try so admirably hard not to cry ‘mercy.’

I’m not simply sadistic though, oh no. One of the beautiful things about switching is that I can use my experience as a submissive to feed into my dominant ideas: remembering the places that I like to be tickled, and the spots that have me writhing and shrieking when I’m the one tied down. I have to confess, I’m very giggly when the roles are reversed. In fact, I might be the most ticklish independent escort london has to offer. Hysterical laughter, occasional screeching – I only tell you so that if you’re visiting me for my submissive services you understand exactly what you’re letting yourself in for!

Sometimes I like to start with a little role play: maybe I’m a naughty niece, and we’re having some playful fun. Partway through a game you discover I’ve been a naughty cheat, and the only way to get a confession out of me is to tickle me into submission, until I confess through a spasm of giggles and you have to choose whether to show me mercy.

See, it’s the climax of tickle torture that gets me, and demonstrates why tickling is such a gorgeous way to explore the power dynamic. It starts with a shock, then the adrenaline rush that comes with gales of uncontrollable laughter. Then you experience the combination of anticipation and fear as the torture builds until the one being tickled can’t take it any more. Finally, it ends with one person utterly spent – gasping and exhausted and horny and happy, parting their lips to utter the magic release word: