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This is a true story by Tamsin Flowers, you can view more of her stories both fictional and true on her blog.

I am a submissive, I love my partners to dominate me and show me who is boss. I can’t help it, it’s just the way I am and when I met my latest conquest, I could barely breathe once he was done with me. Not just because he was so good at BDSM but because he took my breath away with how good he made me feel, even if he did deny me in every single way possible.

I met ‘Cole’ (I changed his name for privacy) online. He was upfront about his kinks, labeled them all over his profile, and like a fish to water, I messaged him, desperate to see what this handsome stranger was all about.

We started off by messaging one another and it quickly turned sexual, we were both horny, we both found one another attractive and as modern-day romantics, we decided to meet up the very next day. He didn’t live far from me, and we met in a nearby restaurant. I wore a long black, tight-fitting dress and he was wearing a well-fitted blue suit. He looked even more handsome in real-life, and our entire date had an essence of lust simmering beneath it and neither of us could wait to get out of there.

“Are you taking me back to yours?”, I whispered to him as we ate our creamy chocolate-rich desserts.

He smiled lustfully, sending a shiver of apprehension and arousal down my spine.

I noticed his slender fingers and my mind raced with thoughts of them inside of me, my pussy quivering with arousal.

“Let’s get out of here”, he said, paying for our date and taking my hand. We got back to his place and my mouth fell open.

His entire apartment was lined with cuffs, chains, paddles, restraints, erotic art, benches, and leather. I had never seen so much sex paraphernalia. He smiled at me as I wandered around his place, he took a seat on his leather couch, his finger rubbing his chin, lost in thought.

“This is…wow!” I said, taking it all in.

“I told you I was serious Tamsin”, he said, sternly.

My stomach fluttered with excitement, this man had a reputation for good sex, I just knew it, he oozed it and I was going to present myself on a submissive, leather-studded platter to him.

I walked over slowly to him, my heart racing.

“Where do you want me?”, I asked, biting my lip and standing in front of him.

“On your knees”, he said, staring me in the eyes, his confidence with this kind of thing miles above my own.

I did as he said, getting to my knees before him.

“Open your mouth”, he said and without letting me even process what he had asked me to do, he took his hand and yanked my mouth open, pushing his index finger inside of my mouth and letting me suck on it. I liked how it felt, my pussy throbbed with excitement. He slowly unzipped his pants, reaching for his cock and pulling it out. It was large and veiny, his shaft thick and I briefly wondered how I would take him.

He yanked my head forward with his other hand, bringing my mouth close to his cock. I licked my lips in approval and he ignored my gesture, pressing my head to his cock and making me suck on it. I did so, enthusiastically, taking as much of his length as I could. Coughing and spluttering as he fucked my face, taking his cock down my throat viciously.

He reached over my body, stroking the curve of my back before roughly pulling up my black dress, exposing my ass, he rubbed it for a few seconds and his hand disappeared until I felt a sharp sting on my ass cheek, he was spanking me, again and again as I deepthroated his cock and I felt my wetness soaking my panties.

He forcefully pulled my head from his cock and twisted my body round so that my ass was now facing him, he continued spanking me and I cried out, my nails gripping onto his carpet as he reddened my ass cheeks.

“You’re an obedient girl, aren’t you?”, he said as he spanked me.

I nodded.

“I can’t hear you”, he said, more sternly.

I nodded, “Yes…yeah”, I said, enjoying the moment a little too much.

“It’s, yes MASTER”, he said, spanking me harder.

“YES! Yes, yes, master”, I said, barely able to string a sentence together.

“Good”, he said, his spanking turning to soft strokes, his fingers gliding over my thong, down my covered ass and pussy, again and again before I felt some pressure there as he pushed against my two holes with each stroke. I shuddered with pleasure.

“P-please…master”, I said desperately.

Suddenly he grabbed my throat from behind, twisting me up towards his face. As he grabbed me his other hand sunk into my panties, moving them viciously to one side as two of his fingers rubbed against my slit and slipped inside of me. He began fingering me roughly, his fingers glistening from my wetness as I cried out with pleasure and joyous sensation.

He stood behind me, his grip on my throat tight, his fingers deep inside of me.

“Open”, he said as he towered above me. I did as he asked, opening my mouth, and looking up at him behind me.

He spat forcibly into my open mouth, and I panted, I was so turned on that I would have let this man do anything to me.

“Beg for my cock”, he said as he fingered my pussy, my orgasm so close it hurt.

“Please master, please, I want your cock, please!”, I said through gritted teeth, my eyes twinkling.

“Good”, he said, letting go of my throat and getting behind me. He pulled his fingers from my pussy abruptly and I felt his hard, bulging cock against my opening, it slid over my entrance, and I cried out, begging him again and again.

“Stop whining”, he said sternly but I didn’t listen, I wanted him too badly.

He sighed loudly, annoyed at my impatience. His cock went from my slit and against my ass.

“Fine, you asked for it”, he said in a tone that told me he wasn’t playing around.

I went to protest but his cock began pressing against my ass and before I knew it, it had slid inside of me, filling me up and he was fucking my ass brutally, holding my throat once more as he fucked me mercilessly.

I cried out with glee, sex had never felt so good.

As he fucked my ass with his bulging cock, one of his fingers pressed inside of my pussy, my orgasm was so close. I felt so good, my skin was crawling with desire.

“Beg for my cum”, he said as he spanked my ass, making it sting.

“Please, please, cum, I want it so much”, I said breathlessly, craving his milk and craving my own orgasm that I knew was going to be incredible.

He continued spanking me before letting out a guttural moan, loud and intense as I felt his cock pulsating inside of my ass, depositing his load deep inside of me. I gasped for air as he pulled himself from me and I pushed his cum from my asshole as he watched.

I turned around and we kissed, and I lay back, pulling up my dress so that he could see my pussy and hopefully go down on me.

He smiled sweetly, that’s when I should have realized how dumb my error of doing what I wanted was.

He reached for a vibrator, spread my legs, and held it against my swollen clitoris. I moaned and wriggled beneath its touch, I let all thoughts of being a submissive wash from my mind, the domination was over, surely?

He watched me as I got off to the strong and powerful vibrations, he reached for my breasts and pulled on my small nipples, groping me harshly. His eyes were intent on my body, his mind elsewhere, his eyes dark.

I was so excited to cum, my body trembling and suddenly it was there, I was about to be at the peak of my orgasm, gasping and crying out when he pulled the vibrator from my clit smiling.

“W…what…what are you doing…master?”, I said, confused, getting to my elbows to look at him.

“Did I say you could cum Tamsin?”, he smiled, except his smile was dark, with something sinister and dominant behind it.

I shook my head.

“That’s right, now get back onto all fours and spread your legs”, he said, spanking me and reaching for some restraints.

“I need to teach you a little lesson, brat”, he said, grabbing my wrists roughly. I closed my eyes and felt my wetness dripping down my thighs, I had never been so aroused, and I never wanted this date to end…

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