by Beyond Delights

Explorations will produce more excitement and thrill if you know exactly what you put in your body. Like those complicated ingredients in the packaging labels of your food, you should also wonder about the type of material used to create your sex toys.

Know more about adult toys to avoid health issues and other mishaps while practicing your birthright to take that Delightful ride!

The Dilemma Of First Time Buyers About Body-Safe Materials

Imagine yourself walking in a store that sells sex toys without any idea of what to look for. When the adult store workers give you a list of choices and discuss about its components, you may get the feeling of talking to someone who speaks in a different language. To escape the pressure, you will decide to roam around, take a deep breath, and see the adult items for yourself.

It may seem wise to evade them for a while and check the collection on your own. Unfortunately, this will only add to the confusion.

When you walk through the shelves of an adult store, the wide range of choices will intimidate you. Checking the unfamiliar items feels like visiting a dog shelter where many puppies will try to steal your attention. Some look cute and cuddlesome, while others appear naughty and eccentric. Although the right fit for you sits in that same room, you still need to examine each presence closely for the sake of building a healthy relationship. Remember that the same thing goes when you try to buy something online without enough knowledge of sex toys and body-safe materials.

After checking some items, these questions will run through your mind.

  • Won’t that sex toy made of glass break inside my body?
  • What does it mean when it says, phthalate-free?
  • PVC, ABS, TPE, TPR, food-grade, platinum, medical-grade… What?
  • An item made of 100% silicone and the other one says, “made of Sil-a-gel”. I thought they’re the same?

Can’t find the answer? Did the adult store workers explain everything truthfully? If in doubt, take a pause and consider coming back some other time.

Instead of making a purchase with both of your eyes closed, we recommend for you to postpone your shopping. You will find the answers as you try to learn more about toy materials and their impact to your health.