Even though sex is already a pretty exciting activity, people are always seeking for that extra thrill – something that will arouse them even more and enhance their overall pleasure, and it appears that erotic asphyxiation is one of the most popular ways to achieve that. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about young couples, mature lovers, or a cougar dating scene, for example, it’s safe to say that this form of breath control play is one of the most favorite erotic fantasies nowadays. Although this game is quite exciting, it can also be dangerous and potentially fatal. Therefore, if you’re into chocking, you should definitely know how to do it safely.  DISCLAIMER:  This article is for entertainment purposes only and is no means to be taken as professional advice.  We recommend you seek the advice of a trained sex therapist before experimenting with this type of sex play.

You Must Always Be Aware Of Your Own And Your Partner’s Health Condition

Current medical conditions or issues can drastically affect your entire erotic asphyxiation experience. In fact, serious health problems in combination with reckless breath control play can even lead to severe injuries or death. To avoid such dreadful scenarios, make sure to talk to your partner before you embark on your kinky adventure. Remember, full discourse can save your or your partner’s life, so be honest and don’t keep secrets from your lover.

You Should Never Do It Under The Influence Of Alcohol And Drugs

When it comes to erotic asphyxiation, the phrase choking hazard is implied. However, danger and potential tragedy can be averted if you take this game seriously. This means that you have to be completely sober while chocking someone or being chocked during sex. Alcohol and drugs can numb the pain, tricking you into thinking that you can endure more than you actually can. This is very dangerous, and it can lead to a fatal outcome. Therefore, make sure to avoid substance abuse at all costs.

Use A Tap, Not A Safe Word

When talking about BDSM and kinky sex, people tend to emphasize the importance of the safe word. Of course, a safe word is your way out from any unpleasant and potentially dangerous situation, but in this case, it’s entirely ineffective. Being able to say or pronounce something while being choked is tricky, to say the least. Therefore, if you feel like you’re losing consciousness, you should tap your partner to signal them that they’re hurting you.  

Focus On The Sides Of The Neck

As you can probably assume, putting pressure of any kind on the throat itself can cause severe damage to the trachea and other parts of a human throat. So, to avoid these injuries, you should focus on the sides of the neck. This way, you’ll be pressuring the arteries besides the esophagus, without touching the windpipe. By doing so, you can provide your partner with the sense of lightheadedness without actually endangering their life. Still, you have to be very careful; you don’t want them to lose consciousness.