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I could tell by now that I’d gone too far…
by the look on his face and the mood in the car.
If he could only see inside my soul,
he’d know that it was already taking its toll.

And while I waited in inner turmoil and riot…
he just drove on and on, dangerously quiet.
My mind began to ponder all the things he would do.
I’d broken this rule before…we both knew it was true.

So while my bottom awaited the punishment
it would surely recieve…
Sir calmly pulled into the drive
and begun to roll up his sleeve.

You’d think that by now I would have learned.
It definately would have been best for all concerned.
Alas here I am perfectly poised in the “position”…
waiting for what Sir refers to as, “Carrying out the mission.”

And so my dear subbie sisters the moral
of the story is clear…
Never, ever blurt out, “You’re putting what in my rear?”

Erotic Poem – Lessons Not Learned, by little_tear_drops