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3 Lessons I Learned As A Male Escort – The Complete Scoop!

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A couple of years ago, an unexpected turn of events happened to me, and I finally considered changing my career path. After business school, I became a broker and worked my way up.

I thought that was everything I wanted.

It wasn’t long before I realized just how unfulfilling my job is and how much I dislike my own life. I needed a change, and it only took me a second or two to get the idea. I only like going on dates, and it’s my favorite moment of the week, so why not go on dates all the time?

Becoming a male escort was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, and I genuinely like my job. On top of that, I have learned three valuable lessons as a male escort, so continue scrolling to find out! I’m River, and here’s my story. 

Lesson 1: Confidence Is Key

I found that without confidence, there truly isn’t much else in the world. Self-confidence is attractive, and women can easily imagine going on a date or going to bed with a confident man.

When on dates, take the lead. Most of the women who hire escorts have a busy day making executive decisions, and they don’t want to make those decisions on a paid date. They are here to have fun, and it’s up to you to take charge.

I was dealing with some self-esteem issues which originated from my body image. So, I did what I had to: start hitting the gym more often, choose a more expensive barber, and change my look. 

It can be easy to feel bad about your body when you’re dressed casually, but I felt on top of the world with a fitted shirt and nice slacks. For me, it was the key to success. More women approached me and scheduled dates, but my private life benefited too, as I felt more confident.

Lesson 2: Honesty Truly Is the Best Policy

If there is one thing that makes a man stand out, it’s honesty. Honesty is characteristic women appreciate more than anything, but it’s necessary for all spheres of life.

Honesty creates a safe environment, precisely what women want for a romantic night. Feeling safe on a date is paramount, and on paid dates, it’s up to me to create that safe environment.

I won’t reveal everything about my private life, but I don’t lie either, as I realized that partners lie so much to each other. All that leads to partners losing interest in one another, especially women. 

Many women I went on a date with mentioned how dishonest their ex was and how they lost their trust in the said ex. That’s how I learned: if you want a good time and meaningful encounter, don’t lie.

Even if the truth isn’t the prettiest, an honest man is always appreciated more than once the woman is caught in a lie.

Lesson 3: Dates Are Not All About Sex

male escort

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Many people imagine that going on a date with an escort must go with sex, and while that is true most of the time, it’s not a must-have. Just like regular dates, paid dates are all about intimacy and companionship. 

Women who hire an escort just want an excellent time and to be intimate without strings attached, and that is what I provide. Sometimes, they are not even in the mood for sex; they just want a comfortable cuddle or a romantic dinner under candlelight. 

That’s something men worldwide need to understand: women want intimacy. Making her comfortable and understanding what she wants to do without expecting sex can lead you to fantastic nights. One of the best dates I’ve had as an escort didn’t involve sex at all – we both had a great time with lots of laughs.

Final Thoughts

Lastly, being considerate of the woman you’re on a date with or seeing for a while now is the key to a good relationship. Take her feelings into account and be mindful of her body language. Maybe she’s just looking for a bit of cheering rather than sex.

On the other hand, she might want to cut the dinner short and go straight at it – just make sure to leave it up to her. Sex is not implied—it comes down to chemistry.

So, to make every date a complete success – plan in your head to go back home alone and leave everything else to the chemistry between you and the woman you’re with.