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How To Change The Size And Form Of Your Penis To What You Want

One of the most common male aesthetic operations, penis enlargement, has received a lot of media attention. To find the one genuine size, the benefits and drawbacks, regional variations, and contentment with different sizes have been discussed. Many women claim that, rather than the length, the width of their partner’s penis increases their level of satisfaction the most. This is because the outer female genitals contain several nerves. The capacity to reach and stimulate the clitoris and other sensitive places during sexual activity drastically improves when the penis is broader. 

Injections of autologous fat

Autologous fat, which is taken from the patient, can be injected into the penis to expand its size. Due to its success and safety, this procedure is the most popular. It consists of two phases, can be carried out under local anesthesia, and significantly increases penis width.

Injecting fat into the penis

After making a small, specialized incision, the fat is then injected into the penis. This section is vitally crucial. A skilled surgeon will shape the material for maximum width and aesthetic appeal. The goal is to have a realistic penises that looks natural but is substantially larger. Majority of doctors still use an outdated technique that was created years ago and can lead to unequal results. An Andrology who specialize in such treatments, will ensure that the impact is even and stunning to look at.

 A synthetic filler is hyaluronic acid.

Injecting a filler called hyaluronic acid, which is often used to treat cosmetic issues, is a common way to gain weight. The effects may not always be permanent because the body can absorb some of the filler, but this procedure can be done under local anesthesia, is less expensive, and has a quick recovery time. Some patients might move while engaging in sexual intercourse, which could make them appear odd.

Body Graft

Another option is to apply a layer of fat around your penis rather than injecting it. Your rump is where the fat graft is first taken from. The penis is then degloved, and the graft is put around the penis, increasing its girth. This is a time-consuming, expensive process that has the potential to really cause shrinkage as well as an even-looking appearance and a rise in width.

Sleeve made of silicone

As an alternative to fat grafting, a silicon sleeve can be used to “cuff” the penis. This cannot possibly be absorbed and will increase the width because a jacket makes you appear larger. However, this is a major but also has some amazing side effects. Due to the silicone’s particular manufacturing, it is expensive. It might push through the skin. It might be an extremely artificial feeling that takes a while to get over.


The best approach to achieving amazing length and width enhancement is through autologous fat injections, which can widen your penis and amaze your partner, and surgical length techniques, such as Ligamentolysis, performed by competent and experienced professionals, which can give you the kind of length that porn stars would be envious of.