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The Marine Corps Officer Stud

Author:  EERO KIVI
Series of stories/novels about a young Marine Corps officer finding opportunities for sex with dominant Mistress’ group.

Marine Corps Officer Stud – for Lady Couples 

Navy LCDR Crane, a Marine Corps Base Hospital doctor, talked me into providing my  semen with my large volume, high motility, dense sperm count to couples to provide  them with babies. He explained IVF, artificial insemination, was tens of thousands of  

dollars well beyond the reach of military servicemen, and women. He explained that I  would help both married couples, wife and husband, as well as a few couples of ladies  who were in the Navy. I knew he was a gay Navy officer and had a Navy CPO partner. 

I could do this, me, Marine Corps 2LT Thor Eric Eero Juha. I was single. I knew that my  curly blond hair, big cock and big balls, along with a face that I had been told was  “cute”, was attractive to women who wanted a baby with these characteristics. My  sister told me I looked like Disney elephant cartoon with my prominent ears that stood  far out. They seemed even more prominent with a Marine Corps “high and tight” hair cut. That didn’t bother me. It made me look like I was always listening. I was quite short, but that was less of a problem. I was also gay, but Doc Crane said that did not  mean any babies I made would necessarily be gay. That didn’t matter to me. 

“What will you tell the couples about me, Sir?” I asked him. I worried that the couples  would reject having a gay male donor. 

“That you’re straight and well equipped to give the woman a baby, once we calculate  the best days to do that,” he said. “That’s my job, working with the couples. To help  you avoid having to answer any questions, I’ll also tell them all that you belong to a  dominant woman, a Mistress, and you cannot say anything else. That help?” 

“I can play that part, Doctor. I acted on stage in school. I basically have no lines, other  than I was ordered to volunteer, if I choose to answer that question. That makes it  easier, I think. I can’t lie beyond what you tell them.” 

“Got it in one, Juha. I’ll arrange with CPO Ransom Jones, one of my corpsmen, to take  you to your assignments. Expect to arrive there on Friday after duty and spend the  weekend there, returning home Sunday evening. That good?” 

“Yes, Sir. They could decide the schedule also, Doctor.” 

“Good luck, Lieutenant.” He shook my hand and I left for my regular duty at the  Technical School where I taught computer systems. 

He had told me how he calculated the best days for an encounter to “commit  pregnancy” was his term. 

Take your average menstrual cycle duration, minus 14 days, and add the remaining days  to the date when your previous period started. That is your ovulation date. Sperm can  stay for 7 days in a woman’s body. So deduct 7 from your ovulation date. Well, you can  add a day and deduct 8. And that’s the end of your fertile window. 

I knew, from my college math courses that two linear graphs for the same object, such  as temperature Fahrenheit and Celsius graphs, crossed at some point. A woman’s best  days would thus cross with weekly Fridays to make it convenient for me to service  them – that sounded impersonal, but I knew that was a veterinarian’s term for having a  stud animal “cover” a female one. I’d be the stud animal. That was frank but true. 

* * * 

CPO Jones called my office – I had a private office in the School where I taught my  students one-on-one in the advanced computer courses. I had privacy. “Lieutenant  Juha,” I answered my phone. 

“Sir, first special mission is this Friday. I can pick you up at your home around 18:00 if  that is convenient.”

“It is. I’ll be ready. Thank you. Anything I should know?” I would have driven home by  that time. 

“Couple of ladies, Sir. They may be into some kink, if you understand. That’s all I  have.” 

“Very good. I’ll handle that. Goodbye.” Kink? Lesbians into kink. They’d be told I was  straight and had a Mistress. I could not say anything about her. I’d get in trouble if I  lied, made up stories about my home life. Let them assume what they wanted to about  my home life. I never talked about my home life. That was private. 

The rest of the week was normal duty. I had done my next week uniforms setup and  other weekly chores earlier this week, so that was done. After I got home, I got ready  to go to my mission with ladies, two or more, into kink. I packed one of my gym bags  with some gear, clean clothes, toothbrush. I used my shower douche to clean out to anticipate what kink the ladies were into, and showered. 

Ransom picked me up, had me put on a blindfold, and drove me to my assignment.  “You might want this also, Sir. It’s a chain collar to clip on, put you into character, the  Doctor said.”  

That sounded appropriate for what I was supposed to be. “Thank you. I’ll do that.  That will be most of my costume,” I told him. I’d be naked otherwise. 

Ransom stopped, ran around the car, and led me to the house. He knocked on a door.  “Ma’am, the stud you requested is here. His Mistress asked that you don’t mark the  stud, permanently. His name is Eric.” 

“Thank you, Ransom. That is all.” 

He left, and I heard the garage door close. 

“Eric, strip completely and put your clothes into your bag. Leave on the blindfold.” 

“Yes, Mistress,” I told her. I stripped off, including my trainers, folded my clothes and  packed them in my bag, then assumed a position of parade rest. 

She put a leash around my neck, and I bowed my head. “Come with me, carry your  bag.” She tugged on the leash. “Steps up here, Boy.” 

I felt the steps and went into the house, following her. I heard some voices, so there  were others in the house. 

She led me through the house. “This is the rear guest bedroom, Boy. This is where  you’ll stay when you’re not needed. Keep the door closed. If someone knocks on the  door, put on that blindfold and wait. Do you have any questions?” 

“No, Mistress. Thank you, Milady.” Couldn’t hurt to be polite. 

She removed the leash, and I knelt, my head on the floor facing her. She patted my  butt and I rose. “Use the bathroom. Clean your ass. I will use you for a milking in a  few minutes, then you’ll have dinner. Later this evening, you’ll perform again, and as  often as we need you this weekend.” 

I stood at parade rest. A milking sounded like I’d masturbate or be masturbated. Or  use an ejaculator, if they had one. That told me to prepare for that. I had used our  shower douche cleanout at home before leaving. 

She felt my balls. “Nice and large, Boy. The Doctor said you are a good stud. He said  you produce large volume with high motility and other factors. Relax now and get  ready to perform for us.” She left, and I heard the door close. 

I removed the blindfold and kept it handy. I used the toilet to piss. I dared to put a  little bay rum cologne on my leg and hoped that I wouldn’t get too sweaty. I had  showered at home. I took a sip of mouthwash and swished that around. I was a stud  but didn’t want to smell brutishly male with ladies. My mother the hospital nurse had 

taught me how to properly wash myself including my penis foreskin. I had blushed  and that told her I had listened.  

“Pull back your foreskin and wash it and then rinse completely,” she had said. “That  can be a source of bacterial infection otherwise.” When she got into a teaching mode,  she had no reluctance to tell me things directly, in detail, and why. 

I sat on the bed and waited until I heard a knock on the door and I put on the blindfold  and stood at parade rest. 

Someone came in and put a leash around my neck and I followed her – must be a  woman, as these were lesbians. “Stairs, down,” she told me. “Hand on the railing.  Watch your steps.” 

I followed her downstairs to the basement, no pulling on the leash. I felt the floor was  tiled. I heard women talking among themselves. 

“Over here, Boy. Spread your legs wide and hold still, then raise your arms spread  wide. We’ll restrain you.” They were putting me on display for this. Wonderful. 

I assumed that position and felt shackles go around my ankles and wrists. I was  restrained between two columns that I presumed were the usual large steel columns  that supported the house. Of course my cock took an immediate interest in bondage  and rose up all by itself, untouched, and I heard tittering as it stood upright, foreskin  pulled back by erecting. I had not masturbated during the week.  

I had studied male anatomy in medical books that Mother had at home. She  encouraged me to read and study. My suspensory ligaments pulled my cock up as it  grew erect – simple physics – cock lengthened, and the ligament tether pulled it  upright. I knew I had more than average cock and balls. I knew it looked impressive  standing up when fully erect, as it was now, in front of an audience of ladies. 

They probably looked down at males, being lesbians, and here I was showing off with  cock erect. Not my problem. Stop the blushing. 

“This is the stud that our Doctor found for us,” Mistress announced, and I heard  comments, mostly complimentary. They saw I was blond, short, and very muscular  and my erect cock was dripping.  

My humiliation was now complete, but I was in character – a straight male eager to  breed. 

“For this first session, our nurses will collect his semen and immediately take it to my  partner to use. You can meet our stud after the first session.” She held a rubber bar to my mouth, so I opened and accepted that and tightened my molars on it. 

I heard more tittering and almost understood the whispered comments. I probably had  a rubber doggie bone in my mouth, a dog’s chew toy. I felt lubed fingers on my ass  that probed for my anxious anus and spread it open to relax it with another finger. I  got it. They were going to make me ejaculate with an electro-ejaculator like  veterinarians used with animals. Tonight, I was a stud animal for them. Bull  ejaculators were the size of a hand. I was no bull. Just extract the bull’s semen with a  vet’s device, like an animal. I couldn’t help blush as I knew what was coming. 

A gloved hand held my cock and bent it down and into a collection cup. The device  pushed into my ass, and I felt the sudden shocks inside me as it was triggered. 

I gritted my teeth on the rubber bone as I felt the harsh, sharp electric shock tingles  inside me as the ejaculator was pushed in and out as it gave hard stings over my  prostate with strong pulses, and my prostate spurted, just shot all by itself from that  nasty device. The shocks kept going and the second time was going to be harder,  maybe? My gland suddenly spurted again, and the device was pulled out, as well as  the collection cup removed. I hoped that was over. How many times would that thing  be used on me? Lesbians would not be into allowing a male to penetrate them.

They applauded the performance, either mine or the nurses’. I was curious about how  much they had shocked out of me. 

I hung my head. They had debased me by using me like a breeding bull. I acted as  they expected me to act. It had not been all that bad, just humiliating, but I was short,  so humiliation was a part of my life. What’s being used naked in front of an audience  of women? 

“You can examine our stud now,” Mistress announced. She had me released from the  restraints. “Good job, Boy,” she told me. She patted my head like a pet. 

I debased myself, kneeling on the floor, head down. “Thank you, Mistress.” 

She patted my butt, and I stood and went to parade rest. “You are very well built, Boy.  Was this due to your Mistress training you?” 

“No, Mistress. I exercised regularly at the gym without orders.” Entirely true. “Did she order you to do this for us?” she asked. 

I remained silent, head bowed. I didn’t want to say anything. Not their business. I  would not lie about my life. That was private. 

“I see, Eric. I won’t pry. Here’s some fruit juice for you. Here is Nurse Mary. She’ll  look after you, in case you need the toilet. I’ll be back shortly.” 

“Do you need to pee?” Nurse Mary asked. 

“That would be convenient, Milady.” I felt a need after that device in me triggering my  sensitive gland. I knew about the urinary sphincters and also about the ejaculatory  sphincter between the prostate and penis urethra. I had studied Mother’s medical  books. Electric shocks on my system? Hmmm. I wondered if the sensation was from  true need or just from having been shocked there. 

Nurse Mary held my arm and led me to a bathroom. “Far wall. Sit on the toilet.” 

I found that, raised the lid and sat on the toilet seat to piss, and I did do that without  unusual discomfort, so the prostate sensation was not all false. I used some toilet  paper to dry off for cleanliness and then stood up. I had a long foreskin, so I knew,  from Mother’s embarrassing nurse teachings, that I needed to keep that clean to avoid being messy – she had a thing for messy and unclean. “You could get an infection if  you don’t wash frequently and correctly,” she had said, and knew I had understood  because I blushed hard. 

“This way, Eric.” Nurse Mary led me back to center stage. 

There were a number of women. 

I drank my fruit juice as they touched me all over, including my cock and balls. That  made my cock perk up again. They made comments to each other about the stud with  the collar who obviously belonged to a Mistress. Here I was in the middle of a group of  women and I tried like hell to avoid the automatic blush reaction – I deliberately  substituted being proud and stalwart in my mind – though my cock was not shy at the  moment and it stood up again, fairly quickly. Hands fondling my butt were suggestive,  especially the finger in my lubed hole – I couldn’t help but clench there – that didn’t  help matters. How many of these ladies had never had the opportunity to see a naked  man? One with an erect cock? Object of fear for them? Or derision? Distaste? 

“Very good, ladies,” Mistress announced. “Please take your seats. I want Eric to show  off and stroke his big cock for us as he obviously wants to do now and give up another  sample into the collection cup.” She handed me the collection cup. 

I was thankfully blindfolded, but I could feel my ears burn as I couldn’t hold back from  blushing. I was told to jerk off in front of a group of women, no matter that they were  not straight but into other women – they were still women, and I had a staid 

upbringing. I was told to jerk off, show them how I did that and make myself express  semen for them – an orgasm, I hoped. 

“You’ve already shown us you’re a stud, Eric. Go ahead and show off for us, muscle  boy. You should know, ladies, that he is a Marine. See his high and tight haircut. Go  ahead, Eric, do it for us as we watch. We don’t see this very often.” Bet they didn’t  much. Or ever once, unless they owned a male slave. Don’t go there. 

I stroked my cock for them. Feet apart, chest muscles proudly flexed, bicep flexed as I  stroked off for them, trying to overcome any lingering shyness. I heard the comments  as they urged me on. 

“Cute”, “Playgirl material”, “Porn video stuff”, “Definitely wants to breed” – they taunted  me. “Short bulldog.” “Look at him blush.” “That’s so cute.” “Bet he’d like to see a  naked lady.” 

I felt my prostate slowly respond to this as my libido changed the timbre of their voices  lower as I imagined I was on stage in front of some men in some raunchy porn show.  That worked, and I felt the crest move forward. Fast and tight hold, heavy breathing,  and I finally had a nice yelling orgasm and spurted a lot into that cup. I felt relieved. 

A nurse carried that away. 

In keeping with my role, I knelt, face on the floor. 

“Cane, Boy. Three strokes,” Mistress announced and my ass blazed as she applied a  cane to my ass. “Stand up and bow.” 

“Thank you, Mistress.” I stood and bowed for the ladies to a nice round of applause.  My ass was on fire. 

“Buffet dinner upstairs now,” Mistress announced. She attached a leash to my collar.  “Nice performance,” she told me. “Good show for the group,” she added. “Dinner  doggie bowl for you upstairs now,” a softer tone. More theater for her group of  dominant ladies. Treat the short muscular stud as a pet dog. 

I hoped it was normal human food and not dog kibble. I couldn’t help blushing at how  I would be displayed eating from a dog bowl, my ass striped with the marks of her  cane. No permanent marks. 

She led me upstairs. “I’ve set up a feeding station for you, Boy. Water in the left bowl  and your dinner in the right one. After dinner, I’ll have you taken to your room. Later,  you will have the pleasure of enjoying my girl. Your dinner bowls are just in front of  you on the raised platform. I’ll leave you to eat dinner while I meet with our group.”  She removed the leash. 

She, or someone, pushed a butt plug into my ass. 

“Thank you, Mistress.” I clenched on that, and I dove for the floor and knelt there,  head down, until she tapped my butt with a crop to tell me to eat dinner from my  bowls. I felt the plug move when it was tapped, and that told me it was a doggie tail  plug. I felt a renewed blush as I realized this new degradation. 

A straight stud would be humiliated by having anything pushed into his ass. A doggie  tail butt plug was humiliating to me as a gay stud. It was also strangely arousing, as  my cock got chubby with the thought of how I looked, would look as I ate dinner from  dog bowls. My cock had low morals. 

I turned to the right to locate the low platform and touched the bowls. The one with  food smelled good. My subservience before this group was the way to go. Did I deter  any handling that was worse? No idea. I’d not encourage any. I was on a mission.  The line from that comedy film came to mind – I was on a mission from God – my duty  was to give these women a child. I could do that. I was determined to succeed.  Whatever I had to do was in my mission.

Dinner was a sort of ground beef dish, with browned ground beef in it with gravy seasoning, a little tomato ketchup taste, steamed broccoli cut up in small pieces, and  browned potato things I finally decided were perogies. Good quantity, suitable for a  stud, I supposed. I lapped water from the water bowl. 

“Here, Boy, here’s some fruit juice in a glass for you,” I heard the voice of the nurse I  knew. “Use your hands.” She put it into my hand that I raised up. 

I put that glass down, backed away from the feeding station, and clenched my anus on  the butt plug to make it wag for her, and she giggled. I had practiced with a doggie  tail at home as a form of exercise and muscle conditioning there. 

The juice was nice, a rich and pulpy fruit juice. Probably loaded with electrolytes and  sugars and tasted fine. I set that on the other side of my doggie bowl platform and  finished eating dinner, diligently licking my bowl like a good dog. I practiced my  doggie tail wagging just for the fun of it, to keep in shape, and for enjoying the whole  demented situation thoroughly. I’d play right along for them. 

I heard some tittering as they watched me. I lapped some more water and then I drank  the juice, drank some water to rinse my mouth. Avoid cavities. I sat on my heels. 

The leash was put around my neck and tugged to make me stand, and I followed.  “This is your room, Boy. Freshen up. Brush your teeth, shower. Shave if you feel you  need that. I’ll come to take you to the girl Mistress wants you to breed. That will be  private. About an hour.” She released the leash, then unclipped the chain collar. “You  won’t need this tonight. Oh. Wash the doggie tail plug.” She left. 

I removed the blindfold and blinked at the light, and pulled out the plug and washed  that in the sink. I checked my sparse blond beard and decided to shave nice and  smooth if I was going to have real sex tonight. I used my cleanout kit in case the  ladies wanted to push more things into my ass, and then I showered. 

That was nice. After I dried, I checked my cologne and used a little bay rum cologne  on my lower legs, and a touch behind my neck. I didn’t want to be overbearing, just  male. I waited on the bed. 

I put on my blindfold when I heard a knock on the door and stood up at parade rest. 

“Come with me, Boy,” the nurse told me. She held my arm and led me. “Here is your  lady to service. You may address her as ‘Milady’ as you’ve done. She is in charge of  you, completely. I’ll leave you two alone until she rings.” 

“Thank you, Milady” – I had recognized Nurse Mary. I dropped to the floor, head on the  floor and waited. 

She touched my back, ran her hand over my butt, then patted my head. “Rise. Stand  up so I can take a look at you.” 

I stood and went to parade rest as usual. 

“You’re cute. Big muscles. Big cock for a short man.” She touched my cock, lightly  fondled it, smoothed her fingers over it until it stood erect. She pulled the foreskin  completely back. “I’ve never touched one. Don’t worry, I’m not a virgin with a hymen  that you will hurt. I took care of that with a dildo long ago. This is just so awesome.  I’ve seen pictures. I’ve seen videos. We want this, a baby from you, from this right  here.” 

She held my balls. “These have what you have already put into me. You will have me  tonight, all by yourself, my first male lover.” She stroked my chest. Gently, feeling my  big muscles. 

“You are not a big brute,” she said. “You behave well. You will obey me in everything.”  She tapped my butt with a cane. “You understand me?”

“Yes, Milady, I completely understand. I am to serve you as you wish. Your wish is my  command.” That sounded trite, but it was literally true tonight. 

“You will have sex with me, but more than that. I want you to do your level best to be  my lover tonight, keep loving me, no matter if you spurt once inside me. That is why  we are here now. You keep going if you can. That clear?” 

“Yes, Milady. Your wish is indeed my command,” I repeated. I bowed my head. 

“You are pretty. I hope you succeed. I will get on the bed, and you will make love to  me as often as you can. Do your best, Boy. Hold nothing back.” 

She got on the bed, and I climbed on the bed. 

I had my mission. Arousal did its thing, what with the blindfold, the acting, the cane  tapping on my sore butt, and what I had done before. 

The stage had been set. The directions had been given. I nibbled on her toes as I felt  her feet and smoothed my hands over one. 

She giggled. 

I worked my way up her legs, gently touching her like a fragile work of fine art. The  blindfold worked for this. I put all my skill into my fingers. My sensitive hard cock  rubbed on the sheets. I extended my tongue and touched her between her legs. 

I only touched, nothing else – I hesitated. Was she ready? 

Her hands went to my head and held me in place. She liked my mouth there. 

No increase in pressure but the same delicate moves from me. I responded to her  pulling my head harder against her with more action from my tongue and lips. I’d stop  when she was ready. My hands went to her body, her hips, and admired her shape with soft touches. 

She pulled my hands to her, pulling me also, put my hands on her breasts. She  grabbed my head again and pulled it to a breast. She had seen videos. 

I was glad I had shaved to make my face smooth. I didn’t need to guide myself, just  gently move until my cock found its goal. I pushed gently into her until her hands  pulled harder on my head, and I pushed my cock inside her. 

She sounded surprised and delighted as I slowly moved inside her, never fast or brutal,  but gently, for her pleasure, only for her pleasure. She had said I was her first man.  She was a virgin for such sex. She had removed what some men wanted to destroy – not my thing. 

I knew I was not her sexual preference. I had that feeling, she having a woman  partner. I tried not to be what she imagined a rutting macho stud would be like, but  instead a lover, as I had been ordered. This wasn’t for me tonight, but her – I felt the  strangeness for her in having a man love her. I would try not to scare her. 

Instinct made me move, rotate my hips, not my whole body but only my hips. I, too,  had seen videos and seen those men who moved their entire bodies when fucking.  Rotating just my hips was fine, and I admired those videos that showed men doing just  that. 

I moved regularly, not too hard and not too fast, while my hands roamed over her. I  touched our connection between us and felt her there and her reaction to that touch. 

She sounded happy about this, her first sex. 

I felt macho, a stud, but I held myself in check as best as I could. I moved a little  faster. I felt the need warming me inside. 

“Yes, go ahead, Boy. Do what you did before, then keep on going.” She released me to  rut, and I followed her wishes.

I’d try not to be too rough, but the need to run pushed me. I flipped my hips like I had  seen a dog do when breeding. Not my whole body, awkwardly to power my hard cock,  but only my hips rotating. I moaned as I moved. I needed to orgasm. It almost hurt. 

I was vocal with my climax and clutched her after, petted her breasts, kissed them,  gently moved my cock in her – it was tender, so I had to move slowly. I was in no rush.  I needed a little time to regroup. I had to stay inside her, continue. 

She petted my head. “Not as I imagined. You control yourself. You’re strong, but  you’re gentle.” 

I moved slowly in her, aroused enough to continue as I listened to her compliments. I  knew I didn’t come on as a big brute. I was short, though muscular. Blond with short  curly hair. My face was cute and not rugged and my ears stuck out too much. I had a  mission, to give as much as I could, and I turned on all the charm I had, didn’t know  

how much I had. 

I looked into her smiling face and nodded. I was sweaty from the exertion. I was ready  to continue, pushed by her need, discovered need from her first sex with a man. 

She seemed to ignite after I had continued, and her moves and petting me encouraged  me to do more, move faster, sound off, and that became easier as my arousal rose once more, with the image in my mind of me fucking her just as I had done before with  straight couples. 

I had watched as a husband made love to his wife, after I had done that, and I captured  pointers about what and how to do it. I turned on to the mental image of me as a  husband pleasuring his wife. I couldn’t help sounding eager. 

“That’s it, Boy. Enjoy it. Give me everything now.” Her nails scratched my shoulders, a  sign she was aroused.  

I was her first man.  

She hugged my head to her breasts and then grabbed my shoulders to pull my chest  against her and screamed. Good. Scratched me but good. 

I shuddered with a strong orgasm and grabbed her hard. I collapsed on her, licking  her breast. I was smug in what I had done for her. Twice tonight. 

“You were good, Boy. Thank you. That’s all for tonight, I think. Stand and wait for  Mistress or a nurse to take you. You’re sweaty.” She stroked my face. “So handsome.” 

I carefully pulled away and then felt my way off the bed and stood at parade rest to  wait for someone to come. Sweat rolled down my chest. 

“That’s all for tonight, Boy,” Mistress told me as she put a leash on me. She led me  away. “Here, the kitchen. Our guests have gone. Sit here and have some juice. Relax.  Do you need a cushion to sit on?” 

I felt my marked ass – not bad. “No, thank you, kind Mistress. I’m fine.” “Good. Here’s a glass of juice.” She put it in my hand. 

“Thank you, Mistress. I hope I pleased you.” 

“You pleased my girl, I know that. We didn’t know what to expect. I assume you were  not a virgin before tonight. I’m told you fathered children, but you’re single. Am I  saying too much? Tell me frankly. Please.” 

“No, Mistress. I’m single. In college, I helped my best friends from high school, who  married, to have a baby because the husband was damaged by childhood illness. She  was my first lady. Before her, I was a virgin.” 

“But surely you’ve had other women,” she said. She saw me blush hard. “You haven’t!”

“Mistress, I helped another couple have a baby, the doctor’s project, recently, the same  way as tonight,” I confessed. “I’m rather celibate.” It felt good to get that out. 

“The rest of the time this weekend, you will have sex with my girl, if she is happy with  how you were tonight. I heard her, and that meant you pleased her. I see your  shoulders.” She took a paper towel and wiped my shoulders, with a little alcohol on  the towel, and that stung just a little. 

“You do body building. Is that to make you appear more of an authority figure? I know  I’m reaching, Eric, but I’m curious what drives you. Tell me if I ask too much.” 

“Not too much, Mistress, no. I’ve always been athletic, soccer, swimming, stone  masonry with my grandfather and being well-built and short, I can handle myself  against taller men. I talked with the doctor and my stature encouraged me to do this.” 

“Thank you, Eric. You do a service for those who really want a child. I arranged for the  theatrics with my group for their benefit. The nurses did their best today with their  method. They told me that regular sex, like you did tonight, on the best days, could  be just as successful. It’s time to take care of things. I’ll take you to your room, and  you can relax tonight. The TV there gets several subscription channels you can watch  until you decide to sleep. I’ll wake you in the morning.” She stood and leashed me, led  me to my room. 

When she left, I removed the blindfold, then brushed my teeth, drank water and  showered. I looked at what the subscriptions offered and watched a historical drama.  Later, I got ready for bed and had a good night’s sleep. 

She woke me in the morning, patted my butt. “Breakfast in about twenty minutes, Eric.  Get ready for breakfast. Stay naked today. That’s fine. You decide if you want to  remove the blindfold today. That is fine with us.” 

“Thank you, Mistress.” I did morning bathroom visit, shaved my face though my beard was blond and sparse. I decided to bare all and removed the blindfold, left it with my  clothes, and went to the kitchen. 

At the kitchen door, I knelt down on the floor, head down and waited. Both ladies wore  casual clothes, no dresses, no leather, just ordinary. I was naked. 

“Up, Eric,” the girl told me. “Sit at the table. We can be informal today. You have nice  manners. You can call me Dee. It’s short for my name.” 

“Thank you, Milady Miss Dee,” I told her and sat at the kitchen table. Fresh coffee and  juice was there, alone with a stack of toast. Mistress was finishing making breakfast.  Mistress looked to me to be older if only that Miss Dee looked quite young and was the  one who they wanted to have a child, as far as I knew. 

As far as I knew, I was supplying only Miss Dee. They were both attractive. 

“Don’t let your coffee get cold, Eric,” Mistress told me by way of telling me it was fine  to start eating breakfast. She served me everything first, scrambled eggs, breakfast  sausages, steamed vegetables and potato pancakes. It was suitable for a hungry stud,  and I liked that. 

“Thank you, Mistress. This looks nice.” 

They sat and joined me. “Was the forced milking and bondage too much for you?”  Mistress asked. 

“No, Mistress. I get off on bondage … and what you did.” I blushed hard. The session  with the ejaculator was intense, but arousing. “The device was … interesting.” I  couldn’t blush harder. 

Mistress and Miss Dee chuckled. “We may have to do some of that, then. I’ll ask some  over for some productive fun for your pleasure, Eric. Taunt you in bondage and let you  show off. The way you blush makes it obvious you are aroused by a dominant woman. 

Your size makes you attractive to women. You’re very short, but very muscular, and  obviously very male. I gives a woman pleasure to dominate you, own your muscles,  order you around.” 

I felt the heat in my ears from blushing, as well as my neck. I had been told even my  shoulders changed color when I blushed very hard. Friends told me that when I had  spurted in high school on the wrestling mat with an opponent during a match. Both of  us had hard erect cocks in our singlets and it just happened. The Ref had to stop our  match and wash off the mat while all the students roared with glee. I sat at the kitchen  table with my cock hard this morning. 

“Very male, yes,” Mistress said. “If I were to touch you, you’d spurt right off. Try to  save it for later, when we’re playing with you. This time, you’ll see the ladies watching  you. We’ll have some fun. You up for being in public, my Miss Dee?” 

“Yes, thank you, Mistress. We all know why this military stud is here. We can tell them  that he lusts for me. They will see that. He is so evident. I could tell that last night.  He sounded strained. He held back. Perhaps, if I may suggest, use the sling and have  the bound pet be my live dildo?” 

“Nice thought, Miss Dee. Tie his hands and only use his hard cock as a sex toy, a  studly muscular dildo with a purpose. Brilliant.” 

I fixed on finishing my breakfast, face flaming, cock eager. I cleaned up the cooking  utensils by habit, washed them by hand, as they watched me work. I did that chore at  home all the time, automatically, as I did many chores, without any direction by my  dominant partner. I just concentrated on being the kitchen help while they talked  about plans and my big ears caught everything. My face flamed. 

I picked up their dishes and washed those by hand, cleaned the stove, made everything  sparkle, as I did at home, where my partner cooked and trashed the kitchen all the  time. When I was done, I adopted my position and sat on my heels on the floor and  waited, in the proper role, now that Mistress had told of things to come. 

“Make yourself busy, Boy,” Mistress told me and gestured around the house, and I  nodded and understood what she wanted me to do. Every house needed a houseboy. 

I rose and went around the house. I found cleaning supplies. I found the vacuum  cleaner and did the living room rug. The collection bag needed emptying, so I took out  the full one, disposable, and put in a new one. I then housed the vacuum. I chucked  the full bag in the garage trash bin. Door was closed, thankfully.  

The car was not in the garage, so I swept the garage floor and dumped the trash in the  trash bin. I straightened a few things on the steel shelves. Nothing else needed there.  I went to the basement and emptied all the trash cans into the garage trash bin. 

“Set up the sling, Boy!” Mistress called to me. 

I saw that hanging neatly against the wall and figured out how to use the overhead  attachments to hang that up and adjusted the ass height to my own, on the hunch that  I’d probably be there in action. Not definite about that. The place was clean. I  checked the basement bathroom and restocked the paper goods, collected the towels  and checked the laundry bins. I went upstairs. 

“Mistress, please, would you have me do laundry?” I asked from my position kneeling  on the floor, head on the floor. 

“Thank you, yes. Directions posted by the machine. Divide by color and durability.  You know how to do that. Proceed.” She tapped my marked butt with a cane, and I  checked for laundry in all the rooms, including kitchen towels. I knew how to flow  around the house efficiently, from long experience.

I knew how to do all these household chores, as I did those at home. I was very careful  at home about laundry, not wanting to mix our military uniform shirts with off colors.  Those were special. Our trousers were dry-cleaned. 

I sorted the laundry, not even blushing when I handled women’s clothes of all types.  Made sure of careful separation. Read the directions on how to use laundry detergent  for each type of clothing and did the laundry. The nice front-loader informed me that  in 35 minutes, it would be done with first load done in cold water. Naked servant  cleans house. I could probably make a fortune cleaning houses while naked, though  my partner had other ideas on how to use my many talents. 

“Lunch time,” Miss Dee announced, bringing a doggie bowl to the basement. She put  that and a water dish on the doggie platform, then lubed my ass and inserted the  doggie tail butt plug. “Be a good pet, Boy. Brush your teeth after you eat and finish  the laundry. I put a new toothbrush in the bathroom for you.” She left me to eat lunch  doggie style, after she patted my butt and wiggled the butt plug. 

I liked lunch. Good meal of lightly seasoned loose cooked ground beef with a little  melted cheese on it to hold it together, some French fries, and steamed carrots cut up.  She also gave me a can of cold sports drink. Well-stocked or they had anticipated  having a stud. 

After I ate, I dutifully brushed my teeth, then bussed the doggie bowls to the kitchen,  washed those, and returned to my duties in the basement. Three loads of laundry on  short cycle and delicate tumble dry, and I was finished with that. In between loads, I  did exercises, stretching, pushups, deep knee bends, running in place, pulled myself  

up by the overhead supports. I folded the clothes and put them in a laundry basket  and went upstairs to report. I knelt down and reported “Laundry done, Mistress.” 

“Our bedroom, please Boy. Put the basket on the bed, then prepare yourself with a  shower and shave. Time to perform for our guests today. Expect to have the  ejaculator used.” 

“Thank you, Mistress.” 

She tapped my butt with her cane, and I delivered laundry and then went to my room  to prepare for playtime. I had sort of asked for this. 

No one had commented on my bare pubes. My partner kept me shaved there, as well as underarms. I had no body hair elsewhere. I brushed my teeth and carefully shaved  my pubes nice and smooth, what little I then had. I shaved my face, though only my  chin and jowls had any beard to speak of, and that was blond. My partner had  commented on my lack of any hair on my ass. I cleaned out and showered. I added  just a few drops of the bay rum cologne. I was ready. 

“Stand in the shower, arms spread out,” Mistress told me. “Eyes shut.” She had on  rubber gloves. She sprayed me lightly. “Makes your muscles shine in the light. Just a  little theater for the ladies today. OK, that is it. Let’s go meet the ladies. If you like,  you can tell the ladies why you are here, anything that you want. I think you’ll like  that.” 

“Yes, Mistress. Thank you.” I followed her to the basement. 

Miss Dee lay on the sling and a group of around a dozen ladies in leathers stood  around. 

“Ladies, here is our stud. He is a proud military man here to help Miss Dee and me.  Please say hello to our stud Eric.” 

They applauded, and I bowed respectfully low. 

“Esteemed ladies,” I told them. “I am here to provide what I can in service to Mistress  and Miss Dee. I am at their command. I asked Mistress to please treat me and use me  as she wishes.” I dove for the floor and planted my head there.

Mistress caned my ass hard three times. “Up, Boy. Go to the sling and let yourself be  restrained there, arms above your head.” She smacked my ass again with the cane. 

I assumed the position and ladies shackled my wrists to chains hanging from the  ceiling, then spread my ankles and shackled them to chains attached to columns. My  cock was hard and upright and probably within reach of her, or not. A hand would  guide it. 

Someone would have to handle it. Two ladies helped position Miss Dee to move her  closer to me. Her legs were raised and her ankles rested in stirrups from chains  attached to the sling. She looked exposed, and I felt for her dignity. 

I humped my hips, and my cock touched her. 

Smack! “I didn’t give you permission!” Mistress told me. “How many strokes should I  give you for disobeying?” 

“Ten, please Mistress. I’ve been bad!” 

“You’re foolish as well. Half of that is good.” She put a rubber dog bone in my mouth  and I clenched my teeth on that. Smack! Pause. Smack! Pause. Smack! Pause.  Smack! Pause. Smack! Pause. Brutal. 

“Thank you, kind Mistress!” I shouted. My back and ass burned. Bondage and beating  worked on me. My cock remained hard. 

A lady’s rubber gloved hand pulled my cock down and aimed it at Miss Dee. “Ready,  Mistress.” 

“Eric, I will encourage you to perform,” Mistress told me and held a crop to my lips for  me to kiss it, and I bowed my head after. “Proceed.” She tapped my butt cheek, and I  moved my hips forward and pushed my guided cock into Miss Dee. 

The ladies commented to each other. One touched me. The other who had held my  cock did the same. “Slowly. Not too fast. Gently.” “Use these well.” She touched my  balls and bounced them on her palm. 

Mistress slapped my ass in time with my motions, controlling my timing. 

I was just a thing for them, to use me to deliver what was hanging low between my  legs. My balls swung. I winked at Miss Dee and she grinned, winked and waggled her  eyebrows as I moved in her in time to her Mistress’ swats. Was I going to be able to get off like this? Maybe so. I felt hot waiting for each swat. I had to pay attention to  Mistress if I wanted to blow. Don’t linger. Don’t anticipate. I couldn’t ask or say  anything. I knew the drill. I had asked for all this. Me. 

Mistress speeded up the cadence, faster now, harder now, and I followed her timing. I  moved only my hips, again rotating them to push my cock. 

I let a sound out from my need now, and I felt myself blush. 

“That’s it, stud,” Mistress told me. “Go ahead. Nod for me when you want me to speed  up for you. You want to blow, naturally, no shocks inside your fine ass.” She chanted  softly. “Go. Go. Go.” And the group of ladies started in, in time with Mistress’ swats.  They were into this, watching me, something so unusual for them. 

“Go for it, now stud! Full speed! Show us your stuff! No more swats!” 

“AHA!” I shouted as it swiveled my hips faster and harder, and I grunted with every  smash of my hips against Miss Dee. I couldn’t stop this fury of sexual release now,  held off for too long. This was the home stretch. I swung my hips fast and hard. 

She sounded off, sounded happy, and the ladies cheered us on.

Orgasm suddenly ripped through me and I humped a couple of times and seized up,  arms flexed hard, butt flexed hard, just instant statue as my cock spurted in rapid fire.  I hung on the shackles, emotionally spent for the moment. Sweaty. 

“Nicely done, stud Eric,” Mistress patted my face, put her hand in front of my mouth,  palm down, and I bent my face to put my lips on her hand in a sort of kiss with dog  bone still in my mouth. 

Ladies released my arms, then attached a neck restraint and clamped my wrists there.  My hands were at shoulder height. They released my ankles. One held a bottle of  juice with a straw to my lips and another took away the dog bone. 

I sipped the juice. I was thirsty. I looked at them, all in leather. In bondage like this, it  aroused me. I flexed my big pecs for the ladies, made them bounce to make them  giggle. Their boobs were bigger, mostly. 

One lady pinched my left tit hard, then used her sharp nails to bite into it, but I didn’t  make a sound. She smoothed her hand over my sore tit, and I bounced that pec for  her and nodded. She smiled and winked. We communicated on a subtle level. Test of  strength and determination. 

I finished the juice treat. 

“Do you think that you will be able to provide Miss Dee all by yourself once more? With  or without encouragement?” Mistress asked. 

As nasty as that thing was, success demanded its possible use. “Mistress, if it please  you and Miss Dee, may I suggest that I be allowed to provide Miss Dee pleasure until  you or she indicate to end it and use that ejaculator?” 

“Well spoken, my stud. Go to Miss Dee. Would you prefer you be released?” 

“Mistress, if it pleases you, I can provide more pleasure to Miss Dee, I think if I were,  and I pledge to behave when you use the animal device,” I told her. 

“That will be fine. Release my stud to do his duty, unfettered and if we want to end  things, then the nurse will encourage the stud. Proceed,” Mistress ordered. 

Ladies released me from the shackles and I massaged my wrists and neck from that  and approached Miss Dee. 

“Milady Miss Dee, may I please you?” I asked. 

“Proceed,” she answered. 

I checked for need for lubrication and found she, and I were both ready for this. My  cock was upright and ready, probably amused the ladies. Before I began, I bent  forward and tickled her with my lips and tongue, then stood and pushed my cock down  and then into her. 

I petted her thighs as I swiveled my hips. I reached for her breasts and touched her  nipples gently, ran my hands over her breasts, winked at her as I kept moving in her. I  made love to her as well as I could with a group of ladies in leather watching me do my  stud duty and I tuned them off from my thinking about them and only about the  expressions I drew from Miss Dee, her smiles, her eyes. This time, I was not restrained  from using my wiles, and I did, aroused when I heard her happy moans. I felt myself  beginning to peak naturally with this, a surprise to me, and I moved faster and harder.  I was a stud in action for her. 

I nodded to her, smiled. I could do this. I gripped her thighs hard and pulled her hips  to me in honest passion now. I breathed hard and it came to me in a rush, and I yelled  from an honest orgasm and felt my release into her. Well done. 

“Well done, my stud,” Mistress told me. Please release Miss Dee and give her some  water, but leave her lying there for a bit longer,” she directed two ladies. She swept 

her hand over my butt, then tapped it with her cane. She held her left hand on my  shoulder and looked at me, then lashed my ass with her cane three times. 

“Thank you, kind Mistress,” I told her, as she held the cane to my lips and I kissed it. 

“That is all the duty we have for today for my stud, ladies. He is yours to meet if you  wish,” Mistress said and then left to tend to Miss Dee. A lady gave me a bottle of cold  fruit juice to drink. 

“Thank you, Milady.” I mingled with the ladies. 

“Did you make a baby for someone else?” one asked. 

“Yes, Milady, in college, Labor Day weekend of my sophomore year, my two best  friends from high school, husband and wife, came to my school and I provided for  them what I just provided here, all weekend,” I told them. 

“You have nice genes,” another said. 

“Blue eyes, blond curly hair, dimples, and big ears,” one said. “You please women, like  you did today. You think you’ll be a father again, with Miss Dee?” 

“If the doctor is correct in calculating the timing, and I’ve done enough of this, I hope  so, yes, Milady. I want to please Mistress and Miss Dee. That is my sworn duty.” 

“Will you be doing more of this for couples?” 

“I have, yes, and will also, Milady.” I paused. “It’s hard for a husband to ask me to do  what he can’t do because of illness he had. I had the husband flog me on an X-cross,  hard, because I thought his ego needed that, to dominate me in some way. I thought I  would want to do that if I was a husband in that situation. Mistress beat me just now.  That was her right and pleasure … and mine.” I couldn’t explain all the situation, that I  got aroused from being dominated and even beaten. I had sex with her partner and  for that I deserved her caning me. It was complicated. 

“Time to break up for today, my friends,” Mistress announced. “Time to let our strong  stud recover and enjoy dinner with us to build up his strength.” 

“Strong display. Thank you,” a dominant looking lady said and she extended her hand,  so I took her hand and kissed it, and they all tittered. 

“My pleasure to meet you, Milady,” I told her. 

Several patted my marked butt as they left, but gently. 

I felt those marks burn. 

“Let’s get dinner together, Eric,” Mistress told me. “One of my nurse friends put a  vagina plug in Miss Dee, hopefully to hold your donation in place. She and I will do  dinner. Basically, that’s a couple of large fully loaded pizzas and salads from a nice  local delivery service. There is a cushion in the living room if you need that.” 

“Thank you, Mistress. Very kind. I’ll check that out,” I told her. I put the cushion on  the kitchen chair and waited. I thought I’d like that. 

“Go ahead and sit, please, Eric,” she told me. “You’re an honored guest tonight. Relax.  You have good manners. Tell your partner that when you get home.” 

“Yes, Mistress. Thank you.” I sat and enjoyed fruit juice from a large bottle, along with  Miss Dee, and Nurse Mary. 

“Mistress plans another session in bed after dinner,” Mary told us. “If you get too tired,  Eric, I will have the ejaculator to finish at least one session. Tonight ends your duties  here.” 

“Thank you, Milady.”

Pizza dinner was nice. I was respectfully silent as they discussed things and I  deliberately tuned out, a naked guy with ladies dressed in robes. 

After dinner, I brushed my teeth, cleaned out once more, showered, spruced up with  just a hint of cologne and then waited until Mistress would take me to do my duty once  more. I quickly got off the bed and knelt on the floor in obeisance as Mistress entered  the room. 

“Reward Miss Dee with all your charms, Eric,” she directed. “You would have made a  good husband, but I won’t ask why not. That would be rude. Your duty tonight is to  please my girl as best as you can and do your best to give us the reward we want from  you.” She smoothed her leather gloved hand over my sensitive butt. “Rise, seduce  Miss Dee with your charms.” She tapped my ass. 

“Thank you, Mistress.” I was ready. Knowing what was to come after dinner, and  hearing their talk discretely had aroused me. I was proud of the way the suspensory  ligaments elevated my penis when erect, making it stand right up. I had seen  paintings on ancient Greek urns that idolized the erect penis, and mine looked like  that. Now, it stood and swayed as I walked to Miss Dee, visibly ready to perform. 

I went down on one knee when I entered her bedroom. “Miss Dee, Mistress ordered me  to give you pleasure, to do my best. Do I have your kind permission?” 

“Come, please me, Eric. We want this from you. I want a child with all your fine parts,  whether a boy or girl, we will cherish it if we are that lucky. Come to me.” She had a  filmy, cloudy negligee that she slowly pulled off, a strip show for me. She arranged  herself on the bed, splayed and open. She dimmed the lights to a glow. 

I climbed on the bed and kissed the bottom of both feet, then approached her,  stopped and put my face between her thighs and licked her to find she was ready. I  knew what to do to give her pleasure. I was gay, but I was also experienced in giving  women pleasure. I had learned from husbands. More than one. 

Far from treating her as a mere receptacle for my lust, for my pleasure, I acted for her  pleasure tonight. I realized that we were hoping to produce a baby that only women  have the ability to make. I knew how special that was, and my mission was to make  that happen for her, for them, not for myself. I was amazed by what women could do. 

I guided my leaking cock into her and pushed slowly in as she beckoned me. 

“I may never again have the pleasure of having a man like you doing this for me. You  are not like what I’ve heard, read about … and feared. I allow you to take your  pleasure also.” She held my head and pulled me toward her. 

I had watched porn videos and saw how men acted, how they moved their whole  bodies as they had sex. I had also watched those men who moved as I did, only flexing their hips, using their strong stomach muscles to power erect cocks. I did that.  I fingered us, touched her own erection. I knew enough to give her that pleasure. 

I kissed her breasts that I hoped would fill with milk to feed the child I was making for  her, that I hoped I was doing. No videos I had seen really showed honest loving, only  sex. I had watched husbands make love to their wives when I was called to give them a  child, and I learned from the experience they had shown me. 

Slowly, I gave her pleasure with our connection as I gave her pleasure with my hands. She pulled my face to her breast. “Don’t cry. I feel that. Why do you cry?” “You can make new life,” I told her. “You can feed a baby. You’re a miracle.” 

“You start all this. Make it happen. Let me have all that. Let us have a child to raise.  Go ahead, fill me up now.”

I moved faster. I held her in my hands. I had never married because I knew such  fleeting moments were not for me, not for me as a gay man. I would want something  else, but I would lack that something special that she would be. 

I couldn’t describe it to myself, the feeling that women were somehow more complete  than men. I knew how they nursed their babies. I had seen my older sister with hers.  I had been a baby sitter for her, feeding her babies while they went to a show or dinner  out. I actually sang for them, songs that I knew from my own childhood that  Grandmother had sung for me. A baby’s smile and giggle was epic. 

I gave Miss Dee all I could to tell her that she was a goddess at this moment, fingering  her, feeling my own slick cock in her, feeling the vulva gates around it. My passion  built as I thought about all this, how I was completing their family. I was determined  to make it happen. I snapped my hips with my rippled stomach muscles, pushed her  into the pillows under her, rutted as she wanted – all male, very much male, I felt my  climax approach and I couldn’t stop it as I fucked in a frenzy of lust now, the visions of  the husbands I had seen in my mind all came together in an orgasm that tore into me,  and I yelled and shook. 

She patted my back, and I felt where she had scratched my shoulders. “Such strength  was mine tonight. You held that back for so long. Thank you. You need your sleep  tonight.” She dismissed me. 

That was it, then. 

I pulled back, backed away from her, put my head on the bed, hands spread out, and then left for my room. My stomach was sore from using it so much. My ass was sore  from beatings. In my room, I pissed, drank some water, brushed my teeth, showered carefully to avoid hot water on my tender ass, and collapsed on bed. I had a glow from  having acted like a husband and lover tonight. The marks from Mistress were  cherished war wounds that I know were her due. 

I found a miniature of whiskey in my toiletries when I had gotten my toothbrush out. I  had forgotten when I had put that there. I decided on a nightcap and chugged that  small bottle. Burned going down. 

This was what it could have been for me, at least for a short while, at least in short  bursts of acting like a husband and lover. I sighed some more about what was not to  be. No children to hold and care for. Had I given them that pleasure? I hoped I had. I  had done my best.  

That line from that film kept repeating itself … mission from God. 

I went to sleep, exhausted, a slight buzz from even that small bottle. * * * 

I woke in the middle of the night to discover there was a blindfold over my eyes. I was bound hand and foot in a moving vehicle, a van, lying on a rug or blankets.  

Crazy dream? Asleep and dreaming?  

I never thought I was dreaming when I was actually asleep and dreaming – cold logic  said this was no dream – but was it? My mind was muzzy. 

I had no memory of having come awake tonight before now. I thought I must be awake, but was I in a nightmare?  

I was being kidnapped. That, at least was definite. 

I heard whispers from several people. It seemed so dreamlike. This was an alien  situation. I had nothing to anchor my thoughts about the whole weird situation. I was  being taken somewhere, by force.

The van stopped. The doors opened, and the rug I was on was pulled out the back of  the van, and onto a stretcher or gurney – it rolled for a minute or so. It stopped. I  smelled a barn, it was that distinctive. Other smells there. Candles. Incense?  

Hands lifted me off the gurney and stood me up on a platform, then untied my ankles  and spread those apart and shackled them to chains – I heard that. Bondage in a barn  at night. What sort of scene was this? 

A noose dropped over my head and it tightened and threatened – I wouldn’t move – that was a dire threat. 

My hands were released and then shackled apart and raised by more than one person.  I was spread wide, restrained, in a barn. What was up?  

I had long passed the idea that this was somehow a dream. It was too definite and  directed toward a purpose, unlike anything I could recall from my dreams. Or  nightmares. 

“Open and swallow this,” a whisper. Fingers with a tablet gave me something to  swallow. I almost objected, but … that noose … I took the tablet into my mouth. A  straw was put to my lips and I sucked on that. It tasted alcoholic, strong. Burnt my  throat going down, and I felt the fumes from having strong alcohol in my mouth. 

I stood alone for long seconds. Warmth then. My ears felt warm, like when I blushed  or had a fever. 

Hands roamed lightly all over me, fingers admired my muscles. Many hands. Soft  sounds of whispers. 

I yelped when a clamp was put on my tits, then one on the other – they stung, they  were so strong. I had felt that sting before during rough play at home with my partner. 

This was Saturday night in a barn. In bondage with unknown people – women, I had to  assume, since I was with some before. What? 

“It’s working.” A hand found my cock was hard and upright now. My cock was fast to  firm up from bondage. The voice implied a medication was helping that. 

A naked woman hugged me, slowly rubbed against me, teased my hard cock, and I felt  her erect clit rub on the underside of my cock. Her breasts slid across my own chest.  That hurt when the clamps were pulled off. Her breasts felt like … what … medium?  Slinky woman with firm woman’s breasts, with prominent erect nipples sliding over my  small sore tits. 

Others murmured softly.  

I could almost understand what they whispered. I felt a hand under my balls, palm  open, bounced them. The hand admired my low-hanging large manhood. I was often  conscious of them when I wore boxer undershorts. Too big for briefs – made a bulge. 

“Duty done.”  

“Empty after today, quite empty now,” whispered.  

“Perfect sacrifice.” A blade swept down over my long scrotum – I felt that threaten – it  rested under my balls, the sharp blade threatening them. The sharp blade was the  center of my awareness, threatening.  

I waited for the sting of it cutting me. Not nice. A knife under my balls was …  unthinkable. 

I couldn’t move a muscle. That threat made me shake, rattle the chains holding my  wrists as I pulled on the restraints with all my might. 

The woman rubbing against me guided my hard cock into her and she humped me, impaled herself on my cock, made my body move – dangerous, with the knife I still felt 

under my scrotum. My cock was so hard it hurt with firmness. It was inside her now,  held there, sliding in and out as she moved, as she moved me, all over me with her  hands on me, face, head, back, under arms – almost tickled there. 

I stayed silent. Nothing I said would matter. I would scream when I felt the sting of  the knife. 

She kissed me, open mouth, tongue on mine, hands holding my head. “I excite you,”  she whispered. “You are ready. This is our special night. You know what night.  Special night for us.” 

I did, suddenly realizing it was Halloween! I was in trouble. My hips humped into her  in reaction. Primitive instincts made me move as I had done so many times just  recently. I had rutted in a woman in blind sexual lust seeking to release inside her. 

“That’s it, stud. Do it one last time.” There was some rhythmic music starting up,  softly, compelling, thumping, making me want to move. “… one last time?” Huh? 

They had drugged me, given me something to arouse me, in some barn with a group  of … witches? Smell of incense. Sound of a bell.  

She moved and slid on me, fucking me as she moved to the rhythm of the music with  its compelling drum beat sounds and bell softly ringing. 

“… one last time …” What? 

Hands teased me all over. The knife threatened me. I waited for an awful pain there.  Everything aroused me. The tit clamps had fallen off some time ago. Her breasts on  mine a sensuous arousing feel.  

Her sex on my cock was intense. It was uncut and sensitive when it was erect with the  foreskin off the wide glans. The feel of her vagina sliding around the broad glans was  how I had orgasms inside Miss Dee without help. It was more sensitive now. 

I was the focus of some sort of sexually arousing gathering, with soft rhythmic music,  bells, a succubus having sex. A witches coven? My mind was foggy.  

Kidnapped from my bed, taken here, drugged, restrained, raped.  

That sharp knife was the worst part, not knowing, very worried, incredibly and  strangely aroused. Dizzy with what they had given me, and cock made erect by some  medication and some potent alcohol with whatever in it. 

The succubus slowly worked on me, moved in time with the music, played with me like  a living dildo in her for her pleasure. She moved against me as in a dream passion. 

This worked on me, after she had danced on me until my natural arousal responded,  and I grunted with the moves she made, and my hips humped into her as much as I  could move my hips. Hands patted my sore butt cheeks, roamed over my back, arms,  head. 

I realized the knife no longer threatened me. Maybe. I was sweating from exertion  and arousal. Aroused, restrained male stud with a succubus attached to him. Impaled  by his cock. Could I move now? I flipped my hips as much as I could, my arousal  pushing me. 

They chanted some nonsense louder, and sounds of more drums. She moved faster  and harder, very heavy on my cock so it was almost painful, but she moved to pleasure  herself, from the sounds she made, no longer rhythmically moving but fast and hard,  her hands pulled me against her. Her breasts pressed against mine. 

She whispered nonsense to me. She scratched my shoulders. 

She screamed, held me tight, and then released me, threw me away, and I pulled  myself back upright.

A hand grabbed my slick cock and stroked it fast and hard, and I bellowed when it  spurted from the hand job. My arms were sore from the strain of pulling on the  restraints. 

Lots of hands felt me, and lips kissed me all over, soothed me. The music grew softer.  No more bells. Lingering odor of incense. They left. Silence. 

What had just happened? Group – coven – of women. Slithering succubus raping me. I was alone, naked in a barn. Bewildered. 

A person released my ankle restraints, then removed the noose that was now loose and  finally released my wrists before removing the blindfold. The single hanging bulb gave  enough light to see. 

Ransom stood there dressed in jeans, boots, leather vest. Typical leather boy outfit.  “Hope you’re fine,” he said. “I can take you home. Enjoy the little celebration?” He  smiled. Coy smile. Sounded smug. 

“This has all the feeling that is was a prank, a practical joke,” told him. I saw my bag  that had my toiletries and clothing and put on my clothes and trainers. 

He avoided answering me. “All there, Sir. You OK?” he asked. 

“Befuddled, but feeling fine. Nothing I was given is dangerous, I take it,” I told him. 

“No, just some Viagra that should wear off soon, alcohol and a mild med. Don’t drive  tonight.” He confessed by saying what he had said. He did not act contrite. 

I had no intention of driving after this. “You’re dangerous. I won’t talk of this with  Doc. Ask him if he can give me news from Miss Dee and Mistress about any success.” 

“Thank you. Will do that.” He drove me home. He remained silent about the whole  Halloween event. 

A long hot shower seemed to clear my mind. I decided that I’d sleep late on Sunday  morning. He was into practical jokes and somehow had set that up with others. 

Good black coffee in the morning as I ate my usual Sunday breakfast fare eaten at my small kitchen table with the small TV showing the latest events of no consequence. It  all seemed so normal. 

Back to normal duty on Monday, patiently teaching Marines computer systems  programming. Their successes rewarded me. I was a good teacher. 

A few weeks later, I got a call to report the Hospital and Doctor Crane. I had prepared  for that visit. I took him a framed full-length photo of me in my dress uniform and  asked him to give it to them, along with a sealed personal note to them. The ladies  could use that photo if any questions arose about the father. 

I would have other couples to help. This couple had been most memorable and  arousing to help. 

Author: EERO KIVI 

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