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Did you ever think that keeping a partner in life is just too much work? And you really wish there were an option to feel fulfilled with your sexual life without other people necessary? You checked sex dolls but all of them are too big or too expensive? It turns out it’s not the only option possible and you don’t have to stick to the old boring masturbation. 

The Tantaly Sex Doll TorsoWe are here to tell you that you can have amazing sexual life without leaving your home and without any partner needed. Tantaly sex doll torsos is something made specially for people who are not afraid of exploring new exiting things and want to feel something real without a problem of pleasing anyone else beside themselves.

Tantaly was founded with the focus on the design and creation of a series of high quality realistic torso sex dolls to please everybody. The sizes range so you can find something even so small that you can hide it in your bedroom with no problem. If you haven’t had any experience with sex doll torsos here we will tell you all the information you need before purchasing.

We’re gonna start from the beginning. You probably only remember the dolls made with rubber or even the inflatable ones. They were not only not appealing but sometimes even toxic to the body. Maybe you checked that if you want a good quality sex doll you need to pay over 1500$ and it’s not the budget you want to spend on the doll. Tantaly has your back with affordable sex torsos. Why would you pay twice the price for something you won’t even use? Full body sex doll just have other parts of the human body that it is not needed to satisfy your erotic fantasies. Not to mention that for the doll to have full legs, arms and head that are movable you almost have to pay 2000$. 

This is no longer your only option. We are here to introduce you to a new solution. Tantaly sex doll torsos are made with TPE thermoplastic elastomer  – which imitates the touch of the human body perfectly. It is very soft and springy so while you are using the doll you really cannot tell the difference between a real human body and a Tantaly doll. Not only is it a body safe material, it’s environmentally friendly because it can be recycled which is very important for our planet. Our sex doll torsos also have the metal spine which make putting the torso in the right position very easy. 

How do you choose your first doll? All the designs of the dolls are aimed at pleasure and all have something different about them. The best advantage of buying Tantaly sex doll torsos that it is not an expensive buy. So you can really find the right fit without spending all your savings. 

We have a few categories to pick from. Almost all of our torsos have an option of different skin tones so you can find the perfect one for yourself. The dolls have different body shapes from petite to big beautiful women. So whatever you prefer, you can find it in our store. 

There are three main designs: only butt torsos, full female torsos and male torsos. If you don’t have a lot of space you can choose a small torso like Dita, which is the smallest torso with breasts which let you experience touching them while using the doll and it is so easy to store that you don’t have to worry about it. If you are traveling a lot you can take her with you due to the small size. She can even fit in your suitcase. Tantaly also has torsos with an ass only like Cecilia, so you can squeeze it or slap it whenever you like. This kind of torsos are also very easy to store, so you do not have to prepare additional space for it. 

The most similar to full size sex dolls are our full size sex torsos. They have the same measurements around the waist and other parts but are half the price. One of our bestsellers, great for start is Britney, she is full size sex doll torso with amazing proportions. 

She has everything you can dream of in a girl. Amazing breast and ass, the texture of the doll skin looks and feels almost exact as the human body due to the use of the TPE.

If you love big women, we strongly suggest you look at our greatest creation which is Monroe with an amazing curvy body. If you are afraid that the big breast will not feel real, don’t be! Due to the usage of specially made TPE fusion technology, the gel-filled breasts feel as elastic as jello, which also mimics the natural sag of real women’s breasts.

If you are looking for a doll with a penis there are two options for you – male torso Channing and Tiger or female torso Sarina with big breasts and penis. All three dolls have a perfectly shaped penis which is angle-adjustable, so you can bend and position it to the perfect angle for you.

All the female dolls have two holes for vaginal and anal sex. The dolls with penis has anal tunnels only. You can see in our manual exactly how these canals are shaped. We have customized unique tunnels for each doll which have different stimulation, penetration and suction effects. Everybody has a slight difference inside so if you are curious about it, check it out after choosing the doll. 

When you find your perfect match and you are ready to buy – there are a few things to do to take proper care of the doll to maintain the best shape for a long time. TPE is great material but there are some steps for it to stay in shape. Thermoplastic elastomer is a porous material which means it can accumulate moisture. That’s why it’s important to keep the doll clean and dry. The best option is to buy a Tantaly cleaning kit to have everything you need to take great care of the doll. 

The best thing about having Tantaly sex doll torso is that they are always ready to play. So you don’t have to ever wonder if she is in the mood. You want to try a new position? You will never hear “no” from our dolls. If you want to dress up the doll the only thing you need to remember is to not use dark colored clothes and pigmented ones, because they may stain the doll. But if it happens you can always use a Tantaly repair kit to repair any staining or damage caused to the doll.

Having a Tantaly sex doll torso has a lot of perks. You have a great companion not only for fulfilling your sexual fantasies but also for holding someone to sleep. They are very comfortable because they are as great as human bodies. But if you don’t like hugging – after using and cleaning the doll you can put it into the storage bag and take it out whenever you are ready to play with the doll again. If you don’t have the time to put the doll in the bag just remember to not leave it in the sun due it can cause breakage in the material. 

If you like switching positions a lot choose the doll with a smaller size because it will be easier for you to manage her like Scarlett, you want to have to use a lot of strength to keep her on you so you will have more power for the fun time. If you buy the doll with movable legs like Aurora, you can even position her in the upper doggy style with spreaded legs. The only things that will stop you from fulfilling your erotic fantasy will be your imagination. Don’t be afraid of trying new things. Due to material used, the holes are stretchy but always use a lot of water-based lubricant. It will make the doll feel even more realistic and you won’t damage the interior of the doll with rough play. If you happen to make a small crack in the doll, use the Tantaly repair kit to be sure that it will not get worse over time. 

Maybe you are not a fan of protection like condoms and with our dolls you don’t have to put it on. So you can perfectly feel all the nodules and ridges of the anal and vaginal canal, which greatly increases friction and irritation while using. Just keep the doll clean and dry and you will not have to worry about it. 

tantaly sex doll torso

The Tantaly Sex Doll

This article shows that Tantaly dolls are great fit for your erotic companion. If you are not ready for emotional connection with women, buying a torso is the best way to achieve climax without a worry. You can also use it to practice your sexual performance so you can last longer or have a better condition during intercourse This are all the reasons why you should buy sex doll torsos from Tantaly. You won’t regret it.