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The 5 Most Common Sexual Fantasies for Men

Everyone has fantasies they want to explore. Yet, many people might feel scared or embarrassed to discuss or act on their desires, which will hold them back in their sex life. 

Also, many men have different interests and themed fantasies, which can vary from domination to threesomes. 

If you want to see if your desires are similar to others, check out the five most common* sexual fantasies for men. 

male submissive fantasy

  • Submission

The top of the list is submission. Many men would be more than happy for their partner to take control in the bedroom for at least one night. Most males love a confident partner who is happy to take charge. In addition, pursuing a partner might sometimes feel a little tiring, so being pursued could boost their ego and increase the romantic spark under the sheets.

  • Domination

Of course, some men are more than happy to take charge in the bedroom. They could experience a thrill of having complete power over their other half, and handcuffs, bondage, and spanking could add to their pleasure. Some Fifty Shades of Grey-style sex can be fun and exciting, as long as it is safe and consensual.

  • A Threesome

According to a survey conducted by Dr. Justin Lehmiller, a Kinsey Institute sex researcher, 95% of men and 87% of women had experienced sexual fantasies about multiple partners. Of course, discussing the topic with your other half might feel a little awkward. Talk to your partner about their sexual desires to see if they match yours.

  • Anal Sex

Anal sex is a common male fantasy, especially for those who have never experienced it before. The desire might stem from curiosity, as current or past partners might be reluctant to embark on the act due to pain, fear, or a lack of desire to do so. If a woman decides to do so, they will often need to trust their partner and feel they can let their guard down. Of course, anal sex isn’t off-limits for many men, as girls can make a wide variety of sexual desires a reality, such as anal sex.

  • Exhibitionism

Sex in a public place is a common male fantasy, as the fear of getting caught can add to the excitement. While the liberating experience can result in legal consequences if caught in the act, as well as much embarrassment, it could shake up a couple’s sex life. 

If possible, look for ways to have sex outside of the bedroom without ending up in jail, such as booking a hotel room and leaving the drapes open or secretly having sex in a friend’s house.

As you can see, many men have different sexual fantasies they want to try with a partner, from taking charge in the bedroom to having sex in a public space. By talking to a sexual partner about your wants and needs, you could make the desire a reality and enjoy a much happier sex life.

* As surveyed by the website Erobella from a sample of their Duisburg users, May 2021.