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A Cult Thing?
by Dungeon Master

The frantic man came running into the New Orleans police station with a wild look in his eyes. He had just come from the lagoon country to the south and what a tale he had to tell. A round faced desk officer sat and listened.

“As I walked toward the end of the paved road I could hear in the distance the muffled beat of the cult tom-toms that were faintly audible; a curdling shriek came at intervals when the wind shifted. I reluctantly advanced through the underbrush with its ugly roots and hanging Spanish moss as my morbid curiosity overcame my fear. As I got closer the beat became increasingly louder and I could detect voices repeating an eerie chant, the words of which were undistinguishable. Cries of ecstasy tore through the nighted moonlit woods. I finally reached a spot where the trees were thinner and I came upon the spectacle itself. A natural glade of perhaps an acre that was clear of trees and wetness appeared in the middle of this uninhabitable swamp. I expected to see some kind of voodoo ritual or cult thing–there had been reports of such things around these parts.”

“Go on,” the officer urged as his eyes bore into the informants forehead.

“Well, at first I turned my head away at what I saw, but then I turned back and was totally mesmerized by the spectacle before me. Utterly devoid of clothing a horde of people circled around a young cinnamon colored woman who was suspended by her wrists by the ends of a rope that had been thrown over a strong branch that was high and parallel to the ground. In addition, her feet were spread wide and anchored by ropes around the ankles. The integrated group of Caucasians and African-Americans, men and women mouthed the incessant chant as the erotic scene played out right before my eyes. A black man was banging on the tom-tom.

My initial instinct was to try to stop this brutality, but I realized that I was far outnumbered and my utter curiosity overwhelmed me.”

“Okay what then?” the policeman asked as his eyes seemed to get larger as the story went on.

“A muscular looking white man with fair skin stood in the center of the large human ring holding a bull whip. I saw and heard the curdling scream from the slender woman’s lips as he unfurled the menacing implement and whipped it through the air so that the tip struck directly across the middle of her back–A chill went up my spine I tell ya–The woman’s scream tore through the night as she arched her back and screwed up her face.

But then on cue, a young white woman got on her knees and moved between the splayed legs of the suspended woman and put her face into her crotch. Moans of ecstasy replaced the screams as the kneeling woman tongued the other woman’s sex over and over. But before the black woman could come the kneeling woman stopped, moved back and stood up once more.

Once again the flagellator gripped the handle of the long black whip. Aiming carefully and with precision he brought the single lash forward, swiping it across her ass like a shot. That produced the same kind of reaction, but this time a black man got on his knees and buried his face into her glistening crotch. Repeating what the woman before had done, he soon had the suspended woman exhaling in heightened sensual pleasure. That too ceased before she reached a climax. This performance continued until every person standing around the ring had taken a turn tonguing the highly sensitive young woman into delicious delirium after each time that the master marksman had lashed her. His expertise was such that he surprisingly never broke her skin.”

“Then what?” the stunned lawman inquired as his jaw dropped even lower.

“They untied her wrists and ankles and gently laid her in the cool grass. The chanting continued as the man who had just whipped her knelt between her wide open legs. It seemed like the brutal whipping evoked a deeper inner craving that needed to be satisfied. Then he held her legs up and wide and torpedoed his long thick manhood deeply into her.

Then I heard her cry out. ‘Please give it to me!’ she begged as she gazed up through glassy eyes. ‘Give me that cock oh great one, please fuck me!’

And he did, with long powerful strokes at first. Then faster and faster, he drilled her until they both released cries of animalistic pleasure while the chants and the beat continued.”

“Is that it?” the desk officer asked after clearing his throat.

The informant’s eyebrows raised. “Well aren’t ya gonna do anything about it?”

“That’s a powerful story but it sounds to me like what those people were doing was in complete assent.”

The man frowned. “What do ya mean?”

The officer’s face reddened and moved closer to the informant’s as he spoke softly but decisively. “Well sir, this might shock you, but that woman who was whipped…. wanted it!”

The man’s eyes grew as big as saucers and his jaw dropped. “Ye mean there’s nothin’ you can do about such a vile scene?”

The policeman’s face smirked. “Yeah, there is… I might arrest you for violating those people’s privacy!…Now get your ass out of here before I do just that!… And let those people be!”

“Yes sir.”

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