People with fetishes aren’t as rare as most of us think them to be.  And while some of them are members of BBW dating sites, for example, there’s quite a few of them who practice their fetish behind the closed door. But then again, fetishists are also known to do speed dating from time to time, so there are no rules, as you can see.

Yes, you read that right – fetishists do speed dating. However, instead of sitting down with strangers for 3 minutes and trying to discuss what they hope to have in a relationship, these folk tend to talk about and show their fetishes so that they might come across someone who’s precisely into the same kind of kink as they are.

In that name, here’s why fetish and speed dating can indeed go together.

The Differences

When you look at these two ideas separately, the first thing that’ll come to mind is that there are a lot of differences between being a fetishist and being a speed dater. Let’s take a look at the main characteristics of these two and how they stand on the opposite side of the spectrum.

For starters, having a fetish can be (and usually is) quite a complicated matter. Instead of enjoying “normal” coitus like most other people, one is continuously driven to pursue a physical or imaginary paraphilia that brings them arousal and sexual pleasure.

This can have one or many layers to it, as there are more and less complicated fetishes. Seeing as it’s not exactly something the general society accepts as ordinary, it takes a lot of courage to step forward and admit that you have a fetish, which is why most of these people hide their sexual preferences from others.

On the other hand, we have speed dating. A rather fast-paced process that not everyone resorts to, but not because it’s shameful or complicated. Usually, this is something most singles do as a last resort, mostly because regular dating – whether online or offline – allows them to get to know someone much better before they actually start dating them than speed dating does.

Why does it work?

As we’ve explained above, fetishism and speed dating have very little in common. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s impossible to put them together – on the contrary, it’s their differences that make them have great synergy.

Trying to find a fellow fetishist to date is even more complicated than having a fetish yourself. Not all fetishes are compatible with each other while having the same fetish as the person you’re dating can sometimes make it impossible for you to be in a relationship with them.

Speed dating resolves this problem quite efficiently. Instead of spending too much time on negotiating whether or not your sexual preferences can work with someone else’s, speed dating will give you only a few minutes to find out. If you want to get beat up during sex, or you need to sniff someone’s long hair while they’re pulling yours, just ask the person you’re sitting at the table with to punch you in the face or to pull your hair as hard as they can, for instance. You’ll find your date before you know it!