Spending Time With Daddy

by Daddy’s Little One

It had been raining hard for several days and this afternoon’s storm had finally managed to knock the power out.  I was reading by candlelight when I glanced up to admire my Master, clad only in shorts, as he stood looking out the sliding glass door.  He turned to me with a smile and said, “I have an idea, Little One…there’s no thunder or lightening so let’s go for a walk in the rain.  I know how much you enjoy doing that.”  I smiled back at him, pleased with his suggestion.  “Okay, Sir.  It is awfully warm in here so maybe the rain will help to cool us down a bit,” I responded.  “Alright then, go put on your bathing suit.  I’ll just throw on a t-shirt and I’ll be ready.”  I put my book down on the coffee table, picked up my candle and headed off to the bedroom to do as I was told.

We walked and talked for quite a while, holding hands and thoroughly enjoying each other’s company.  When it was time, we decided to take a short-cut back to the apartment by way of the courtyard.  As we passed the hot tub I heard Master say, “Wait a moment.”  I turned to watch him as he dipped his bare foot into the water.  “Mmm, the water is still warm,” he continued.  “Let’s take a dip.”  “Sounds good to me, Sir,” I replied.  Because we were already soaking wet, we just crawled in. 

We continued our conversation and played around a bit by splashing each other, then he softly said, “Come here and kneel before me, Little One.”  I hesitated a moment, looking around for observers.  He must have sensed my concern for being spotted because he reassured me that it was far too dark out for anyone to be able to see us.  Not wanting to displease him by hesitating further, I knelt in front of him.  He smiled down at me and brushed my cheek gently with his hand.  “Now, I would like you to take your bathing suit off, then take my shorts off.”  I looked at him as I slowly began taking down the straps of my suit, admiring his smile as he watched me intently.  Once my breasts were freed he tenderly grasped one in each hand and began to massage the nipples.  I sighed heavily and stopped my actions momentarily, pleasantly distracted by his touch.  “Don’t stop, Little One.  Take your suit all the way off,” he said.  “Yes, Daddy,” I replied, then proceeded to remove my suit the rest of the way.  I lifted it out of the water and placed it on the edge of the tub as he leaned down to kiss me.  His tongue probed in my mouth as his grip on my breasts tightened.  I could feel myself getting wetter and it wasn’t from the water!  He made a trail of kisses across my cheek and down my neck, then whispered, “Don’t forget my shorts.”  He resumed kissing and nibbling on my neck as he lifted himself off the bench and I gently pulled his shorts down.  Once his shorts were off I placed them on the deck with my suit.  He took my hand in his and put it to his hard rod.  “Here is a treat for my girl.  Do you like your treat?” he asked, smiling playfully.  “Oh yes, Sir!” I exclaimed, grinning from ear to ear.

He placed his hands under my arms then effortlessly lifted me up and placed me on his cock.  I let out a loud groan, caused by the exquisite sensation as he filled me, so he quickly cupped his hand over my mouth.  “Shhh…we don’t want the neighbors to hear.  They might want to join us and I want you all to myself,” he said, chuckling softly.  He proceeded to buck up and down, holding me firmly to him by gripping my hips.  It felt so wonderful having him inside me with the warm water lapping around us.  I had to bury my face in his neck to keep myself from screaming out in ecstasy.  Harder and faster he thrust, as the water splashed outside the hot tub.  He took one of my breasts into his mouth as he continued to pound deep inside me, which sent me over the edge!  After just a few moments I couldn’t take it any longer.  “May I…please cum…Daddy?” I gasped.  “No, not yet, Little One.  I’m getting close, too.”  It was all I could do to keep from cumming as he pounded in and out of me.  By this point we were both moaning loudly and didn’t care if the neighbors heard us or not.  “Oh man!  I’m going to…cum, Baby!” he said.  “Cum with me, Little One!  Cum now!”  At that moment we both exploded in a simultaneous orgasm.  My body was totally exhausted so I collapsed on top of him with my arms wrapped around his shoulders and his softening cock still inside me.  “Oh, Master, you are so good to me,” I whispered.  “You always make me feel so wonderful.”

“That’s because we fit together so well, in so many ways, Little One.”

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We sat there a bit longer while we regained our strength.  “I think we should head back to the apartment now, Baby, before someone spots us and calls the management or, worse yet, the police.”  We both laughed lightly at the prospect as we put our clothing back on, then got out and headed for our apartment.  Thankfully, by the time we got there the power had been restored.  I helped Master remove his wet clothing then dried him off and went to get his robe for him.  After he was taken care of and settled into his favorite chair, I proceeded to dry myself, put on my pajamas then I curled up by him to watch t.v. for the rest of the evening: I was so content to be there, right where I belong.

The next morning Master slept later than I, which is rare, so I took advantage of the opportunity to make him breakfast in bed.  As I carried the tray into the bedroom and saw him there sleeping soundly, his nude body uncovered, I simply couldn’t resist – I had to have his beautiful cock in my mouth.  Quietly I put the tray on the nightstand, then ever-so-slowly crawled on to the bed between his legs, not wanting to disturb his sleep.  When I wrapped my lips around the large head I felt him stir, but he didn’t wake up.  I lowered my mouth further down his shaft, gently, until I had it completely engulfed.  My desire got the best of me so I couldn’t help it when my head began to bob up and down with increasing speed.  He awoke then, but did not stop me.  He began thrusting his hips up and down to meet my mouth and soon his cock had grown too big for me to take it all in.  I grasped the base of it with my hand and proceeded to pump him in the same rhythm as my mouth: The faster I moved, the harder he thrust and the louder his groans became.  Hearing him make those animalistic noises and having that steel-hard cock in my mouth had me dripping wet in no time.  I took my mouth off from him but continued to pump with my hand.  “Daddy,” I whispered, “may I please climb on top of you?”

“Yes, Little One.  Sit on my cock so I can feel your hot pussy around it.”

I immediately positioned myself above him and slowly lowered myself onto his manhood.  “Oh, Daddy!”, I exclaimed as I slid down it.

“Ride my cock, Baby!  Ride it hard and fast!”  I bucked up and down, feeling him so far inside me.  As I leaned down to prop myself on my arms, he took both breasts in his hands and began to squeeze them roughly, occasionally pulling on my nipples.  “That’s it!  Fuck me, Baby!”  His hips were rising to meet each of my downward strokes as we moved in sync with each other.  “Oh yes!”, he yelled.  “Yes, Baby!…I’m going to…fill you with…my cum!  Oh yes!  Here it…comes…Little One!”  And then I felt it – his body stiffened below me as his hot juice filled my aching pussy.  I never got the chance to ask for permission before he commanded me, “Cum, Little One!  Cum on your Master!”  Without hesitation my pussy released a river on him, spilling out the edges and down my thighs.  We lay there for a few minutes, reveling in the afterglow as he held me tightly.  Soon he weakly said, “That breakfast smells delicious, Little One.  Will you please hand me the tray so I can eat now – You’ve given me quite an appetite.  While I’m eating I would like you to clean me off with your mouth.”  We both smiled and I happily began to do as Master told me to.  After I had satisfactorily cleaned him I lay there with my head resting on his thigh.  Now and then he would feed me a bite of his breakfast, but I told him I wasn’t very hungry, that he had more than quenched my appetite. 

Once he finished eating I took away the tray, while he prepared for his shower.  I was in the kitchen when I heard him call to me, “Come here, please, Dear.”  I scurried into the bathroom to see what he wanted.  “I would like you to join me in the shower.  I could use some help washing my back and other prime body parts,” he said with a playful grin.  “I would be more than happy to assist you, Sir,” I responded, in an equally playful manner.  “Get the water temperature right for me, please, Little One,” he instructed.  “Yes, Sir, as you wish.”  I walked to the tub, opened the curtain then leaned over to turn the water on.  I was startled slightly by Master’s hands as he placed them on my butt.  I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensations as his hands moved over my bare flesh.  He leaned down and quietly said, “I would love to take your ass right now, but that will have to wait until later.”  He then stood upright and smacked my ass lightly.  “I think I would like to go to a matinee after we’re dressed,” he continued.  “What do you think?”

“I would enjoy that Sir.”

“Is there anything in particular you’d like to see, Baby?”

“Well, John Travolta has a new movie out.  You know what a big fan of his I am, Sir,” smiling broadly at the prospect.

“John Travolta it is, then.  How’s the water temperature?” he asked, looking at the spout.

I cautiously tested it, finding it a bit too hot, then adjusted it slightly and tested it again.  “It’s fine now, Sir.  Would you like to feel it?”

“No, that’s okay.  You know how I like it.  If it’s not right I’ll just have to spank you,” as he teasingly slapped my ass once more.  I jumped, grinning at him, then stepped aside so he could get into the shower.  After he was positioned under the water I climbed in and stood at the opposite end of the tub.  I removed the bath sponge from it’s hook then proceeded to gently rub it over his body, allowing him to enjoy the warm water as it cascaded over him.  As I moved the sponge around his genitals he began to get an erection.  “Mmm…Do you have something in mind, other than my bathing you, Master?” I asked teasingly.

“Could be, Little One…could be.”

I carefully took his enlarging cock into my left hand as I sponged it with my right.  His hardness increased, as did my desire to take him into my mouth.  “Master,” I asked softly, as I gently stroked him, “may I please suck your cock?  It is so hard and strong, I would love to have you in my mouth.”  Just as softly, he replied, while looking into my eyes, “Yes, Little One.  I would love to have you to suck me.”  With that, I knelt at his feet.  Looking at his cock admiringly, I carefully grasped the base of it with one hand and his balls with the other.  As I placed my mouth over it I heard myself involuntarily moan with pleasure.  Slowly I took the whole thing into my mouth and felt it as it bumped the back of my throat.  I tightened my grip on his shaft as I massaged his ball sack and he leaned back against the shower wall to brace himself.  “Babe, I love the feel of your hot mouth on my cock.  You sure do know what pleases me,” he said in a low voice.  I was proud that I was pleasing him so I continued my efforts with increased diligence.  “Oh yes…that’s it!  Ohhh!  C’mon Baby!  Mmm…”  He grasped my hair in both hands and pulled my head tightly to his groin.  He was so big I almost gagged on the size, but then he withdrew a bit and that sensation passed quickly.  He began to pump his hips forward and backward, pistoning his cock in my mouth: By this time we were both moaning.  I released my hand from his balls and placed it at my pussy.  I inserted a couple fingers into myself a few times to lubricate them, then raised my hand between his legs to his ass.  Slowly, so not to cause too much pain, I began to push a finger into his puckered hole.  He lurched forward, letting out a loud groan.  “Yessss….Oh, gods, yesssss!”  I worked my finger in and out gingerly until the hole was slightly stretched, then pushed my finger is as far as I could get it.  As I did this, I shoved my mouth as far down on his cock as I could manage.  His grip tightened on my hair as he forcefully shoved himself into my mouth.  His body stiffened and jerked as he suddenly fired his delicious cum into my hungry orifice.  “Oh!…Little One!…Yesssss…that’s so good!”  He stopped moving and held my head still with his hands.  “Don’t move…for just a moment.”  I held still, knowing how sensitive his cock gets after he cums.  Soon he withdrew from my mouth and rubbed my hair tenderly.  “You are such a good girl, Little One.  I sure do love you,” he said quietly, as I took my finger from his ass.

“I love you, too, Daddy.”

“Thank you for that, Dear.”

“You are more than welcome, Sir.  You know your pleasure is my pleasure.  I mean that sincerely.”

“I know you are sincere, Little One.  That is as it should be.  I chose my slave well.”  He smiled down at me and I thought to myself, “He is so handsome.”  He sighed contentedly then said, “Stand up now,” as he assisted me.  “Give me a hug, then let’s finish showering so we can get on with our day.  You will be generously rewarded later, I assure you.”

“Yes, Master.  Thank you, Master.”  I smiled as my heart swelled with love and admiration for this dear man.

We finished up quickly, dressed, then headed out to the movie.

We arrived in the theater just as the previews were ending.  There was hardly anyone in there that early in the day, but Master directed me to the very back row anyway.  As we sat down I adjusted my dress around my thighs so it would be more comfortable and not get so easily wrinkled, then glued my eyes to the screen so I wouldn’t miss seeing any of ‘John’.  After about 15 minutes I decided that this was not one of his best movies – I was actually getting bored.  Master must have been bored, too, because he began to move his hand purposefully up my thigh, under my dress.  His touch sent shivers throughout my body and I was nervous that someone might notice us.  Either this thought hadn’t crossed his mind, or it didn’t bother him, because soon he was shoving his fingers forcefully into my unpantied pussy.  I quickly put my hand over my mouth so no one could hear me gasp as his fingers slammed into me.  I reflexively leaned back in my chair and spread my legs as far as I could.  Master wrapped his other arm around my shoulder then pressed my head toward his as he shoved his tongue into my mouth and kissed me passionately.  He removed his lips from mine as he continued to finger-fuck me furiously.  “Oh…Daddy…I can’t…take this much…longer,” I gasped.  “Do you want to cum, my little slut?”  This name shocked me, especially coming from him, but the authority and apparent desire with which he said it excited me to my core.  “Yesssss….Master!  I need to…cum…please!” I replied.  “Not yet,” he said.  “You may not cum,” as he wiggled his fingers over the spot inside me that he knows makes me lose control.  My body tensed increasingly but still he would not let me cum.  I tried to fight it off but soon I lost the battle – my body shook violently with a riveting orgasm when he hit my spot just right.  “Little One, I told you NOT to cum and you disobeyed me,” he said sternly, but not angrily.

“I’m so sorry, Sir.  I just couldn’t hold it back anymore.  I tried to – I really did,” I replied, breathing heavily.

“I thought I taught you better self-control than that.  This is going to cost you after we leave,” he continued, as he slowly removed his hand from my dripping, still pulsing, pussy.  I hung my head in shame, knowing I had disappointed him: This fact hurt me worse than any physical punishment he could inflict.  “Yes, Sir.  I understand that I was wrong and deserve to be punished for not following your directive.  But please know that it wasn’t intentional.”

“Yes, but you didn’t intentionally NOT do it, either, and that is why I am disappointed, Little One.”

“I am so sorry, Master.  Please forgive me.”

“I will forgive you, Babe, but for your own good I must still punish you.  If I were to let this transgression go you might expect me to do so again in the future and that would do neither of us any good, would it?”

“No, Daddy, I suppose you are right,” I whispered, still hanging my head.

“You know I’m right, Little One.  Let’s watch the rest of the movie while you ponder what it is you did and why I am disturbed by it.”

“Yes, Sir.”  I leaned my head solemnly on his shoulder and looked toward the screen.  As hard as I tried, however, I could not concentrate on the movie.  All I could think about was the lesson my Master was attempting to teach me.  Though I was saddened that I had disappointed him, I was, at the same time, grateful that he cared enough about me to attempt to correct me.  I sighed heavily and remained with my head there on his shoulder, my hand resting gently on his thigh, until the end of the movie.

We hardly spoke a word on the way home.  The silence was uncomfortable but I could tell he was not angry with me, he was simply allowing me ample time to think about my actions.  After we arrived I got out of the car not noticing, at first, his delay.  I turned as I was walking toward our building and saw he had just gotten out and was closing the car door.  With a calm, serious voice he said, “Please come back here, Little One.”

“Yes, Master,” I replied.  As I walked toward him, he walked to the back of the car.  Concerned, yet curious, I followed him.

“I have decided on your punishment, Dear.”  He patted the trunk lid lightly, “Please lean over here, placing your hands out in front of you.”  My heart skipped a beat, not knowing what to expect, but I immediately did as I was told.  I felt him carefully raise my dress up to expose my bare backside for God and everybody to see (though there was nobody around): I felt terribly humiliated by such exposure but did not complain – I knew he had my best interests in mind and would never do anything detrimental to me.  “Are you ready for your punishment, Little One?”

“Yes, Master.  I am as ready as I’ll ever be.”

“Very well, then.  I will get this over with quickly.”  {{{THWACK!}}}  His hand came down hard on my ass, the pain from his disappointment still stinging me more than the spanking.  {{{THWACK!  THWACK!  THWACK!}}}  He administered a total of ten swats, then put my dress back down, covering my fiery ass.  I suddenly was aware of the tears flowing down my cheeks as he tenderly rubbed me through the light material.  “Alright, my dear slave, your punishment is over.  Give me a hug, please.”  I straightened up, standing on wobbly legs, wiped off my tearstained cheeks then turned and hugged him tightly.  “Master, you’re excited…” I said softly, smiling through a few remaining tears.  “I hoped you wouldn’t notice,” he replied, seeming almost embarrassed.  “How could I miss that hardness when we hugged, Sir?” as I reached up to tenderly rub his cheek.  “Is there anything I can do to help you with that?” I asked, still smiling at him. 

“I didn’t think you’d want to, Little One, after I just punished you.”

“Master, what you just did was to help me, not harm me.  I love you; I love making love with you; I love it when you take me <I>simply because you want to

“Thank you Dear,” he responded, with a proud smile.  “Then turn around and lean back on the trunk.”

“Out here, in the open, Master?”

“Well, you offered.  You shouldn’t have done so if you weren’t willing to deliver,” still smiling handsomely.

“As you wish, Sir.”  I slowly turned back and placed myself as he had directed.

“Mmmm…very nice,” he whispered as he began rubbing my sore bottom with his talented hands.  I clenched my teeth so he wouldn’t realize just how incredibly tender I was back there, because I wanted him to thoroughly enjoy what it was he was about to do.  Once again he raised my skirt and I felt the warm air on my bare ass.  He tenderly grasped my hips then bent down to kiss my lower back.  After he stood back up he unzipped his pants and took out his cock, then began to soothingly rub it all over my exposed flesh.  I closed my eyes and silently enjoyed his tenderness, mentally preparing myself for what I knew he was about to do. 

Moments later I felt my muscles stretching to accommodate him as he carefully inserted his hardness into my unlubricated ass.  The pain was difficult to bare at first but I knew I would get through it quickly.  Soon, he reached around and grabbed hold of my breasts, using them as handles to pull himself deeper inside me.  He was moving in and out with a steady, increasingly rapid rhythm as the car began to rock beneath us.  I could feel myself getting more and more excited with each movement he made.  “Daddy, will you please cum in my ass,” I pleaded to him softly.  “Soon, Little One…I’m getting close,” he replied as he continued pounding me.  I reached one hand down between my legs and took hold of his balls, then began gently massaging them as he worked his magic on my ass.  Several strokes of his cock later, his balls tightened and he let out a fierce yell as he released his precious load inside me.  The warmth of it filled me as he slowed down and pumped a few more times, then leaned on my back to catch his breath.  “Oh, Master, that was fantastic!  Thank you so much, Sir!” 

“Thank you, Little One. You have made your Master a very happy man.”  He slowly stood back up, helped me to stand up and turn to face him, then held me closely to his chest.  “Now let’s go put some lotion on that tender ass of yours.”  Confident that my Master still loved me, I walked with him arm in arm into our home while silently thanking God for blessing my life with such a wonderful man.  My faults and all, he accepts me, protects me and cherishes me – What more could a person ask for out of life? ~smiles softly~