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Forbidden Love, Released
by rana heart

She logged off the internet and got up from her chair, walking over to the mirror she looked at her flushed face, thinking to herself…how can this stranger have such an affect upon her…madness …complete madness…and with that thought in mind she returned to her desk, hoping that none of her work friends had noticed how flushed she was.

It had been 2 months now that she had spoken with him, yet she did not know his name or anything about him. Their chats were about everything and anything, but both had agreed to keep their own identities private. She smiled and tried to picture what he looked like. Laughing out loud she dismissed the thought that he was probably an old, fat, hairy married man with beautiful wife and lovely children.

The afternoon passed by as ever, boring and stressful, god how she wished she could tell them to stick their crap job and stuffy office. One day… One day for sure she would tell them to shove the job and not look back, but for now she had to smile and think of the money she was earning.

As she left the office it started to rain, a cold and harsh rain that stung her to the bone…damn why had she not brought the car today. The bus was late as ever, all she wanted to do was sit and cry, for this was not the life she wished or dreamed for … was it so wrong to want something more…she guessed as ever it is asking too much.

As she entered her apartment the tears fell uncontrollably, smearing her makeup. “Damn it” she shouted. Heading for the kitchen she opened a bottle of wine and poured a large glass, swigging it back as fast as she could, anything to numb the pain she felt within her, a pain that she knew burned at her heart each waking moment.

Heading off to the bathroom, with the thoughts of a relaxing soak in mind, she poured her favourite bubble bath into the steaming hot water. Placing some candles around the tub she lit them and striped down looking at her naked body in the mirror and thinking back to him, the stranger that she desired so badly. For the first time in hours she smiled. Thinking of her erotic stranger she touched her bare skin, running her hand over her hard nipples and gently she teased them between her fingers. Oh that felt nice, moving her hand down between her warm legs she for a brief second touched her womanhood.

With a start she realized what she was doing. Pulling her hand away she felt awful for the desire within her. Just as she turned off the light and climbed into the bath, the phone began to ring, “shit” she muttered and stamped into the lounge to answer it.

“Nicky, sorry hunny, I tried to catch you at the office, but you had left already”… it was Joyce the PA to Mr Parker, the man who owned the crap company she suffered each day…wondering what she wanted…

“Hello Joyce, yes I had to shoot off for the bus, what could I do for you?” she replied in a pissed off kind of manner.
“Nicky, I was wondering if you would do me a favour, I really need to go visit my mum, she has been taken ill again, but Mr Parker will only let me have the time off if I can get someone to cover my workload while I am gone, please Nicky, I am desperate” she pleaded.

“Joyce, I am way behind with my own stuff, and I hate working on the top floor, they are all stuck up shits, you included, oh bloody hell…yes I will do it you silly cow” meaning every word said, but knowing that Joyce would think she were playing with her.

“I owe you one Nicky, I promise I won’t forget this”. And that was it she had agreed to work with the suits, and god knows what she could wear for her casuals would not do.

Giving up on the idea of a relaxing bath she poured herself another large white wine, cleaned up the bathroom and snuggled up in bed. Flicking through the TV channels there was nothing worth a look at so she fell off into an unsettled sleep. The alarm woke her with a start. Wow was it morning time already…. Hitting the snooze button she drifted to sleep again for a few more minutes.

Finally dragging herself from her bed, she washed and headed for the wardrobe. Today she knew that it was a tights, skirt and blouse day. Oh man they were so uncomfortable. Driving the car in she found a space in the works car park…hmmm maybe today was going to be a good day she laughed to herself as she scratched her itchy legs.

Smiling and passing hellos as she went to her desk she left a note to anyone who may need her that she was in hell, or as better known at Mr Parker’s office for the day.

The top floor smelt of fresh flowers, a big change from the sweaty office she had to suffer each day, maybe this was not so bad she thought to herself. The phone started to ring, it was almost lunch time before she managed to have a few moments of peace, god how did Joyce cope with that bloody phone ringing all the time, she wondered.

Having been organized today she opened her bag and took out her tuck box and drink. At last she thought, food, remembering why she felt so hungry, for she had missed dinner and breakfast. Well unless two glasses of wine classed as dinner, maybe they do she laughed aloud.

The phone rang again, shit…fighting the desire to ignore it she was pleasantly surprised with the voice at the end of the phone, for it was Larissa, her best friend. Oh god 10 minutes of speaking with Larissa about her latest sexual encounter and she was all flushed and school girlish, wondering how at the age of 35 she could behave like a giggling teenager.

Damn if only she could find the one she was seeking, or maybe she should be more like Larissa, shag them and leave them. Too many men to stick to just one, laughing at how different they were. Yet knowing, how she could not live without Larissa to be there for her. Smiling at the knowledge that her friend felt the exact same way made her heart skip a beat.

The afternoon passed by in a haze of smiles and giggles. In her mind she wondered back to the man she desired. Dreaming of what he may look like and how he would feel wrapping his body around her naked flesh, she did not realize that Mr Parker’s son was standing staring at her for the last few minutes. Blushing upon seeing him staring, she stuttered a few polite words and showed him into his father’s office.
Looking up at her watch she realized it was gone 6pm and she had not found time to do any of her own work, bugger, mental dilemma, should she fuck it all and go home to a Chinese take-away or should she go spend an hour sorting her own work, for knowing that when Joyce returns she would not offer to help her catch up. Oh why did she not have the will power to just pick up her bag and leave for the night, but sadly she could not go home and relax knowing what she had to catch up on.

Grabbing her bag, she made her way to Mr Parkers door and knocked gently, a stern voice told her to enter. Easing the door open a little she poked her head around and said goodnight, looking around the office she saw Mr Parker sat at his desk and his son relaxing on the sofa. Easy life, she thought to herself, if only she were the daughter of a rich businessman, and if only she were second in charge of a large company with many staff to flirt with.

Making her way down to the stuffy office on the ground floor she realized how much she preferred to sit at a nice large desk with the smell of fresh cut flowers and real coffee. But instead she had the stale smell of sweat and smoke lingering around her. She laughed with a tired insane giggle as she saw the pile of work that had been left for her to do, this hour may turn into a whole night she panicked. Looking at her watch she decided that no matter what at 8pm she was leaving.

Wading through the pile she sorted it into urgent, routine and utter crap, sadly the urgent pile was the biggest so this did not help her. Time passed by and before she knew it the clock in the office hit 9pm. Shit she said aloud and then looked around to check nobody heard her, she laughed how stupid, only a fool like her was here at this time of night.

She jumped from her chair as the office door creaked open, oh bloody hell, she was alone and the place was being burgled, what should she do, her mind racing, panic setting in. Grabbing the phone she hit 99…but just before the third 9 a familiar voice said hello. It was Darren, Mr Parker’s son. “Fucking hell, you scared the shit out of me, you tosser”, she screamed. Soon realizing what she had said she quickly mumbled and apology for her language, but he was too busy laughing to hear or care.

Glad that he had seen the funny side of this, she sat down and tried to calm her pounding heart, half of her wanted to punch him for scaring her so but half was pleased to see a familiar face she knew. He walked over to her and sat on the desk still laughing, a smile formed on her face yet she did not feel like smiling, but it was funny she guessed and he had not been cross at what she said. She finally got to say those words to him and he was laughing about it. Not what she had expected as a reaction.

He looked down at her legs and pointed at the hole she had in her tights, tut tut he mocked, and she cursed herself for not taking off her laddered tights. She commented on the fact that her crap employers did not have tights for sale in the ladies toilet, as she said this she stared hard at his jet black eyes, she had not realized how perfectly black they were before. Blushing slightly, and realizing she was staring a little too long, she turned back to the piles of work still waiting to be cleared.

Darren spoke first to break the silence, ” Tights!!! Well I am upset for I thought you would be a stockings lady, my dreams are shattered” he smiled. He was flirting with her, the smile on her face broadened and before she knew it she wondered how his lips would feel upon hers. God what if he could read her thoughts.
She wondered what thoughts he had of her, laughing within she knew that it would not be sensual desires of her lips upon his. More like, god I would not shag her even for a dare. Flushing yet again, she started to move the papers on her desk around, not knowing what to say, for fear that she would make a complete fool of herself with some stupid comment.

He lifted himself from her desk and walked up behind her, leaning on the back of the chair, he whispered into her ear, “Nicky, it is home time, pick up your bag and I will escort you to your car”. Stunned by his words, they seemed to be a gentle order to which she felt the desire to obey. She placed down the papers and picked up her bag, sliding from her chair she turned to him.

Never had she seen this look upon his face, for this she did not feel was his usual flirting, more of a concerned father guiding his little daughter along the path he wished. Flicking off the light and leaving the office, she did not know what to say, maybe he wanted her to leave and he expected they would go to her house together. With that thought in mind she tingled inside, that would not be so bad after all.

He told her how tomorrow he expected her bright and early for his father was away on business for a few days and he was taking over. Her heart skipped a beat, this meant unless Joyce returned, she would be working for him….

Arriving at her car he opened the door and waited for her to turn on the engine before he closed it and wished her pleasant dreams. Oh yes she smiled, she would have pleasant dreams tonight, dreaming of Darren…hmmmm a lovely thought. Driving away she played back the scene in the office in her mind and over and over she heard his words, still amazed and confused at his manner.

It did not take long before she arrived home, the traffic was easy at this time of night, smiling, working late did have a few benefits. Once inside she curled up with some soup and phoned Larissa. Telling her all about Darren. They both laughed when Larissa scolded Nicky for not bringing him home to shag his brains out. Finally, having moaned about everyone and everything possible, she headed off to bed.

Laying there, her mind raced, what could she wear tomorrow, for she wanted to impress Darren and prove that she was the feminine type who wore stockings, she could not rest until she had picked out some clothes for the day coming.

Finally deciding upon her matching lacey, cream bra and panties, of cause matching suspender belt, all of which still had the price tags on. Laughing aloud, she knew one day they would come in useful. Strange she thought, Darren would not know nor see her underwear but she would feel better being dressed in them. Finding some barely black stockings and heeled shoes she returned to her bed and closed her eyes with a picture of Darren in her mind as she drifted off into a deep sleep.

The alarm rang and she jumped out of bed, amazing herself at this new energy, she hopped into the shower and felt the fierce stings as the water hit her body. Drying her hair, ultra curls today she thought. Looking in the mirror she saw a new glow upon her face, and smiled.

The drive to work was slow, and she scolded herself at how excited she was to impress Darren. Thinking to her self that he would not have given her a second thought, but just maybe she was wrong. Maybe he had had erotic dreams of her also. Blushing as she walked into her stuffy office, she tried to control the smile that spread wide upon her face.

Having checked her desk for messages and ignoring the sarcastic comments made by her fellow work friends about her appearance, she made her way to the top floor.

Again the beautiful smell hit her as she walked into Joyce’s office, hmmmm fresh flowers, maybe she could bring some into her office down stairs, but laughed at the thought. They would last all of a few minutes the cigarette fumes would soon kill them off.

Within no time the phone started to ring and she was kept busy till gone lunchtime. As the day passed she became more and more depressed, annoyed with herself she phoned Larissa. They spoke for a while and she explained how Darren had not been in the office all day, Larissa thought it was all very funny, and it was not long before she lifted her spirits and she realized how stupid she sounded.

Returning back to work after taking a longer lunch break, she noticed a note on her desk. Upon the envelope it said ‘urgent, please sort ASAP’. It was from Darren, oh god he had come in and she had missed him, knowing her luck he would have left for the day and she would not get to see him. Inside the letter or should she say note, it was short and strange, it read. ‘My office at 6 pm…Darren’.

The afternoon passed and she watched the clock until it finally hit 5:58pm. The offices were empty by now as everyone knocked off at about 5 ish. Getting up and checking her make-up and hair in the mirror, she walked up to Mr Parker’s door. Timidly she knocked, for she did not know if anyone was in there, having not seen any sign of life all afternoon.

“Nicky please come in”…her heart skipped a beat, it was Darren’s voice, oh god he must have been there all afternoon. Opening the door she popped her head in and he was sat behind his fathers desk. He fitted into the office so well she thought. “I got your message Darren” was all she could think of to say.

He waved her to come in and pointed to the chair at the desk. Nervously walking in, her mind raced, what if he knew she had been late back from lunch and making personal calls, maybe he was going to give her the sack. Oh god please don’t shout at me she prayed. Upon sitting her self down, he got up from his chair and walked around to her, leaning on the desk, he spoke calmly but firmly as he had done the night before.

“Nicky, it has come to my attention…” this was it she thought, panic set in, what would she do if he sacked her….
“Nicky are you listening to me?” he looked sternly at her. “Yes Darren, sorry my mind drifted for a moment, please carry on”, she amazed her self at how calm she sounded.

“As I was saying, it has come to my attention”, he paused and looked deeply into her eyes, she blushed and could not hold his stare. She jumped as he spoke again…”That you have a natural beauty within you that I wish to help you explore and learn of”. He moved closer to her. Taking hold of her hands, she was silent for a moment and then words trembled out her mouth.
“Darren, I am sorry I don’t understand?”

He laughed, yet she did not see what was so funny. “Nicky I am not laughing at you, I see within you a depth that you have no idea of. I will explain as clearly that I can. When I look at you Nicky, I see a beautiful woman, but I also see inside your heart, and I see a person craving to be released.” He paused and pulled her up towards him, before he continued.

“Nicky, I look at you and see a natural submissive craving to be given the chance of freedom, do you know what a submissive is Nicky?” he looked at her with such devotion. Her mind raced, this was not what she had expected, and all she could think was a desire for him to kiss her. “Erm to be honest I have heard of the word but I don’t understand Darren what you mean, I am sorry”. Wishing she could sit down as in fear that her trembling legs would give way.

He pulled her to his chest, holding her hands, he lifted them above her head, and kissed her with such a passionate kiss she feared she would collapse. Oh god his smell, his strength over whelmed her. “Nicky, trust in me and allow me to show you just how beautiful pleasure can really be, that is all I ask of you.” And with that he kissed her again.

It felt like hours had passed by yet it was mere moments he released her lips from his and guided her back onto the chair. Nicky was unable to even muster up a thank you, for her mind raced over and over with thoughts and desires. Wondering what to say, unsure if she should speak or not, she looked up at him and saw his jet eyes staring down upon her, she smiled and felt sheer relief when he stood up and began to speak.

“Nicky, it is Friday night, I am planning on spending this weekend with you at my country house, I would be honoured if you would agree to escort me, please allow me to pamper you the way you deserve.” With that he held out his hand to her.

Taking hold of his hand she knew that no matter what, she would do anything he wished if it meant she could feel his lips upon hers again.

Darren drove them to Nicky’s flat to collect some clothes. He waited outside while she raced around grabbing anything and everything, sexy underwear, make-up, oh phew she thought, thank god she had shaved her legs this morning. Twenty minuets later she emerged from her flat with two bags filled with more than she would need for a week holiday, let alone a weekend break.
Darren got out from his car and took the bags, placing them in the boot. He opened the car door for Nicky to get in. Before he closed it he leant down and kissed her lips, feeling the warmth of her mouth upon his and the power of her tongue teasing its way around his yearning mouth.

The drive to Darren’s country house took almost an hour. Nicky sat and listened as he spoke more and more about submission. Wishing she could concentrate more on what he was saying, but ashamed to admit that her mind was thinking of his tender kisses.

Finally they arrived, as they drove into the courtyard Nicky was stunned at how beautiful Darren’s house or should she say mansion was. Never in all her life had she seen such a wonderful building, she turned to Darren and smiled.

He opened the front door and Nicky walked in, speechless she gazed around the beauty she saw before her. Darren’s hallway was bigger than her apartment. He followed her inside carrying the bags. Walking ahead of her he started up the spiral staircase.
“This way Nicky” he smiled toward her, and she followed behind him.
“This is the bathroom, Nicky, please have a bath and freshen up, I will put your bags in the spare room. When you are ready come down and we will have dinner together”. With that he kissed her cheek and left her alone.

Relaxing in the corner bath come spar she could hardly believe that this was real, feeling the bubbles vibrating around her naked body, sheer pleasure she thought. Oh how she wanted to call Larissa, to tell her, but Larissa would not believe her. Would anyone, thinking about that she wondered what the weekend had in store. Darren had spoken about his alternative lifestyle and the more he had said the more she realized that maybe he was right, that maybe he had found a part of her that she had never understood and always ignored.

Looking through her bags, she decided upon her black lacey knickers and matching bra, with her long black strapless dress, topped off with her stocking and heeled shoes, she looked at her self and headed off down the beautiful staircase. Her hair bounced upon her bare shoulders as she walked, the feel was so sensual. At the bottom she called out Darren’s name.

“Nicky, I am in the lounge, come on in” he replied. She followed his voice and entered the large, clean lounge and saw him standing smiling as she walked in.
“My, My, you look beautiful, did you find everything you needed?” he asked.
Blushing she nodded and walked over to his out stretched hand.
“Lets eat then”, he said as he placed his arm around her slender body and kissing her hand. He guided Nicky into the dinning room and sat her down, stroking her bare shoulder and running his fingertips down her bare arm. A shudder ran through her body and she looked up into his penetrating eyes.

Dinner passed by and they spoke about everyone at the office, he told her how she was the first and only person he would trust to bring to his house, strangely she believed him, making her feel special yet again.

After dinner they moved into the study and Darren showed her some books about the lifestyle he lived. Looking through the pages and pictures her face showed the fear and horror at what she saw. Laughing he told her not to worry, each person has their own levels of pleasure and pain, and their own levels of dominance and submission. Nicky felt safe in his arms, and yet she feared how she would feel come Monday morning when they returned to their normal lives. They spoke and she asked what seemed a million questions, all of which Darren answered as clearly as he could. The hours passed until finally Darren said it was time she had some sleep, taking her hand he guided her to the door of her bedroom.

Outside he turned her around to face him and kissed her moist lips, he felt her body respond to his touch and he gently teased his fingers down her side, feeling her body outlined through her dress. Nicky moved her lips and kissed his neck, small tender kisses working her way up to his ear, she whispered, “please don’t leave me alone tonight Darren, please”. With those words he moved slowly down the hall, still keeping his lips firmly upon hers, until they reached his room.

“Welcome to the Master’s bedroom” he smiled and winked as she walked in. Darren had a four-poster bed with wooden furniture and wardrobes with mirrored fronts. Everything was perfectly placed, the room looked to good to dare disturb. Darren moved Nicky round to the wardrobe and stood behind her, he whispered into her ear, “tell me what you see Nicky”.
Nicky looked into the mirror and caught Darren’s penetrating gaze, she blushed and answered, “I see me and you Darren”, she giggled, knowing that was not what he wanted but unable to focus upon a suitable answer.

“Nicky I will unzip your dress and I want you to tell me what you see, but this time, I want you to look carefully and answer”. With that he slowly teased down her zip, until the dress fell to her feet. Then he returned his stare to her eyes, ” your answer please Nicky”, he asked.
Nicky looked at herself in the mirror, “I see, Darren please help me for I don’t know what I see, all I see is myself almost naked in your arms”. She blushed and looked down at her dress, wishing that she could pick it up and run away.

He kissed her neck and told her to relax, this is not a test, I just want you to see yourself for the beauty you have. “Nicky, what I see before me is a beautiful woman with smooth, tender skin, breasts begging to be caressed, legs that are perfect and your womanhood that would melt the heart of any man alive”.
“Do you see that Nicky?” he asked, running his fingers along her bare shoulders and down across her chest, watching as her breathing changed, seeing the pleasure of desire she felt.
“Darren, I, I don’t see that no, I am sorry” she mumbled. He smiled at her and said in time she would see and feel those thoughts about her self.
He walked in front of her and kissed her adoring lips. Slowly he guided her down onto his bed and removed all her remaining clothes. Her mind raced with fear yet also a peaceful comfort that she felt safe for the first time ever. “Nicky, do you remember all we spoke about earlier regarding the safe words, they come into play now and you must use them” he looked sternly at her and she nodded unable to answer.

“Good, I will not do anything you do not wish nor enjoy lil one” she smiled and he walked over to the wardrobe. Nicky was amazed to see inside his wardrobe as it had no clothes, just rows and rows of things, having no idea what they were she began to panic.
“Nicky, these are some of my toys I have, I would like to use these binds to tie you and this silk cloth to blindfold you, this is were our trust starts lil one, are you happy with that, I promise I will explain everything I do as we go and you stop me when you feel you need to” he looked back to her and she replied smiling, nodding in agreement.

Walking around the bed, he took each of her legs and placed ankle cuffs upon them and attached them to the hooks that had rope ties to each poster of the bed, ” tell me how that feels lil one” he asked.
“They feel strange, but comfortable”, with that she tried to move her legs, only able to slightly ease them about, “They feel restrictive”, and she smiled.
“Good lil one that is what I intended” and he did the same with her wrists, kissing her arms and hands as he placed on the wrist cuffs. Returning back to the wardrobe he took out so toys and the silk cloth, each toy he placed around the bed, and he climbed on top of her kissing her beautiful sparking eyes, lifting her head slightly he placed the blindfold upon her.

“Trust me lil one that is all I ask”, he said, and he ran his nails along her out stretched arms and down over her full breasts, until he reached her firm erect nipples, teasing them in his fingers and gently squeezing them, watching her face and all the wonderful reactions she displayed. Just a little harder, he squeezed each nipple, seeing her bite her bottom lip and smiling at how she enjoyed the sensation.

Darren leant over to his table and took a lump of ice from his glass, holding it just above her lips he let the water drip upon them, she gasped from the cold, but parted her mouth as he placed the cube along her lips, feeling the cold water numb her desiring mouth. Running the cube over her chin and down her slender neck, he kissed the trail of water down to her breasts.

The cube felt cold upon her firm, tingling nipples as he circled around each one, kissing them and gently nibbling upon each. “Nicky, I am going to place nipple clamps on each of your nipples, it will stimulate the feelings you now have, remember your safe words lil one”, as he spoke he kissed her beautiful full lips, sliding his eager tongue deep into her yearning mouth.

As he kissed her she felt the clamps go on, one by one and she gasped at the feeling, it felt tight and painful, but the more Darren kissed her she realized the pain feeling had gone. Working his kisses down her body until he reached her womanhood. Gently parting her swollen labia he ran his tongue up and down along her very wet pussy. Unable to hold back her moans, she arched her body and cried out with pleasure.

Teasing his finger around her clitoris, he took one of her breasts and pulled the clamp a little, slowly pulling harder and harder until he had her breast pulled up as far as he could, she cried out even more, stuttering words of pleasure. Placing his tongue back onto her clitoris, he flicked at it harder and harder while he gently twisted the clamp upon her nipple. “Ohhh god ye, ye, yesss” she cried aloud.

Darren watched as her body began to shake, knowing that she was close to orgasm. “lil one, you are not allowed to cum unless you ask permission first, is that understood?” he said firmly, looking at her biting harder at her bottom lip. Still twisting the clamp now on the other nipple up and round, harder and harder, diving a finger deeply into her warm wet pussy, enjoying her juices with his tongue.

“Ye, yesss Sir, I un, understanddd” she whimpered. Releasing her nipple he ran his fingers across her breasts one by one, taking hold of them and squeezing them, gently shaking each one, to which she cried louder with pleasure. Working his free hand down her body, he stopped nibbling on her clitoris and removed his fingers from within her. Holding her labia open he gently spanked her bulging clitoris, watching her reactions to check he was not pushing her too much. Knowing that she was passed the point of feeling pain, but only enjoying the pleasure her body and mind allowed.

Nicky tried so hard to with hold her orgasm but knew she could no longer control the need she felt, “Sir…Sir pl, pleassss” was all she could mumble.
“Yes lil one, you want to say something”, he smiled as he watched her struggle to ask, struggle to please him. “lil one you may cum, please cum for me” and with that she released her cries of pleasure as her body shook with shock at the powerful orgasm she had. As she reached the height of orgasm Darren released each of the clamps, gently fondling her sore nipples and kissing her dry lips, feeling her breath strong upon his face.

Kissing her eyes that were still hidden he placed his hands behind her head and removed the blindfold. The look of desire and pleasure in her eyes was the most beautiful sight he had ever seen. One by one he removed the hooks, still leaving the cuffs in place but allowing her the freedom to move her body.

“You are perfect lil one, I am so very proud of you, you have pleased me more than you could ever imagine”, he said while still kissing her shaking body.
“Now lil one, I want you to lay in my arms and close your eyes and sleep, rest your body and enjoy the feelings I have given you”, he held her close and pulled the duvet over them both.

“Sir, Sir what about your pleasure, you have given me such a wonderful orgasm, please allow me to do that for you”, she said looking deeply into his powerful eyes.

“lil one, tonight is for you, I have been pleasured more than you can ever believe by just watching you reach levels you never knew of, now sleep, tomorrow is another day for us both” and with that he kissed her eyes and they both fell into a deep sleep, holding tightly onto each other.

Nicky awoke first and felt Darren’s arms around her, smiling as she came-to she realized this was real and not just a dream. Stretching her body she felt the cuffs still around her wrists and ankles and thought back to the previous night. It was amazing, never in her wildest dreams had she imagined she could feel such pleasure. As she moved Darren started to stir, Nicky turned to face him and kissed his lips, to which Darren responded with a loving, passionate kiss.

“Good morning lil one, I hope you had beautiful dreams, I dreamt of you and they were most pleasurable” he smiled at her and winked.
“Right lil one we must get ready and then have breakfast for today I have much planned, all of which I know you will enjoy” and with that he kissed her again.

Deciding upon taking a shower together, they took it in turns to wash each other, and Nicky amazed her self at how horny she felt just touching Darren’s body, but a little upset that he said she had to wait for the day was long and there was plenty of time for excitement later.
God how she wished she could control the urge and desire she felt to make love to him right there and then.

The morning passed by and after a little shopping they returned to Darren’s house. Once inside he gave her a piece of paper, he placed his finger over her lips and said, “lil one, follow the instructions carefully and I will be very happy” and with that he walked into the kitchen to unpack the food.

Confused and unsure she opened the note, it read:
Trust in me lil one, go and wash every inch of your perfect body for me, then go and change into the clothes I have put out upon the bed. Then I want you to wait silently for me sitting on the bed facing the door. Darren x

Nicky followed the instructions as she had been told. Washing her body, touching her moist warmth between her legs, smiling back to the thoughts of Darren touching her there. Once washed and fresh make-up on she wandered into his bedroom and saw the clothes laid out for her.

God did he really expect her to wear just this, she thought. On Darren’s bed was a black bra with matching thong panties and black hold-ups. Nicky put on the clothes and checked under the bed just incase something had fallen off, but no, there were no other clothes for her to wear, she sat her self down on the edge of the bed, but first she looked into the mirror, still she saw the same her…one day…One day for sure she would see the person that Darren saw when he looked at her. With that in mind Nicky sat and waited.

It felt like hours passed, but it was merely 10 or 15 minutes before she heard Darren climb the stairs and there he stood, smiling at her, holding his hand out towards her. Slowly getting up Nicky moved toward Darren and he ran his fingers along her bare skin, down her arms and across her chest. His touch was enough to send her wild.

“lil one, I have something special I wish to show you, it is my ‘play room’, there are many ‘toys’ inside and I don’t want you to be afraid, I am with you, watching you always” and with that he guided her along the corridor to the far end. The door was locked. As Darren unlocked it he turned and kissed Nicky, holding her tightly.

Nicky stood amazed and speechless at what was before her, the room was as big as her apartment. Two walls were covered with candles placed in holders, the other two walls were filled with rows upon rows of hooks with everything any person could want or need for play. The floor was covered with a thick deep red carpet, so warm upon her almost bear feet. Looking around the room there was a cage which she was sure was not for Darren’s pets and many wooden structures, and she almost screamed when she saw the rack which was tucked away in the far end of the room.

“Walk around lil one, touch and feel it all, ask anything you think of, tell me how you feel about the room right now” Darren said in a calming but firm manner.
” Eeerrrrrmmmm…. well I don’t know what to say Darren, I am speechless and scared” she trembled as she looked at him. The smile on his face relaxed her a little and she walked over to the many ‘toys’ and one by one she took them off the hooks and asked about each.

Three hours passed by then Darren left Nicky alone for a short while, he returned with lunch for them both, “we shall eat here lil one, I want you to see this room as something friendly and pleasurable, there is nothing to be scared of”. While eating Nicky asked more and more questions, it was not long before she asked if she could feel what these ‘toys’ would do upon her body, and then Darren knew she was ready for the next step.

“lil one, I am a Dom, for you to be my true sub then there have to be rules which I give you and I will expect you to follow. As time goes on the rules may change and I will add new ones as your submission to me deepens, are you happy with that?” He looked at her deeply watching the many expressions upon her beautiful face.
“Yes Sir, I am more than happy with that and will try my best to please you always”, as she said those words she realized for the first time what it felt like to be loved and to love that person back with such greatness.

“Ok lil one, I shall tell you my rules for now and afterwards we can discuss them, I wish for you to sit and listen carefully” and he leant forward and kissed her, holding her face in his hands.

Darren got up and paced around the room, watching him move about, Nicky listened as he spoke, smiling at some of the things he said but unsure about others.

“lil one firstly I wish you to learn the position of submission, you will sit upon your knees, with your back held up straight, your head will be lowered and your eyes will always look at the floor unless told otherwise, your arms will rest upon your legs with the palm of your hands open and facing upwards, your knees will be parted wide, this is the first position I wish you to learn”.

“Whenever I ask you to adopt the submissive position one then that is how you shall sit. This allows me to have full access to all your body. To start with it will be uncomfortable, but you will become used to it, we shall slowly build you up for longer lengths in that position.”

“My second rule for you is you will shave your sweet pussy for me daily, first thing in the morning, it will be part of your daily wash routine, if we are meeting up later that day then you will be freshly shaven. While you shave I want to imagine I am there watching you, it will remind you each time of your submission to me.”

“Panties are from this point on banned unless I say otherwise, you are permitted to wear them during your period but otherwise they are NOT to be worn, and yes that means not at work also. Each time you move you will feel your clean shaven pussy and it will again remind you of me and what we share. Only you and I will know that underneath your clothes is a naked smooth moist pussy”. He smiled at her as she blushed at the thought.

“Still more rules lil one, each day you will be expected to read for 30 minutes from a book of my choice, this will be a book about the lifestyle and at the end of the week we shall sit and you will tell me what you have learnt from your weekly readings. This will deepen your knowledge of the lifestyle and give you chance each week to ask any questions you wish”.

“From now on lil one you are not allowed to have any form of sexual contact with another man or woman, and that includes the internet, as I know about your little past time hobby there”. Darren looked at her and for a moment she was confused for she had never told anyone she used the net other than Larissa and she knew Darren had never spoken with her. Knowing it was best not to question him about this fact she smiled and blushed again.

“lil one I think that will do for now, we have plenty of time and the rules and restrictions will grow and change as our relationship forms deeper levels. Now it is your turn to speak and ask anything you may wish” he turned to her and sat be side her running his fingers along her arms.
“Well Sir I don’t have any questions, I am happy and agree with all you have asked for” she smiled at him and yearned for his touch upon her aching body.

“Then I am pleased with you yet again lil one, I wonder if you feel ready to ‘play’ in here with me yet” he winked at her and saw the begging look in her eyes, she did not need to answer for the look on her face gave all the answers he needed to know.

“Right then lil one, I wish you to remove all your clothes, I think the room is warm enough as I do not wish you to feel cold. Then I want you to stand with your legs as far apart as feels comfortable and raise your arms up. I will be attaching the ceiling hooks and restraints to you so that your arms are held wide apart. The same with your ankles lil one” as he spoke she noticed for the first time along the ceiling there was many different chains and hooks, clasps and various restraints.

Carefully Darren hooked the cuffs around Nicky’s ankles and wrists to the chains, she was spread wide open, although Darren had been kind and allowed her some movement as this was her first time in the position. Standing naked before him, held in the chains Nicky was a little scared, she had no way of running from him now, no turning back. With that thought in mind she remembered his words about trusting him, oh how she did trust him, but still she was nervous.

Darren walked over to the small fridge/freezer and took out a cube of ice. Rubbing it in his hands to take the frost away he stood looking at her naked body before him, moving towards her he kissed each of her nipples and sucked gently upon them. Nicky moaned aloud with pleasure as he nibbled a little harder, flicking them each in turn with his tongue.

Darren walked behind Nicky and ran the ice cube down her spine and over each cheek of her ass. Bringing the cube around her front and across her chest he circled her full breasts, working slowly towards her firm nipples. Crying allowed from the cold ice and pleasure it gave her, Nicky felt her legs shake as her mind raced.

Having numbed her nipples Darren placed his clamps on each one, slowly releasing it as not to hurt too much.
“How does that feel lil one”, he asked
“Sir it hurts a little and tingles slightly” she replied
With that Darren placed his cold wet finger upon her clitoris and gently teased it, watching as she closed her eyes and moaned with joy.
“And now lil one?” he asked again
“S…Sir I can…can’t feel the clamps nowww,” she whimpered

Darren smiled and opened her labia with his fingers and slowly teased the ice cube around her vagina. Working it back and forth over her clitoris. Bending down on his knees he removed the cube and placed it in a cup beside him. He held her labia wide open and flicked his firm tongue around her sweet pussy. Nicky cried allowed unable to control the pleasure she felt. Probing his tongue inside her moist and warm smooth cunt, tasting her sweet juices.

Nicky felt like she had died and gone to heaven, how could she ever have thought she knew pleasure before meeting Darren. He took her to levels she never dreamt of before.

Standing up and walking over to the rows of toys Darren grabbed his suede flogger and returned to her. Standing before Nicky, Darren held the flogger high above her and teased the ends along her naked skin, running it along her bare arms and down over her clamped breasts and across her tummy. He walked behind her and stood a little way back, running the flogger through his hand as to make sure it was not tangled, he thwacked it down hard upon her bare smooth bottom.

Nicky cried allowed, unsure if she liked the feeling but knew that she did not dislike it. Again it struck her bottom, each of her cheeks were starting to feel warm. Over and over she felt and heard the flogger make contact with her back, bottom and legs. Realizing that she enjoyed the feeling she relaxed into the pattern of the hits, each one followed by Darren rubbing his hand gently over the spot to sooth it.

Darren returned the flogger to its place and took off a smaller one, which he explained was for her breasts. Walking around her he admired the marks he had made and without warning spanked each of her ass cheeks hard. Nicky’s bottom glowed red and stung harsh from the impact.

Nicky felt the gentle touch of Darren’s lips upon her bottom as he soothed the stinging pain away.
“You have pleased me lil one more than you can imagine” he smiled and walked round to kiss her drying lips. Gentle kisses followed by his exploring tongue, darting its way around her mouth. While kissing Nicky he again rubbed her clitoris. Nicky did not realize he had removed the clamps until both were off and then her nipples began to hurt. Darren explained that she would feel pain now as the blood returned to the nipples.
Still kissing her he squeezed each nipple and teased them around his fingers. Parting his lips from hers he moved back and with gentle thwacks he struck each breast in turn. Nicky closed her eyes and felt the excitement growing within her, remembering that she had to ask Darren if she wanted to be allowed to cum she smiled and moaned louder and louder.

Darren moved the flogger down her body and struck her bulging clitoris gently, watching as she flinched, but aware that she was enjoying the pain she felt.
“Si….Sirr please please may I cummm,” she whimpered
“No” Darren replied, “not yet lil one”
With that Darren stopped touching her body and changed the tit flogger for his leather one. Nicky felt her-self gain control of the begging orgasm, which she so needed to release.

With out warning Darren struck the leather flogger down upon her ass, again and again but making sure as not to hit the same spot. Pleased with that amount of strikes Nicky had taken, he placed it back upon the hook. Rubbing her burning ass he ran his finger down the crack and up the front of her vagina, teasing her clitoris and again returning his fingers back over her very wet cunt.

This time when his wet hand returned to her ass he teased his middle finger around her ass hole and was pleased to see how quickly it opened to his touch, gently and slowly sliding his finger inside, he explained to her that he loved to explore with the hole most others never touch. Nicky had never met a man who wanted nor desired to touch her there, but was so amazed at the pleasure it gave her. With Darren’s finger inside he circled it around and with his free hand rubbed hard upon her clit.

It was not long before Nicky could not hold her orgasm in and begged Darren to allow her to cum, thankfully this time he said yes and she experienced the largest and most powerful orgasm she had ever known. Nicky’s body shook and quivered as Darren released her from the restraints. Holding her in his arms they sat for what seemed like hours in silence, just close and content.

Almost 20 minutes passed by before Darren knew Nicky had recovered enough to carry on playing. He removed her from his lap and stood up. Walking over to the stool he placed it in the middle of the room and sat down watching her.
“lil one, I wish you to crawl on your hands and knees to me, then I want you to remove my trousers and pants, when you have done that, it will be your task to make me cum. You may use your mouth and fingers to aid you with the task. Have you ever had a man cum in your mouth before?” he did not once break the stare he had fixed upon her eyes.
“No Sir never” Nicky replied.

“This time I will not cum in your mouth lil one, but remember next time I may well do!” he smiled at her.
Nicky got onto her knees and crawled slowly over to him, feeling a little silly, but enjoying the feeling. Once she reached his stool, Nicky gently unbuttoned his trousers and teased the zipper down. Asking him if he could maybe stand so she could take the clothes off. Darren got up onto his feet and watched as Nicky eased his trousers down and then his pants.

Smiling as she removed his pants, for his large, firm cock fell out towards her, kissing the tip of it and tasting his pre-cum she pulled his clothes off and worked her way up his legs with tender kisses and gently dragged her nails along his skin. Darren sat back down and his throbbing cock and balls were placed perfectly for her to suck on and lick.

Nicky placed her hand around his cock and started to wank him, teasing her tongue around the tip of his cock and slowly lowering her lips on it. With her other hand she worked his balls round and round, with gentle motions. Hearing the pleasure in his moans she took him deeper into her mouth and wanked him harder and faster with her lips and hand.

Removing her mouth from his cock she kissed and licked it from tip to end and then while still pumping away with her hand she ran her tongue over his balls and took them one by one into her mouth, running her tongue around them, sucking gently as not to harm her beloved Sir.
Darren ran his hands up her naked back and upon reaching her head he grabbed both hands full of her hair and pulled hard upon it. Nicky cried allowed but it was a cry of pleasure, working harder upon his throbbing cock she wanked him again with her lips tasting the dribbles of cum. Sensing he was close to orgasm, watching his body as it arched and tensed, she knew any moment he would have to release himself.

Darren pulled Nicky’s hair so hard that she had to release his cock from her mouth. Looking up at him, unsure if he was cross with her she felt relief when he finally spoke. “lil one, caress your breasts while I cum all over them, rub my cum into your breasts as it is my gift to you” and with that Darren took hold of his bursting penis and wanked himself while Nicky touched her body and teased her nipples.

Within seconds Darren shrilled with pleasure as he released his orgasm, firing warm shots of cum over her sore and tender breasts. Nicky rubbed each bit around her chest and all over her nipples and breasts. “Good girl lil one, now I want you to lick clean your fingers and taste my gift to you, then you will lick my cock to ensure no cum is wasted” he looked down at her and released the grip upon her hair and watched as she sucked each of her fingers in her mouth and ran her tongue over the palms of her hands.

Once cleaned Nicky leant forward and sucked Darren’s cock in her mouth, tasting his salty cum as it burnt her tongue but she smiled at him when she finished and thanked him for allowing her to please him.

“lil one the task is not over yet, I want you to crawl on your hands and knees to the bath room and fetch a bowl of warm water with some soap and a flannel and towel, off you go” and he pointed towards the door. Unsure what was next Nicky got onto her hands and knees and followed Darren’s instructions.

Returning with all he had asked for, she entered the room and stood still waiting for his next wishes.
Sensing Nicky was unsure Darren waved her to come in and pointed towards the spot she had been sat in earlier.
“lil one now I wish you to wash my cock clean and then you will do the same with your breasts and cunt, I shall watch to ensure it is done correctly”

Nicky took the flannel and soaked it in the warm water, rubbing the soap into it she cleaned Darren’s now limp cock and balls, washing off the soap and gently drying him she then did the same to her self. Never had she experienced this, she wanted to laugh for this felt so strange but yet she was pleased and happy all at the same time.

When they were both clean and dried, Darren told Nicky to go get some comfy clothes on and meet him down stairs in the lounge, he kissed her with such passion that she felt light headed. Darren removed the bowl and towel and headed off downstairs. Nicky rummaged through her bags and found her comfy pajamas which she slipped into and checked her make-up. Having brushed her knotted hair she made her way dreamily down to Darren.

Entering the lounge Nicky saw Darren laying on the sofa, he asked her to join him and he moved over making space for her to snuggle up to him, they talked about how each had felt with the ‘play session’ and both were pleased that it was all good feed back from each other.
Darren asked Nicky if she were ready to take on the second set of rules he wished her to learn and obey, she smiled as she nodded and they kissed.

“Ok lil one, these are the last of my rules for now at this stage of our relationship, but remember more will come along as time moves on for us. I think it would be good if you sat in the submissive position one while I speak to you, so please lil one adopt it now” he kissed her as she slid off the sofa and correctly sat, listening, looking down at the floor.

“Good girl, again lil one, you will sit silently and have a chance to speak when I have finished. I have decided that when we ‘play’ you shall wear my collar. We will go shopping tomorrow and buy you a collar that we both agree upon, although I stress I am not rushing you into a collaring service, but during ‘play sessions’ you shall wear one. It will show you that you are owned and in time if we both feel ready I shall collar you in a 24/7 relationship” he leant down and kissed her head, “oh lil one I do love you so dearly”.

“You know that before you may cum you have to ask, that also means that from this point onwards you may not masturbate unless I have given you permission. All you need to do lil one is ask”.

“The second submissive position I wish you to learn is as follows, please adopt it when I have finished explaining it to you. I wish you to sit on your knees and clasp your hands in front of you out stretched. They will be lowered to the floor so your palms are placed flat on the floor and you will also place your fore head resting on the floor. Your knees will be parted and your bottom will be up high, this gives me access to your ass hole and your sweet pussy, now lil one try that” he smiled as she moved silently into the position.

“You listen well lil one I am pleased, each day you shall write in a diary. I want you to write about your day, but mainly about your feelings and thoughts, anything that pleased you or saddened you about your day. I want you to write about how you feel regarding your submission and how you feel about our D/s relationship. It will show us both how you grow as a submissive. You will read it to me each week and I will ask you questions regarding matters you have written about”.

“The last rule I have for now lil one is this….you shall be set tasks to complete, at all times from now on you shall have your mobile phone with you so I have contact with you always. The tasks will vary and could be anything from taking a picture of your self in the photo booth naked to masturbating in the office toilets while I listen as you cum. The tasks will not be set daily but they will increase as you become more confident about your self, after each task is completed you will write in your diary how it felt. Now lil one are you happy with all those?”

“Yes Sir I am happy to obey all your rules” Nicky replied
“Good, then you may now return back to the first position while I explain what my dominance means to me” Darren walked over to Nicky and assisted her as she changed positions, once sat upright Darren passionately kissed her running his fingers over her covered breasts and pinched on her nipples.

“Lil one I want to tell you my needs, things I expect and like. I need control….just like people need food and water, when I have it I thrive, at work I become stronger and more aggressive, I set the world on fire”.

“My life has order when I have total control but the source of my strength is my submissive, she is what feeds me, she is what provides me with what I need. She makes me stronger when she gives and the more she gives the more I take from her. The more willing and obedient she is the stronger I become, the stronger I become the more willing and obedient she becomes. It’s like a circle”.

“Now of course I see your worth and value so I have great love for you, you are my most valued treasure, you would never want for anything only to learn more ways to serve me as in return you grow and deepen your depths of submission”

“That lil one is how much I need to be dominant, that is how being dominant affects my life, but the only thing that makes me strive for more is the depths of your submission, it is a lot to take on lil one are you sure this is what you seek and want?” he sat down in front of Nicky and placed his hand under her chin and slowly lifted her head. Nicky smiled back to him and nodded, tears filling up in her eyes as she felt such love and devotion towards him. Falling into each other’s arms they kissed.

After some time sitting and talking the doorbell rang and Darren went to answer it. “Lil one food has arrived”. He took her hand and guided Nicky to the table, which was all laid out for the feast they were about to share. Over dinner they exchanged loving looks and gentle touches, Nicky had finally found the part of her life that for so very long she had been seeking. At last she knew what it felt like to be content, these feelings she prayed would never leave her.

After dinner, while having coffee, Darren asked Nicky to go and freshen up and dress her self in her black hold ups, black lacey bra and her new black thong panties he had bought for her that day. He reminded her that he expected his pussy to be presented in the correct manner and with that he winked at her and she blushed, looking down praying he would take his eyes off of her scarlet face.

Slowly raising her self from the chair she moved around the table and stood before Darren. Leaning down she held his face in her hands and tenderly kissed his adoring lips, his hands ran down her spine. He whispered gently, open your legs lil one, I wish to feel my cunt, I wish to inspect it now and again after you have shaved it for me. With that she parted her legs and looked deeply into his eyes, the feelings rushing around her body were almost over whelming, the touch of his strong fingers as they roughly teased and excited her clitoris and vagina, made her feel helpless to his very wish or desire.

Darren smiled at her and teased her as to why his cunt was so very wet and open, he kissed her and whispered that maybe she was pleased and excited by him, he winked at her again and with that he smacked her ass and told her to go prepare for the evening plans.

Nicky made her way dreamily upstairs and turned on the bath taps, she poured a little bubble bath under the flowing water and then stripped off her clothes and looked at her naked body in the mirror. Smiling to her self she ran her finger tips along her bare skin and a thought crossed her mind as she stopped touching her warm flesh, her body was now owned by Darren and therefore not hers to touch without his permission. Her heart pounded faster and a tear formed in her eye, happiness, at last she had found happiness.

When the bath was ready Nicky went into the Master bedroom and hunted through her bags for her ylang ylang essential oil and her pack of razors. Pouring a few drops of oil into the water she swished it all round and stepped in, feeling the warm silky water caress her body. Nicky lay back and closed her eyes and dreamed of Darren’s touch upon her body. It was almost an hour later before she was cleaned and prepared as Darren had requested.
Checking her self in the mirror, she decided that she would leave her hair down and allow her curls to fall upon her shoulders. Slowly Nicky made her way down the stairs and she called out Darren’s name. Darren responded by appearing in the hallway and taking hold of her hand, gently kissing it and then turning her slowly around to see each part of her beautiful body that he dearly cherished.

“Lil one, you look perfect and I thank you for the effort you have made for me, it pleases me greatly, but now I wish you to follow me upstairs”, with that he lead the way back up to his bedroom.
“Lil one I have a delightful evening planned for us both and one that I hope you will truly enjoy, I am going to blind fold you now and from this point on until I say otherwise the only words you are allowed to speak are your safe words, and of cause your request for permission to orgasm, do you understand my precious one?”
Nicky looked at Darren and nodded, the sparkle in her eyes answered his question better than any words spoken could have.

Darren opened his cupboard and took out his black silk blind fold, running it through his hands he returned to Nicky and carefully covered her eyes, after he turned off the light and lit the candles he had around the room, each one flickered with the gentle breeze making the most amazing shadows upon the walls. Returning back to his toy cupboard Darren took out the wrist cuffs and placed them upon Nicky’s arms, kissing her hands and raising them high above her head. He whispered words of love and pleasure into Nicky’s ear as he clipped both cuffs together with a spring gate clip.

“That my precious lil one, once attached to the hook on my bed will ensure that your arms have no freedom, your body is now completely open for my touches and desires”. With that Darren eased Nicky down onto his bed and clipped her cuffed wrists to the hook. Running his hands along her body she arched her back and moaned with pleasure.

“Now my lil one I will be back in just a few minuets, I want you to lay there and dream of what pleasures lay ahead of you tonight” with that Darren left the room and Nicky heard him make his way downstairs. Laying there it felt like hours had passed by before she heard his voice as he entered the room.

Darren looked at the beauty of his submissive laying upon his bed and he walked over to Nicky and kissed her lips, she responded with passion. He knew that he had left her alone tied for some 10 minutes, which would have felt like forever to her, he whispered in her ear, “My precious Nicky, I love you dearly, please always remember that” and with that he walked away from his bed and sat him self down upon the chair he had earlier brought into the room.

Nicky heard Darren click his fingers and her mind raced with wonder as to what he was doing and where he was, wondering if he was watching her or maybe he had again left the room. With those thoughts whirling around her mind she jumped as she felt fingers running up and down her legs.

Something felt different about these fingers, for they were not Darren’s, who was it that was touching her legs, with that Nicky heard Darren’s voice. “Precious lil one, this is Jody, she is here to play with you and excite you, under my control at all times, enjoy my lil one” and then the silence returned.
Nicky started to panic, never had she been touched by another woman before, unsure if she should beg to be untied she gasped as the woman’s hands cupped both her breasts, oh god Nicky could hardly believe that she was enjoying the touches and caress from this stranger.
“Jody, remove my lil one’s panties now please, and lil one, once they are removed I wish you to open your legs as wide as is comfortable and they are to stay in that position, thank you ladies and please carry on” Darren’s voice was firm, Nicky knew better than to question or argue with his request.

Jody worked her fingers along Nicky’s tummy, gently scratching her nails along the bare flesh; each mark they left was followed with the tender kisses from her warm lips. Easing her fingers into Nicky’s pants, Jody teased them down over her beautiful long legs, once off she threw them to Darren, who caught them and placed them upon his lap. Nicky parted her legs, feeling her labia open and the cool air rush around her vagina.

Climbing back onto the bed, Jody trailed a mixture of kisses and long wet licks up and down Nicky’s legs, each time she neared Nicky’s sweet pussy, she worked the kisses around so as not yet to touch the begging cunt she so desired to taste. Each passing movement Jody could smell Nicky’s cunt, a sweet and fresh smell that excited her greatly.

Moving her hands under Nicky’s back, she unclipped her bra and freed Nicky’s tender, full breasts. It only a matter of seconds before Nicky’s nipples were hard and Jody flicked them in turn with her tongue, while rolling the other between her fingers. Nicky moaned aloud with the feelings of pleasure she was experiencing. So badly she wanted her hands to be free so she could touch this strangers body.

“Jody, bite upon my lil one’s nipples harder and twist the other with your thumb and fore finger, twist it hard and pull it up from her chest” Darren’s words broke the silence and for a moment Nicky realized she had forgotten he was there watching them both.
Jody did as she had been instructed, taking Nicky’s nipple between her fingers and squeezing it harder and pulling it up as far as the breast would come. Jody was pleased to see that this excited Nicky even more and so she set about driving her teeth into the other firm tasty nipple.

Nicky’s moans of pleasure turned to small cries, both cries mixed with pain and pleasure, but knowing that the pleasure she was feeling out weighed any pain Jody had inflicted. Jody eased her bare, smooth cunt down upon Nicky’s and slowly rubbed them together. Working her kisses and nibbles up around Nicky’s neck she licked and caressed her way round each of Nicky’s ears. The silence was broken by Darren’s voice.
“Jody you have my permission to play and excite that cunt and ass which I own”
“Oh Sir thank you” Jody replied, so pleased that at last she could touch and feel Nicky’s sweet cunt upon her lips.

Jody wasted no time. She ran her lips down over Nicky’s breasts, pausing only to nibble upon her nipples, and then she worked her tongue down over Nicky’s tummy, flicking it harshly upon her belly button. Down she moved until finally she reached the adoring cunt that lay before her. Taking one hand to part Nicky’s labia wider she ran her other fingers down over the perfect clitoris that bulged, begging to be touched.
As Jody’s fingers reached Nicky’s vagina she sunk one deeply inside, pumping it harder and faster in and out, feeling Nicky’s body respond. With Nicky’s clit before her, she ran her tongue along it, flicking harder and faster, while still pumping deeply inside the warm, wet cunt, now sliding a second finger in and out, Nicky cried aloud unable to hold back her pleasure.

Jody pumped her fingers and tongue and heard movement from Darren as he stood up and unzipped his trousers, watching him as he removed them and sat back down with his cock, firm and ready for wanking, but he did not speak, merely returned his stare back to the pleasure his lil one was receiving.

Jody removed her fingers and ran them up and down over Nicky’s wet pussy, then down over her ass hole. Circling Nicky’s hole while gently applying a little pressure so that the opening would respond. It did not take long before Nicky’s ass opened and Jody slid her middle finger slowly inside, still circling around and easing it deeper and deeper.

Nicky started to shake, the feel of Jody’s touch was amazing, her ass opened wider and Jody placed another finger slowly into it. Returning her tongue back to Nicky’s clit, she pushed her thumb into the warm wet cunt and pounding all three fingers in both Nicky’s ass and cunt harder and faster. Flicking her tongue harder until Nicky cried aloud. “Siiiirrr…..oh please Sirrrr” was all she could stutter.

With that Darren told Jody to leave the room and as Jody slowly removed her fingers from within Nicky she smiled at Darren and climbed off the bed. Not looking back she went and washed her self for she knew that she was no longer needed. Darren climbed onto his bed and without a word being spoken he rammed his pounding cock into Nicky’s wet cunt, harder and harder he fucked her.

Grabbing harshly upon her nipples and twisting them round and round, fucking faster and deeper into his sweet cunt until finally he told Nicky to cum, “cum lil one, cum as your Master cums with you” and with that they both released their orgasms. Tears welled up in Nicky’s eyes for yet again she experienced something she never dreamt possible. Her body shook while her mind slowly came back.
Darren unclipped her hands and removed her blindfold and they kissed, wrapped in each other’s arms they kissed and expressed how happy they were. Nicky thanked Darren for allowing her to have such pleasure, and she thanked him for loving her so. Darren climbed off his bed and walked around the room blowing out the flickering candles, turning to his precious and smiling, thinking to him self how happy she made him and how lucky he was to have found her.

He returned to his bed and covered the duvet over himself and Nicky. Wrapping her up in his arms, he kissed her and promised her that this was only the start of their journey. “Close your eyes lil one, close them and sleep now, sleep with the knowledge that I love you, that I am here and will always be here with you” Darren kissed her face and they both feel into a deep sleep.

Nicky jumped from her chair as a hand touched her back, turning around still sleepily she saw Darren behind her, focusing her eyes and thoughts, she did not see Darren’s bedroom but the dirty smelly office she worked in. “Nicky, it is passed midnight, surely you must have a bed to sleep in, this work can wait. I thought I was the only fool to be here at this time of night, come get your bag and I will escort you to your car”.

Darren looked at Nicky, ” are you ok? You seem a little shocked, sorry I did not mean to scare you, but I want you to get some sleep because my father is out of town for the week from tomorrow so I will be taking over, which means you will be working for me and I need you bright eyed for a busy day”

Nicky walked down to her car with Darren, unable to speak unsure if maybe she was now dreaming, for it was not possible that all she had felt and experienced was merely a dream or maybe it was.

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