Jillian’s Gyno Examination

by Gretchen

Jillian pulled into to Doctor Harper’s parking lot. There were no cars in the lot other than the doctor’s BMW. Doctor Harper was a private practitioner and his office was attached to his home. It was Sunday, which was not a typical business day for Doctor Harper. However, Jillian needed to see a doctor before Monday and he was booked during the week. Fortunately, for Jill Doctor Harper agreed to see her outside of regular business hours. Jill had decided to join her college freshman volleyball team at the last minute and was required to get a full exam before she would be allowed to play. Jillian was extremely nervous because she had never been examined by a gynecologist. In fact, Jillian had never experimented with any boys sexually so no one had ever seen her private parts.

When Jillian was buzzed into the office she was greeted by Doctor Harper. She was also a little disconcerted by the fact that Doctor Harper was so young and attractive. He appeared to be the only person in the office. He wasn’t overtly friendly and made her more nervous than she was before. He used a very cool and professional tone when speaking with her. He gave Jillian some paperwork to fill that included her medical and sexual history. She was a bit put off by some of the questions in the paper work. They were very explicit and graphic. After Jillian filled out the paper work Doctor Harper instructed Jillian to go into the examining room and put on the gown laying on the table. Jillian did as she was asked and entered the examining room. When she saw the cold metal table with the stirrups spread out to the side, Jillian wanted to turn around and leave. She didn’t want to her body to exposed to Doctor Harper for poking and prodding. However, she knew that some time in her life she would have to face her fears and act like adult so she might as well start now.

Jillian nervously began to disrobe. She tossed her shirt and pants on the examining room chair and dressed herself in the flimsy gown the doctor had provided. Jillian hopped on the table and waited for Doctor Harper. When Doctor Harper entered the examination room he was looking at her medical chart. “Alright, Jillian let’s begin the exam,” he told her. “First, I will examine your breasts to make sure there are no abnormalities.” Jillian swallowed the lump in her throat as Doctor Harper untied the gown at her neck and let it fall around her waste. Doctor Harper frowned at Jillian when he realized she was still wearing her bra. “Jillian,” Doctor Harper snapped, “you were suppose to completely disrobe.” Jillian blushed while Doctor Harper continued to glare at her. “Hurry up and take it off, so we can get on with the exam,” Doctor Harper ordered her. Mortified, Jillian obeyed his orders and unsnapped her bra. Color rushed to Jillian’s cheeks as she removed the garment completely.

Her breasts were exposed and on display for the doctor’s examination. Her breast were small and very firm. Doctor Harper placed his hand on her right breast and began stroking it in a circular motion. Jillian arched his back at his touch. She closed her eyes and tried to forget what was happening, but that was impossible once his fingers reached her nipple. His touch was gentle at first rubbing in a circular motion, but then he began squeezing the nipple roughly. “Doctor,” Jillian cried out, “please stop, it hurts.” “Jillian, don’t be childish. I must check for discharge.”

Jillian fought back tears and finally he moved to her left breast. When he was done torturing her left breast she was immensely relieved and let out a sight. “It’s time for your pelvic exam,” the doctor told her matter of factly. Jillian nodded her head in compliance even though she wanted to get off the table and leave. “Please lay back and scoot your bottom to the end of the bed. Put your feet in the stirrups and spread your legs wide apart, the doctor instructed her.” Jillian didn’t want to be reprimanded anymore so she did as she was told, forgetting that she was still wearing panties Once her legs were in the stirrups and she was at the edge of the bed the doctor came to the front of the table to be the exam. When he seen that she was still wearing the panties, he snarled. “Jillian, I am disappointed to see that you don’t follow directions well.” Jillian stammered, “I’m sorry Doctor, I’m just so nervous.”

Doctor Harper reached under her bottom and pulled the panties over her knees and down her feet. Jillian could feel the cold air on her vagina. Doctor Harper pushed the stirrups even further apart. “Jillian, your charts say that you have never had any sexual encounters not even masturbation. Is this correct?” “Yes, Doctor, Jillian answered bashfully. “Well then it will be necessary to run a few tests that will ensure that you are functioning properly sexually.” Before Jillian could protest Doctor Harper turned on a bright light and shone it on her vagina. He snapped on his rubber gloves and pulled out a jar of Vaseline from his jar. He scooped out a large amount of Vaseline from the jar and began smearing it on her vagina. “Jillian, I am going to rub this all over your vagina. I want you to lay back and let the sensations come over you.” Jillian was trembling from the touch of his fingers on her vagina.

Doctor Harper rubbed the Vaseline onto her lips and around the fold. He started out slow and then began applying more pace and pressure. Jillian was breathing deeply and felt a strange tingling sensation in her vagina. Doctor Harper carefully slid a finger into her opening and gently slid it in and out of her hole. Jillian let out a cry and felt ashamed that she was receiving pleasure from the doctor’s touch. She wanted to thrust her hips and call out his name. The doctor entered another finger in her and pushed them deep into her wet vagina. “Tell me what your feeling Jillian. Is it good or bad?”

Jillian moaned her response, “Oh doctor it’s bad because I know it’s wrong but oh God I want more. I want you to put another finger in my pussy. I want it bad.” Doctor Harper kept slamming two fingers in her pussy and then when she was moaning loudly he entered the third finger. The third finger fit tightly and brought a cry of pain from Jillian’s lips, but she didn’t want him to quit. She began thrusting her hips. She brought her hands down to meet the one that was toying with her pussy. She grabbed his hand and thrust his fingers deeper and deeper into her. She was so ashamed by her behavior but she was crazed by lust and needs were controlling her body. “That’s a good girl Jillian. Your responding just like you should, Doctor Harper assured her.”

As the doctor slammed his fingers in and out of her hole, Jillian felt the sensations building and building until she felt like she was going to faint. Right when she was about to go over the edge, Doctor Harper removed his fingers from her vagina. “Now Jillian you responded very well to the stimuli of my fingers but I need to examine your reaction using another tool, the doctor informed her. Jillian’s pussy was throbbing and all he could do was nod her head yes in agreement. Jillian felt more lubricant being applied to her vagina. Then she grunted as the doctor grabbed a hold of her slippery lips and gave them a firm tug. Next she felt an object at her opening. The doctor slowly began penetrating her with the object. “Owwww,” Jillian cried out in discomfort, trying to push her legs shut. The doctor roughly pushed her legs back open making her gasp in pain.

Dr. Harper continued sliding the object inside her. Jillian was whimpering. The object was too big. It was stretching her and making her too full. She fought back tears as he pushed the item all the way in her. Jillian could fight back the tears. She laid back and endured the pain as the Dr. began pumping the tool in and out of her vagina. After the pain subsided Jillian began to feel pleasure from being entered by the tool.Dr. Harper kept fucking her with the tool and brought his mouth to her vagina. He began sucking and licking her pussy lips while he continued to use the toll on her. He took each pussy lip in his mouth and sucked them and nibbled on them. Jillian was making cooing noises. Dr. Harper brought his tongue down to anus and began licking furiously. He pulled the tool out of her vagina, left a jade yoni egg from yonieggs.co sitting in her vagina, and brought the tool to her anus.

Carefully he began pushing the tool into her anus. Jillian bit her lip while he inserted the tool into her anus. Once it was inside her he worked it in and out until the feeling became pleasurable for her. Then he continued to probe her ass with the tool while he rubbed her clit. Jillian squeezed her anus around the tool and let the pure pleasure overtake her. “Yes…yes….yes…, she moaned.” Jillian’s moans turned to screams until cum was sliding out of her pussy and oozing onto the table. After Jillian had cummed the doctor wiped her pussy clean. She lay on the table exhausted while Dr. Harper gave her a pap smear and finished the rest of the exam.

After the exam, Jillian felt like a new woman. There was a whole new world she was ready to explore. Dr. Harper had instructed her to make another appointment when she was ready to discuss birth control options. Jillian agreed, knowing that she would be visiting Dr. Harper again very soon.

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