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A very special thanks

One month already. A month had passed since I had last had sex with an escort from Australia. It seemed like years had passed, I was looking forward to it and masturbating at night with any porn video I could find on the internet was no longer enough. 

When I was determined to contact an escort that very night, I arrived at work and smiled when I saw a new girl arrive. Her figure was small, thin, young and very happy. Although she didn’t talk much, I couldn’t help but look at her every chance I got. I took advantage of any excuse to touch her. So I spent a week, watching her, getting to know her and dreaming of possessing her. 

I was determined, I had to seduce her. I went over to ask her how she was doing and if she needed any help. She smiled at me somewhat nervously. She seemed shy and that attracted me even more. She told me she was a little lost and had a lot of questions. So I offered to answer all her questions. 

I sat next to her while she cleared up her doubts, putting my hand on her knee, each time for a longer time. She was looking down at the floor, but she was holding on. It was her first job and she wanted to do it well. I invited her to show her the office well, while keeping me close. She stood up and I followed closely, breathing in her delicious perfume.

Then when no one was looking, she took my hand and smiled at me. She no longer looked so shy because her eyes ran over my body as she bit her lip. She came closer, and when I could already feel her breathing, another voice called out to her. It was the boss, so resignedly, I let her go. 

Two days later, she came closer this time. She had been asked to do something she didn’t know how to do, so since I had already offered to help her… My mind kept reliving the moment we had had, imagining the different and pleasant ways it could have ended. 

I would have kissed her, descending her neck as her breathing increased. My hands would have run down her body while hers would have sought to unbutton my pants. I wanted so badly to put my dick in her mouth. Wet and delicious. Just thinking about it made me hard. 

That’s when I heard my name. It was her, while my mind was flying and imagining everything, I had stopped listening to her and she had realized. I tried to excuse myself somehow but when I looked at her she discovered my secret as she did not look away from the lump that now appeared in my crotch.

She smiled, took my hand and led me to a more intimate place. After a few seconds of silence, she asked me what it was that made me so happy, while she pointed to my pants. I only had one answer, so I went over and kissed her, without thinking. She reciprocated, and kissed me back, while I wrapped my arms around her waist. It was happening, and this time nothing was going to stop it. 

She gently parted to tell me that she now knew how she would thank me for everything, as she smiled at me. She knelt down and, looking into my eyes, began to undo my pants. She grabbed my penis tightly and put it gently in her mouth. As I was in and out, my breath became deeper. With my hands I surrounded her head to guide her in rhythm and depth. It felt so good, a much better and more intense pleasure than I could have ever imagined. 

I let myself go and before I finished, I lifted her up while taking off her clothes. A sign of surprise appeared on her face. It was then that she confessed to me that she had never done anything like this before. She was a virgin, my smile became wider and I was even more horny if I could. I was going to be the first.

I put my hands in her panties, she was very wet, she wanted it. So I stuck one finger in while the other hand and my tongue played with her tits. She closed her eyes and moaned as she let me do whatever I wanted. Soon her underwear was on the floor and I eagerly made her open her legs to penetrate it. She was so narrow and felt so much…

We tried different positions, it felt so delicious and I wanted to try so many things. Soon I felt that she was going to finish and climax, so I pulled my penis out of her pussy to finish on her delicious ass. We ended up exhausted and sweaty but we managed as best we could and went out trying to hide everything that went inside that room. It had been much better than I imagined and something I was no doubt going to dream about and repeat many nights in my mind. Like a hot encounter with a professional call girl. It was going to happen again, I was sure of it. And it was that, without a doubt, it had been the perfect form of gratitude.