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Under Pete’s Desk

Reading Time: 6 minutes You had ordered me to appear at your office early one morning and arranged for me to get into the building before any others came in to start work. Upon my arrival you escorted me to your office then closed and locked the door behind us. You took all my clothes except my thigh high black stockings and 4” high heeled ankle strap sandals. I stood virtually naked before your extra large desk.

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Elaine’s Story Part 4 – Her Pony Girl Training

Reading Time: 3 minutes The immediate need was to train me as a Pony Girl so out came the costume. I was made to stand and remove my clothing. My arms were folded across the soft part of my body, below my breasts and rib cage. The right wrist was fastened to the left elbow and vice versa with the left wrist. A heavy leather corset was slipped over my head, covering my arms and extending down to my hips

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Kinky Sex Story – Appeteaser

Reading Time: 13 minutes Eyes wide, I push open the slits on the sides of my skirt and hook my thumbs in the top of my panties at the hips. I glance around the room quickly, hoping no one is looking, then swiftly lift my hips and slip them off. Wadding them into a tiny ball, I try to pass them to you discretely, under the table, but you shake your head slowly, and say, “No…place them here in my hand, on the table.”

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5 Things You Need To Know About BDSM Movies Today

Reading Time: 2 minutes For many years, lifestyle BDSM couples and groups have built elaborate dungeons and play spaces, created complex furniture and rigging, and invested in high quality gear and toys. In recent years, there has been a trend of more and more BDSM couples starting their own film production studios, and doing scenes for professional film companies. This has resulted in a deeper visual texture in many BDSM movies which capture the energy and chemistry with higher production values.

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A Short History Of BDSM Books and Fiction

Reading Time: 3 minutes Some of the earliest references to BDSM date back as far as 2250 B.C. The academic historian and archaeologist Anne Nomis identified BDSM in ancient Sumerian texts about rituals to the Goddess Inanna. Nomis points to ancient writings such as the Hymn to Inanna, which mentions rituals of domination, cross-dressing, altered states of consciousness, punishment, moaning, and ecstasy.

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