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Science + Pleasure = EngErotics

EngErotics is short for “Engineered Erotics” and their mission is simple:

We aim to bring high-quality, well-engineered intimacy devices along with expertly formulated CBD (cannabidiol) infused intimate body care products to market.

So Treat Yourself!

For many, buying an intimacy device can be hit or miss. It can be difficult, even a bit intimidating, to find the product that will suit your needs perfectly. It’s very frustrating to purchase a vibrator only to discover that it isn’t at all what you had hoped for. Many seek an intimacy device that is quiet and discreet. Others look for intimate toys with multiple speeds and variable functions to satisfy their personal needs. Still, others find that products made out of a specific material are constantly at the top of their lists. We value all these things at EngErotics.

With simple yet elegant package design, straightforward product names and descriptions, and plenty of educational and informative tools, we aim to help guide the consumer to the intimacy device of their dreams and instruct them on how to get the most out of it. Buying products for intimate playtime shouldn’t be a guessing game. Everything from how loud an intimacy device is to what it’s made out of should be right there on the package so that you, the buyer may make an informed decision. Knowledge is truly power and the more knowledge you have about your potential purchase, the more likely you’ll be overwhelmingly satisfied with it after you bring it home.

EngErotics also provides a variety of CBD-infused intimate body care products that are designed to enhance the sexual experience. Our intention is to help remove the stigma associated with the creation, purchase, and use of these types of products by being at the forefront of using science to help improve the intimate lives of people everywhere and by being vocal advocates for this mission.

EngErotics is founded by Structural Engineer Raven Faber and her mission is to revolutionize the sex toy industry (you’ve just got to love that).


As a gift to all members and fans, EngErotics has generously given us a coupon for 20% off (COUPON CODE: SSSH) any of their products. Don’t know what to buy? No worries, we can help you pick, or at least make a few suggestions. So without further ado below are some of our absolute favorite items.

‘Shroom is designed with an easy-to-hold stem and a smooth, round top that will allow you to cover a larger area during your intimate playtime. Small and discreet, this brilliantly designed vibe is sure to be the perfect addition to your solo and couples’ play. To use, simply hold down the power button to turn on. Press the button until the desired function is reached. Hold down the button again to turn off.


Kegel Cherries
Our Kegel Cherries are designed to help you on your journey to a stronger pelvic floor. To use, insert the lightest weight and tighten your vaginal muscles to hold the weight in place for several seconds before relaxing. Repeat for as many repetitions as you’re comfortable. Clean with gentle soap and warm water or an antibacterial toy cleaner. Dry with a soft cloth.


DimiVibe is designed to be two vibrators in one. The long, textured end provides an all-over experience while the short, indented end provides focused clitoral stimulation when and where you need it the most. Those looking for the power of a wand vibe combined with the portability of a vibrating bullet will definitely not be disappointed by DimiVibe! To use, simply hold down the power button to turn on. Press the button until the desired function is reached. Hold down the button again to turn off.

Oh! Nectar Massage Oil
These vitamin-rich massage oils are comprised of natural oils, plant extracts, and fragrances. They provide a long-lasting slip and leave the skin feeling silky and hydrated, not dry or tacky. Our Oh! Nectar is compatible with body-safe materials (such as silicone, ABS plastic, and glass) but is not safe for use with latex. Currently, six different scents are available plus an unscented variety for those with particularly sensitive skin or who are looking to avoid fragrances. They are packaged in a 4 oz bottle with a resealable disc top cap for easy use and are unlikely to clog pores. Each bottle contains 50 mg of pure hemp-derived CBD (cannabidiol; less than 0.3% THC).

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